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					Want to set up your own recycling program and
get recyclables to redeem for cash? is a new way to recycle. It is a website that brings
together people giving away recyclables and those interested in
collecting them.
Start your own (or enhance an existing) recycling program in your area using
the website. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme but a serious e ort to
help people recycle and make some money.

We are a new company looking for people who will become collectors and set
up their own ecycler-based recycling programs in their community. Using the
ecycler website,, you can print your own marketing posters, business
cards and get people in your area to collect recyclables for you, such as from
individual households, apartments, businesses, or groups that will save these
materials for collection by you.

If there are people in your area interested in giving you recyclables they will
contact you via the ecycler website.

Currently, the use of our website is free.

Register on today!

ATTENTION Discarders: If you have recyclables to give away, list them on!   Printed on 100% recycled paper, 100% post-consumer

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Description: With ecycler you can setup your own recycling program in your local community. Please print on 100% recycled paper.