ORIGINS OF TOBACCO by hkksew3563rd


									Did you know that the Russians, caught smoking tobacco had their noses cut off? And
this famous quote from King 鈥檚 James I of England, on smoking was published in
the 16th century: 鈥渁 custom loathsome to the eye, hateful to the nose, harmful to
the brain, dangerous to the lungs, and in the black, stinking fume thereof, nearest
resembling the horrible Stygian smoke of the pit that is bottomless.鈥? That is
smoking in the old World. It is believed that sailors from the Americas took smoking
to the ports of Europe way back in the late 15th and 16th century. While the North
Americans were believed to inhale the fumes of tobacco, through a Pipe, the
Spaniards were thought to have rolled the Tobacco leaf into a Cigar. The aristocrats of
the time were the patrons of tobacco which helped smoking spread rapidly across the
continents. By the late 17th century tobacco was being actively grown in India, China,
Japan, South East Asia, the Middle East and West Africa. While Frederick the Great,
carried large amounts of snuff on his person, the Arabians popularized the water pipe
or hookah. These were the different forms of consuming tobacco then. By mid-19th
century Smoking tobacco had spread all over the world. It had become a symbol of
manliness. There were a whole lot of things that were associated with the ritual of
smoking. The literature of the time captures the pipes, cleaners, holders, spittoons,
ashtrays, pouches, jars and lighters. Can you believe that there were smoking jackets,
chairs, hats, slippers? And then you had a 鈥榮 moking room 鈥? Tobacco was
believed to be a divine pant by certain peoples of those times. Lore has it that they
could connect to the spirits. While some used it to cure toothache and earache, the
nicotine in tobacco was believed to cure cancer. The elite in Europe were taken in by
the hand-rolled tobacco. In 1880, James Bonsack invented the cigarette rolling
machine in US of A. It took James Buchanan Duke, who founded the American
Tobacco Company (ATC) in 1890, to come out with mass produced, inexpensive
cigarettes that cut deep into the pipe smoking communities of those days. It reduced
even tobacco chewing. In 1883, Henry Wills, started manufacturing cigarettes in
Bristol, Britain and began to dominate the market. The Sherman Anti Trust Law broke
down the business. The inexpensive mass produced cigarettes caught the fancy of the
youth who adopted it quite quickly. Overnight we had a Marlboro man, strong and
virile. All in alone one could say, 1950 鈥檚 was the golden era of the cigarettes. All
the social classes began to smoke and even women embraced the cigarette with open
lips. Did you know that Henry Ford and Adolf Hitler were against smoking tobacco?
That is when the Anti-Smoking movement took steam. Links were established
between Cancer and tobacco and the Anti-Smoking Lobby started gaining ground. By
20th century tobacco began to be consumed in various forms and by 21st century it
was proved beyond doubt that nicotine in tobacco is addictive and is the cause for
deadliest diseases that often led to death. Tobacco triggered high blood pressure,
caused heart attack, often lung disease, led to cancer and affected pregnancies. A time
has come to 鈥榢 ick the habit 鈥? This led to finding other alternatives to better
health and the need to wean away people from Nicotine. The smoking cessation
programs were brought in along with behavioral intervention and nicotine
replacement therapy. Nicotine patches, gum, lozenges, nasal sprays, inhalers,
sublingual tablets began to appear. In 2003 or thereabouts a new device appeared on
the scene. It is the Electronic cigarette. Ruyan patented his model in 2003 and soon
the Chinese started mass producing these devices. When translated into English
Ruyan means 鈥渟 moking anywhere 鈥? This device has many variations and has
vast appeal for all those advocates of nicotine replacement therapy.

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