Oriflame Review - Do Your Due Diligence Before Becoming An Oriflame Consultant by hkksew3563rd


									This review on the Oriflame company will reveal what's needed to become a
successful Oriflame consultant. To my surprise, this opportunity is not available in the
USA. Oriflame originated in Sweden and has been in business since 1967. Currently
operating in 61 countries, Oriflame dominates 50 percent of the cosmetics business
market share in those countries which can put a consultant in an exceptional
arrangement to develop they're trade globally.
 Oriflame review discovered these facts...
 - Oriflame company employes 7500 people - brings in 1.3 billion Euros in annual
sales - have 100 scientists dedicated to their research and development - has 3.1
million oriflame consultants
 My review of Oriflame's training materials show that the company has the best
interest at heart to give every opportunity for the new consultant to succeed what
happens when your friends and family stop returning your calls? Generating your own
MLM leads sounds pretty appealing right about now. How does MLM lead generation
work Let's continue this Oriflame Review with the following MLM lead generation
success tips.
 MLM Success Tip # 1: Create a Lead Capture Page
 By generating a lead capture page with a captivating offer that anyone would be
crazy to ignore. Your free report can be a recorded audio interview with Oriflame's
Sapphire President speaking about their journey to success. Another idea would be to
show your prospect, how to generate leads as well. This is always of value to another
prospect since this is the number one problem most network marketers face on a daily
 MLM Success Tip # 2: Give What You Promised
 Always provide exactly what was offered in the original lead capture page. Again
this can be a free downloadable ebook, a video showing some lead generating plan or
an audio recording of phone closing skills.
 MLM Success Tip # 3: Build A Relationship
 By means of the use of an autoresponder (e.g. Aweber or Get Response) service,
make a relationship by providing some kind of tip to help your prospect. You can also
form relationships by the use of story telling. Reveal a scoop that spins into some area
of a network marketing topic.
 MLM Success Tip # 4: Call Your Prospect
 Never, ever, ever, never forget to call a lead! He or she gave you that number
because they want to hear from you. So call them and actually have a phone
conversation, ask them repoire building questions to make your prospect more
comfortable and more open to fact finding questions.
 So there you have it! As with any other MLM or direct sales opportunity perform
your due diligence and make sure it any opportunity that resonates with you.
 Enjoy and be blessed my friend!
 The #1 reason that 97% of people who join network marketing fail is a lack of
planning, consistency and inability to generate targeted leads to talk to. Oriflame
review was written to show you there's an easier way. I don't want you to be another
MLM statistic that quits after 30 or 60 days because of a lack of leads and training.
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