Who are your Bible lessons for- by djsgjg0045


									When you are creating Bible lessons to present to your youth ministry you must
remember who you are presenting them to. Your youth ministry is most likely made
up of teenagers in high school and also in middle school. You may also have students
who are much younger but for the purposes of this article we will talk about creating
Bible lessons for teenagers. The first thing you have to remember about teenagers is
that they have a short attention span and you must gain their attention and engage
them as soon as you can. Teenagers have a tendency to want to talk amongst
themselves when they are in a group setting which will throw your class and Bible
lesson presentations off-track easily if you do not take control. So the first thing that
you should do to engage her students is to incorporate them into each Bible lesson and
presentation that you deliver to them. At the beginning of each youth ministry meeting
or Bible lesson ask them a few questions about the topic that you are covering to see
what their feelings are on the subject that you will be covering. By having your youth
ministry students voice their opinions on the various subjects that you will be
covering you not only engage them in the process of the class but you might also be
able to start an interesting group discussion with your students. Your Bible lessons
must also be directly aimed at your students to keep their attention. When you are
teaching lessons from the Bible make it a point to connect stories from the Bible to
topics that are interesting to your youth ministry students of today. When you connect
the stories from the Bible to their everyday lives you are engaging them and bringing
them into the stories and letting them make connections with the characters of the
Bible. When they are able to make connections with the characters from the stories
they are much more likely to be interested and engaged in the Bible lessons that you
are teaching to them. It is also a good idea to connect the stories of the Bible to the
current events that are happening in your local community or nationwide news that
impacts everybody. Your youth ministry students also need to have a youth ministry
leader who is not afraid to use multimedia presentations in the Bible lessons.
Teenagers today have access to every kind of electronic and are interested in
multimedia presentations such as DVDs power points and movie clips. When you
deliver a Bible lesson through the mediums that they are comfortable with you will
more likely be able to grab their attention and engage them in to the Bible lessons that
you are teaching to your youth ministry. In the end remember that your Bible lessons
are aimed at youth ministry students who are teenagers for the most part. It is up to
you to make the material mature enough for a teenager so they do not feel that you are
treating them with kid gloves, and also you must make your Bible lessons engaging
and entertaining to keep their attention.
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