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									Dramatic Smiles has introduced an impressive range of whitening teeth products that
can actually help people. In fact, there are hundreds and hundreds of people who have
actually benefitted from the Dramatic Smiles whitening teeth product range simply
because it is easy to sue and is readily available.
  Characteristics of Dramatic Smiles Whitening Teeth Products
  Needless to say that Dramatic Smiles has earned such a reputation because it has
succeeded in recreating different smiles. With more and more teeth whitening
products flooding the market, the choice of a whitener is really difficult. However, the
Dramatic Smiles experts have created such teeth whitening kits and gels that can give
you the desired whiteness without causing any harm to the uppermost surface layers
of your teeth.
  Some notable points:
  鈥 ?The Dramatic Smiles whitening teeth products use the most advanced
technologies. These are the best teeth whitening kits that you can choose from today
with additional laser bleaching light contained in each kit. 鈥?As Dramatic Smiles
whitening teeth products and kits have enabled the use of laser beam at home for
increasing the speed of whitening by almost up to 300%, it is undoubtedly the best we
have seen. Laser treatments were only to be used at a dental office. But Dramatic
Smiles has brought laser home and you can now use portable laser to accelerate the
process of healing. 鈥?There are different concentrations of the teeth whitening gel
used in Dramatic Smiles whitening teeth products. The concentrations determine the
effectiveness of each kit with certain degrees of variation. 36%, 35%, a 22% and 44%
concentration of carbamide peroxide for whitening is quite an impressive range.
鈥?With different concentrations of whitening gels, you can expect changes in the
color of your teeth. Whilst the 44% carbamide peroxide gel will give you instant
results, with the 36% gel you can expect results within one day, within 3 days in case
of 35% and within 5 days in case of 22% carbamide peroxide gel. 鈥?You can expect
up to eight shades lighter teeth color from a single treatment. 鈥?Custom fit trays are
provided with all teeth whitening kits 鈥?Easy to use.
  Dramatic Smiles has divided their whitening teeth products into different kits. The
amazing range of whitening teeth products and kits include:
  鈥?The Pro Whitening Kit: It uses 36% carbamide peroxide gel and is strong enough
for a bleaching treatment performed at home. The kit comes with a high intensity
laser beam that helps in accelerating the process of whitening dramatically. However,
the Pro Whitening Kit is not safe to be used in case of people with severe dental
problems and sensitivity issues. 鈥?Intermediate Whitening Kit: The Intermediate
teeth whitening kit uses 35% carbamide peroxide gel for at-home treatment. It is the
most popularly used teeth whitening treatments today, for both in-office as well as
at-home treatments. It is mild and gentle on the teeth and ensures good results within
a period of 3 days. 鈥?Basic Starter Kit: The starter kit for teeth whitening uses the
22% carbamide peroxide gel formula and is highly recommended for people with
problems like tooth sensitivity. Full results of this treatment will be visible only after
5 days of treatment.
  Using any of these whitening teeth products by Dramatic Smiles will give you bright,
white smile that will last for years.

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