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					Following the successful release of Whitehat CopyCat, early in 2010, Tim Bekker, is
getting ready to unleash Whitehat CopyCat2 on October 21. This version, in addition
to teaching free traffic generation, provides a software system, that will automate the
creation of the copycat site and the traffic generation. The program is released in
response to the plethora of garbage systems recently released by the self proclaimed
marketing 鈥淕 uru 鈥檚鈥? We make all of our money without the help of the guru
鈥檚 and we aren 鈥檛 teaming up with them in the near future. We will stick to
making real affiliate income through real marketing efforts Don 鈥檛 feel bad, we
don 鈥檛 blame you for believing the crap spouted out by the gurus, we spent a ton of
our own money on products that never worked, until we discovered a system that
actually worked. The Guru 鈥檚 have been lying to you, showing screen shots of
product launches, when they are making their money from product development, and
making you think they are making their money from affiliate campaigns, with
clickbank account screen shot chicanery. Gurus are selling old products that don 鈥檛
work, whether they fail to teach, or teach to fail. Success is attainable, by the method
created by Tim Bekker and associates, people who use the Click and profit system on
an everyday basis. You can be sure that WHCC2 will never be out of date, and
everything you need to create multiple streams of cash flow on autopilot is included.
Giving the WhthatCopycat client the tools to succeed, without the hype and promise
of overnight millions is the end result we wish to attain. With the advancement of
social media, the only online marketers who are successful set trends, not follow them
Innovating, constantly changing. The marketing methods utilized are proven free
methods, applied with the WHCC2 Program implemented, lessening the human work
loads. We have Tried to equal the sales totals by hand implementation of the system,
and we were unable to match the results obtained with the WHCC2 program running.
Two changes were noted when the WHCC2 system was implemented into the
developers marketing programs. 1) The traffic patterns changed. the traffic that came
into the sites was more targeted, and there was more of it. 2) They started working
less, while generating more traffic 鈥           o brainer, right? More importantly, the
program enhanced sites were getting more sales. It doesn 鈥檛 matter what product,
what niche it is, 聽 what day it is whether its a weekend or a weekday, holiday or not,
with this system I can dominate any niche and make hundreds of sales every week.
WHCC doesn 鈥檛 do everything, but all the complicated, confusing or flat out
difficult stuff is taken care of for you!!!! This may be the first real opportunity you 鈥
檝 e had yet to make real affiliate commissions, day in and day out. Forget every
failure you 鈥檝 e ever had, because this is a completely different program and to
receive the most benefit, you need to clear your mind of the poorly motivated
misguided guru program failures you have been subject to, to this point. We remove
all the risk in trying the program out, with a 60 day money back guarantee with teeth,
if you use the system and fail, we give you 100% of your money back, plus $150 to
boot, for trying the system, if it doesn 鈥檛 work for you. We know you can make it
work, because it works for us. Since we aren 鈥檛 concerned about making a living
selling this product, because we make our living as full time affiliates, we can release
this system for the ridiculously low price of $37 so everyone can afford it. But your
better hurry, there are only         350   copies   available,   get   yours   here.