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									you’ll probably just be assigned to a lender. The terms will be the same no matter
what lender you work with, so you should be pretty comfortable with this process.
Chances are likely, too, that your contract will be sold to another company before long,
simply because this is how many lenders tend to operate.
  It can be good, though, to know which lenders you need to work with, especially for
alternative or private student loans. If you can’t get enough money from the federal
government, you may have to take out these unsecured personal type loans to be able
to cover the costs of college. When this is the case, you need to know which lenders
to turn to.
  Keep in mind that right now, many lenders are cutting out their student loans
programs. This is because lots of lenders just don’t have the money to give out and
aren’t able to take these sorts of risks anymore. Often times, lending money to
students who as yet have no jobs or job prospects is incredibly risky. How does a
lender know you’re going to be able to pay that loan back someday?
  This means it can be a little difficult to find a lender to work with right now.
However, you can look around online. Many lenders will still advertise that they offer
private loans if that’s the case. Don’t just automatically jump with the first lender you
see, though.
  Instead, check out your apply for student loans to make sure they’re financially
stable. It’s never a good idea to work with a financial institution that’s financially
unstable! Also, make sure you compare loan terms. Apply with several lenders within
a period of a day or two. You’ll get back quotes from these lenders about their terms
and conditions.
  You should carefully review these terms. Look for things like interest rates and
repayment plans. Also, make sure that your lender allows for some contingency in the
case that you don’t make a lot of money upon graduating from college. Private
lenders aren’t always as lenient as the government, but the best lenders will
understand that you’re just starting your career and that you may need to make
smaller payments or put off paying altogether for a while.
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