Which is Better- A Marble or Granite Countertop- by djsgjg0045


									If you are planning to give a completely new look to your kitchen, changing its
counter is the first thing you should do. There are many countertop options available
in market, out of which marble and granite counters are highly popular amongst
  Both the countertops have some advantages and disadvantages.
  A marble countertops is reasonably priced in comparison to granite, therefore is easy
to afford. The countertop not only looks good, but prevents bacteria growth and is
  Whereas, on the other hand a marble counter is not resistant to scratches and is less
hard in comparison to granite. The counter will not show much of reaction to cleaning
agents and you will find it difficult to clean the stains of liquid spilled on the counter.
As marble counter is less resistant to heat, it is less durable.
  Coming to graphite countertops, these are available in different styles, colors and
textures, which increase your selection options. The store is strong, looks beautiful
and is highly durable. The best part about granite is its extreme resistance to scratch
and stain,and if you compare granite with marble, it has much more of resistance to
water and heat.
  But, there are certain disadvantages of the granite countertop and its high cost is the
major one. The countertop made of granite will require more care as well as
maintenance and is more prone to cracking.
  Both the stones have some positive and negative attributes, and it entirely depends
on the buyer what option he wants to go for. Marble is affordable, while granite is a
hefty investment that needs proper maintenance also. In case money is not a concern
for you, you can always opt for granite. However, marble is not a bad option for those
looking out for quality countertops within their budget.
  Countertops gives your home completely a new and unique look, you can choose the
best countertops for you as there are variety of Kitchen countertops and bathroom
countertops available which gives your home an impressive look.

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