Where To Learn Online Stock Trading For Free by djsgjg0045


									One of the good investments available to common people nowadays is through stock
investing. Stock is the share of ownership of a public company. However, you cannot
buy directly the stocks. You must have a stockbroker who will be the one that will buy
or sell stock in your behalf.
  Online stock trading is one skills you need to learn to be able to make wise
investments in the stock market. It is hard to learn something if you don't have a
hands-on experience. Just like any other things, online stock trading can be learned
for free.
  Most of the stockbrokers with online stock trading offers a free demo account for
those people who want to learn the basics of stock trading. CitisecOnline and
Philippine Stock Exchange website has stock trading game or demo account for its
  One of the leading stockbrokers in the Philippines is CitisecOnline. It is also
included in the Philippine Stock Exchange.
  You can learn online stock trading for free. Yeah it's true. You only need to register
to a virtual online stock trading game. If you want to learn how to buy and sell stocks
with virtual money, you can register to CitisecOnline for a 7-day free demo account or
to the Philippine Stock Exchange online stock trading game.
  When you are finished registration you can log in to your account to begin online
stock trading. If you have PSE online stock trading game, you will be allowed to trade
stocks during only trading hours from 9:30 to 12:00 noon. Beyond this time period,
you cannot buy or sell stocks.
  After you learned how to buy or sell stocks with demo account, you can open a real
stock trading account. CitisecOnline is one of the best online stockbroker in the
Philippines. For as low as P5,000, you can open an account. However,that amount of
money is very small.
  I think you need to open an account with a higher deposit just like the initial
minimum deposit of CitisecOnline of P25,000. With that amount, you can buy stocks
with higher quantity and you can realize more your gain or loss.
  Gil Tenorio is a personal finance blogger who loves blogging on saving, investing,
stocks and mutual funds. To get more details on how to open a stock trading account
at Citiseconline, you can visit Financial Management blog for more articles on
financial management, saving, investing and make money online.

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