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									SEO (search engine optimization) plays an important role for your online home
business. Once you 鈥檝 e found the keyword term or phrase that accurately describes
the content you want to post online, you need to follow a carefully designed plan in
order to give that content optimal exposure in the organic listings for popular search
  How it Works
  Using the recommended plugins for Wordpress (if you 鈥檙 e using Wordpress) is
the most common starting point for online home business owners to use SEO
principles in their business blogs. But there are several principles to keep in mind
whether you 鈥檙 e blogging, writing articles, making videos or posting content some
other way.
  Most Wordpress themes now come with their own SEO Meta settings for tags and
descriptions. I use these settings along with 鈥楢 ll in One SEO for Wordpress 鈥?on
every page or post.
  When you look at a website 鈥檚 鈥楬 eading 鈥?information in HTML you 鈥檒 l
see the meta tags and description that search engines have been using for indexing and
ranking since the internet was designed.
  Making It Easy
  The original concept behind providing Meta data wasn 鈥檛 for the purpose of
beating the competition to the #1 spot in the organic search listings. This data was
intended to make indexing easier and more reliable.
  The first engines only used tags so that the content of the page was easier to classify
or list in the index more accurately. By listing the keywords contained within a page
or site in the header it was easier to complete the task.
  Now search engines are sophisticated to the point where they 鈥檒 l actually compare
that data with what they find in the actual text (body) of a page. That comparison
actually weighs whether or not the keywords appear too often (keyword stuffing) and
if appropriate synonyms or similar terms are also being used.
  You Can 鈥檛 Cheat
  Since search engines are continuously being improved (big debate) or at least
modified it 鈥檚 a better business idea to stay on top of the trends and abide by the
guidelines that work most commonly across all the engines.
  Your motivation in business should be toward serving your customers and since your
customers rely upon a search engine to return exactly what they 鈥檙 e looking for
you have a vested interest in making that happen.
  The search engines do what they do to make the internet users experience productive
so you should do whatever you can to position yourself or your company brand as an
effective part of that process.
  What can you do to position yourself or your company brand as an effective part of
that process?
  What You Can Do
  Again, if the objective is just to make the process easy you can do that. 1.
     Whenever possible use the keyword term in your URL 2.         Use     the      same
keyword term and related terms in the meta tags, title and description 3. Use it in
the title of your post, page or article 4. Use it in the first sentence of the first
paragraph 5. Use a variety of similar terms 6. Never use the exact same keyword
term or phrase more than 5 times per post or page 7. Write to inform (not to use
specific keyword phrases)
  The framework is designed to accomplish one simple task and this is what search
engines are competing for; 鈥淭 o yield the best results for a search term or phrase.
  Quality Still Matters
  When your post, page or article reach page one you don 鈥檛 want people landing
on it and clicking away immediately because that 鈥檚 another thing the search
engines measure.
  Your online home business brand depends upon your content being found but also
depends upon your content being useful.
  The search engines aren 鈥檛 going to take exit polls from millions of active
searchers every time they leave a site, but they do know exactly how many
microseconds it takes from the time a user finds your page to the time they leave
  Keep Them Engaged
  The 7 steps above will help you get to the front page for a specific keyword phrase if
it isn 鈥檛 too competitive (keyword research) but getting there isn 鈥檛 the end of
  SEO can park your page alongside many more popular sites which means
comparison between you and the next option is only a click away. A compelling title
will get more clicks and engaging content will hold attention longer.
  Online home business owners need to engage their audience before they can expect
them to take the next step. SEO can offer you a valuable position but the value you
offer has to be genuine and without genuine value all the hard work involved in
reaching page one on Google will be wasted.
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