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									Online Helicopter Training
  Flying a helicopter is extremely difficult and very costly to learn. Even the R/C
helicopters take a lot of practice and pain. However online flight simulators offer
broadly the same experience at very little cost and you will experience how to learn to
fly one within a realistic cockpit, with realistic scenery, noise and a huge choice of
airports and aircraft carriers to hone your skills upon. Online simulators offer flight
training as well as all sorts of downloads and add on's where you can test your skills
and receive a lot of experience. Simulators don't just stop at helicopters though, they
offer a huge array of aircraft, from the 1907 Wright Brothers plane, through to World
War Two Gliders and combat craft, to MIG's and F-17's right through to the latest
military jets and civilian aircraft such as the Boeing 747. If you intend to purchase an
R/C helicopter, you should look at buying a good flight simulator game first. They are
far less expensive and you wont be in tears when you have a crash. You will learn on
your PC how to control the rotors and takeoffs and landings. The controls are very
realistic and are modifiable. As is the scenery, noise and even changeable weather
conditions to keep you right on your toes. Flight simulation games are completely
downloadable, all you require is a good PC and away you go. The software in a good
game is so good that you can fly directly above your own house - but you'll have to
practice how to take off first. You can then land at 20,000 plus airports around the
world and after you've mastered the helicopter then move onto Realistic flying for
those who want to experience the rush of flying your own plane is now available to
everyone through the evolution of software and the gaming industry. One of the latest
games available is flight pro sim which is being constantly updated and offers many
different experiences including a huge choice of aircraft from a 1907 Wright Bothers
craft up to the latest military jets and helicopters through to Boeing 747's, they offer
one of the most exciting experiences on the net.
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