Online Financial Markets by hkksew3563rd


									Technology has changed the basic perception of financial markets. It is no longer an
exchange where people gather and shout to place orders.
  The general perception of the term market is a place where people gather to trade.
Going by that definition, financial markets are places where commercial?activity of
buying and selling of financial instruments takes place. However, technology has
changed all that.
  The days when people gathered physically at a place to buy or sell are long over.
Financial markets including sale and purchase of shares, foreign currency and other
financial instruments are more of a virtual space where transactions happen over
websites and/or trading platforms located in cyberspace.?
  Every financial instrument traded in Australian financial markets is now bought or
sold online. This includes mutual funds, bonds and foreign currency. Even if you do
not have the wherewithal to connect to the internet, the broker that you approach will
buy or sell online on your behalf.
  Modern financial markets are much more sophisticated and complex. At the same
time, the emergence of a new financial instrument eventually results in creation of a
market for new products and services. A classic example of this is the launch of
automated trading software to facilitate traders to initiate profitable trades after the
introduction of retail trading in the foreign exchange market.
  Similarly, if you are a trader or a long-term investor in financial markets, whatever
information you may require is available on the Internet. This includes technical
charts if you are a day trader, reports on fundamentals of listed companies, latest
business and economic news and any other information that has the potential of
moving instruments traded in financial markets.
  Mel writes about financial markets among other business related topics.

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