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									Instrument Sound Puzzle
  by Enabling Devices

          • We added knobs! A great
            wooden puzzle to help
            children learn the shapes
            and sounds of different
            instruments. When a piece is
            placed correctly in the
            board, the appropriate
            musical sound of that
            instrument plays. Eight
            instrument sounds in all.
  Stacking Blocks
by Enabling Devices
           • Teaches counting skills
             while reinforcing fine motor
             These best-selling stacking
             blocks are great for
             introducing your child to the
             wonderful world of addition
             and subtraction. When you
             place one of the colorful
             wooden blocks on the
             stack, a light will light up.
             When the stacking task is
             completed, you are
             instantly rewarded with
             sweet music and even
             more bright lights.
Multisensory Motivational Center
                 •   Therapeutic! This complete
                     cause and effect motivational
                     center has been specially-
                     designed for use in therapeutic
                     and educational environments.
                     The center includes three
                     different toys that are activated
                     by interchangeable switch pads.
                     The child has a choice of using a
                     round, square, or triangle plate
                     or one large single switch panel
                     overlay. The pads give visual
                     and tactile cues for the child,
                     while the toys atop the center
                     provide auditory, visual, and
                     somatosensory stimulation. The
                     package comes with three
                     battery operated toys, switch
                     pads and three cords so that any
                     other adapted toy can be used.
Adapted Jokemaster Jr.
 by Enabling Devices
               • A world of laughs at
                 your fingertips!
                 When a child hits his
                 capability switch, the
                 Jokemaster Jr. will tell
                 a joke in a silly voice.
                 The unit contains more
                 than 140 original jokes,
                 sure to keep a child or
                 room full of kids
                 entertained for hours. A
                 joke can be repeated
                 by pressing one of the
                 eyes. The volume is
    Music Box
by Enabling Devices
            • Play four lively
              tunes! Four tune
              music box. Plug
              your switches into
              this bright box and
              hear unique
              melodies while
              lights flash. Each
              switch plays a
              different tune. A
              great teaching toy!
Fiber Flash Lamp w/Music
   by Enabling Devices
              • We have added
                music to our
                attention getting
                Fiber Flash Lamp.
                Children will be
                delighted to get
                sensory input from
                this combination
                when they activate
                their capability
     Color Bug
by Enabling Devices
           • Remote control art!
             Create your own
             pictures with Color
             Bug by activating
             our light touch
             directionality switch.
             The bug will move
             about creating
             amazing patterns
             that are fun and
             unique. Includes 4
             color markers.
 BY Ablenet
  • The switch-activated All-
    Turn-It spinner, with built-
    in external switch jack,
    enables random
    selections for choosing
    groups or playing games
    of chance like bingo. Also
    a fun alternative to rolling
  Robo Trick Car
by Enabling Devices
          • Morphs between a robot and
            car! Robo Trick Car performs
            tricks, flips, and goes in all
            directions. It also has a stunt
            mode that spins the entire
            front axle turning it into an
            antic-filled trick master. Its
            wheels flash dazzling colors.
            You never know what it will do
            next! The remote controller
            allows you to take control of
            the car. Comes with
            rechargeable battery pack and
    Air Hockey
by Enabling Devices
          • Score! Terrific tabletop
            version of the popular
            game. Air Hockey looks
            and plays just like the
            real thing. It has flashing
            lights and arcade
            sounds when playing.
            Each player has a
            special 10" wide colored
            plastic paddle which you
            strike to send the puck
            flying across the rink. A
            fast and exciting game
            to play.
 Johnny Coupe Car
by Enabling Devices
          • Radio control! Press the
            arrows or rim on the
            adorable happy face
            controller and watch
            your car take off and
            speed about the room.
            When the car moves
            forward, right or left, the
            head lights turn on;
            when it goes in reverse,
            the red tail lights turn on.
   Floppy Bunny
by Enabling Devices
   Magic Monkey
by Enabling Devices
          • This monkey is a
            born showman.
            He clangs his
            cymbals together
            and makes funny
            monkey sounds
            when you activate
            your capability
   Crazy Chicken
by Enabling Devices
           • Dances the chicken
             dance! Hit your
             switch and the crazy
             chicken flaps his
             wings and waddles
             around while doing
             the chicken dance in
             sync with the music.
             Also works when
             grasping his neck or
             pinching his wing
Mini Stunt Remote Control Car
     by Enabling Devices
               • Play on your tray!
                 Popular mini stunt car
                 responds to your
                 capability switches. Kids
                 love this toy! They will
                 play with this car for
                 many hours. Car has
                 multiple functions
                 requiring up to 4
                 switches. Blue tray
                 (included) fits on a
                 wheelchair table. Car
                 style may vary.
                     TIC TAC TOE
                  by Enabling Devices
•   Three in a row! Our Tic Tac Toe game is a
    great version of the classic game for all
    ages. Activate your colored switch to light
    up your chosen colored LED square and
    you are on your way to making a Tic Tac
    Toe in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal
    pattern. Music plays and lights flash when
    you have the winning combination. Item
    has two switch inputs so players can use
    their own capability switches if needed.
•   Size: 13½"W x 9½"H x 11"D. Requires 4
    AA Batteries
                     UNO SPIN
                 by Enabling Devices
•   Classic family card game! Deal
    seven cards to each player.
    When a spin card is played
    someone must spin the wheel.
    We’ve added 3 colored posts on
    the spinning wheel to make it
    easier to spin. A special card
    holder is included which can hold
    3 rows of cards. Luck can change
    in a flash! Will you be able to
    discard your cards or be forced to
    pick from the deck? It’s fast-
    paced fun that’ll make your head
•   Spin Wheel Size: 10"Diameter;
    Card Holder Size: 14"W x 10"H.
               Magical Light Show
               by Enabling Devices
•   Lights, music and
    vibration! Press the
    yellow switch and feel
    subtle vibrations under
    your hand while the
    Magical Light Show
    begins. Watch colored
    patterns against a black
    background and hear
    upbeat music. There is an
    external jack for your
    capability switch.
•   Size: 10¼"L x 11"W x
    11½"H. Requires 7 AA
                 Lady Buggy
             By Enabling Devices
• Your child's first
  remote control!
  You will love the spin
  and go action of our
  Buggy. Turn the Buggy
  on and it will
  continuously spin until
  you hit and hold your
  capability switch, then
  it will go in the
  direction it’s facing.
  Release your switch
  and it will go back to
  spinning continuously.
  It’s easy to control.
           Plush Switch Toys
          by Enabling Devices
• Variety of Plush
  animal toys available.
  Also have a cow,
  dog, giraffe,
  elephant, parrot, cat,
  and bear.
              STAY PUT EASEL
             BY Enabling Devices
                                     • Stay Put Easel
                                     • Stop tossers!
                                       Clamp this easel to your lap
                                       tray or tabletop and secure your
                                       device (switch, toy,
                                       communicator, etc.) with duo-
                                       lock (super strong Velcro) and
                                       the tossers will be stymied. C-
                                       Clamps available separately
                                     • Size: 13"L x 12"W x 10½"H.

                            NOTE: The velcro on this easel
                            is the rough side, we generally
                            put the soft side as the base, so
Easel has rubber stoppers   if you need to, just add a strip of
on the bottom also.         soft above or below the rough
                            velcro on the easel.
by Augmentative Resources

            • Real working clock...Great for
              use with schedules and to
              increase independence in
              telling time!

            • Takes the guess work out of
              telling time...each hour and
              minute numeral are depicted on
              the clock
            • The circles at the end of the
              hands highlight the correct hour
              and minute numerals
       3” TIMER
by Augmentative Resources
            • 3" square with clear
              protective cover that flips
              open to serve as a stand for
              the timer or protect the disk
              and face during operation
            • It’s small size and durable,
              lightweight construction
              make it simple to carry
            • New optional audible signal
              when time has expired
       8” TIMER
by Augmentative Resources

               • 8" square with clear
                 protective cover that flips
                 open to serve as a stand
                 for the timer or protect the
                 disk and face during
               • It’s small size and durable,
                 lightweight construction
                 make it simple to carry
               • New optional audible signal
                 when time has expired

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