everyman crossword NO 3355

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					                                            everyman crossword NO 3355
                                              Across                              1        2         3        4        5             6    7        8

                                           1/6/9 Politician very lively at
                                                 social event? (3,4,3,4,2,3,5)    9                                                  10
                                           10 Filthy place close to stable, an
                                                 eyesore (4)                                                                    11

                                           12 A US art critic upset Thomas                     12
                                                 Nast, for example (12)
                                           15 Leave a ring on (7)                13       14

                                           16 Contact one in salon I              15                                   16
                                                 refurbished (7)
                                           17 A room’s musty stocked with
                                                 old sherry (7)                   17                          18       19
                                           19 City left by British in ruins,
                                                 after bombing (7)
                                           20 Fail to win card game so          20
                                                 become exasperated (4,8)
                                           23 Catch learner driver, man                                                                 21       22

                                                 going the wrong way (4)          23                     24
                                           24 Language that may make
                                                 native seem shocked (10)
soLUTIon no. 3354                          25 Take off around start of          25                     26
 T   R A   I N     D O C U D R   A   MA
 E     G     A     E   H   I     D     L         summer recess (4)
     C R
           A P
                 E T H E B A R
                   E   A   G
                                     E L
                                           26 Dish in B&B - his hake’s
 P   R E   M I   E R   P A R A   P   E T         fantastic (5,5)
 I     T     N         J   A     I
 L   OO    T     G R E A TM I    N   D S
 O     D     S     E   C   S     T     M      Down                                4 Joy, family member              11 Hebridean island policeman is    18 Drunken sot, affluent
 T   H I   N K   A L I K E   R   H   E A                                              appearing topless (7)              over in Sark for a film (8,4)        one who ignores home
       S     I     A       E     E     L    1 System of weights used for
 B   L A   R N   E Y   R A G D   O   L L                                          5 Two things used in tennis       13 A cab’s crashed going over           truths? (7)
 A     G     D     R   I   G     C     B       precious metals in ancient
 T   U R   N E   D A B L I N D   E   Y E
                                                                                      game (7)                           windy canal in Moroccan         19 The father of Odysseus
                                               city (4)
 C     E     E     C   K   O     A     E                                          7 For a starter, publisher is         city (10)                            relates badly (7)
 H   E E   L P   I E C E   G O   N   E R    2 British painter and
                                                                                      entertaining ten on new A list 14 They may be expressly           21 Rosemary, for example, is
                                               philanthropist beheaded (4)
                                                                                      circuit (6,4)                      provided for the rest                from Frobisher Bay (4)
Everyman No. 3353 winners                   3 Plant in pond, and clay pipe,
                                                                                  8 Officer in place with               of the Continental              22 Swimmer in book caught in
                                               oddly (7,5)
                                                                                      leaseholder (10)                   passengers (6-4)                     trap (4)

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