Ocean freight and freight forwarding in India by hkksew3563rd


									The term shipping originated from the shipping trade of wind power ships. Mainly
refers to the deliverance of Ocean freight and packages of any magnitude above the
run of the mill mail. When the shipment is too large and cannot be sent as a parcel
that’s when it is send as Ocean Freight cargo. Containers are the major and best
growing ocean freight category as containerized freight includes everything from auto
components and machinery components to shoes, toys, frozen meat etc.
  Ocean Freight shipping is basically classified into two main types; Full Container
Load Freight or FCL and Less than Container Load freight or LCL. Ocean Freight is
much more convenient, faster and it proves to be cheaper when compared to air
transportation for several businesses. Air transport can prove too costly if you are
planning to transport a huge cargo. No doubt Air transport is faster than ocean freight
but it cannot carry huge shipments. All these factors account before deciding which
services would be better suited for ones business needs.
  Bulk freight cargo includes salt, oil, scrap metal, etc since they are not handled as
individual pieces. Ocean Freight is essential to the world economy, carrying bulk of
international trade. All kinds of shipments being passed out via ocean freight and each
time any business undertakes services of global / universal shipping carriers, the first
object they would make sure would be generally the Ocean freight charges to carry
out an assessment in the midst of the diverse transport companies to finally settle on
the most advantageous and profitable transaction.
  The loading and unloading of containers in Ocean Freight is a complicated and
tedious process and requires careful attention. The first thing which accounts is
packing the cargo properly. Also, as per the rules of freight shipping, the container has
to be checked thoroughly from the outside as well as the inside. And the cargo being
transported has to be placed in a position that best suits it and also fits in the container
perfectly. Also special packaging is needed for Ocean Freight shipping. Appropriated
devices are required for ocean freight shipping of cargo to prevent any damages to the
cargo while it is being shipped, loaded or unloaded. Forklifts are ideally not permitted
for loading/unloading the cargo.
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