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									If you are looking for a feel-home Nursing home in Bangalore for your loved one,
your search does not end with the availability of the right medical facility. Presence of
certain quality factors is equally important.
  A nursing home is primarily set up to provide health care facilities to older adults
outside of a hospital. In this busy world when we all are busy chasing our careers and
dreams, it is value, love and sense of responsibility that turns us towards our elderly,
who are at a stage in their life when they require utmost care, love and most
importantly right medical facilities. This is when the importance of a good nursing
home that can provide custodial care with assistance in getting in and out of the bed,
feeding, bathing, dressing up is required for senior people.
  Apart from assistance, a licensed physician and a professional nurse to take care of
each patient should be in the premises on a 24-hour basis. Other medical professionals
such as occupational or physical therapists are also available in a nursing home in
Bangalore. This allows the delivery of medical procedures and therapies on site that
would not be possible in other housing.
  Since a nursing home involves parting from your much loved one, one should take
extra care while selecting a comfortable home for them. A quick take-note itinerary
would help you settle for the best nursing home in Bangalore:
  鈥?The location of the nursing home should be in proximity to your house in
Bangalore so that you can visit your loved ones frequently.
  鈥?A professional and friendly staff should be available round the clock to take care
of the elderly. The staff should also be well trained in disaster management and other
emergency situation. You must also take note of the behavior of the staff towards the
elderly if they are soft, friendly and respectful.
  鈥?A cheerful and chirpy environment at the nursing home would help your loved
one settle down with ease and comfort. To avoid a monotonous routine, you must
always check if the place occasionally plans outings, events and otherwise activities
on a regular basis.
  鈥?You must also make sure that the surroundings are safe as well as clean and dust
free especially under the furniture and in the corners. Also take note of the toilets if
they are user friendly and the stairs have hand trails to help climb up and down etc.
  鈥?The nursing home should be not be dingy. It should airy, well-lit and spacious. A
small garden area would an added advantage for them to take a stroll.
  鈥?A clean record in terms of adhering to legal and environmental laws is a must.
And, if any, they should have been resolved.
  鈥?A positive opinion of the residents that live at the nursing home in Bangalore
themselves shall give you the required confidence to select the nursing home for your
loved one. But you should always remember that elders are little stingy, hence you
should also take the opinions of the staff and other important people.
  鈥?Always, always and always take consequent surprise visits to take note of the
actual culture. Plan your visits at a time when activities would be in course eg. During
mealtimes if all the residents are dining together and if the food served offers them
variety and not just oatmeal and soups or during activity time to check if all the
members are prompted to participate.
 鈥?Last but not the least, you must take in account the cost, that the homes should be
affordable and well-facilitated. Your loved ones would sure understand the best you
do for them while not blasting on the budget.
 Amid a plethora of nursing homes spread in the city of Bangalore, one of the nursing
homes that stands out is at the Bangalore Genesis Hospital.
 While you would get a lot of options for the elderly care home from sources like
internet, friends, families and consultants, one the best Nursing Home In Bangalore
that has stood clean and strong on its values and service is--- The Bangalore Genesis
 This nursing home in Bangalore not only has the basic medical facilities but
provides access to massage therapy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Physiotherapy, Holistic
and Naturopathy treatments along with an emergency protocol on ECG, Heart and
other trauma, Sonography, ENT and other Medico-legal cases.

 To get in touch with this nursing home for your beloved elders or for details, please
visit the site or nursing home in Bangalore or call
Dr. Patil at 984 554 3015.

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