Norway and Fjords In A Nutshell by hkksew3563rd


									Here's a travel tip... take advantage of one of the the popular Norway in a Nutshell
trips. The "Norway in a Nutshell" name is a registered trademark of the Fjord Tours.
  Everyone starts in the cities, and you need to see Oslo and Bergen, but to really see
Norway, you want to get out to the fjords.
  We think the very best thing about Norway is the scenery... the fjords top our list, but
you'll love the mountains, the glaciers, the waterfalls.... The first time we drove
through Norway was in spring, and one thing I remember is all the waterfalls... they
were everywhere. I kept thinking that this country just leaks.
  Norway in a Nutshell gives you a great taste of all of that. This actually isn't one set
trip, its a series of well organized bus, train and ferry connections through Norway's
scenic fjord country.
  The most basic Nutshell trip can take you round trip from Bergen in a day if that's all
you have. You leave Bergen early in the morning and take the train to Myrdal. The
Bergen Railway is a high altitude one. Be prepared for beautiful windswept
mountains, crystal glaciers, shimmering lakes and those waterfalls I talked about.
  But that all just sets the stage for the Flam Railway. You get off one train in Myrdal
and change to another. It's only 12 miles (19 km) but you wind down 2,800 feet (850
m) through even more spectacular scenery to the little village of Flam.
  In Flam, you will connect with a sightseeing boat for your breathtaking view of the
fjords. You'll start up the Aurlandsfjord, a narrow arm at the end of the Sognefjord.
Just as the waterway seems to be opening up, you will sail into the Naeroyfjord and
end your two hour boat ride in Gudvangen.
  The Sognefjord is Norway's longest and deepest fjord, and possibly its most famous
fjord. These two narrow arms are on the most scenic part. In Gudvangen, you'll leave
the boat, and you'll take a bus up to Voss, so you can catch a train from Voss back to
  You can make Norway in a Nutshell into a one way trip from Olso to Bergen or the
reverse if you'd like. You can also choose to break the journey into two or three days
rather than one long one racing from train to boat to bus to train.
  You could break the journey in Flam and spend a day hiking or visiting the cute
nearby village of Aurland.
  You could use this as a round trip from Oslo and stop for a couple of days to see
  You can combine this with visits to other fjords like the Hardangerfjord or the
Geirangerfjord. The Norwegian company Fjord Tours offers many different
combinations... and any one of them will let you see Norway in a Nutshell.

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