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									From the Desk of the Editor
Welcome to ‘Internet Marketing Magazine’                 ‘Internet Marketing Magazine’ will be Bi-Monthly
– the original and leading free magazine                 initially, and will provide you with the knowledge of
                                                         those fundamentals and the boxes that you need to
designed specifically for Internet Marketers to
                                                         tick to achieve success online. The content will also
be delivered on the iPad, iPhone and                     cater for advanced marketers with leading tips and
Android platforms.                                       strategies on what is working on the Internet
                                                         right now.
Internet Marketing can sometimes be perceived as
a difficult thing to achieve great success with except   The panel of writers for ‘Internet Marketing
for the ‘lucky few’. The team at ‘Internet Marketing     Magazine’ is quite diverse in it’s knowledge base. All
Magazine’ believe success online is not difficult once   the contributing writers are doing Internet Marketing
the fundamentals are in place and all the correct        or Direct Marketing and Copywriting on a full time
boxes are ticked.                                        basis, so the experience that we can draw on for the
                                                         articles and content for you is quite extensive.

                                                         We aim to deliver you up to date relevant timely
                                                         information on all facets of marketing on the internet
                                                         from niche markets through to traffic, conversion
                                                         optimization, marketing funnels, online stores, social
                                                         media, eBay and just about anything else you can
                                                         think of.

                                                         So sit back and enjoy your first edition of ‘Internet
                                                         Marketing Magazine’. If you have any questions,
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                                                         Wishing you the best of success online

                                                         Internet Marketing Strategist
                                                         & Editor – Internet Marketing Magazine

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5 Steps for a More Profitable 2011
2010 has now come and gone. It was what it was. For you it             urgency? Give yourself tight deadlines, hit those deadlines and
may have been a massively profitable year with your internet           make things happen quickly.
businesses, or you may be at more of a beginner or intermediate
stage and still be finding your feet and testing and measuring         Effectively you will test and measure more techniques, niches
new things to see what works and what doesn’t.                         and product offers more quickly. This will dramatically reduce
                                                                       the amount of time it takes to achieve the results you are after.
Either way, no matter what your results last year it’s always
possible to, and it should be a goal to make this year bigger than     2. Build your list faster
the last.
                                                                       When you know what niche(s) you are going to specialize in
Let’s get stuck straight into our 5 steps to make your Internet        online you really need to build a list (database) of prospects and
marketing businesses more profitable in 2011...                        clients that you can market to over and over again.

1. Speed of implementation                                             The most common way of building your list is to give away
                                                                       something of high perceived value to your target market in
This is a concept I can honestly say I really only ‘got’ in the last   exchange for their contact details so that you can follow up with
few months. How it came about for me was that I was doing              them again via your auto responder software.
pretty well online in that I was already a full-time Internet
marketer, but my consulting business was demanding more of             There is an art to this so that you create a good relationship
my time than my other ‘Real Passive Internet businesses’.              with your prospects and customers by providing them great
                                                                       information and value, while also implementing enough offers to
When I thought about it my real goal was to be in the ‘lifestyle       them so that you make a profit while actively building your list.
creation business’ meaning that I really needed to get my passive
income streams cranking more, rather than adding additional            This point is also closely related to the first one we covered - are
active income streams.                                                 you implementing quickly with building your list? Do you have a
                                                                       sense of urgency with it?
I got some advice to go see a man by the name of Richard
Bandler, the co-creator of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)          Ultimately the bigger you build your list and the better your
and get my head right. So I got on a plane to London and did           relationship and offers with it the more money you will make in
exactly that. As luck would have it on the 2nd day of my Licensed      your business. So what can you do in 2011 to actively and rapidly
Practitioner of NLP course I got hypnotized on stage by Richard        build your list?
and he made it plainly obvious to me that if I wanted my
passive income streams to grow then I needed to focus on those         3. Work on your mindset
businesses with the same amount or more energy as I was doing
for my active income streams.                                          Have you ever noticed that people who win the lottery are
                                                                       after broke again after 5 to 10 years? It’s amazing isn’t it? I often
The other big learning was the speed with which I needed to            thought about how could this be, and then I heard Pat Mesiti say
implement to achieve the results that I was after.                     “you can’t stay a millionaire if you have a two
Following that trip I am now implementing in my businesses at          dollar mindset”.
roughly 12 times the rate that I was previously.
Now think about this for your businesses. Are you treating
your Internet business like a hobby or like a real business with

Internet MarketIng MagazIne                                                                                                                03
This is pretty clever. What it means is that as your wealth creation      5. Cut the dead wood
mindset expands so will your opportunities and your prosperity. It
also means that you can do all the clever Internet marketing traffic      Over time as you test and measure new products, niches,
and conversion strategies etc but if your mindset is not right you will   sites etc you incur both monetary costs and also tasks that
never get wealthy - sad but true.                                         require your time.

There is no easy way of getting your mindset right, and in many           On the financials in your business, if you take it back to the
ways it is a journey rather than a destination. For me learning NLP       fundamentals to make more profit you either need to make
has made a massive difference because I now understand how the            more sales revenue or reduce your expenses. With this cut
unconscious part of my brain works and can control it better rather       the dead wood theme, review your business credit card
than letting it run it’s own programs. For you it may be different,       statement - is there any software tools or other expenses
but ultimately this mindset area is a field of study that should get as   that you don’t need anymore? If so then cancel those
much of your attention as the Internet marketing area in 2011             services and reduce your expenses where ever possible. In
and beyond.                                                               our businesses we review all our expenses quarterly and
                                                                          anything that is not actively being used gets culled. This
4. test and measure like a pro                                            one technique will save you thousands of dollars over the
                                                                          course of the year.
With our Internet marketing strategy and consulting business we
get to see the inner workings of hundreds of businesses that do           The other part of cut the dead wood is look at all the
marketing on the Internet. The great thing about this is that we no       different aspects of your business such as the websites and
longer guess about what is going to work online, we can gather data       product offerings you have. Are there any there that are
and observations across a number of industries and identify trends        taking up a lot of your time but not significantly increasing
and traits of successful businesses online.                               your profits? If so look at them with a critical eye to see if
                                                                          you can cull them to free up your time and make space for
One thing that we notice about all successful Internet marketing          new opportunities to enter your business life.
businesses is that they test and measure consistently. There is a
saying that “you can’t manage what you don’t measure” and this            We like to think of it as “run your winners long and cut your
seems true with Internet marketing 100%.                                  losers short”…

We measure our stats like clicks, opt-ins, sales, conversion rate, cost   Treat your business with priority, efficiency and urgency.
per lead, cost per sale etc on a weekly and also monthly basis. We        Implement the 5 strategies above in 2011 and watch your
have monthly goals that then roll up into annual goals. This works        results improve.
beautifully because at all times there is visibility of what is working
and what isn’t and it allows for quick adjustments along the way.         Greg Cassar is the leading
                                                                          Internet marketing
The other part of test and measure like a pro is to be constantly         strategist behind the
working on improving your conversion rates. Google website                scenes of many of
optimizer is a fantastic free tool to help with this as in its simplest   the biggest Internet
form it allows you to run two versions of the same web page against       marketers in Australia
each other and see which converts the best.                               and abroad(InternetM
You then declare the page that converts the best as the winner            com). You can follow
and try and create a new page that will convert better again. What        Greg online at his
this means is that for the exact same advertising spend over time         blog
you start to get better and better return on your investment (ROI).       or receive his 21 free
Professional marketers do this constantly and you should too.             Internet marketing
                                                                          training videos (paid
Now think about your business, do you have a spreadsheet with your        membership site
weekly, fortnightly or monthly stats on it? If not how quickly can        now free) at
you get one implemented? Do you have Google Website Optimizer   
implemented for the main landing pages of your website? If not how
quickly can you get it implemented?

Internet MarketIng MagazIne                                                                                                            04
The Key to Successful Web Sales Copy Article
Did You Wake Up this Morning                                        W.I.I.F.M. - What’s In It For Me needs to be the acid test for every
thinking about this? Well did you?                                  ad, mailing, email you create for your business.
                                                                    If your prospects can’t immediately see what’s in it for them
Wake up this morning thinking about J.R. Smith & Associates?        they’ll turn the page, bin the letter or click delete... sale lost.
They are one of the better builders where I live.                   So remember WIIFM, it forms the cornerstone of effective
So did you wake up thinking about them? Why not?                    marketing yet it is so often lost to the time-poor business owner
                                                                    juggling a million and one things at once who wonders why their
They do great work. Everyone raves about them. Lots of              advertising isn’t working.
successful and beautiful new homes and renovations... strong
guarantee, great logo and corporate branding, always seem busy.     Don’t be one of them!
Can’t fault them.
                                                                    Of course, WIIFM is just one piece of the puzzle, next you must
So why didn’t you wake up thinking about them?                      stand out from all the clutter out there but that’s a discussion for
                                                                    next time.
There are two answers to this question, one obvious and the
other contains a powerful marketing lesson for any business.        Remember WIIFM... apply it to everything you do and watch
First, the obvious one.                                             your responses soar.

You didn’t wake up thinking about them because you’re not           Steve Plummer
looking to build or renovate, or you don’t live in my area and      Copywriter and Marketing Strategist
therefore don’t even know they exist and have no interest in
them. Fair enough too.                                              Steve Plummer is one of Australia’s highest paid and in-demand
                                                                    copywriters and is the personal copywriter for Australia’s
And the second? This runs so much deeper and you must really        “Millionaire Maker” Mal Emery. Steve’s marketing and writing
“get” this as a business owner and marketer of your products        savvy have resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in
or services.                                                        extra sales for many happy clients. Follow Steve’s blog at
We don’t care! “We” being the marketplace.

This is not a comment on the ills or otherwise of society but is
a statement of fact. People are self-absorbed, busy, selfish time
poor creatures. Period.

And you want to sell them something?

No one cares if you’ve been in business for 20 years and your
experts have been servicing the local area for blah blah blah...
All your market cares about is themselves, so your marketing
must focus on THEM and not YOU.

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‘Hollywood Trailer’ production
quality videos for your next promotion
     At a fraction of the cost...
     Blow away your competition

     Experience it for yourself today at

‘The Big Idea in Your Business’ Article
I heard about this story the other day. The simplicity of it is       2. Can you “name a process” in your business that you and
beautiful and it has a powerful lesson. I won’t keep you hanging           your industry peers take for granted? Name it. Own it. Think
any longer…                                                                outside the box.

I live in a small town in North Queensland (where they bend           3. Never assume that your clients will “join-the-dots” - spell it
bananas); there was a serious epidemic unfolding… A real                   out for them as if you had to explain it to a 7 year old.
tragedy in the making. Here’s where it started…                            NEVER ASSUME THE OBVIOUS.

At the local supermarket and fruit stores, locals had the choice of   4. Always communicate your biggest benefits (or point of
two types of bananas to buy. The big, long banana in one bay…              difference) in the best most obvious possible way.
and the small puny bananas in the other bay. (If you’ve ever been
the small or less athletic kid at school who always gets picked       5. Can you use a recognizable word or phrase and marry it
last, then this story will give you hope).                                 into your message? I saw this the other day when someone
                                                                           was referred to as “The Richard Branson of the Internet”.
In short, (no punt intended), the smaller bananas were not                 Here are a few more examples:
selling. To the point where they were going to totally wipe them           • The “Entrepreneurial Bible”
out all together. Shut down the harvest plants, lay off the workers        • The “Ghost Whisperer”
– the whole deal - Never to be seen or sold again.                         • The “Cash Flow Queen”

Until… One smart cookie splashed a creative marketing spin on         You get the idea…
the problem. It only took two words.
                                                                      So can you find your “Lunchbox Banana” story? Keep your eyes
Get this…they placed a sign in front of the small banana bay that     “peeled” It could be just around the “bend”
read this: “Lunchbox Bananas”
                                                                      Think big. Be different.
And guess what happened?… whooooosh…                                  Bret Thomson
They became so popular that they practically ran out the door.
Shopping mothers INSTANTLY made the distinction and                   Bret Thomson is a master copywriter and profit
changed their buying habit to fill a need. And that need was          strategist. You can get a free copy of Bret’s
fitting a banana into a school lunch box.                             DVD ‘How to Write a Winning Sales Letter’ at

the Lessons from this:

1. You could be just one great ‘big idea’ away from a marketing
     (and financial) breakthrough. It could be the media you
     choose, the new market you tap into, the message, hook,
     twist or USP (Unique Selling Proposition), your strategy,
     and the list goes on.

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Creating your business avatar
Let me share with a you a very simple, and incredibly powerful       This is how it impacts on the 4 Dimensions of a successful
exercise (the most powerful ones usually are the simplest). If       Internet Business:
you master this exercise it has the power to revolutionize your
business. Seriously.                                                 1st Dimension: You
                                                                     After you have created your Avatar think to yourself “Is this a
The concept of an ‘Avatar’ is a term that has been bantered          person I want to do business with?” You have a choice you know.
about on the Internet lately. I first heard it from Jeff Walker of   If you think to yourself that you’d rather not have their company
Product Launch Formula fame though it is a concept you may           then you need to look at what type of customers you really want
also hear of under the term “Composite Ideal Customer”. This         to work with.
is my version and how it relates to my framework for creating a
successful internet business, called 4th Dimension Mastery.          2nd Dimension: Your Customer
                                                                     You need to do research to really create your Avatar. At the end
What is a Business avatar?                                           of this process you will be incredibly clear on your customer
                                                                     needs and frustrations. An important thing to note is, you may
You may be familiar with the movie Avatar? The human                 have more than one Avatar, especially if there is one group who
researchers take on the form of the indigenous (and gorgeous)        want your service (such as children) and another who makes the
creatures on the moon of Pandora. Or you may be aware of the         buying decisions (such as their parents).
original meaning of Avatar from the Hindu religion where deities
/ gods take on the form of humans or other creatures.                3rd Dimension: Joint Venture Partners
                                                                     A Joint Venture (JV) partner is someone who has a very similar
When it comes to business, an avatar is an imaginary person          Avatar to you. They are already providing a complementary
who represents the composite of your ideal customer. They are        (though not identical) service to them. Once you are clear on
described in such detail that they almost seem real. Real enough     your Avatar it is easy to identify potential JV Partners.
for you to have a conversation with.
                                                                     4th dimension: Community Engagement
Well, not a real conversation (they’re an imaginary friend, not      This is the dimension where your customer really interacts with
a real one OK?). But real enough for you to have a one-on-one        you. By always communicating with your Avatar, rather than
conversation with when you write your emails, blog posts and         communicating as if to a blur of many customers, you will attract
sales letters. They are also the person you are talking to on your   them, convert them to sales easier and encourage interaction
tele-seminars and videos.                                            in numerous ways (for example they will be more likely to
                                                                     comment on your blog posts if it feels as if you are talking
What are the Advantages of Creating a Business Avatar?               directly to them).
If you get the avatar right then your ideal customer will truly
resonate with every message you make. They will be naturally
attracted to you and may even find themselves thinking, “How
did she know that is what I am thinking?”. It doesn’t mean you
will be excluding others who aren’t your exact avatar but you will
get the message across clearly to the majority of your
ideal customers.

Internet MarketIng MagazIne                                                                                                           09
How Do You Create an avatar?                                            She wants to build a business on her passions and she is driven
                                                                        by more than money. She wants to make a change in the world
You can research your current customer base, forums, Facebook           in some way though finance and lifestyle is also very important
groups, and other areas where your target market hangs                  to her. Interestingly, she also has an interest in natural therapies,
out to really get a good feel for their frustrations, needs and         the environment and personal development. She has access to
demographic info.                                                       income other than her business income (through her partner,
                                                                        a part or full time position, or home equity) but knows she
Your Avatar should be very specific and include things such as:         can’t rely on this for too long. She’s been learning how to build
                                                                        an Internet business and has taken some action already but is
•	   Gender                                                             frustrated because she’s not making any money from
•	   Age                                                                her endeavours.
•	   Life	Circumstances
•	   Income                                                             Sound familiar? Of course, this doesn’t exclude people who don’t
•	   Biggest	frustrations                                               fit this profile. After all, 10% of my customers for Wonderful Web
•	   History                                                            Women are men. But it will only attract those who can relate to
•	   Aspirations                                                        my Avatar in some way.

You can even give them a name and find an image to represent                                          Your turn
them (just like with the Avatar you may choose to represent
yourself in a forum or game).                                                                         It’s your turn to take action. Spend
                                                                                                      time this week to research your
Here’s Mine                                                                                           Avatar for your business. Then
                                                                                                      write it down and see if you can
To give you an idea, here’s one I prepared earlier. This is an Avatar                                 refine it further. Ideally you want to
we created after an intensive survey of my customers last year. I                                     get to the same level of detail and
was surprised by our findings (mainly their family situation and                                      understanding of the avatar for your
interests) which is a good thing in my books. Of course, this is not                                  business as I have for mine. So, get
the profile of every customer but writing to this imaginary person                                    to it! Can’t wait to meet your Avatar.
makes my sales copy, blog posts etc much stronger. Ready?
My Avatar (Jenny) is between 35 and 45. She has children who                                           Janet Beckers is the host and
are close to leaving home. She is a professional in that she has        founder of Wonderful Web Women.
education or experience in a career and is actually pretty smart.       An award winning on-line community recognised for generous
She wants a change in her life. She doesn’t find her career as          and honest marketing advice for women on the internet. She
fulfilling as she would like and wants more lifestyle freedom. She      is also an international best selling author and multiple award
wants to build her own business and is quite frustrated because,        winner, including Australian Marketer of The Year 2009.
even though she knows she is capable, she is overwhelmed with           To learn from the most successful women on the internet
how much there is to learn and where to start.                          through live webinars, masterminds and forums absolutely free,
                                                                        visit and join today.

Internet MarketIng MagazIne                                                                                                                10
7 Steps to Keep Your Ads Alive in Google in 2011
You probably would have need to have been hiding under a rock      So, based our extensive research and experience from our
to not notice Google ‘thinning the herd’ of advertisers over the business here are our 7
last year or so. Ultimately Google is trying to provide a better   Steps to Keep Your Ads Alive in Google in 2011… really its about
and more relevant search experience for their users. It seems      having high quality score!
they are willing to do this at any cost, and are not concerned
about how many advertisers they get rid of in the process.         1. Improve Your Campaigns Relevance

google is Currently…                                               •	   Align	your	keywords,	ads	&	landing	pages	so	that	they	are	all
                                                                        relevant to one another
•	   Reducing	the	Quality	Score	of	many	campaigns	so	that	their    •	   Use	small	adgroups	–	ideally	1	keyword	per	adgroup.	Tools
     ads no longer show impressions                                     like SpeedPPC make this easy for you to achieve
•	   Permanently	disabling	accounts	and	Permanently	disabling      •	   Ideally	your	keywords	should	be	in	your	ad	and	also	on	your
     any other accounts disabled users create The trick then to         landing page visible above the fold
     keeping your ads and campaign alive in Google in 2011 is      •	   Your	keywords	should	be	in	your	meta	tags	and	
     really to know what Google wants and ultimately what               descriptions etc.
     they hate.
                                                                   2.   Transparency – Provide up front all the information that
Here is What google Wants?                                              Google wants to see

•	   Highest	quality	Ads	–	providing	safe,	relevant	and	high       •	   On	your	landing	page	clearly	identify	the	benefit	you
     quality experiences for their searchers                            described in your ad
•	   Easily	find	what	your	ad	promises                             •	   Clearly	identify	in	your	sales	copy	what	your	business	does
•	   Relevance	–	from	your	keyword	to	your	ad	to	your	             •	   Ensure	your	Billing/Pricing	not	hidden
     landing page                                                  •	   No	free	+	shipping	offers	with	monthly	continuity
•	   Unique	content                                                •	   Include	a	Privacy	policy
•	   Clear,	easy,	Above	the	fold	navigability	(menu	bars	etc)
                                                                   3. Improve Your Landing Pages Navigation
Here is what google Hates?
                                                                   •	   Add	a	clear	menu	above	the	fold	with	links	off	to	the	other
•	   Get	Rich	Quick	sites                                               page on the site
•	   Data	Collection	sites	for	free	items.	This	is	a	weird	one     •	   Build	it	with	Wordpress	preferably	or	any	other	standards
     because their Google Website Optimizer and Google                  based content management system
     Analytics tools are designed to measure exactly this course   •	   A	good	trick	is	to	put	your	opt-in	form	on	the	other	pages	if
     of action                                                          you can so that you can keep your opt-in rate as high
•	   Poor	Comparison/review	sites                                       as possible
•	   Data	Entry	Affiliates	designed	to	drive	traffic	to	
     another domain
•	   iFrames
•	   Popups	–	on	entry	or	leave
•	   Malware	sites

Internet MarketIng MagazIne                                                                                                         11
4. Build out your site’s Footer

•	   Have	a	clear	footer	section	at	the	bottom	of	the	page
•	   Don’t	make	the	links	invisible
•	   Add	the	following	sections	as	a	minimum	to	the	footer	as
     this is what Google is looking for –> Home, Blog, Privacy
     Policy, Terms of Use, Contact Us, Sitemap
•	   Name	these	pages	logical	names	eg.	privacy-policy

5. Unique Content

•	   From	the	footer	add	links	to	unique	articles	on	your	site
     (don’t put them multiple places on your site)
•	   Also	add	links	to	blog	articles

6. Click Through Rate (CTR)

•	   Google	thinks	this	is	key	to	relevance	because	highly	relevant
     ads get clicked more so split test your ads to get high CTR
•	   Sort	your	campaigns	by	CTR	–	tune	or	delete	anything	with
     low CTR

7. Hope and Pray

•	   I	say	this	one	as	a	bit	of	a	joke,	but	it’s	true…	Google	can	kick
     you out any time for no reason – so don’t get dependant on
     them as your main only source of traffic and leads.
     I hope this is beneficial to you and it helps you to keep your
     Google Adwords account alive and healthy in 2011 and

Greg Cassar is the leading Internet marketing strategist behind
the scenes of many of the biggest Internet marketers in Australia
and abroad ( You can follow
Greg online at his blog or receive his 21 free
Internet marketing training videos (paid membership site
now free) at

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Why Would We Choose A Niche Rather Than A Catalogue Store

For many people starting out on eBay choosing a market to               After comparing the prices that those lenses and cameras were
sell into can be a bit overwhelming when you first look at the          selling for on eBay, John realized that he could probably source
possibilities and opportunities. After all, there are over 50,000       the same items and sell them for a profit.
categories with thousands of products in each category to
choose from.                                                            This interest has now led to a full time business where John
                                                                        actually flies around the world on buying trips, to pick up more
Often a new seller can see so many opportunities they want to           traditional photography equipment. And just loves it!
try to take advantage of them all. We’ve personally looked at
thousands of opportunities on eBay and yet we still only ever set       Part of John’s success is, knowing that he can source the items
up an eBay store to sell into one niche exclusively.                    cheaper than they would sell for on eBay. He’s also building
                                                                        relationships with many large Pawnshop owners in many
At first it’s so exciting just making sales that you want to do         different countries. These contacts now look for, and hold
everything and sell everything all at once! While its great to foster   photography items for him ready for his next buying trip.
that enthusiasm, and also good to build up your feedback at
the same time, in the long term, it really pays to find the niche       John has chosen the niche of high quality cameras. Within that
market you want to enter into, and become the expert within             niche, there are also a few different items he could market within
that field.                                                             that category. He knows his stuff, he knows what the market will
                                                                        pay for it, and he knows how to source it.
If you’re not familiar with the term ‘niche’ it basically means a
hot selling, profitable area within a specific category. Some of        now that’s the perfect eBay business!
the biggest eBay successes come from sellers who concentrate
on these niche groups. So instead of trying to be everything to         For example, you may be interested in parrots. You could create
everyone as so many other sellers do, choose a niche market and         your whole business around birds and parrot related products,
fully concentrate on that market.                                       right down to e-books about parrots.

For Example, John lives in Singapore. He was an architect               Become an expert in one market so that buyers feel comfortable
working the usual long business hours, but he really loved              shopping with you because you are perceived as the expert in
photography and cameras. Not digital cameras, but cameras               your field.
that still used film and traditional photography methods and
cameras.                                                                We like the idea of niche markets because it’s very simple to
                                                                        automate your eBay business. Say for instance if you sold ‘parrot
After selling a few of his old lenses and camera equipment on           cages’ and you had a core base of 10 items that you sold 7 days
eBay that he no longer needed, John realized that there were            a week.
lots of bidders for his, (what is now considered old and retro)
changeable lenses for a traditional SLR film camera.                    You’d only have to do most of your work once at the beginning
                                                                        because every day as an item sold, it would relist automatically,
After trawling through all of the local Pawn shops and second           saving you many hours where you could be concentrating on
hand stores, he realized that he could buy many items he’d seen         more important things…like growing your business!
up for auction on eBay from the pawn dealers.

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There is so much traffic on eBay that selling into a niche market
is very profitable and more often than not offers better returns
for your money.

So think outside the box, would you rather spend your hard
earned money with someone that is selling garden sheds,
clothing, photo frames and perfumes or someone that is just
selling gardening products that looks like an expert in gardening?
Here are 3 steps to help you find your niche on eBay:

1. Decide on your niche market by finding out what’s hot and
    what’s not on eBay. Finding this information is relatively
    easy; you can just visit places like eBay Pulse &
    Completed Listings.

2. Choose 3-5 products you would like to have in your cluster
    of products within your niche and research them to make
    sure they are selling on eBay

3. Find suppliers for your niche products and then begin
    selling with templates.

We’ve now shown hundreds of people all over the world how to
sell effectively and profitable on eBay. When people vary from
the proven strategy of choosing a niche, (we can completely
understand as there is so much opportunity out there) then
things can happen slower and often end in frustration.

We’ve got plenty more tips and strategies we’ll be sharing with
you in our column here at Internet Marketing Magazine but if
you want to reach your eBay goals faster you can follow us on our
blog at

Bye for now and we look forward to hearing of your success on
eBay too.

Matt & Amanda Clarkson
Bidding Buzz…the worlds leading eBay Education Company!

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