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									Microsoft Cheap Office 2010 is a mature software suite. Even Microsoft Word, Excel,
Access and PowerPoint in Office 97 suites feature all the current features casual users
search. There is very little new features that are actually useful in Office 2010. Most
of the other new features can be classified as improved user interface.
 Ribbon interface was originally introduced in Word, Power Point, Excel and Access
in Office 2007. the main change in the interface of the tape is carried out commonly
used functions of the menus, the icons shown in the main window class. So that users
do not miss features of Microsoft is very difficult to implement. Office 2010 has gone
further by introducing the ribbon interface to all other Office applications (except
image manager).
 Other notable features include improved improved grammar dictionary, enhanced
image and video editing features. Microsoft PowerPoint is now 3D slide transitions.
animation artist is another of the new features in Office 2010. Excel has slight
improvements in their formulas. Statistical analysis also is improved in Microsoft
Excel. Except the common characteristics of the general office suite, Microsoft
Access has very limited changes that are specific.
 Although it is very elegant to have a ribbon interface is useful only for new users.
This will help shorten your learning curve. For experienced users who can be a
nuisance, because they have to learn from the United Nations, which have been
practiced for years and to learn in the MS Office 2010.
 As you can see these features are not innovative. MS Office 2007, customers will not
be hard for your money by upgrading to Office 2010. Office 2003 users who are
accustomed to the menu interface may be disturbed by the ribbon interface. But for
new users this version has a few more points.Want to know more ,visit

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