Nintendo DSi 1.4.1U Update Compatible with Acekard 2i

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					Nintendo released on the 7th of September an update for the DSi and DSi XL
consoles respectively. The update was the first in approximately one year after the last
update, the 1.4 update, which rendered almost all DSi compatible cards not working.
The official release of the firmware boasted "enhancements and updates to the
underlying Nintendo DSi system" but these updates do not appear to be forthcoming.
The new Nintendo DSi update appears to only attempt to block the functionality of
homebrew flash cards.
  The update is known as 1.4.1E in Europe, 1.4.1U in America, and 1.4.2C in parts of
Asia. Every known DSi compatible card was blocked in the process. Nintendo DSi
and DSi XL users alike are advised not to update their consoles so that their cards
would still work. Many cards were permanently no longer compatible, but some
teams have released fixes to make their cards compatible with the new 1.4.1 firmware.
  The Acekard 2i is one of those teams. The new 1.4.1 firmware disabled the Acekard
2i temporarily, but using a new F Core and new set of system files, simply replacing
the existing F Core with a new file is sufficient to 'patch' the Acekard 2i to work with
the Nintendo firmware update. The Acekard 2i DSi card was originally designed to
have its firmware as completely updatable, and will therefore be able to work with
future updates as well without too much difficulty.
  It is imperative that gamers on the Nintendo DS and DSi consoles purchase only
legitimate and genuine Acekard 2i cards from reputable stores that only stock original
cards. Many fake and clone cards on the market are unable to update to work with the
newest 1.4.1 firmware and as a result are rendered useless.
  Homebrew developers and gamers on the Nintendo DS consoles can purchase
genuine M3i Zero cards from DSCardWorld. Cards are tested prior to dispatch, and
support is offered via e-mail for all Acekard 2i card related troubleshooting issues.
The Acekard 2i cards also come pre-flashed so that the user would not have to do
anything once they receive their card, making their service second to none.

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