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Ningbo Nightlife White Meiling Staged she Tunxiang Drama


									Previously unknown Ningbo China TV Device is now in the domestic appliance
industry can be said to fame. Recently, the company quickly made her famous in

 9 4, Meiling Meiling Group, the controlling shareholder of 100% of listed
state-owned property open bidding will be held in Hefei, property rights trading center,
as a listed company Meiling have determined to win, wants to bid for access to "
Meiling "trademark and" Meiling "firm the exclusive right.

 However, it is wishful thinking come true. Colorful appliances in Ningbo blaze
swept past the final price to 111 million Meiling Group successfully bid for 100%
state-owned property.

 "This is the Ningbo company staged a 'She Tunxiang' drama, a brand of Ningbo
missing a positive strike home appliance industry." Appliance Industry Association of
Ningbo City, the source said. It is understood that, through the relevant procedures,
CLS Electrical Meiling Group will become the new owner.

 Intent Raise brand awareness by Meiling

For many people, the CLS Electrical unknown. This enterprise is located in Yinzhou
District, Gulin turnip water port industrial zone, established in 2002 to produce

 Refrigerator , Washing machines was mainly the brand is "family wealth" and
"Peony", has over 1,000 employees.

 Information, Colorful registered capital of 15 million yuan in Ningbo, an annual
turnover of 50 million to 100 million yuan, at present, the company has formed annual
production of 1.6 million units refrigerators and washing machines 400 000 units of

 According to report, this year, Ningbo CLS Electrical Successful candidates "

Bringing home appliances "Project, winning 15 models of refrigerators.

"'Appliances to the countryside' so that our washing machines, refrigerators and other
products in short supply, in order to improve productivity, our Investment Center two
years ago in the coastal new production base, a project was put into operation, the
second phase has been completed and commissioned this year." Yesterday, far away in
Germany, Colorful appliances, general manager of Menghong Gang in a telephone
interview that the company achieved the OEM and own brand "wheeled," but far less
brand awareness Meiling, Meiling Group, the acquisition by 100% state-owned
property, will Meiling brand's fold, can rapidly increase the visibility of CLS.
 Bid Changhong Frustrate the intent of the overall acquisition

It is understood that the acquisition of state-owned electric CLS shares, the original
owner for the Hefei Xingtai Holding Group. Last year, the group 100% of the Meiling
Group, the first listed state-owned property rights transfers, the U.S. private equity
fund CNAG caused great interest. The Fund has reached an initial agreement with the
parties concerned in Hefei, said Meiling company assets in the reorganization, the
company intends to Meiling into the U.S. stock market, making it the second Jihai
Later, in the U.S. listed Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises. But the
accident is due to global

 Financial Impact of the crisis, the project is blocked.

In July this year, Hefei Xingtai Holding Group has issued a public notice, public
transfer Meiling Group's state-owned property.

 The basis of this transfer notice transfer of the underlying principal assets include
long-term investment and intangible assets, including long-term investment is the
Hefei Meiling Appliances Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., the British Kate Meiling
Appliance (Hefei) Co., Ltd, Hefei Electric Co., the British Kate companies, seven
companies 100% owned equity, and Hefei Meiling Packing Products Co., Ltd.
51.74% state-owned shares.

  And Meiling Group refers to intangible assets, "Meiling" trademark and "Meiling"
firm the exclusive right. It is reported that, "Meiling" trademark registered a total of
28 types of goods, Meiling Group has a section 11 to all registered outside class,
"Meiling" trademark, and has 11 categories, in addition to refrigerators, freezers

 Air conditioning

 Outside "Meiling" trademark right to free use of 24 years.
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