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					The city of Pattaya has everything starting from bars to mystical waters that a tourist
looks for in a place. There are a large number of Pattaya bars which are uniformly
spread across this city. The Pattaya bars not only enhance the night life of Pattaya, but
also provide a peaceful and relaxing environment to the tourists.
 Various popular Pattaya bars are present on the Ban Chang Strip. There are 24 bars
and pubs which are located in the Ban Chang strip which is located approximately 45
kilometers from Pattaya. Ban Chang Strip attracts innumerous tourists every year. The
Camel pub and restaurant is the oldest pub of Ban Chang Strip. This restaurant is also
one of the largest restaurants in the city of Pattaya. This restaurant serves British,
American, Italian and Thai food to its tourists. Faces Bar was established immediately
after the establishment of the Camel pub and restaurant. Beaver Bar Ban Chang is
located in the middle of the Ban Chang strip. It is a bar which is meant basically for
the golfers. This bar is also responsible for organizing regular trips and competitions
all the year round. The food served here is cheaper as compared to the other
restaurants of this strip. Cupid Stunts Bar is known as a fun bar. This bar is equipped
with a median sized pool desk and a good sized couch seating area. This bar is
generally visited by massive teams of tourists. Ship within the Gap Bar has been
established by one of many ex companions of the Camel Pub and Restaurant. The
standard of meals served on this bar is superior to many of the different eating places
which lie in its vicinity. Mc Allisters Bar and Grill has the very best atmosphere
amongst all of the bars of this strip. This Pattaya bar affords a peaceable atmosphere
to all its guests. Apart from the Pattaya bars which have been listed above, there are
innumerous eminent bars on this city.The author is a regular on the Pattaya bar scene
and has a very broad knowledge of Pattaya Bars.

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