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					                             Versa CAD
                             Versatile Computer Aided Design
                  VOLUME 10, NUMBER 1                                                                                             JAN 09

 Archway Systems, Inc.
                               VersaCAD 2008 Updates
                                                                                     VersaCAD 2008 User Comments
                                     There have been several updates since
 Southern California:           VersaCAD 2008 for Windows was first shipped          Roy Holder, Auto-Systems and Services,
 2134 Main St, Ste. 160         on October 1. Like any major release, lots of        North Carolina. We truly appreciate the ser-
 Huntington Beach, CA 92648     little things pop up in actual use. But the          vice that you have given us over the years. I
                                benefits of unlimited file size and improved file    have never expected to get the kind of service
 Phone: 714-374-0440                                                                 from any software company that we have re-
                                portability have been worth the small problems.
 Fax: 714-374-0301                                                                   ceived from your folks,
                                If you haven't renewed your Premium Service,                                                              Tim Barnett, BarnettOffshore Design, Ltd
                                now would be a great time.
                                                                                     “I have been a loyal and very satisfied Versa-
 Northern California:                                                                CAD user since 1994. VersaCAD is the only
 56 Nicholl Ave                                                                      software that I could say comes close to perfect.
 Point Richmond, CA 94801                                                            David Cosgrove, Manual Technologies :
 510-231-0502                                                                        Congratulations on the release!         Upcoming Events:
                                                                                     Jim Rodriguez, James T. Rodriguez Archi-
WWW.ARCHWAYSYSTEMS.COM                                                               tect, TX: We’ve been using VersaCAD for a
                                                                                     very long time; i.e., since the 80’s. For a com-
  WWW.VERSACAD.COM             Jan 4-7      ASEE EDGD               Berkeley         pany of 3 (and possibly 4 in the near future)
                               Feb 10-12 Pacific Design             Anaheim          what would a “corporate license” run? Answer:
                               Mar 3-5      EAST Conference         Hot Springs      David Cook, Tryco Machine Works, TX:
                                                                                     My bottom line…get a drawing done and get it
 Inside this issue:            Mar 19-21 CITEA                      Fresno           in someone’s hands so they can make it. Don’t
 Who’s Who at            2     Mar 22-25     TechEd                 Ontario          need fluff. VersaCAD is the program for me.
 Archway Systems                                                                     Appreciate your updating it

 Report:: The Case for   2
                              New VersaCAD Includes       Did You Know?
 Training Class          3
 Schedule                     Fonts, Standards and Symbols Varouj Hairabedian, award winning architect in
 The Versatility of      3                                                         Aspen, has been designing ski lodges, restaurants,
                                  An amazing amount of content was added to
 VersaCAD                                                                          offices and custom homes with VersaCAD for
                              VersaCAD over the past couple of releases.
 Customization Service 3                                                           over 20 years. The interior below is typical of his
                              VersaCAD 2008 now includes a separate install
                                                                                   designs which provide surprise and delight in
                              procedure that will semi-automatically install a lot
                              of the extras, ie the 100 beautiful fonts, the
                              proper symbol libraries for the user’s discipline
                              taken from the 700 symbols available, and more.
 New Z650 3D Printer     4
                              By the way, the VersaCAD Explorer makes         4    getting at those symbols the easiest of any CAD
                              software on the market. VersaCAD Explorer
                              also makes getting at drawings easy and quick..
                              automatic method.

                                                                                    addition to bountiful light & attention to lifestyle.
     PAGE 2                                                                                                              VERSA CAD

     Who’s Who at Archway Systems
     Arlene Black                  Administration and sales            Josh Lazear                  Webmaster , Z Support and
     Tom Lazear                    Administration, sales and                                        programming
                                   training                            Sandy Lazear                 Accounting
     George McMeans                Sales and training in Nor. Cal.     Linda Grubb                  Support and administration
     Mike Lazear                   Programming and support             Daniel Lazear                Programming
     Phill Frye                    Training & consulting               Chris Grubb                  Civil Engineering software
     Rick Plummer                  Consulting and sales                                             support
     Greg Hamano                   Training & Support                  Shannon Lazear               Marketing

 REPORT                                                                                             The Case for 2D
    If you read the blogs and CAD                VersaCAD 2D with each book, knowing            but to adapt or run the risk of not being
newsletters, you know that 3D, BIM and           that 2D is all that is required to layout a    awarded projects.
other advanced topics fill the air. And,         new badminton court.                               So, the bottom line is that the user
there is no doubt that these newer                   Mechanical part and assembly design        needs to make a business decision based
technologies will and have already helped        was one of the earliest applications to go     on facts and not marketing hype. Here is
improve the productivity of design. But,         to 3D. And, with software like Solid Edge,     a short outline on how that analysis might
there is a case to be made that there is still   SolidWorks and the like 3D is good. But,       be performed:
a very strong role for plain old 2D              there are still simpler applications where     INVESTMENT NECESSARY
drafting.                                        2D can do the job just fine.                   Software (from $500 to $5000)
    Firstly, there are many applications that        Civil always works in what looks like      Training ($500 to $3000)
cannot benefit from 3D. Schematics for           2D, but is actually backed by 3D models.       Setup ( better plan on couple of months)
example.                                             Architecture has been a favorite target    Retraining for turnover (plan for it)
    Secondly, there is a basic tradeoff to be    for 3D or BIM software. It just seems          Computer hardware (need bigger)
made before jumping into 3D. What                logical that a building which is naturally a   People (takes different skills than 2D)
types of work does the user do? What are         3D object should be designed in 3D.            BENEFITS TO BE DERIVED
the benefits to 3D for that type of work?        And, of course, all buildings are and          If GSA, or other dictated, gotta do it.
And, what are the costs to get there and to      always have been designed in 3D. The           If multi-designer, better coordination
perform the work in 3D? Let’s look at a          question is whether the design should          If owner accepts idea, fewer changeorders
few examples:                                    continue to be in the mind of the architect    Earlier, more accurate estimates
    Store or distribution center layout          or on the computer. Then, the next             If done right, maybe more satisfied
comes to mind. The store is built, the           question is how to display the design in a     customer.
walls are up. Now it is time for the             fashion that is easily understood,                When added up for a specific project, if
merchandisers to decide where to put             economically prepared and satisfactory to      the rate of return is not high enough, stick
which department, where to locate the            be built from. There is an argument that,      with 2D, the benefits of which are:
display devices, how traffic will flow and       for simpler buildings, experienced             Easier to find capable employees
the like. This has always been done in 2D        architects can move more quickly using         Less costly employees (may need more)
for good reason. It is quicker, easier,          their collection of information such as        Think more about the project and less
more suited to the type of people that do        standard details, previous projects,           about the computer software.
the work, and it works! Now, it might be         catalogs and the like, than they can putting   Way less costly software.
interesting to be able to “walk thru” a 3D       all of that information into a computer.       Less demanding on computer hardware.
model of the store, but, does the benefit        Here again, there are complex, multi-               If you do stick with 2D, some good
outweigh the cost? Usually not. Way              designer projects where the overhead           choices are MicroStation PowerDraft, or
more important to have a great, accurate         work of dealing with the computer can          AutoCAD LT or VersaCAD 2008 for
library of symbols to be quickly grabbed         pay off large benefits when everyone           Windows or VersaCAD for Mac.
and placed precisely on the 2D layout.           works off a common 3D model. But, that         Less demanding on computer hardware.
    How about sports complexes.                  argument does not apply for a number of             If you do stick with 2D, some good
Sagamore Publishers classic book                 simpler, smaller architectural projects.       choices are MicroStation PowerDraft, or
“Facilities Planning for Health, Fitness         Certainly, if industry standards are           AutoCAD LT or VersaCAD 2008 for
and Sports”, edited by Thomas Sawyer is a        enforced that all buildings must be done       Windows or VersaCAD for Mac.
good example. They include a copy of             in 3D, then the architect has no choice
    VOLUME 10, NUMBER 1                                                                                                    PAGE 3

Training Class Schedule                                               The Versatility of VersaCAD

   Archway offers a variety of training classes using the latest of       Over its 30 year lifespan, VersaCAD has been used by
each software. All classes use certified materials and are held       leading engineers and designers to design everything from the
from 8:30AM to 5PM. Locations: Huntington Beach training              first moon vehicle, to neurosurgical instruments, to farm
center (HB) and S.F. Bay area (BA). Plus, some open                   equipment, to award winning roller blade brakes, to award
enrollment classes are now taught at the training centers at          winning architecture, and to some of the most impressive
LADWP and at the Port of Long Beach. Classes can be                   theater style, large pipe organs in the world. Here are two
delivered on-site and online.
Call or email Archway for the latest class schedule.
For the latest Bentley courses, see also:
Upcoming Open Enrollment Classes
•   VersaCAD 2008 for Windows Update. Half day class
    covering new features. $200. (free to Premium Service
    Subscribers) date TBD
•   MicroStation Essentials XM-All the basics of
    MicroStation V8 XM Edition. This 4-day class is basic for
    new users. Cost is $1440. HB: 1/6 to 1/9; 2/10 to 2/13;
    3/17 to 3/20. BA: 1/20 to 1/23 at LADWP: 2/23 to 2/26
•   MicroStation V8i User Update- Covers improvements
    since V8 2004. 1/27 to 1/28; 3/12 to 3/13                           Potato Harvesting Machine. Designed by Larry Hilder
•   InRoads Survey XM-This is a Bentley certified, 2-day
    class using Bentley’s InRoads 8.9 training manual. Cost is
    $900, which includes course book and instruction. HB:
•   InRoads Fundamentals XM-This is a Bentley certified,
    3-day class using Bentley’s InRoads 8.9 training manual.
    Cost is $1350, which includes course book and instruction.
    HB: TBD
•   STAAD.Pro Standard-Introduction to FEM. Cost is
    $1500. HB: TBDSTADD.Pro Standard-Introduction to
    FEM. Cost is $1500. HB: TBD
•   Bentley Architecture-Introduction to 3D building
    modeling with Bentley Architecture Cost $1000 HB: 1/29
    to 1/30; 3/10 to 3/11
•   Everything 3D-Learn how to design in 3D using
    MicroStation’s surface and solid modeling capability. Cost is
    $1350. HB: 1/13 to 1/15; 3/31 to 4/2
•   Bentley MAP-Covers the fundamentals of setting up a                 Pipe Organ. Designed by John Brombaugh
    map database, mapping tools and more. Cost and time
•   Rhino Level I-Learn to make 3D NURBs models. Cost is              Customization Service
    $695 (Discounts available for educators). HB: TBD
                                                                         Many VersaCAD users propel their productivity to 100 to 1
•   Dealing with Caltrans-Learn Caltrans standards.
    Includes Iplot, workplaces and more. 2-day class. Cost is         or more by using VersaCAD’s easy CPL customization. The
    $1500. HB: TBD BA: TBD                                            Automated Parking Lot program, developed by Gary Miller is a
•   Generative Components- Learn elements of parametric               prime example. Design a parking lot complete with all details in
    design with GC. HB: Cost $1550 2/17 to 2/18                       10 minutes instead of 5 hours. This one is available for
•   Water Modeling Hec-RAS-Fundamentals of water                      purchase for just $200. There are many more examples. Join us
    modeling using Hec-RAS. Cost is $2500. HB: TBD                    for an online class, or let’s discuss our doing customization for
•   Solid Edge ST-Fundamentals. Cost is $1600 1/12 to                 you.
Archway’s Product Line

  Archway is a full service provider of technical   COMPUTER PERIPHERALS:
  software serving the Academic, Architectural,     • Z Corp 3D Printers
  Civil and Mechanical Engineering markets.
                                                    •   SERVICES:
                                                    •   Training
                                                    •   Phone support
  •   VersaCAD Win & Mac                            •   On-site support
  •   MicroStation, ProjectWise and applications    •   3D Printing
  •   Bentley Architecture & Generative             •   Customizing
      Components                                    •   Consulting
  •   InRoads, PowerCivil & Geopak Civil Software   •   Contract software development
  •   Haestad Hydraulic Analysis Software           •   CAD file translation
  •   Solid Edge and applications                   Archway Training Center
  •   TransMagic-translation software                   Checkout the training classes on page 3. Classes for
  •   Magics X STL editing software                 every need for VersaCAD, MicroStation, Haestad,
                                                    InRoads, STAAD.Pro, RAM, Rhino, and Solid Edge .
  3D GRAPHICS & ANIMATION SOFTWARE:                 Increase your design productivity.
  • Rhino 3D, Flamingo, Penguin & Bongo   
  • Softimage                                        Checkout this site for free introductory videos and one
  • Bentley ProjectWise Navigator                   hour webinars on the latest in CAD, FEM, and more.
                                                    Brand New ZPrinter 650
                                                         Z Corporation just released their newest top-of-the-
                                                    line model, the Z650. One housing (similar to the 450
                                                    pictured at left) that houses both the printer and
                                                    depowdering unit. Handles larger models (10x15x8
                                                    inches), higher resolution (600x450), multi color
                                                    including true black. Includes all the automation
                                                    features of the Z450 such as automatic recycling of
                                                    powder and easier maintenance. The Z450 continues as
                                                    the midrange workhorse.
Tom Lazear                                                                                PRESORTED STD
Archway Systems, Inc.                                                                       U.S. POSTAGE
2134 Main Street, Suite 160                                                                      PAID
Huntington Beach, CA 92648                                                                  Santa Ana, CA

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