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					              district voluntary news
                                                                         Summer 2004

 Local MPs
 and volunteers
 join the
 Bureau to

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Welcome to the summer issue of District Voluntary
News. Once again a bumper issue full of news and
views from the sector. In this issue we celebrate the
important and invaluable contribution that volunteers
make to Basildon District’s well being. We also have
news of some important and exciting new projects that
will be taking place over the summer and into the              National Volunteers’ Week report on page 3

This is a period of the year where, in some respects,
things slow down a bit as we prepare for our holidays          issue 7 july 2004
and a brief respite from the hurley burley of working in
the voluntary and community sector. Despite this, and
                                                               2     editorial
the fact that (hopefully) we are heading towards another
sizzling summer, there is plenty coming up that will keep      3     national volunteers’ week
us active and having fun – not only holidays but the
Basildon Festival, lots of training opportunities as well as   5     volunteer bureau news
the never ending round of funding applications!
                                                               7     futurebuilders
On a more serious note, by the time that District
Voluntary News will have reached you the elections will        9     PPI update
be over and, with any luck, Basildon District Council will
                                                               10    fifteen years on
have settled down once again. However BBWCVS has
been very concerned during the build up to the elections       13    Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service
to hear that one of our member groups has become a
victim of a sustained series of racially motivated attacks.    14    spotlight
In BBWCVS’ view it is shameful that, in the 21st century,            focus on one of our members
individuals and groups in society continue to be
persecuted and attacked because of the colour of their         15    noticeboard
skin, their ethnic origin, their religious beliefs, their            local, regional and national news and
sexuality or just because they are different. BBWCVS is              events
opposed to any form of discrimination, either direct or
                                                               18    diary dates
indirect, which disadvantages, excludes or marginalizes
groups within society, especially those who already            19    our members...
experience exclusion. BBWCVS is committed to taking
an active stand against discrimination in all its forms.
Direct or indirect discrimination on the basis of prejudice
as well as acts of racial, ethnic, religious and sexual
violence is not acceptable, and to this end BBWCVS
calls on the voluntary and community sectors, statutory
agencies as well as all political parties to take a strong
and open stand against the actions of a few malicious
individuals and to condemn the racist attacks that have
been taking place.
Lorna Wallace

         To receive this newsletter in large print, please call the
                       CVS Office on 01268 288870
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                National Volunteers’ Week
Volunteers' Week is a national celebration of volunteers
and volunteering which takes place from 1 – 7 June of
each year. The Week aims to promote innovative ways
to thank, recruit and involve volunteers and raises the
profile of the work of the UK’s 22 million volunteers.
Now in its 20th year, Volunteers' Week is a major event
in the UK’s volunteering calendar.

Throughout the Week there is a burst of activity across
the country as volunteer managers publicly thank their
volunteers and highlight their contribution to the
organisation and the wider community. The publicity
also means that it’s also a great time to recruit new
volunteers.                                                                Some of the volunteers with Geoffrey
                                                                              Buckenham and the local MPs

                                                             Everyone seemed to enjoy the event and we were lucky
                                                             that the sun was out (and the rain kept away) to ensure
                                                             that we had perfect BBQ weather and could enjoy the
                                                             garden at the new Progression Centre.

                                                             Two chefs from the Outback Restaurant kindly donated
                                                             their time and ensured that there wasn’t a burnt burger
                                                             or charcoaled sausage anywhere in sight!
                Volunteers enjoying the food
                       and the sun!                          The event was a big thank you to all those volunteers,
                                                             who donate their time and effort to a series of important
                                                             local projects throughout the year. It was also to show
                                                             that support is out there - and that volunteers can
                                                             access this support if they need help or advice about
Groups and organisations of all kinds and sizes take         anything related to volunteering.
part in Volunteers' Week - from private sector compa-
nies, to hospitals and schools, as well as major charities
and small community groups, and individuals.

Here in Basildon, the Volunteer Bureau held a BBQ to
mark Volunteers’ Week and invited volunteers from
across the district to attend. Over 50 local volunteers
joined the Bureau team, Angela Smith MP, John Baron
MP and Chair of the Council Geoffrey Buckenham to
enjoy the barbecue and to celebrate local volunteering

All the volunteers received a support pack that was
sponsored by TimeBank. The pack contained all sorts                         Deborah presenting Angela Smith
                                                                                 MP with a certificate
of useful information, including information about
training events and support meetings.

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                                                       COMMUNITY CHEST
                                                       FUND - INTERLOCK!
                                                       For the third year Interlock! has
                                                       had a pot of £15,000 approved
                                                       for distribution to Voluntary and
                                                       Community groups working
  Patient Advice & Liaison Service                     with the       community in the
                                                       Northlands Park Pathfinder
  There is a PALS (Patient Advice & Liaison            neighbourhood.
  Service) in every NHS Trust.
                                                       To date the funding has supported new equipment in
  To contact Basildon PCT PALS please call:            the two primary schools serving the area, a local youth
  0800 587 9159.                                       facility to buy and update resources, set up of a
                                                       Rainbow group, a snooker table for an AP scheme and
  The service aims to:                                 outings for young people, CAB home visiting and a
                                                       Home Start programme.
  •     Advise and support patients, their
        families and carers                            If you are interested in applying to this fund to undertake
  •     Provide information on NHS services            some work in the Northlands Park area please contact
  •     Listen to your concerns, suggestions           Jackie Brown to discuss your idea and to complete the
        or queries                                     necessary paperwork.         Grants are normally to a
  •     Help sort out problems quickly on              maximum of £5000 but can be for as little as £500.
        your behalf
                                                       Contact: Jackie Brown, Policy and Project Officer,
  We act independently when handling                   Interlock!, Telephone: 01268 465563
  patient and family concerns and offer a
  completely confidential service. The PALS
  Manager (Jacquie Wright) is also happy to
  come along to any organisation to do a
  presentation on what PALS can offer.


      More good news for the volunteers at Basildon and Thurrock Friend - the local Lesbian, Gay and
      Bisexual helpline - as Charity Status has now been obtained and the registered number is 1103367.

      When the original application form was obtained it all looked a little daunting but with the help of Jill
      Martin at the CVS, the application went extremely well and Charity Status was obtained quite easily.
      Any other organisation thinking of this route should not be put off by the application pack as
      providing your Constitution is charitable, together with your aims and objectives, provide a recent set
      of accounts and get your management committee to sign to become Trustees, then all will be fine.

      Obtaining Charity Status will also give access to further funding opportunities!

      Basildon and Thurrock Friend is always looking for volunteers to join and if you are interested check
      out the web site or call the line on 01268 284422 and leave a
      message and someone will return your call. If you prefer to speak to a volunteer then call the line
      any Friday evening between 7.30 pm and 9.30 pm.

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        V                           Volunteer Bureau News...

                                                           Good Practice Tip: Sample Equal
                                                         Opportunities Statement for Volunteers
   This is to remind everyone the final disability
   law comes into force in October and it will be
                                                       Our Organisation welcomes volunteers.
   unlawful for people with a disability to be
   discriminated against. The Disability               Volunteers should reflect the diversity of the clients
   Discrimination Act 1995 requires all                whom we serve and the diversity of the population in
   organisations to have recruitment procedures        the area that we are located.
   that are accessible to disabled people and to       A budget is allocated to increase the diversity of
   make reasonable adjustments for existing            volunteers, including a budget to recruit volunteers
   employees who become disabled.                      with special needs.
                                                       We will encourage all volunteers to claim genuine out
   Charities and voluntary organisations employ-       of pocket expenses.
   ing fewer than 15 people have so far fallen
                                                       A budget is allocated to pay volunteers’ expenses for
   outside these regulations.    However, from
                                                       childcare and dependents costs.
   October this will not be the case and all
   organisations need to be aware that it will         We recognise that there are a number of groups or
   effect them regardless.                             people who, despite wanting to volunteer, find
                                                       themselves facing a number of obstacles to their
   Charities will now need to have statutory           volunteering. We endeavour to target such groups and
                                                       find ways to assist them in overcoming these obstacles
   grievance procedures written into their rules.
                                                       so that they can be involved (for example, ensuring
   Small charities could face unlimited
                                                       physical access, payment of childcare, using large
   compensation claims in disciplinary and             print, etc).
   dismissal cases from October. It is a real
   concern given that 97 percent of small              We shall monitor the profiles of volunteering
   businesses are unaware that the discrimination      applications and current volunteers by gender,
   regulations are coming into effect.                 ethnicity and disability.
                                                       We shall explore barriers for under-represented groups
   I will be having a training session on Disability   of potential volunteers.
   Awareness on 14/10/04 - so look out for more        We shall make sure that publicity depicts diverse
   information closer to the date. If you need any     images and descriptions of volunteers. Where feasible
   help to ensure that you are compliant please        we will translate information into relevant languages.
   contact me on 01268 282052 or email                 We will select volunteers on the basis of a person                              specification for each role and the volunteer’s
                                                       suitability to undertake it.
   Cecilia Metzger
   Volunteering for All                                We will involve volunteers in decision making and
                                                       changes especially where relevant to them.
                                                       We will attempt to get feedback from volunteers
                                                       leaving the organisation.
                  The Volunteer Bureau has             Volunteers are informed about what to do when they
                  se ve r a l p u b l ic it y and      feel they are not being treated equally or fairly, or if
                  promotional events lined up          they think somebody else is not being treated equally
                  over the next six months – if        or fairly.
                   you want to be involved             We are committed to identifying discriminatory
                please ensure you provide              behaviour and communication in our organisation, and
            regular feedback and updates of            to raising awareness about it throughout the
  your services and volunteering opportunities.        organisation.

                                                       We will review this policy on an annual basis,
                                                       including an evaluation of its implementation.

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 Are you a volunteer involving organisation?
The Volunteer Bureau has had a very successful six        There are two support groups on 15 July in Billericay
months attracting 136 new volunteers.                     and in Wickford on 30 September. Volunteer Support
                                                          Groups have proved very popular and enable
If you are registered with the Volunteer Bureau please    volunteers to talk with other people in different
keep in touch and provide feedback as there is a lot      organisations about their experiences. One of the
going on at the      moment and we often struggle to      issues raised was that volunteers wanted to organise
find exciting and creative opportunities for potential    a volunteers forum and this has been taken up by the
volunteers.                                               CVS and it is hoped that this forum will in turn feed
                                                          into the voluntary sector forum. This is an opportunity
The best way to keep in touch is by emailing              for volunteers to have a voice. as Faye manages the
database. Faye requires up to date information from       There are four training sessions left…
you so that she can point Volunteers in your direction
quickly, before interest is lost.                         15 July in Billericay
                                                          ‘Volunteering – what’s in it for me?’
The Volunteer Bureau has been funded by TimeBank
to provide volunteers with support and training.          23 July in Wickford
There are places still available on forthcoming           ‘Volunteering – what’s it all about?’
courses and it would be useful if you could circulate
this information and encourage your volunteers to         22 September in Wickford
come along.                                               ‘What’s in it for me?’

The feedback has been very positive from volunteers       6 October in Basildon
who have already attended:                                ‘Volunteering – Rights and Responsibilities’.

     “I found the morning enjoyable, interesting          The training and support groups are free for
and a bunch of really nice and interesting people         volunteers to attend, courtesy of
whose volunteering experiences were invaluable            TIMEBANK. Lunch is provided together
to hear.”                                                 with a useful pack. All travelling expenses
                                                          are available to allow volunteers to attend.

                                       fund a broad range of groups from      outlooks.
Diversity                              the biggest national charities to
                                                                              5. Attract more customers and
                                       small local groups…We have also
                                                                              service users.
Five years ago, few in the             taken steps to make sure our
voluntary sector would have given      grants reflect the diverse nature of
                                                                              Cecilia Metzger is our expert on
a second thought to diversity, but     the UK’s population. Equality is at
                                                                              diversity at the Volunteer Bureau
now it is firmly on the agenda. As     the heart of our new strategic plan
                                                                              and will be running a workshop on
Stuart Etherington, Chief Executive    2002 – 2007.”        Diana Brittan,
                                                                              diversity on 14/10/04.
at NCVO emphasises:                    Community Fund
                                       So what are the benefits of            This workshop is aimed at
      “As a sector, we think we’re
                                       diversifying? There are numerous       organisations and will help you to
fair and open employers and
                                       benefits from having a diverse         prepare an action plan to make
providers, but policies and
                                       volunteering ‘workforce’.              your organisation more diverse.
procedures sometimes fall short...
                                                                              This is an ideal opportunity to get
Your organisation needs to take
diversity seriously, and you need to   1. Presents a more welcoming face      advice and support in preparing
lead by example.”                      to volunteers, client groups and the   policies and procedures within your
                                       general public.                        organisation for diversity.
Funders often say that they favour
                                       2. Be more representative of the       Please contact Faye on 01268
organisations that embrace
                                       wider society.                         282604 or to
                                       3. Be more able to respond to the      book a place. The cost of the
      “At the Community Fund, we       needs of your local community.         training is £5.00 for voluntary
actively encourage applications                                               agencies and £10.00 for statutory
                                       4. Benefits from new ideas and
that reflect the cultural and ethnic                                          agencies.
                                       fresh approaches being generated
d ive rsity o f g ro up s an d
                                       by people from different back-
communities across the UK. We
                                       grounds, cultures, gender, age and

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                              Compact Update
      C                     The Compact Develop-
                            ment     Group
                            continuing to review the
                            various action plans
                                                        opportunity to swap examples
                                                        of good practice and share
                                                        information and ideas with
                                                        each other.
                                                                                          with issues such as Healthy
                                                                                          Compacts, Local Compacts
                                                                                          and the LSP and in July the
                                                                                          network meeting will be
                     based on the different                                               exploring how to implement
                     Compact Codes in preparation       These network meetings also       local compacts.
                     for its Annual Meeting which       allow local compact develop-
                     will be held on September          ment workers to meet with         If you are interested in signing
                     27th.                              governmental agencies who         up to or finding out more
                                                        have a responsibility to          about the Compact or joining
                     Members of the Compact             monitor the effective             the Development Group then
                     Development Group have             implement action of the           contact Lorna at the CVS for
                     been attending networking          compact including, f or           more information.
                     meetings organised by the          example,       the   audit
                     Compact Secretariat based at       Commission,         Health        The next meeting of the
                     NCVO. These networking             Commission and the Home           Compact Development Group
                     meetings bring together            Office.                           will be July 26 at 1.30 in the
                     people working on developing                                         Basildon       Centre. This
                     local Compacts across the          The most recent network           meeting will be planning the
                     UK, giving everyone the            meetings have been dealing        annual meeting.

                    Futurebuilders is a new £125       will be open from July 5, 2004     your project involves delivering

                    million government investment      and close on October 31,           direct outcomes to service
                    fund, being run by people from     2004. The second round will        users in England in one or
                    the voluntary sector, which        be open from March - July          more of the following five
                    aims to increase the role that     2005.                              public service delivery areas:
                    the voluntary and community                                           Community cohesion
                    sector plays in the delivery of    Applications will be made          Crime
                    public services. Futurebuilders    elect ron ica lly, a lthoug h      Education and learning
                    aims to invest in around 250       assistance will be available to    Health and social care
                    organisations,           with      help with this. Futurebuilders     Support for children and young
                    investments ranging from           expect to make around 35% of       people
                    around £30,000 to several          their investments on the first
                    million, as well as providing      round and 60% on the               your proposed outcomes are
                    development grants of around       second. They may then hold         consistent with the Govern-
                    £10,000 to a number of             some smaller, more targeted        ment’s strategies and priorities
                    applicants.                        rounds, to help them achieve       for these five areas
                                                       all their aims.                    you are open to the possibility
                    Successful organisations will                                         of at least part of your
                    receive a mixture of grant and     T o be e l ig ib l e f o r a       investment package from
                    loan. The precise details of the   Futurebuilders investment you      Futurebuilders being in the
                    loan element (including repay-     will need to satisfy the follow-   form of a repayable loan.
                    ment terms) will be negotiated     ing criteria:                      you can identify a sustainable
                    on a project-by-project basis.     be a constituted organisation,     income stream, such as a
                    One piece of good news is that     not an individual.                 contract or fees, to enable you
                    individual Committee members                                          to repay our loan and support
                    will not be personally liable if   have charitable status or be
                                                       able to demonstrate that you       your scheme in the longer
                    the organisation is unable to                                         term.
                    repay the loan in accordance       are independent of Govern-
                    with the agreed terms.             ment and constituted for public
                                                       benefit.                           Further details about the
                                                                                          Futurebuilders programme will
                    Futurebuilders will have a         not able to dispose of your        be published on their website
                    series of funding rounds when      assets for private gain.           ht tp:/ / ww w.f utu rebu i lde rs -
                    organisations will be able to                               
                    apply to them. The first round

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A Credit Union for Essex
A credit union called Essex Savers is on its way,
aimed squarely at those who have difficulty
getting the financial services that most of us take   After summer’s over, will you be looking for something
for granted.                                                    different and worthwhile to do?

A credit union is simple in concept. It is like a     •    Are you friendly and approachable
bank – it takes deposits and makes loans and is       •    Do you live or work in Basildon District
regulated by the Financial Services Authority         •    Could you signpost and support people into
(FSA). Unlike a bank, a credit union is owned              learning to help them get over their gremlins and
and managed by its members. Shareholders are               on with their lives?
everyone who has deposited money with it.
                                                      •    Basildon Link Up is looking for people who can
                      If the plans work out, there         encourage adults into learning to improve their
                      will be local offices across         everyday reading writing, maths and language
                      Essex where local volun-             skills.
                      teers will take cash make       •    In return we can offer you free training which can
                      loans.                               lead to a qualification and possibly paid work.
                                                      •    A great way for you to make a real difference in
                     Essex Savers will give                your community
                     those cut off from the
regular financial market (usually the poorest
people) the chance to get loans without going to      Want to sign up for Basildon Link Up?
extortionate moneylenders, debt consolidators
and the like. The law limits interest on credit       Call Chris at Basildon Link Up 01268 520599 x285/287
union loans to 1% a month (APR = 12.68%).             Or e-mail
                                                      Or visit the Link Up website:
Essex Savers is not operating as a credit union
yet as it waits for the FSA to complete its checks.
However, you can join Essex Savers Saving Club
now, please see the enclosed leaflet.

Contact Essex Savers by calling 01245 496235,
emailing or looking at
                                                      Goodbye and Good Luck to…
                                                      David Beale who retired as Chief Officer at
                                                      BDVC last month. All the staff at BBWCVS
                                                      would like to wish him a long and happy

                Community Accountancy Project
                In April BBWCVS said farewell to Val who had been with us for about 9 months serving as
                BBWCVS Finance & Payroll Officer. Val had made an important contribution to establishing
                clearer policies and procedures for the way in which BBWCVS managed its finances and was
                also in the process of putting together a Community Accountancy Project. BBWCVS is in the
                process of recruiting Val’s successor who we hope will be in post by early August and whose
                primary responsibility as Community Accountancy Project Co-ordinator will be to establish the
community accountancy project. In particular we will be expecting the successful candidate to begin offering
training opportunities and workshops in some basic financial management and planning skills, provide assis-
tance to groups wishing to set up basic bookkeeping systems and offer a payroll service. In the longer term we
hope to be able to offer independent examinations of end of year accounts for smaller organisations and groups.

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                                                                           Bert Hills
                                                           It was with great sadness that BBWCVS heard
                                                           the sad news that Bert Hills had passed away.

                                                           Bert was well known locally and will be sorely
  PPI UPDATE                                               missed. He played a fundamental role in the
                                                           development of the PDSA hospital and at one
  How healthy is the health service? How sick is           point was also a trustee here at BBWCVS.
  the population? What shape is your body in?
                                                           Last year, Bert was recognised at the
  It’s your body, your community and your health           International Volunteers’ Day Awards and
  service. Do you know what is going on?                   was rewarded for the enthusiastic and devoted
                                                           way he approached volunteering.
  Changes are afoot in the Health Service. The
  Hospital has changed to a Foundation Hospital.                             Our thoughts are
  Basildon Primary Care Trust is proposing                                   with his family.

  This is your NHS and YOU are entitled to know
  about plans and have a part in these decisions.
  There are many ways you can participate and PPI
  (Patient and Public Involvement) forums are one.

  You Can Have Your Say!

  Forums exist to ensure an independent local voice
  for patients and the public in shaping health - better
  decisions, better health.
  Forums are helping to ensure the views of patients
  and the public are taken seriously, thereby shifting
  power in local decision making about health.
  Forums have a role wherever health may be                 MEETINGS
  affected, even outside GP and hospital premises.
  Forums have the right to visit NHS premises but they       The PPI forum for Basildon Primary Care
  are not watchdogs; their focus is to influence health      Trust will meet at 10am on Friday 9th July
  decisions through the building of relationships with       in the Basildon Centre Room 4; Friday 10
  health Trusts and other relevant decision makers.          September in the Basildon Centre Room
  Forums are engaging with diverse communities in            2; Friday 5 November in the Basildon
  each area, including disabled, minority ethnic             Centre Room 2
  communities, older and younger people, so as to
  ensure the views of Forums reflect those of the            The Billericay Brentwood and Wickford
  communities they represent.                                Forum’s next meeting in public will be held
                                                             on Monday 21 July 2004 at Arcadia
  Please contact us by calling Peggy on 01268                House, Brentwood.
  287938. Or come to a meeting to see what its all

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                                 It’s our 15th Birthday and we will be
                                           celebrating at...

                                  The Annual General Meeting to be held
                                      21 July 2004, 10 am to 2 pm
                                  the Parklands Centre, Gloucester Park

 15 years on – we look back at how the                      Basildon Women’s Refuge. The Guest Speaker was
                                                            Maureen Dickens, Director of Southend Association of
 CVS has developed                                          Voluntary Service, who gave an informative précis of
                                                            the problems addressed during the period she had
 The Beginning                                              worked with the Southend Association. The Schedule
                                                            of    Founder      Members consisted           of 32
 The first step towards setting up the Council for          Organisations. The first Membership fee was fixed at
 Voluntary Service was a well publicised meeting to         £5.00 per year and the first Newsletter was produced in
 which were invited representatives of voluntary and        March 1989. The CVS opened its Office in July 1989
 statutory services and organisations, civic leaders etc.   and was based at Fodderwick, Basildon in a
 This took place at the Day Conference held on Friday       Portakabin. The first Public Meeting of the CVS was
 10 th April 1987 at Pitsea Leisure Centre.                 held in October 1989, and the Volunteer Bureau was
 Representatives from 22 different organisations were       set up to recruit, interview, place and support
 present as well as representatives from Basildon           volunteers with local organisations.
 Council, Essex County Council and the District Health
 Authority. The Senior Development Officer for Council      Five years
 for Voluntary Service – National Association put the
 case for having a Basildon CVS, and it was agreed that     In the year 1994/5 there were 68 members of the
 a Steering Group be formed to examine the feasibility.     CVS. Acting chairperson, Richard Binnall, was quoted
                                                            in his report as saying of the CVS:
 Steering Group
 The Steering Group began its work by sending a             “It has, once again, like the voluntary organisations
 questionnaire to local voluntary organisations to assess   which it represents, had to battle against insufficient
 support for setting up a CVS and asking what services      funding and increasing demands. I hope, however that
 it should provide. The group met five times over the       the decision to change the constitution to one of a
 period June 1987 – July 1988. The conclusions of the       company limited by guarantee will mean a brighter
 group were that there was a need for a CVS, and that       future and one of which enables us to expand our
 sufficient support existed in the local statutory bodies   activities while moving forward.”
 and voluntary organisations in Basildon and District to
 enable a Council for Voluntary Service to be               In March 1994 Chris Watson, the then Volunteer
 established.                                               Bureau Director, still based at Fodderwick, Basildon,
                                                            organised a special briefing to put voluntary workers in
 Inaugural Meeting                                          the picture regarding the Local Government Review.
 This was held on 23rd November 1988 at the Crest           Chris was quoted at the time in the Evening Echo:
 Hotel Basildon and was chaired by Councillor Frank
 Tomlin, Chairman of Basildon District Council. Three       “This review has many implications for the voluntary
 nominees for the four positions of Honorary Officers       sector locally, particularly in respect of funding and
 were elected. Chair: Canon L F Webber, Vice-Chair:         accommodation provision.”
 Mr C Hughes and Hon Treasurer: Mr J Fenton. Ten
 nominees for the Executive Committee were elected,         As well as the CVS offering support on a number of
 one of who is still a member now, Stella Calkin of the     issues, subsidised training for the voluntary sector was

PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory trial version
 also given, produced in conjunction with the Essex            This year we held our first voluntary sector conference
 Association of CVS and The Training and Enterprise            on the 6th March at the Basildon Centre. The confer-
 Council.                                                      ence was a huge success and 90 Organisation for
                                                               Basildon District and across South Essex were
 The Office moved address in April 1995 to our present         represented at the event. One participant summed up
 premises situated in The Basildon Centre, St. Martin’s        the day by commenting:
 Square, Basildon. It was agreed a fee of £5 a year
 was introduced for non-members for the Newsletters,           “The standard of presentation and engagement with
 due to rising costs. Also membership fees were                participants was excellent”
 restructured and rated according to the organisation’s
 funds.                                                        We are now delivering a more comprehensive range of
                                                               training. We will be organising accredited training
 Ten Years                                                     courses for volunteers. This will enable people to gain
                                                               credits and recognitions for their voluntary work.
 In the year 1998/1999 the membership figure rose              Connect 2 Basildon, with European Social Fund
 to 95. Basildon District Council continued to support         money, have agreed to pay for all the refreshments at
 the CVS by providing free office space and associated         training on PQASSO.
 services, i.e. telephones, lighting and heating. A
 feasibility study was started to look into the possibility    The BB&W CVS website and Internet Directory has
 of a Voluntary Sector Centre and it was estimated that        developed into an important resource, providing links
 it would be a 2–3 year project. It was felt that a            to many organisations. The CVS has also helped local
 building where voluntary groups could meet, have              organisations set up their own websites.
 office space, attend training and share resources was
 badly needed. Richard Binnall, Chairperson stated in          With the extra administration hours gained this year we
 his report:                                                   hope to carry on achieving the BB&W CVS’s mission
                                                               to promote, develop and facilitate a thriving,
 “Throughout the district we are recognised as an or-          effective, sustainable and influential voluntary sec-
 ganisation to be consulted with and listened to.”             tor in Basildon, Billericay & Wickford, by targeting
                                                               new groups to increase membership.
 Chris Watson, then Director stated at the time: -
                                                               To conclude with a quote from a founder and still
 “I find it hard to believe that CVS celebrates its 10th       existing executive member Stella Calkin:
 Birthday this year and I’ve been here for all of them! I
 now feel that CVS is fulfilling its potential as a develop-   “Fifteen years!! It only seems like yesterday that we
 ment/support mechanism for the voluntary sector,              were squeezed into the “hut in the car park” to begin
 giving help where it is most needed. The test of our          this journey by way of the old council offices and now
 success will be our ability to sustain funding to enable      into the new Basildon centre. All credit to the members
 the work to continue and expand.”                             of staff and exec members both past and present who
                                                               have worked so hard to make this all possible. So
 Responding to the number of enquiries for help in             many memories. When we started the newsletter, I
 setting up a new group, a ‘Getting Started’ pack was          actually cut and pasted – with scissors and a pot of
 put together. The finished pack took some time to put         paste and some A3 paper which we then photocopied,
 together, but was worth the time and effort involved. It      very different to today’s production. When we started
 provided BB&W CVS with an extremely useful tool that          the volunteer bureau we were given a small and filthy
 was also marketed to raise funds.                             room in Fodderwick, which I scrubbed and painted
                                                               while Chris was on holiday, and then we found a piece
 Fifteen Years                                                 of carpet which would fit and suddenly we were open
                                                               for business! And who could forget Richard and his
 Well here we are – fifteen years on! We now have              choccie bikkies!”
 129 members, and 13 paid members of staff – almost
 doubled in the last year.

  The Terrence Higgins Trust has launch its online campaign called “Sexual Health Won’t Wait” to public
  awareness that HIV has become the fastest growing serious medical condition. There have been an increase
  infection rates of all other sexually transmitted disease by 200 per cent between 1996 - 2002. You may not be
  aware that the government made the decision in 1997 HIV was no longer a priority within public health,
  however as result now shows that was not the case. If you would like to show your support go online and do
  your bit for the future.

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                                              AN INVITATION

                                         BY   ONSIGHT
                                      We are proud to present
                     our 2nd anniversary celebrations And to fit with tradition
                              we celebrate it with ‘cotton’ and ‘china’

                             On Wednesday 14th July 2004 12pm to 2pm
                               At: The Basildon Disabled Sports Club
                                  Swanmead Centre, Church Road
                                       Basildon, SS16 4AG

                               AND THE COMMUNITY FUND

                                        Please reply to
                       Sharon Chan (01268 282247,

 Make a difference!
Have you got the vision, enthusiasm and commitment to develop high quality accessible counselling services
for children, young people and adults in need? Due to an exciting new three year project, Bridge Counselling
Service in Basildon, South Essex is seeking:

Children and Young People Counselling Co-ordinator
Full time – 37.5 hours per week (job share considered)
You will be a qualified/accredited counsellor/psychotherapist with experience of working with children and/or
young people and managing related projects. Ideally you will also have clinical supervision experience. You will
manage and develop the existing service within Bridge and outreach into local schools.

Training and Development Counselling Co-ordinator
Full time – 37.5 hours per week (job share considered)
You will be a qualified/accredited counsellor/psychotherapist with experience of clinical supervision and training &
development. You will lead the development of new training and supervision services both in Bridge and within
the local community.

Salary £22,550 - £25,176 plus pension
Closing date: 19 July 2004

For an application pack or further details contact 01268 822800
E-mail: Website: www.whcm

WHCM BRIDGE is a BACP Accredited Service Investors in People

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  June 2nd was a day of celebration for many volunteers across the region as the winning groups of the
  2003/2004 Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service were announced. This prestigious honour, previously
  known as the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award, acknowledges the vital role and outstanding achievements by
  groups of unsung heroes in our local communities. Essex faired particularly well, having three winning
  groups of the twelve from the East of England.

  The Fragile X Society won its award for providing support and information to Fragile X sufferers and their
  families, raising public awareness and encouraging research into aspects of the syndrome.

  The Colchester Rape Crisis Line won for providing support services for women and girls in Colchester and
  surrounding areas who have experienced sexual violence.

  Youth Plus were winners for facilitating, encouraging and supporting young people in Ongar with learning
  disabilities to be actively involved in the community.

  Whether their activities concern health or social care, youth or sport, the environment or music, or maybe
  even something a bit more unusual, the number and variety of organisations nominated since 2002 for the
  Queen’s Award highlights the extraordinary talent and dedication of people across the region who give up
  their time for a good cause. With your help, we can succeed in bringing recognition to even more worthy vol-
  unteers in the future.

  Amidst the celebrations and success of this year’s winners, our attention is now focused on next year’s
  Award. We are keen to raise the profile of the scheme by encouraging the nomination of as many deserving
  groups as possible. If you would like advice on the scheme, please contact Bob Stone at GO-East on 01223

  Contact The Queen’s Award Office on 0845 000 2002 for a nomination form. Alternatively you may download
  a form at where you can also find out about the eligibility criteria for a
  group, past winners of the Award and details on the nomination process.

  Is there a voluntary group in your area worthy of national recognition? Nominations for next year’s
  Award are now officially open until 30th September 2004 so nominate them today!

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       Spotlight on...

          The spotlight this month falls on:          Wickford
  Spotlight on... is a bit different this month as we’re not focusing on a
  project or an organisation, but a place. The spotlight is on Wickford. In
  the next few months BBWCVS and the Volunteer Bureau will be doing
  outreach work in Wickford.

  The Volunteer Bureau will be out in force in Wickford during the week
  commencing 13 September 2004. We shall have information and advice
  available at the library and will be running various events for both
  volunteers and voluntary organisations. The CVS will be joining us to
  provide information and advice on membership and funding. If you
  would like to be involved in this opportunity to highlight your organisation
  that provides any services in Wickford please contact Faye on 01268
  282604 or to find out more.

  Networks and Fora
  Both the Children, Young People and Families                                   ICT and The Sector
  Forum and the Voluntary Sector Forum continue to
  go from strength to strength. The groups met in the     Thanks to funding from GO East as part of the
  last quarter and set out the meeting dates for the      Government’s infrastructure early spend funding
  rest of the year. The CYPF Forum will be meeting                             BBWCVS will be hosting a
  on:                                                                          research project over the
                                                                               next few months into the
  12 July 10am            - Basildon Centre Room 1                             level of ICT (Information
  19 October 10am         - Venue TBC                                          Communication Technol-
  17 January 10am         - Venue TBC                                          ogy) usage there is in the
  5 April 10am            - Venue TBC                                          voluntary and community
                                                                               sector and how this could
  The Voluntary Sector Forum will be meeting on: -                             be improved or further
                                                          developed. Ultimately we are hoping to establish
  22 September     10am                                   a Circuit Riders project which would enable us to
  6 December       10am                                   employ someone who would then travel around
  9 March          10am                                   visiting groups and organisations assisting them
                                                          to obtain maximum benefit from their IT.
  If you would like to attend any of the forum meetings
  in the future then please contact the CVS on 01268

  The Voluntary Sector Forum is organising another
  conference next year. If you would like to get
  involved in organising the event please ring the
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  Trustees Guide                                             Free CD-ROM guide on racial equality

  Leading charity law firm Bates, Wells & Braithwaite        The Commission for Racial Equality has produced a
  have published a free guide to trustee's duties and        free CD-ROM, Racial Equality and the smaller
  responsibilities. The passport-sized booklet, Duties of    business – a practical guide. It offers practical
  Charity Trustees is available from Philippa Hart at        advice on developing policies and procedures. It’s
  BWB, e-mail or download            available from: -
  from, clicking on publications
  within the Charity and Social Enterprise Department                   The Stationary Office
  (13 x A4 sheets - 2 pages per sheet)                                  Tel: 0870 240 3697

  Active Citizenship Centre Website

  Interested in active citizenship and civil renewal?        Managing Volunteers with learndirect
  Got any practical examples of active citizenship and
  civil renewal projects?                                    Managing volunteers is an innovative online course
                                                             from learndirect designed to provide existing or
  Want to showcase your experiences on a newly               prospective volunteer leaders with the skills needed
  established national website, supported by the Home        to manage volunteers. To enrol telephone 0800
  Office's Active Communities Directorate (ACD)?             101901 or go online and visit:

  For further information please contact Ian Angus at        
  BVSC on 0121 678 8830 or by e-mail

  Microsoft Community Learning Awards 2004                   The Dyspraxia Foundation Essex Branch are
                                                             looking for some affordable office space, with a view
  As part of its global Unlimited Potential Programme        to have a drop in centre in the Basildon area. If any-
  which aims to eliminate technology illiteracy,             one has any       suggestions please contact Linda
  Microsoft has partnered with Citizens Online to            01268 471165.
  provide 25 awards of £2000 to UK-based community
  and voluntary groups in 2004. The awards are
  specifically seeking to tackle the issue of digital
  exclusion through supporting informal, supportive,
  training projects that introduce ICT skills and training   Big Lottery Fund
  to disadvantaged young people and adults across
  the UK in the most appropriate way.                        Responding to several questions about the new
                                                             Lottery distributing body, culture minister, Estelle
  If you are interested in applying for Microsoft            Morris, gave assurances the new body would retain
  Community Learning Award, you can find out more            the Community Fund’s independence and support for
  about the awards and download the application form         less fashionable good causes.
  from Please note
  that the closing date for applications is 9 August 

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  DRC help for small organisations                        Code for Tax Refunds

  The Disability Rights Commission (DRC) has              Information on donating tax repayments to charity is
  developed a web page for the smaller employer on        now circulating with this year’s Self Assessment
  the new employment regulations coming into force in     notices. Anyone doing this has to look up a code, or
  October 2004. So far, organisations employing less      ask the charity for it (this is not the registration
  than 15 people have been exempt, but this will          number). Check that your charity is on the list:
  change in October.

                                                          Enterprising resources

                                                          UnLtd, the foundation for social entrepreneurs, has
  Guardian Public Services Awards                         produced a briefing paper on resources available to
                                                          social entrepreneurs and social enterprises, including
  The Guardian is launching its own Public Services       funding, networks and peer support, advice and
  Awards to coincide with the 25th anniversary of its     professional support, publications and awards.
  Wednesday supplement, Society Guardian. Closing
  date for applications is 30 July.             

                                                          Government advises charitable companies to
  NJC Pay negotiations 2004                               stay in SORP

  Local government employers have agreed to stand         The Government does not want charitable companies
  firm on their pay offer of seven per cent over three    to opt out of compliance with SORP. An EU directive
  years, claiming the offer was a fair one. Public        had been expected to allow charities that are also
  Sector union Unison said a failure to increase the      registered as companies to adopt International
  offer would exacerbate the recruitment and retention    Accounting Standards, rather than those laid down by
  crisis in local government.                             the Charity Commission, from 2005. But a DTI
                                                          consultation is proposing that charitable companies                                 should continue to prepare their accounts in
                                                          accordance with the UK’s generally accepted
                                                          accounting practice.

  Working in Partnership
                                                          LSPeak your mind
  The ‘our partnership’ website is to launch e-learning
  courses teaching partnership working skills. Sign up    Urban Forum will be holding its third national
  now to be part of the pilot group, at no charge – see   conference for voluntary and community sector
  the learning section at or    representatives on Local Strategic Partnerships
  email                    (LSPs) in Leicester on 12/13 July.


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  MENCAP are in the process of lobbying the                Guardian Briefing
  government for statutory breaks for carers. A survey
  showed that 85 per cent of carers back a minimum         Society Guardian has launched a weekly voluntary
  entitlement for short breaks. At a joint meeting         sector email bulletin, with news, features and
  marking Carers week both Cares UK & MS Society           comment.
  backed the proposals.

  On June 24 a meeting took place at the House of
  Commons hosted by Friends of the Earth to hear
  reports how oil companies have affected                  SmartStamp
  communities in developing countries and there
  environments. The aim of the meeting was to              The Royal Mail has introduced an online postage
  encourage the government to look at reforming            purchasing system. SmartStamp, which allows you to
  company law.                                             design and print your own ‘postage stamp’ on to
                                                           envelopes and labels from your PC. This could
                                                           provide an alternative to franking machines, which
                                                           cost somewhat more to run.

  NCH will be highlighting parents who are on low        
  income and going hungry to ensure there children
  will have something to eat. “Going Hungry” aims to
  show children’s diet and its impact on poverty.

                                                           More media help

  New Employment Regulations                               Following a recruitment campaign, the Media Trust
                                                           has more volunteer media professionals ready to
  The Department of Trade and Industry’s website has       provide charities and community groups with advice
  a list of the new employment regulations being           on PR, marketing, websites and printed materials.
  brought in this year.

                                                           Performing or Conforming?
  Registering as a company
                                                           A new study, Performing or Conforming?
  The commission has changed its requirements for          Strengthening the governance of partnerships
  charities which also wish to register as a company       suggest practical ways to improve local
  limited by guarantee. A group which is already           accountability in (voluntary/public) partnership
  registered as a charity and wants to become a            arrangements.
  company still has to re-register, but provided the
  work of the group has not changed since it was            
  originally registered, a shorter and quicker procedure
  can be adopted.

  The commission has launched a pack for charities
  that want to become companies.


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                                                             12 July
                                                             CYPF Forum Meeting

                                                             14 July
                                                             Onsight 2nd Birthday

                                                             15 July
                                                             Volunteer Training (Billericay)
      “While every effort is made to ensure the
      accuracy of the information in this
      newsletter, bbwcvs cannot accept
                                                             21 July
      liability for any errors within - particularly         AGM
      the noticeboard section.
                                                             23 July
      The content of this newsletter does not
      necessarily reflect the views of bbwcvs.”              Volunteer Training (Wickford)

                                                             26 July
                                                             Compact Development Group
      Thanks to Stella Calkin for her help
      with the production of the newsletter.

      the next edition

      •     This is your newsletter! Do you have anything that you want to say or promote? If YES then send
            your articles to the CVS Office ( and we’ll include them in the next edition
            of District Voluntary News. Deadline: 13 September

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     our members...
 Abbeyfield Basildon Society                                                                     Forget-me-not Support Group
 ADDing Support                                                                                         Friends Retirement Club
 Adventure Playground for People with Special Needs                                                                     G.E.M.S.
 Age Concern - Basildon District                                                                           Ghyllgrove OAP Club
 Age Concern - Essex                                                                                              Hamelin Trust
 Age Concern - Home Support                                                                    HARMONI Therapeutic Services
 Arthritis Care - Basildon Branch                                                                                Headway Essex
 Arthritis Care - Billericay Branch                                                               Home-Start Basildon District
 B.O.S.S. (Billericay Out of School Scheme)                                              Independent Living Advocacy - Essex
 Basildon & Castle Point Victim Support                                              Interact (South Essex Circles of Support)
 Basildon & District Crossroads                                                            Kingswood Community Association
 Basildon & District Multiple Sclerosis Society                                         La Danse Fantastique Charitable Trust
 Basildon & District Senior Citizen's International Exchange                             Lady McAdden Breast Screening Unit
 Basildon & Thurrock Cardiac Support Group                                                         Laindon and Billericay TMB
 Basildon & Thurrock Friend                                              Lee Chapel North Tenant & Community Association
 Basildon & Thurrock Health Heroes (BATHH)                                                                       LIFT - Basildon
 Basildon & Thurrock Independent Advocacy Service (BATIAS)                         Little Green Fingers Environmental Group
 Basildon Association for Mental Health (MIND)                                                                     LOOK Essex
 Basildon Child Contact Centre                                                  Mental Health Advocacy Partnership (MHAP)
 Basildon Coalition of Disabled People                                                           Millennium Volunteers Project
 Basildon Community Resource Centre                                 Motor Neurone Disease Association - S.E. Essex Branch
 Basildon Depression Self-help Group                                                             Nature Break Wildlife Cruises
 Basildon Disabled Sports Club                                                            Noak Bridge Community Association
 Basildon District Access Group for People with Disabilities                               Noak Bridge Nature Reserve Society
 Basildon District Alzheimers Support Group                                                                    Outlook Care Ltd
 Basildon District Arts Association                                                                   Parentline Plus - Hadleigh
 Basildon District Hearing Voices Group                                                          Parents' Aid - Southern Essex
 Basildon District Volunteer Carers                                                                           PAVIS Foundation
 Basildon Dyspraxia Support Group                                           People's Dispensary for Sick Animals - Basildon
 Basildon Hospital and Community League of Friends                                      PEP Club (People Enjoying Pensions)
 Basildon Islamic Centre                                                                     Pound Lane Neighbourhood Trust
 Basildon Locality Youth Office                                                                               Pridehouse Crafts
 Basildon Mediation                                                                                       RELATE - South Essex
 Basildon P.H.A.B. (Physically Handicapped & Able Bodied)                          RETHINK (Basildon Schizophrenia Group)
 Basildon Pathfinders Blind and Partially Sighted Club                             Rethink Employment and Training Service
 Basildon Physically Handicapped Club                                                      Rethink Services (Panorama House)
 Basildon Progression Centre                                                       Second Basildon Boy's Brigade Company
 Basildon Round Table                                                                                               Small World
 Basildon Salvation Army Endeavour Club                                             South East Television & Media Workshop
 Basildon Shopmobility                                                                                     South Essex 50+ Club
 Basildon Sports Council                                                                       South Essex Good Companions
 Basildon Stitching Club                                                             South Essex Rape & Incest Crisis Centre
 Basildon Toy Library and Saturday Club                                                               South Essex Switchboard
 Basildon Women's Refuge                                                                          South Locality Foster Carers
 Basildon, Billericay & Wickford Cruse Bereavement Care                           St Nicholas Church Hill Preservation Group
 Billericay Dog Training School                                                   St. Luke's Hospice Ltd - Basildon & District
 Billericay Early Years Forum                                               Staff Activities Group - Basildon District Council
 Billericay Ladies Hockey Club                                                                                        Sure Start
 Billericay Neighbourhood Watch Schemes                                          Thames Gateway African/Caribbean Council
 Bosom Friends - Breast Cancer Care                                               The Ashley Jolly Sudden Adult Death Trust
 BOSP - Brentwood Opportunities for Special People             The Basildon Rainbow Club for the Blind and Partially Sighted
 Brentwood Catholic Children's Society                                                                   The Hummingbird Club
 Bridge Counselling Services                                                                 The Independent Visitors Scheme
 Carers UK - Basildon & District Branch                                                    Tourettes Syndrome Support Group
 CARLI Project (RPS RAINER)                                                                            TransLiving International
 Churches Together in Basildon                                                                    Traveller Community Project
 Citizens Advice Bureau - Basildon                                          Visage (Visually Impaired Support Action Group)
 Citizens Advice Bureau - Billericay                                                                     Volunteer Reading Help
 Civil Service Retirement Fellowship - Billericay Group                                        Walsingham Community Homes
 Civil Service Retirement Fellowship - Wickford Group                                                          Wednesday Club
 Computers for the Disabled                                      Whistle Stop - Basildon Branch British Tinnitus Association
 Denver Drive Community Project                                                             Wickford Disabled Swimming Club
 Diabetes UK - Basildon and District Voluntary Group
 DIAL Basildon
 Diamond Task Force
 Epilepsy Action (Basildon and Thurrock Branch)
 Essex Breathe Easy Group - British Lung Foundation
 Essex Motorcycle Training Club
 Essex Racial Equality Council - Basildon
 Essex Racial Equality Council - Southend
 Essex Voluntary Association for the Blind
 Five Links Turning Point
 Flying Pigs Kids Club

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        district voluntary news
                                          is the journal of

      Basildon, Billericay and Wickford Council for Voluntary Service
                                       The Basildon Centre
                                        St. Martin’s Square
                                             SS14 1DL

                                        T: 01268 288870
                                       F: 01268 294091

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