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									        Sat 8th Jan. In the Apiary. Oxalic Acid demonstration. 10.30 Clay Lane.                                                   Devon
 .      Rising Sun for lunch @ 1230. Woodland Apiary at 2pm.                                                                      Beekeepers’
                 Newton Abbot Honey Show. Top of their class!!
     1. Rebecca Brooks. 2. Paul & Anna Acke. 3. Alicia Normand. 4. Simon Hopwood.

     5. Adam Howarth. 6. Jenni Benjamin. 7. Simon Hopwood. 8 . Simon Hopwood.
                                                                                                                                  Newton Abbot Branch
                                                                                                                                              Registered Charity No: 270674
     9. Maddie Melhuish. 10. Paul & Anna Acke. 11. Jane Ducker. 12. Vivienne Thorn.
                                                                                                                                  Volume 15 Issue 11                    December 2010
     13. Anke Ellis . 14. Jenny Buckle. & WELL DONE TO ALL PARTICIPANTS.

John Harler of Buckfast.
Your local Beekeeping

Equipment and Appliance dealer

Phone     01364 642517
                                                                                                   ‘’      We would all like to thank Jane for all her hard
                                                                                                           work and dedication in editing the newsletter
        N.A.B.K.A. Contact Members                                                                         for fifteen years. I only hope I can carry on with
                                                                                                           Jane’s good work, but like my cake for the show
                                                                                                           I will need more than one go to get it right!!
 President                  Jenny Buckle.        Chairman               Allen Hodgson.                                                                                        ‘’
 Secretary               Ruth Mountford.         Treasurer.                     Ray Ford.
                                                                                             The Newton Abbot   Honey Show was a great success. Members of the public, families
 Librarian                Vivienne Thorn.        Microscopist               Colin Turner.    young and old attracted to the show by our kitted up Beekeepers, Christine Osborne,
 Swarm Liaison Officer       Mick Megee.         Programme secretary Christine Obourn.       Adam Ellis (our youngest member) and his friend Sam. Well done and thanks to everyone
                                                                                             working behind the scenes for making such an interesting and enjoyable afternoon.
 Newsletter Editor           Ian Jameson.        Clay lane Manager         Karren Carrick.

 Webmaster                Nigel Lawrance.        ‘’          The first winter meeting at the scout hall was attended by forty members.
                   Honey Show Coordinators       Barbara Paul and Amanda Trafford.
                                                                                             Dan Basterfield who was accompanied by his father Ken gave us a very
                                                                                             comprehensive and revealing account of the building of their new honey
                                                                                             farm from planning to the completed buildings. On Dan's own admission
             Branch website www                                       there is a long way to go yet. The working buildings planned around an
Is there anyone interested in becoming a clubhouse sub committee member?
open square. Starting with a small         ing room, water collection from the         Forthcoming events for 2011 To be held at Teignbridge district scout
office the extracting room, where          large roof area and electricity from        H.Q. 7.30pm.
supers are unloaded and then ex-           local sources. The surrounding fields
                                                                                       Friday 7th January 7.30 pm.        Plants for Beekeeping. With Leila Goss.
tracted with state of the art equip-       are being managed with wild flora, a
ment, leads to bottling room, to           future orchard and farm manage-             Fri. 11th Feb. 7.30pm. Biological aspects of Beekeeping. Gerry Humphries.
packing and labelling room, thence         ment particularly related to bees.          East Devon.
to an open area where the bulk or-         The staff consists of a young gradu-        Friday 11th March 7.30pm. The reasons for advice on showing Honey and
ders are dispatched. The farther side      ate and two pensioners (Dan’s own           Wax. With Alicia Normand. Newton Abbot.
of the square houses the Apple graft-      words for his himself and his par-
ing business which is Ken’s interest.      ents), hoping to employ two more at
The hives and equipment are stored         a later date, naturally there is no
adjacent to this. All this has been        shortage of volunteers. An invitation                 Chairman’s 2010 report on educational matters.
built with a ‘green’ perspective with      to visit this enviable project next
natural under floor heating, using         year was eagerly accepted. JD Octo-         This year saw nine candidates want-      I would like to present Jason with a
                                                                                       ing to take their basic assessment,      reminder of his day. This was a first
heat from the ground for the extract-      ber 2010
                                                                                       Glyn Davies helped to organise an        for Newton Abbot members, and I
Subscriptions are due for 2011. The deadline is the end of February, slightly          assessment day at the new apiary         am sure they will not mind me saying
earlier than usual. This will ease the publication of the Year Book. Please            site where all nine candidates took      that they were our guinea pigs.
send your payment to Ray Ford or bring it along to the next meeting , which            their test at different times during     There were lessons to be learnt from
is to be held on FRIDAY DECEMBER 3rd 7.30 at the scout HQ Newton Abbot.                the day. Kay Thomas and Chris Utting     the day. And I Acknowledge all points
This is to be a Seasonal Social, with plenty of tasty nibbles, while sharing           were the assessors for the day we        and feed back from you all. But may
Beekeeping experiences or otherwise from 2010 with anecdotes from people               started in the morning had a lunch       I thank you all for such an exciting
who have had a difficult, hazardous or amusing learning curve /experience during the   break, then convened in the after-       day for NABKA and for me.
year from which they think the membership might learn or laugh. This promises to be    noon. I would like to thank Maureen      As we were getting large numbers
an enjoyable evening. Members, partners and children will all be very welcome. To      Davies for the refreshments supplied     visiting the apiary we thought it a
contribute just bring your story with you. Chair NABKA President Jenny Buckle.         on the day it was gratefully received.   good idea to set up a visitors book
                                                                                       I am pleased to announce that all        and monitor the number of people
                                                                                       candidates passed. Well done to Bar-     that came through the season. We
Anyone interested? Ray Ford has 1lb Honey jars at £33 per gross (including             bara Paul, Christine Osbourn, Karren     had over Five hundred members and
                                                                                       Carrick, David Corney-Walker, Alan
the lids) and Wire mesh Varroa floors at £3.50. each. He also has subscrip-                                                     visitors from 8th May 2010 to27th
                                                                                       Hobbs, Fred Salmons, Ian Jameson,
tion forms , which if needed will be available at the seasonal social. Rays                                                     October 2010.
                                                                                       Martin Hann and to Jason Jones. I
new email address is                                               would like to make a special an-         Allen Hodgson.
                                                                                       nouncement in recognition of all his
                                                                                       achievements to do with beekeeping

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