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									The Official Newsletter of SAACURH                                                             December 2010

                        The PRIDE
   Final Top 10 Lists
               of 2010!

   Good Luck on Finals!!

    Inside the PRIDE:
                                                           SEC Spotlight
                                                              Nontalie Morrow
SEC Spotlight..............................1        Regional Communications Coordinator of
On the Prowl……………………..1
                                                       Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Being RCC-A
Top 10 Reasons to vote on                                                   y
                                               10. Louie – Louie is the basis for so many things that I love
SAACURH 2011 Bid…………….3                        about SAACURH. The initial one is that Louie Leads Our
Good Luck on Finals…………….4                     Universities in Excellence and I must say that SAACURH
                                               keeps that at the forefront of everything we do. I also love
Top 10 Things To Do Over                       getting together with the SEC so we can dress up our Louies!
Break………………………………4                             9. Ideas for NACURH – Let’s talk about how excited I am
                                               for NACURH 2011. Not just for the clothespins, socials, and
                                               boardroom, but mostly for the chance to show off some
                                               SAACURH spirit. I am pumped for our roll call, new cheers,
                                               fierce t-shirts and other awesome spirit items! I am so
                                               pumped to work with the Spirit Committee and get all of this
                                               off the ground. I want everyone to know how spirited, classy,
                                               positive, and FIERCE this region is!

                                                                 ON THE PROWL!
                                               As always, if there is something you would like to see in
                                               next month’s issue of the PRIDE, please send all pictures,
                                               articles, ideas, top 10 lists, shout-outs and anything else
                                               you can think of to
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The PRIDE                                                                                     issue, date
                                                                                          December 2010
8. Website – The SAACURH website was something I was a little nervous about when I started this
position. Mostly because I have no idea how to do anything with designing or updating a website
(unless it’s Facebook). I was also worried because the person who designed the new website was
leaving and I was going to get a new Webmaster. Although I was a little uncertain at first, it has
definitely been a great experience learning the ins and outs of the website. It has also been great
working with the new Webmaster, Lisa Maxwell, because she is always ready to start updating the
website. I really appreciate all of her hard work and I can’t wait for our future projects!
7. Spirit Committee – I would have to say having your own committee is a little scarier than it
seems. The responsibility of leading a group of people who took the time to apply to the committee
and then working with them throughout the year using online meetings. Well I must say that I have
thoroughly enjoyed meeting with all of the Spirit committee members this year and I am pumped
when we can step up our game next semester and start planning for NACURH 2011!
6. Minutes – Initially I was really nervous about taking minutes for boardroom because I had never
done official minutes with Robert’s Rules and all of that good stuff. Plus I know how intense
boardroom can be sometimes and I wanted to make sure I was able to get everything in case some
drama went down, but thanks to the IACURH Director, Jessica Behl, I was able to get a good system
down for taking minutes and I actually enjoyed it a lot!
5. Swag – Earlier this semester I worked with the SEC to get swag and apparel and I had so much
fun. I loved getting to work with Angela Powell from OCM and ironing out the details of what kind of
designs we want. I’m super stoked about getting awesome swag and apparel for NACURH 2011 so our
regional PRIDE can shine brighter than ever!
4. Conferences – I have loved conferences since my first conference in 2008 (No Frills). I love the
spirit, the energy, and the best friends a girl could ask for. The moment one conference ends I
immediately start planning for the next one. I love spending time with everyone, catching up and
sharing what has been going on at our campuses. I also love the business side, being in boardroom
and making change happen for future SAACURH members!
3. SEC – Being on the SEC is like being part of a huge family. Although there is a lot of work to do at
times, we work together and support each other to get it done. I love hanging out with them being
silly, staying up late laughing and eating anything in sight, but I also love working and getting
business done because we all have something to contribute and we all work so well together because
we have SAACURH as our common goal and we give 110% because we know all of you are working
hard too and we want to make sure SAACURH keeps growing.
2. Newsletter – Creating the newsletter every month is probably my favorite task as RCC-A. It gives
me a chance to brag on the region I love so much and display all of the great work that has been going
on. I personally want to say thank you for all of those who have submitted articles, pictures, shout-
outs, top 10 lists and anything else. This newsletter is for all of you and I want to make sure you get
your voices heard and receive the recognition you deserve. As always, if you have ANYTHING you
want to share with SAACURH, please let me know and I will make sure it has a space in the PRIDE!
1. SAACURH Family – WELLLLL…OBVIOUSLY, I am so proud of this region. Mostly because we
are more than a region, we are a family. I know I can count on you all to give everything you have to
the development of SAACURH. We have an infectious spirit and I love being around all of you
because I get so re-energized, pumped up and ready to keep working. I look forward to seeing us all
in a few years down the road when we are all in our professions and working hard to serve others.
                                                                                      Louie Love,
                                                                          Nontalie Morrow - RCCA
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The PRIDE                                                  issue, date
                                                       December 2010

                                           Top 10 Reasons to
                                                  vote on the
                                         SAACURH 2011 Bid

    1. Georgia State worked really hard on
        it, let’s take their enthusiasm and
        rock the vote!
    2. You can pretend you’re back in
        boardroom hanging with your
        SAACURH besties!
    3. If we don’t meet quorum, we will
        have to do it again!
    4. Voting by email is sustainable, and
        that is definitely a PRO!
    5. If you vote, that means you read their
        bid, which was so awesome right?!
    6. It is your civil SAACURH duty to
        vote, so let’s go NCCs!
    7. I betcha if everyone sends in a vote, it
        will make Dusti really happy!
    8. The sooner you vote, the sooner
       we can end the suspense about who
       is hosting SAACURH 2011!
    9. What Would Louie Do?…He would
    10. You get to OWN those voting rights
       and WORK that keyboard!!

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The PRIDE                                                        issue, date
                                                             December 2010

                               Good Luck on Finals Everyone!

                                            Happy Holidays.
                                           Have a great break.

                                Make sure you take the time to

                     Top 10 Things To Do
                       Over the Break
                     10. Lay on the couch for a WHOLE
                     day, and don’t move!
                      9. Go shopping and buy yourself
                    something nice (a Snuggie perhaps)!
                    8. Sleep until noon!

                    7. Watch a new movie in theaters!

                    6. Spend time with your family.
                    5. Eat candy!!
                    4. Get pumped/ready for your
                    state conferences!
                    3. Stay warm!

                    2. Go ice skating!
                    1. Drink hot apple cider or hot

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