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                                Get Dense, Save Money
            Dense Edge QAMs like the LxS-3616 Generate Operational Savings for Cable

Washington, DC – April 2, 2009 – LiquidxStream Systems, Inc. announced its operational
cost savings white paper showing the value associated with ultra-high density Universal
EdgeQAMs like the LxS-3616.

LiquidxStream’s Universal Edge QAM, the LxS-3616, supports 576 QAMs per chassis and
an industry-leading 36 QAMs per port enabling cable operators to cost-effectively
accommodate rapid service growth while dramatically lowering the total cost of ownership.

        Cable operators save money in the following areas:

                 Area of Savings                                               Impact
Power consumption                                         3x lower energy costs
HVAC, UPS backup, generator and hub
                                                          Significant upfront capex savings
Routing and Ethernet connectivity                         20x fewer Ethernet connections
RF/coax wiring and combining networks                     5x fewer RF connections
Installation and maintenance costs                        Minimal costs for future QAM upgrades

        “We worked closely with one of the leading MSOs to determine the exact savings
they could generate using the LxS-3616,” states Tony Pierson, Vice President of Business
Development for LiquidxStream. “Even partially loaded with just 20 QAMs per service
area, the cost savings were dramatic enough to pay for the incremental QAMs.”

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8480 Golf Boulevard, Montréal, Québec, Canada • Tel: 514-352-0770 • Fax: 514-352-2809 •
See it at NCTA '09!
Come get a copy of the White Paper at The Cable Show in Washington, DC and schedule
an operational costs savings analysis for your system.

Experience the flexibility, reliability, power and performance of LiquidxStream’s LxS-3616
Edge QAM at The Cable Show in Washington, DC:

Product Demo: Wednesday, April 1 through Friday, April 3: Live demonstration of the
                    LxS-3616 with LiquidxStream personnel at the LiquidxStream booth

About LiquidxStream Systems Inc.
LiquidxStream Systems Inc. develops and manufactures edge access systems that enhance
the rollout and profitability of new real-time digital services for broadband cable service
providers. Our products reflect our corporate mission to provide efficient, cost-effective and
innovative solutions that will improve network density, flexibility and reliability for our

“LiquidxStream. Keeping the Revenue Flowing.” For more information, please visit

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    Tony Pierson
    VP Business Development
    LiquidxStream Systems, Inc.
    Tel.: 732-687-1829

8480 Golf Boulevard, Montréal, Québec, Canada • Tel: 514-352-0770 • Fax: 514-352-2809 •

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