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					     CrystalView Fiber
                                                                                                     Digital Fiber KVM
                                                                                                     Dual MultiMode fiber and
                                                                                                     SingleMode fiber optic cable

                                                                                                     PC, SUN and USB models -
                                                                                                     remote KVM access

                                                                                                     PC model - dual access,
                                                                                                     remote or local KVM

                                                                                                     Distances up to 30,000 feet

                                                                                                     Fiber keeps data safe from
                                                                                                     EMI and RFI interference

                                                                   The CrystalView Fiber™ Advantage…
Features and Benefits                                              Whether you want to place computers in a secure rack or
n   Extends KVM (keyboard, video, and                              are contending with cables in an hazardous electro-
    mouse) signals up to 30,000 feet away                          magnetic area, or simply need greater distance between
                                                                   your KVM workstation and your computers, the new
n   Uses only two fibers (dual fiber cable)
                                                                   CrystalView Fiber extends KVM signals up to 30,000 feet.
n   Fiber cable eliminates lightning and
    power surge concerns
                                                                   CrystalView Fiber is perfect for recording studios, banks,
n   Fiber cable offers greater bandwidth and                       insurance companies, educational institutions, airports,
    greater security                                               and offices as well as harsh industrial environments such
n   Automatically adjusts data-transfer rates                      as factories or manufacturing plants. Fiber is virtually
n   KVM extender models available:                                 immune to lightning or power surges and EMI/RFI. The
     PC, SUN, and USB - remote KVM access                          transmitter sends data flawlessly through any area with
     PC - dual access (local or remote KVM)                        any level of electro-magnetic or radio-frequency
n   Dual fiber cable:                                              interference.
    9/125µ SingleMode Fiber - 30,000 feet (10k)
    50/125µ MultiMode Fiber - 1,200 feet (400m)
                                                                   You can remove computers vulnerable to theft of
                                                                   hardware and data. You can place computers together in
    62.5/125µ MultiMode Fiber - 600 feet (200m)                    one secure location, allowing convenient maintenance
n   Video resolution up to 1280 x 1024                             whether in a computer room, rack, or separate building
n   Supports PS/2 keyboard and mouse and                           while keeping KVM workstations in open access areas.
    all PC video formats
n   Compatible with Windows, NT, OS/2,                             Compatible with all Rose KVM products CrystalView Fiber
    UNIX, Linux, and other operating systems                       offers a perfect solution for any application in which you
n   Compatible with all Rose KVM products                          need greater distance, higher speed, and more reliability
n   1U rack mountable 19”, 23” or                                          between computers or servers and workstations.
                                                                            Fiber is ideal for high data-rate transmissions such
n   PC model flashware
    upgradable                                                              as FDDI, multimedia, ATM, or anothernetwork that
                                                                            requires the transfer of large, time-consuming data

                                        Fiber gives you greater distance,                   800 333 9343
                                          security, and noise immunity
                                                                          CrystalView Fiber Cable CrystalView Fiber uses MultiMode
Typical Applications                                                      50 or 62.5 micron dual fiber, or SingleMode 9 microns dual fiber
                                                                          cables with SC-type connectors. Order 62.5 micron MultiMode
                                                                          fiber wire for distances up to 600 feet, 50 micron MultiMode
                                                                          fiber wire for distances up to 1,200 feet, and 9 micron
                                                                          SingleMode fiber for distances up to 30,000 feet.

                                                                          Extending a Rose KVM Switch In addition to extending
                                                                          the KVM station from a computer, you can also use the
                                                                          CrystalView Fiber with Rose switches. You can connect the
                                                                          CrystalView Fiber in one of four ways: between computers and
                                                                          KVM workstation, between computers and KVM switch,
                                                                          between KVM switch and KVM workstation, and between KVM
                                                                          switch and KVM switch. All of these applications are designed
                                                                          for trouble free usage.

                                                                          Keyboard and Mouse Emulation CrystalView Fiber uses
                                                                          a micro-processor to emulate the keyboard and mouse. This
                                                                          means that a keyboard and or mouse do not have to be
                                                                          connected to the Remote Unit for your CPU to boot. In fact the
                                                                          CPU will boot with only the Local Unit connected. This feature
                                                                          ensures that your CPU will always operate regardless of
                                                                          whether the Remote Unit is actually connected or powered.
             Accessing a computer up to 30,000 feet away                  The remote keyboard and mouse may be plugged in and out at
                                                                          any time. In addition, the Remote Unit may be left permanently
                                                                          powered up when installed in its final location.

                                                                          Flash Memory To support the latest devices and provide
                                                                          continuing features and support, CrystalView Fiber PC model is
                                                                          flash upgradable using a programming tool on your computer.

                                                                          Part Numbers
                                                                          CRK-2DFM/PC       PC Remote Extender with Local KVM, MultiMode Fiber
                                                                          CRK-2DFS/PC       PC Remote Extender with Local KVM, SingleMode Fiber
                                                                          CRK-1DFM/PC       PC Remote Extender, MultiMode Fiber
                                                                          CRK-1DFS/PC       PC Remote Extender, SingleMode Fiber
                                                                          CRK-1DFM/SUN      SUN Remote Extender, MultiMode Fiber
                                                                          CRK-1DFS/SUN      SUN Remote Extender, SingleMode Fiber
                                                                          CRK-1DFM/USB      USB Remote Extender, MultiMode Fiber
                                                                          CRK-1DFS/USB      USB Remote Extender, SingleMode Fiber

                                                                          Bulk Fiber Wire
                                                                          WIR-09SMDFnnn SingleMode dual fiber, 09/125µ
                                                                          WIR-50MMDFnnn MultiMode dual fiber, 50/125µ
                                                                          WIR-62MMDFnnn MultiMode dual fiber, 62.5/125µ
       Accessing a bank of servers through a Rose switch from
     two locations, one is local, the other is up to 30,000 feet away     SC-Type Connector Fiber Cable
                                                                          CAB-09SMDFSCnnn SingleMode dual fiber, 09/125µ, with SC-Type
                                                                          CAB-50MMDFSCnnn MultiMode dual fiber, 50/125µ, with SC-Type
                                                                          CAB-62MMDFSCnnn MultiMode dual fiber, 62.5/125µ, with SC-Type
Easy to install, easy to use Connect the transmitter to the
KVM of any PC or KVM switch; connect a fiber cable up to 30,000
feet between the transmitter and receiver, plug a KVM into the            Specifications
                                                                          Dimensions            7.5”W x 6.3”D x 1.75”H (1U)
receiver-- you are set to go.                                                                   19.05 W x 16.0 D x 4.45 H (cm)
                                                                          Weight                6.6 lbs / 3.0 kg complete package
Advantages of CrystalView Fiber optic extenders Fiber is                                        3.3 lbs / 1.5 kg each unit
virtually unaffected by weather or electrical interference, and it’s      Resolution            640 x 480 @ 60, 70, 75, 85Hz
relatively maintenance-free. If a fiber optic cable is broken, there is                         800 x 600 @ 60, 70, 75, 85Hz
                                                                                                1024 x 768 @ 60, 70, 75, 85Hz
no risk of electrical shock. Fiber cables are ideal for volatile
                                                                                                1280 x 1024 @ 60, 70, 75Hz
environments where a spark from a conventional broken copper line         Connectors            Fiber: SC-type
could result in explosive consequences. Glass fiber will not corrode,                           Video: VGA (HD15) or SUN (HD15)
and because it is not susceptible to electromagnetic interference                               Keyboard: PS/2 (MD6F) or SUN (MD8M) or USB
(EMI) fiber offers a much cleaner and faster signal than copper.                                Mouse: PS/2 (MD6F) or SUN (MD8M) or USB
                                                                          Interconnect Cables   MultiMode Fiber Type 50/125µ or 62.5/125µ
CrystalView Fiber Overview CrystalView Fiber extenders                                          SingleMode Fiber Type 9/125µ
                                                                          Power Supply          90-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, External
protect your data transmissions across longer distances. The              Rack mount options    19", 23” and 24”
CrystalView Fiber distance cable solution uses a transmitter and a        Chassis               Electro galvanized steel
receiver between computer (or KVM switch) and KVM workstation to          Environmental         -5°-55° C, 0%-80% non-cond. rel. humidity
extend KVM console access up to 30,000 feet away.

CrystalView Fiber Models CrystalView Fiber is available in
three models: PC, SUN and USB. The PC model is available in a
single version (remote KVM extender), or as a dual version with
remote and additional local KVM access. The SUN and USB models
are both single versions. CrystalView Fiber uses MultiMode 50 or
62.5 micron dual fiber, or SingleMode 9 microns dual fiber.

CrystalView Fiber Basics CrystalView Fiber consists of a                                 Rear view of CrystalView Fiber Local and
transmitter, which attaches to your computer and a receiver, which                                    Remote Units
connects to your KVM. The transmitter and receiver connects with
industry standard fiber cable using SC-type connectors. This cable
may be ordered from Rose Electronics in any length up to 30,000.
The transmitter unit transfers signals from your PC to the receiver
unit and to the KVM.


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