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    Corpus Linguistics


Monday 20 July 2009             LT 106,105,104,103 are in the Maths Building. ROTC is in the Roxby Building and CDTC is in the Civic Design Building.
      Colloquia                                                                                         Workshops
10.00                                             Registration and Coffee (Guild of Students)
11.00 Room LT 103            Room LT 106         Room LT 104                Room LT 105
12.00 Partington et al.      Wallington et al.   Parodi et al.              de Souza et al.             Room ROTC 1.07
      Using parallel         Corpus Based        Working with the Spanish Applications of               Barlow
      newspaper corpora for Approaches to        Corpus PUCV-2006:          Corpus Linguistics          Using Parallel
      Modern Diachronic      Figurative Language Academic and               for EFL classrooms          Corpora for
      Corpus-Assisted        (Endorsed by RaAM)  professional genre                                     Language Analysis
      Discourse Studies (MD-                     identification and                                     and Language
      CADS)                                      variations                                             Teaching
13.00                                                      Lunch (Guild of Students)
14.00 Room LT 103            Corpus Based        Room LT 104                Room LT 105                 Room ROTC 1.07 Room CDTC 109
      Fischer-Starcke et al. Approaches to       Divjak et al. Converging Čulo et al.                   Kilgarriff        Greaves et al.
      Corpus Linguistics and Figurative Language and diverging evidence: Beyond corpus                  The Sketch Engine Exploring
      Literature             (continued)         corpora and other          construction:                                 phraseological
                                                 (cognitive) phenomena? exploitation and                                  variation and
                                                                            maintenance of                                aboutness with
                                                                            parallel corpora                              ConcGram
16.00                                                      Coffee (Guild of Students)
16.30 Corpus Linguistics and Corpus Based        Converging and diverging Beyond corpus                 Room ROTC 1.07         Room CDTC 109
      Literature (continued) Approaches to       evidence (continued)       construction                Knight et. al.         Hanks
                             Figurative Language                            (continued)                 A multi-modal          Mapping Meaning
                             (continued)                                                                approach to the        onto Use using
                                                                                                        construction and       Corpus Pattern
                                                                                                        analysis of spoken     Analysis
18.30                                           Main Conference Registration (Guild of Students)
19.00                            Official opening of the conference and wine reception (Bar of Guild of Students)

   LTs A to D are in the University Lecture Block, LT 27, 29, 106, 105, 104, 103 are in the Maths Building. Plenaries are held in the Sherrington Building, LT 2.

   WiPs take 15 minutes

   Tuesday 21 July
        Room LTA         Room LTB           Room LT C            Room LTD           Room LT 27         Room LT29          Room LT 103         Room LT104         Room LT 105      Room LT 106
        Corpus           Dictionaries,      Tools, Software      Applications       Grammar,           Contrastive        Learning,           Specialised        Metaphor         Discourse
        Compilation      Terminology                                                Syntax,            corpus             Teaching            Corpora                             Studies
                                                                                    Morphology         linguistics
        Chair:           Chair:             Chair:               Chair:             Chair:             Chair:             Chair:              Chair:             Chair:           Chair:
        Michal Kren      Sabine Bartsch     Donna Rose           Araceli Alonso     Richard Forsyth    Ute Römer          David Oakey         Marco Venuti       Alex Chengyu     Pascual Cantos-
                                            Miller               Campo                                                                                           Fang             Gomez

9.00-   152 Issues in    430 The            168Linguistically    434A Corpus-       209AN.ANA.S.:      389 Capturing      48DDL for the       337The Tatian                       51Taking Stance
9.30    Anonymising a    Presence of        Informed and         based              Aligning Text to   the Generic        EFL Classroom:      Corpus of Old                       across
        Corpus of Text   Lexical            Corpus Informed      Constructionist    Temporal           Structure of       Effective uses of   High German:                        Languages:
        Messages:        Collocations in    Morphological        Approach to the    Sintagmatic        French             a Japanese-         Information-                        Modal Verbs of
                                            Analysis of Arabic
        Whether, Why,    Bilingual                               Concept of Fear    Progression in     Linguistic         English Parallel    structural and                      Epistemic
                                            Majdi Sawalha
        Who, What and    Dictionaries. A                         in English         Treebanks          Articles with a    Corpus and the      Grammatical                         Necessity and
                                            and Eric Atwell
        How?             Study on Nouns                          Ariadna            Miriam Voghera     Focus on the       Development of      Annotation                          Inference in
        Caroline Tagg    Related to                              Strugielska        and Francesco      Core Features of   a Learner-          Svetlana                            English and
                         Feelings in                                                Cutugno            the Genre          friendly, Online    Petrova,                            Polish Research
                         English and                                                                   Céline Poudat      Parallel            Christian                           Articles
                         Italian                                                                                          Concordancer        Chiarcos,Julia                      Krystyna
                         Barbara Berti                                                                                    Kiyomi Chujo,       Ritz and Amir                       Warchal
                                                                                                                          Laurence            Zeldes
                                                                                                                          Anthony and
9.35-   342 Putting      83 Colligational   414A Classroom       341Nominalizati    399Making it       187Register        27Units of          393Exploring       444 Metaphors    176A Combined
10.05   Corpora into     patterns in a      Corpus               on in Scientific   Plainer:           Differentiation    Meaning in          Future             pop songs live   Corpus
        Perspective:     corpus and their   Resource for         Discourse: A       Revision           in East African    Language =          Constructions in   by               Approach to the
        Sampling         lexicographic      Language             Corpus-based       Tendencies in a    English: A         Units of            Old Spanish        Rolf Kreyer      Study of
        Strategies for   documentation      Learners             Study of           Corpus of          Multidimen-        Teaching in ESP     using the Biblia                    Adversative
        Synchronic       Petra Storjohann   Gill Francis and     Abstracts and      Edited English     sional Study       classes? The        Medieval                            Discourse
        Corpora                             Andrew               Research           Texts              Lize Terblanche,   Case of Business    Parallel Corpus                     Markers
        Cyril Belica,                       Dickinson            Articles           Murphy             Bertus van         English             Miriam                              Liesbeth Mortier
        Holger Keibel,                                           Mônica Holtz       Amanda             Rooy, Ronel        Bettina Fischer-    Bouzouita                           and Liesbeth
        Marc Kupietz,                                                                                  Rossouw,           Starcke                                                 Degand
         Rainer Perkuhn                                                                           Christoph Haase
         and Marie                                                                                and Josef
         Vachková                                                                                 Schmied
10.10-   265 A Corpus of   273Conversatio     314Automatic                      45Are Complex     40English         379Learners’       304Historical      65A Case Study    53Howevering
10.40    Song Lyrics       nal Routines in    Standardization                   Tenses Really     Equivalents of    Corpus-based       Searches. Latest   of Economic       the Howevers
         (WIP)             the Learner’s      of Texts                          Real?             the Most          Study of the       Developments in    Growth based      and Butting the
         Susanne Handl     Thesaurus          Containing                        Martin            Frequent Czech    Interface of       the AAC-           on U.S.           Buts.
                           (WIP)              Spelling                          Edwardes          Prepositions. A   Syntax,            Austrian           Presidential      Investigating
                           Rebecca Langer     Variation, How                                      Contrastive       Semantics and      Academy            Speeches          Contrastive and
                                              much Training                                       Corpus-based      Pragmatics: A      Corpus (WIP)       Siaw-Fong         Concessive
                                              Data do you                                         Study             Case of Spanish    Hanno Biber,       Chung             Constructions in
         276Designing A    70Corpus for       Need?                                               Ales Klegr and    Copular Verbs      Evelyn                               Media
         Corpus of         Linguistic         Alistair Baron                                      Marketa Mala      (WIP)              Breiteneder and                      Discourse
         Plagiarised       Resources          and Paul Rayson                                                       An Chung           Karlheinz                            John Wade and
         Academic Texts    Building and                                                                             Cheng and Hui-     Moerth                               Stefano Federici
         (WIP)             Maintenance                                                                              Chuan Lu
         Paul Clough       (CLRBM):
         and Mark          Architecture,                                                                            67Developing a     385RRuDi - a
         Stevenson         First                                                                                    Curriculum for     Russian
                           Experiments                                                                              English            Diachronic
                           (WIP)                                                                                    Language           Reference
                           Emmanuel                                                                                 Support for        Corpus for
                           Cartier                                                                                  Immigrant          Linguistic
                                                                                                                    Students using a   Research (WIP)
                                                                                                                    Corpus-based       Roland Meyer
11.10                                                                          Coffee Break (Guild of Students)

         Room LTA          Room LTB           Room LTC          Room LTD        Room LT 27        Room LT29         Room LT 103        Room LT104         Room LT 105       Room LT 106
         Corpus            Dictionaries,      Discourse         Applications    Grammar,          Translation       Learning,          Specialised        Tools, Software   Phraseology
         Compilation       Terminology        Studies                           Syntax,                             Teaching           Corpora
         Chair:            Chair:             Chair:            Chair:          Chair:            Chair:            Chair:             Chair:             Chair:            Chair:
         Eric Atwell       Eleonara Albano    Paul Baker        Hanno Biber     Wendy             Michael Barlow    Del Barrett        Matthew Brook      Andrew Hardie     Patrick Hanks
                                                                                Anderson                                               O’Donnell
11.10-   139Design and     203Automatic       330«What came     205RHECITAS:    214Tracing the    34The GENTT       25Signalling       297WMatrix         288A Browser-     47A New
11.40    Compilation of    Term               to be called»:    Citation        Sentential        Corpus: A         Connections:       and the            based Corpus-     Computing
         Pedagogical       Recognition as a   Evaluative        Analysis of     Complements of    Valuable Genre-   Linking            Language of        Driven Error      Measure for
         Corpora for       Resource for       "what" and        French          Prevent through   Based Tool for    Adverbials in      Electronic         Correction Tool   Extracting
         Secondary     Theory of         Interpreter        Humanities         Centuries        Specialised       Research         Gaming            for               Contiguous
         Schools       Terminology       Identity in the    Articles           Elina Sellgren   Translators       Writing across   Vincent Ooi       Individualized    Phraseological
         Johannes      Dominika          Discourse of       Ludovic                             Maria del Pilar   Eight                              Second            Units from
         Widmann and   Šrajerová         History            Tanguy, Fanny                       Ordonez-Lopez     Disciplines                        Language          Academic Texts
         Kurt Kohn                       Marina Bondi       Lalleman,                                             Matthew                            Learning          Naixing Wei,
                                                            Cécile Fabre,                                         Peacock                            Nai-Lung Tsao,    Jingjie Li and
                                                            Claire François,                                                                         David Wible       Junying Zhou
                                                            Philippe Muller                                                                          and Anne Li-E
                                                            and Patrick                                                                              Liu
11.45-                 245Building a     443 Populism       426Visualising     190Modality in   105How            77Self Editing   131A Corpus of    347Semi-          331Establishing
12.15                  Dynamic and       and democracy:     Corpus             South African    Different is      Using Online     Ambiguous         automatic         the
                       Comprehensive     the construction   Linguistics        English: A       Translated        Concordance      Biomedical        Morphosyntactic   phraseological
                       Field             of meaning in      Paul Rayson and    Historical and   Chinese from      Stephen          Abbreviations     Tagging of a      profile of a text
                       Association       the discourse      John Mariani       Comparative      Native Chinese?   Jennings         Mark Stevenson,   Diachronic        or text type
                       Terms             Wolfgang                              Study            Richard Xiao                       Abdulaziz         Corpus of         Ute Römer
                       Dictionary from   Teubert                               Ronel Rossouw                                       Alamri, Yikun     Russian
                       Field-specific                                          and Bertus van                                      Guo and Robert    Roland Meyer
                       Corpora using                                           Rooy                                                Gaizauskas
                       Tshering Cigay
                       Dorji, Susumu
                       Yata, Elsayed
                       Rokaya and Jun-
                       ichi Aoe
13.35                                                                     Opening with welcome address
                                                   by Pro-Vice Chancellor Professor John Belchem (Sherrington Building, LT 2 )
                                                                                   followed by

                                                                                           Plenary I

                        Douglas Biber: “A Corpus-Driven Approach to Formulaic Language in English: Multi-Word Patterns in Speech and Writing”

                                                                                 Chair: Michaela Mahlberg
14.40                                                                            Lunch (Guild of Students)

         Room LTA           Room LTB             Room LTC          Room LTD            Room LT 27        Room LT29          Room LT 103        Room LT104        Room LT 105         Room LT 106
         Tools, Software    Literature           Discourse         Contrastive         Corpus            Applications       Specialised        Media             Translation         Grammar,
                                                 Studies           corpus              Compilation                          corpora                                                  Syntax,
                                                                   linguistics                                                                                                       Morphology
         Chair:             Chair:               Chair:            Chair:              Chair:            Chair:             Chair:             Chair:            Chair:              Chair:
         Laurence           Martin Wynne         Paul Baker        Marina Bondi        Gerold            Richard Xiao       Rita Calabrese     Andrea Simona     Wolfgang            Marianne Hundt
         Anthony                                                                       Schneider                                               Calude            Teubert
14.40-   358ANNIS: a        103A Corpus                            192                 269The SYN                           400Spontaneity     96Fat Cats,       31A Corpus-         46How does a
15.10    Search Tool for    Stylistic Study of                     Understanding       Concept:                             Reloaded:          Bankers, Greed    driven Approach     Grammar
         Multi-layer        To the                                 Culture:            Towards One-                         American Face-     and Gloom - the   to Identifying      Interplay with
         Annotated          Lighthouse                             Automatic           Billion Corpus                       to-face and        Language of       Distinctive Lexis   other
         Corpora            Reiko Ikeo                             Semantic            of Czech                             Movie              Financial         in Translation      Grammars?: A
         Amir Zeldes,                                              Analysis of a       Michal Křen                          Conversation       Meltdown          Ana                 Corpus-based
         Julia Ritz, Anke                                          General Web                                              Compared.          Del Barrett       Frankenberg-        Approach to the
         Lüdeling and                                              Corpus vs. a                                             Pierfranca                           Garcia              Korean Verbal
         Christian                                                 Corpus of                                                Forchini                                                 Negation System
         Chiarcos.                                                 Elicited Data                                                                                                     in Panel
                                                                   Francesca                                                                                                         Discussions
                                                                   Bianchi                                                                                                           Jini Noh
15.15-   171Simple          132A Corpus           334A Corpus-     405A Corpus-        261Annotating a   186The                                212A              370Exploring        415“To be
15.45    Maths for          Approach to          based Approach    based Analysis      Multi-Genre       Mandarin                              Comparative       Morphosyntactic     Perfectly
         Keywords           Images and           to Discourse      of Conceptual       Corpus of Early   (Reflexive)                           Study of          Variation in Old    Honest…”
         Adam Kilgarriff    Keywords in          Presentation in   Love Metaphors      Modern German     Pronoun of                            Binominals of     Spanish with        Patterns of
         and Pavel          King Lear            Early Modern      Yesim Aksan,        Paul Bennett,     SELF (zi4ji3) in                      the Keyword       Biblia Medieval     Intensifier use in
         Rychlý             Maria Cristina       English Writing   Mustafa Aksan,      Martin Durrell,   Bible: A                              Democracy in      (a Parallel         Speech and
                            Consiglio            Dan McIntyre      Taner Sezer and     Silke Scheible    Corpus-based                          Corpora of the    Corpus of           Writing
                                                 and Brian         Türker Sezer        and Richard J.    Study                                 US and South      Spanish             David Evans
                                                 Walker                                Whitt             Wang-Chen                             Korean Press      Medieval Bible
                                                                                                         Ling and Siaw-                        Minhee Bang       Translations)
                                                                                                         Fong Chung                            and Seoin Shin    Andrés Enrique-

15.50-   372Tackling        286Early             130A Linguistic   183Complement       268The SCONE      218Featuring       248Constructing    262Today and      144Monolingual      123Syntactic
16.20    Data               Modern English       Mapping of        ation Patterns in   Corpus of         Linguistic         Relationships      Yesterday: What   Corpus to           Annotation of
         Insufficiency:     Expressions of       Science           Causative Verbs     Northern          Decline in         with               has Changed?      Improve             Transcriptions
         Automatically      Stance               Popularisation:   across Varieties    English Texts     Alzheimer’s        Disciplinary       Aboutness in      Arabi/English       in the Czech
         Extending a        Beatrix Busse        Feynman’s         of English          (WIP)             Disease: A         Knowledge:         American          Cross-Language      Academic
         (Richly                                 Lectures on       Bertus van Rooy     Gabriel Amores,   Corpus-based       Continuous         Politics          Information         Corpus: Then
         Annotated) Data                         Physics and       and Lize            Julia Fernández   Approach           Aspect in          Denise Milizia    Retrieval           and Now
         Set                                     what Corpus       Terblanche          Cuesta and        Pascual Cantos-    Reporting Verbs                      Farag Ahmed         Barbora Hladka
         Daphne                                  Methods can                           Luisa García      Gomez              and Disciplinary                                         and Zdenka
         Theijssen,                              Tell us                               García                               Interaction in                                           Uresova
         Nelleke                                 Maria Freddi                                                               Lecture
         Oostdijk, Hans                                                                                                     Discourse
         van Halteren                                                                                                   Nick Endacott
         and Lou Boves

16.25-   242A New          413A              340Remission       196Signaling       287Compiling,      68Corpus-based     169A Corpus-     375“Whose        14N-gram            122Analyzing a
16.40    DBMS and          Comparison of     among the          Text               Annotating and     Analysis of       based             truth?”:         Classification in   Corpus of
WIP      Flexible POS      two English       Mentally Ill: An   Organization in    Publishing         “Master” in       Computational     Epistemic Will   Target Corpus       Documents
only     Tagging for EFL   Translations of   Intertextual       French Research    Corpora in DK-     Translations of   Model for         in Online News   for Context-        Produced by
         Learners and      A. Barea’s The    Study of           Articles - A       CLARIN, the        The Analects      Knowledge         Forums (WIP)     based MT (WIP)      French Writers
         Researchers       Forge. How can    Essentialist       Cross-             Danish             (WIP)             Representation    Fiona Dalziel    Alejandro           in English:
         (WIP)             the Computer      Discourse in       disciplinary       Incarnation of     Wang Yuanting     of the Quran      and Francesca    Curado-Fuentes,     Annotating
         Takeshi Okada     Help when the     Psychiatry         Study (WIP)        the Pan-                             (WIP)             Helm             Martín Garay-       Lexical,
         and Yasunobu      Source Text is    (WIP)              Veronika           European                             Abdul-Baquee                       Serrano, Héctor     Grammatical
         Sakamoto          Missing? (WIP)    Laura Strakova     Laippala           Initiative for a                     Sharaf and Eric                    Sánchez-            and Stylistic
                           Luis Sánchez-                                           Common                               Atwell                             Santamaría and      Errors and their
                           Rodríguez and                                           Resource                                                                Elisabez            Distribution
                           José L. Oncins-                                         Infrastructure                                                          Sánchez-Gil         (WIP)
                           Martínez                                                (WIP)                                                                                       Camille Albert,
                                                                                   Jakob Halskov                                                                               Marie Garnier,
                                                                                                                                                                               Arnaud Rykner
                                                                                                                                                                               and Patrick
17.10                                                                             Coffee break (Guild of Students)

17.15-                                                                      Plenary II (Sherrington Building, LT 2)
                                                                Svenja Adolphs: “Corpus, Context and Ubiquitous Computing”

                                                                                       Chair: Andrew Hardie

                                    Those who are going to the Beatles Story meet immediately after Plenary II in front of the Sherrington Building

   Wednesday 22 July
        Room LTA          Room LTB           Room LTC          Room LTD         Room LT 27        Room LT29          Room LT 103        Room LT104        Room LT 105        Room LT 106
        Learning,         Discourse          Theory            Phraseology      Tools, Software   Semantics and      Dictionaries,      Corpus            Metaphor           Grammar,
        Teaching          Studies                                                                 Lexicon            Terminology        Compilation                          Syntax,
        Chair:            Chair:             Chair:            Chair:           Chair:            Chair:             Chair:             Chair:            Chair:             Chair:
        Izaskun Elorza    Frantisek          Michael Barlow    Amy Yun-Ting     Andrew Hardie     Francesco          Liesbeth           Amanda            Andres Enrique-    Pierfranca
                          Cermak                               Wang                               Cutugno            Degand             Murphy            Arias              Forchini
9.00-   101Subjunctives    89'Give your      252A Corpus-      200A Function-   156Corpus-        180Nominalizati    100Building the    194The Corpus      316Deductive      202Large and
9.30    in the            Eyes the           based             first Approach   driven            ons and            PDT-VALLEX         of Eighteenth-    versus Inductive   Noisy vs Small
        Argumentative     Comfort they       Reappraisal of    to Identifying   Morphematic       Nationality        Valency Lexicon    Century Texts:    Approaches to      and Reliable:
        Writing of        Deserve':          the Role of       Formulaic        Analysis          Expressions: A     Zdenka Uresova     Towards the       Metaphor           Combining 2
        Learners of       Imperative         Biomechanics in   Language         Vaclav Cvrcek     Corpus Analysis                       Construction of   Identification     Types of
        German            Constructions in   Lexical           Philip Durrant                     Daniel Berndt,                        the Diachronic    Tina Krennmayr     Corpora for
        Ursula Maden-     English Print      Phonotactics                                         Gemma Boleda,                         Corpus of                            Valence
        Weinberger        Ads                Eleonora C.                                          Berit Gehrke                          Russian                              Extraction
                          Elma Kerz          Albano                                               and Louise                            Svetlana                             Cécile Fabre and
                                                                                                  McNally                               Savchuk                              Anna Kupsc
9.35-   128Corpus as      222Using           322Distance       319A Corpus-      55Corpus         301Extracting      250An              167A              188Metaphor,       172On the
10.05   Control Group:    Linguistic         between Words     based Study of   Profiling with    Semantic           Empirical          Multilingual      Part of Speech,    Distribution of
        Measuring         Metaphor to        as an             the              the Posit Tools   Themes and         Survey of          Annotated         and Register       English
        Writing           Express            Alternative way   Phraseological   George R S        Lexical Patterns   French, Latin      Corpus for the    Variation: A       Reflexives
        Development       Modality: A        to Model          Behaviour of     Weir              from a Text        and Greek          Study of          Corpus             Makoto Shimizu
        over an           Corpus Study of    Language          Abstract Nouns                     Corpus             Words in the       Information       Approach to
        Intensive EAP     Argumentative      Justin Washtell   in Medical                         Margareta          British National   Structure         Metaphor in
        Programme         Writing            and Eric Atwell   English                            Kastberg           Corpus             Lisa Brunetti,    Dutch Discourse
        (WIP)             Claudia Marcela                      Natalia Judith                     Sjöblom            Chengyu A.         Stefan Bott,      Tryntje Pasma
        Steve Issitt      Chapetón Castro                      Laso                                                  Fang, Jing Cao,    Joan Costa and
                          and Danica                                                                                 Nancy Ide,         Enric Vallduví
        175Using a        Salazar                                                                                    Hanhong Li,
        Learner Corpus                                                                                               Wanyin Li and
        for Writing                                                                                                  Xing Zhang
        Andrew Nicolai

10.10-                     24‘Diamonds       39Establishing a    419Compiling       315Corpus-        181Mock Trial       129The General      147The Czech
10.40                      may not be        Historiography      and Exploring      based             and Interpreters’   and the Specific:   National Corpus
                           Forever’.         for Corpus-         Frequent           Identification    Choices of Lexis    Collocational       - Looking Back,
                           Keyness in        events from their   Collocations       and               --- Issues          Resonance and       Looking
                           Discourse         Frequency: A        Maria Moreno-      Disambiguation    Involving           Scientific          Forward (WIP)
                           Conflict:         Celebration of      Jaen               of Reading        Lexicalization      Language            Vera
                           Identifying       Bertrand                               Indicators for    and Re-             Geoffrey            Schmiedtova
                           Indicators of     Russell's (1948)                       German            lexicalization of   Williams and
                           Persuasive        Five Postulates                        Nominalizations   the Crime           Chrystel Millon
                           Stance (WIP)      Bill Louw                              Kurt Eberle,      Sachiko
                           Ersilia Incelli                                          Gertrud Faaß      Nakamura and
                                                                                    and Ulrich Heid   Makiko Mizuno
                           Functional Uses
                           of Synonyms
                           Linda Bawcom
11.10                                                                              Coffee Break (Guild of Students)

         Room LTA          Room LTB          Room LTC            Room LTD           Room LT 27        Room LT29           Room LT 103         Room LT104          Room LT 105       Room LT 106
         Phraseaology      Media             Learning,           Tools, Software    Spoken            Learning,           Specialised         Language            Language          Web Corpora
                                             Teaching                               Corpora           Teaching            Corpora             Processing          Processing        Chair
         Chair:            Chair:            Chair:              Chair :            Chair :           Chair:              Chair :             Chair:              Chair:            Chair:
         Ana               Kim Gerdes        Dionysis            Voijko Gorjanc     Christoph Haase   Angela Hahn         Eva Hajicova        Helena Halmari      Encarnacion       Yukio Tono
         Frankenberg                         Goutsos                                                                                                              Hidalgo-Tenorio
11.10-   344The use of     395A corpus-      398From a           124eHumanities     106Speech         293New Corpus       352Encoding         24Corpus-based      318Populating a   439Filling in the
11.40    Vague             based Analysis    Specialised         Desktop - An       Disfluencies in   Tools for           Intonation: The     Derivation of a     Framework for     Gaps:
         Formulaic         of Reader         Corpus to           Extensible         Formal Context.   Investigating the   Use of Italics      “basic scientific   Readability       supplementing
         Language by       Positioning:      Classrooms for      Online System      Analysis based    Acquisition of      and the             vocabulary” for     Analysis          modern
         Native and Non-   Robert Mugabe     Specific            for Corpus         on Spontaneous    Formulaic           Challenges for      indexing            Neil Newbold      diachronic
         native Speakers   as a Pattern in   Purposes            Management         Speech Corpora    Chunks in L2        Translation         purposes            and Lee Gillam    corpora using
         of English in     the Guardian      Reka Jablonkai      and Analysis       Leonardo          Nai-Lung Tsao,      Peter Douglas       Lyne Da Sylva                         WebCorpLSE
         Synchronous       newspaper                             Rüdiger Gleim,     Campillos and     Anne Li-E Liu                                                                 Andrew Kehoe
         one-on-one        Izaskun Elorza                        Alexander          Manuel            and David
         CMC                                                     Mehler, Ulli       Alcantara         Wible
         Julieta                                                 Waltinger,
         Fernandez and                                           Hans-Jürgen
         Aziz Yuldashev                                          Eikmeyer, Peter
                                                                 Menke and

11.45-   274Multi-word       30A corpus-                           11New             213CLIPS:         250On Chinese     346Synergies       199“Weak           263Introducing     26The British
12.15    Sequences in        based Study of                        Developments in   Diatopic,         Learners’         between            Spatial Nouns”:    Probabilistic      English '06
         Motion (WIP)        the Role of                           Optimization of   Diamesic and      Acquisition of    Transcription      A Corpus based     Information in     Corpus - Using
         Andreas Buerki      Relative Clauses                      Linguistic        Diaphasic         English Tense     and Lexical        Strategy for       Constraint         the LOB Model
                             in the                                Corpus            Variations of     Consistency - A   Database           Sub-classifying    Grammar            to Build a
                             Simplification of                     Research:         Spoken Italian    Corpus-based      Building: The      the Basque         Parsing            Contemporary
                             News Texts                            TextAnalyst and   Francesco         Study             Case of German     Lexicon for        Eckhard Bick       Corpus from the
                             David Allen                           NetXtract         Cutugno and       Xuemei Zhang      Sign Language      Language                              Internet
                                                                   Victoria          Renata Savy       and Yingying      Thomas Hanke,      Processing                            Paul Baker
                                                                   Tuzlukova                           Yang              Susanne Koenig,    Koldo Garai and
                                                                                                                         Reiner Konrad,     Justyna Pietrzak
                                                                                                                         Gabriele Langer
                                                                                                                         and Christian
12.20-                                                                        Plenary III (Sherrington Building, LT 2 )
                                           Joybrato Mukherjee: “English in South Asia: corpus-based perspectives on the lexis-grammar interface”

                                                                                          Chair: Susan Hunston
14.25                                                                                  Lunch (Guild of Students)

         Room LTA            Room LTB            Room LTC          Room LTD          Room LT 27        Room LT29         Room LT 103        Room LT104         Room LT 105        Room LT 106
         Specialised         Phraseology         Tools, Software   Language          Learning,         Theory            Discourse          Literature         Phraseology        Spoken
         Corpora                                                   Processing        Teaching                            Studies                                                  Corpora
         Chair:              Chair:              Chair:            Chair:            Chair:            Chair:            Chair:             Chair:             Chair :            Chair:
         Monica Holtz        Tony McEnery        Anke Luedeling    Oliver Mason      Mike Scott        Reka Jablonkai    Mazura             Beatrix Busse      Bettina Fischer-   Stephen Jeaco
                                                                                                                         Muhammad                              Starke
14.25-   394A Corpus-        403Measuring        118Working with   402Arabic         145The Use of     23From Theory     397Negotiating     126A Corpus-       339Discourse       309Speaking in
14.55    based Approach      Formulaic           Nonstandard       Question-         Marginal and      to Corpus and     the Agenda         Based Study of     Functions of       Piles:
         to the Language     Language in         Documents: A      Answering via     Complex           Back Again -      through the        the Speech,        Lexical Bundles:   Paradigmatic
         of Social           Corpora from        Server-based      Instance Based    Prepositions in   The Case of       White House        Writing and        Isotextual         Annotation of a
         Services:           the Perspective     Trainable Fuzzy   Learning from     Learner English   Inferential       press Briefings:   Thought            Comparisons        French Spoken
         Identifying         of Language as      Search-plugin     an FAQ Corpus     Tom Rankin and    Constructions     A CADS             Presentation in    David Oakey        Corpus
         Changes in the      a Complex           for Mozilla       Bayan Abu         Barbara           Andreea Calude    Analysis of        Julian Barnes’                        Kim Gerdes and
         Profession of the   System              Firefox           Shawar and Eric   Schiftner                           Important and      "Talking It                           Sylvain Kahane
         Social Worker       Matthew Brook       Thomas Pilz,      Atwell                                                Importance in      Over"
         and Priorities in   O'Donnell and       Christoph Buck                                                          the Bush           Brian Walker
         Social Problems     Nick Ellis          and Wolfram                                                             Administration
         Adriana Teresa                          Luther                                                                  Press Briefings
         Damascelli                                                                                                      Giulia Riccio

15.00    404Bigrams in      108Phraseology      135Exploring      371Annotating a     327Learning       256Blurring        367Civil          291Word           392Lexical         58You’re so
15.30    Registers,         and Evaluative      Imagery in        Learner Corpus      English Bare      Dichotomies.       Partnership ?     Distance          Bundles in         dumb man. It’s
         Domains, and       Meaning in          Literary          of English          Singulars:        Why Lexical        "Gay Marriage     Distribution in   English            four thousand
         Varieties: A       Corpus and in       Corpora with      Michael             Corpus            Semantics needs    in all but        Literary Texts    Abstracts: A       years old. Who’s
         Bigram Gravity     Text: The Study     the Natural       O'Donnell,          Approaches for    Corpus Analysis    Name"!?           Gemma Boleda,     Corpus-based       dumber me cos I
         Approach to the    of Intensity and    Language          Susana Murcia       the L2            Irene Russo        Uncovering        Alvaro Corral,    Study of           said it or the
         Homogeneity of     Saturation          ToolKit           and Rebeca          Classroom                            Discourses of     Ramon Ferrer i    Published and      guys that
         Corpora            Susan Hunston       Claire Brierley   García              Laurel Stvan                         Same-sex          Cancho and        Non-native         thought I was
         Stefan Th. Gries                       and Eric Atwell                                                            Relationships     Albert Díaz-      Graduate           serious?: Age
                                                                                                                           Ingo Bachmann     Guilera           Writing            and Gender-
                                                                                                                                                               Carmen Dayrell     related
                                                                                                                                                                                  Examination of
                                                                                                                                                                                  Insults in Irish
                                                                                                                                                                                  Brona Murphy
15.35-   198Institutional   32Phraseologic      107Using a        94Toward            41A Corpus-       75Analysing        387The            154Corpus         59The Forms        21Expressing
16.05    English in         al choice as        Parser as a       Automatic Error     Based Study of    speech acts with   Evolution of      Linguistics and   and Functions of   Gratitude by
         Italian            ‘Register-          Heuristic Tool    Identification of   Chinese EFL       the corpus of      Institutional     Literary          Organisational     Non-native
         University         idiosyncratic’      for the           Learner             Learners? Use     Greek texts.       Genres in Time:   Translation: An   Frameworks         Speakers of
         Websites: The      Evaluative          Description of    Corpora: A DP-      of Synonymous     Implications for   The Case of the   impossible        across Different   English: Using
         acWaC Corpus       Meaning? A          New Englishes     matching            Nouns in          a theory of        White House       liaison?          Registers          the International
         Silvia             Corpus-assisted     Schneider         Approach            College English   language.          Press Briefings   Guadalupe Ruiz    Martin Warren      Corpus of
         Bernardini,        Comparative         Gerold and        Yukio Tono and      Test Writing      Dionysis           Amelia Maria      Yepes                                English (Hong
         Adriano            Study of            Hundt Marianne    Hajime              Hong Wang         Goutsos            Cava, Silvia De                                        Kong
         Ferraresi and      Congressional                         Mochizuki                                                Candia, Giulia                                         Component)
         Federico           Debate                                                                                         Riccio, Cinzia                                         May Wong
         Gaspari            Donna Rose                                                                                     Spinzi and
                            Miller and Jane                                                                                Marco Venuti
                            Helen Johnson
16.10    338Towards a       317Why              95                383How              351WriCLE: A      279Lexical         246Regrammati                       3Analysis of       113Compliments
16.40    Discourse          Prosodies aren't    1 corpus +        Reliable are        learner Corpus    Priming and        calization as a                     Spanish            in MICASE
         Corpus of Czech    always Present:     1 corpus =        Modern English      for Second        Polysemous         Restrategizing                      Students           (WIP)
          (WIP)             Insights into the   1 corpus          Tagged              Language          Verbs - A          Device in                           Corpora: The       Tsuo-lin Chiu
         Lucie Mladová,     Idiom Principle     Adam Kilgarriff   Corpora? A          Acquisition       Critique           Political                           use of Lexical
         Zuzanna            Gill Philip                           Case-study of       Research          Fanie Tsiamita     Discourse                           Bundles and
         Bedrichová,                                              Modifier and        Amaya                                Michael S Boyd                      Gramatical         306Corp-Oral:
         Šárka Zikánová                                           Degree Adverbs      Mendikoetxea,                                                            collocations in    A Spoken
         and Eva                                                  in Brown, LOB,      Michael                                                                  their Writing      Corpus for
         Hajicová                                                 the BNC-            O'Donnell and                                                            Production in      European
                                                                  Sampler, and        Paul Rollinson                                                           EFL                Portuguese
                                                                  ICE-GB                                                                                       (WIP)              (WIP)
                                                                  Owen                                                                                         Juan Pedro         Fabíola Santos
                                                                  Nancarrow and                                                                                Rica-Peromingo
                                                                  Eric Atwell
17.40                                                                          Coffee and Posters (Guild of Students)

17.45-                                                                       Plenary IV (Sherrington Building, LT 2 )
                                                                Mike Scott: “Key Cluster and Concgram Patterns in Shakespeare”

                                                                                      Chair: Wolfgang Teubert
                                                                              Conference Dinner at the Adelphi Hotel

   Thursday 23 July
         Room LTA         Room LTB           Room LTC            Room LTD           Room LT 27        Room LT29         Room LT 103      Room LT104        Room LT 105       Room LT 106
         Language         Phraseology        Learning,           Spoken             Semantics and     Tools, Software   Dictionaries,    Literature        Discourse         Web Corpora
         Processing                          Teaching            Corpora            the Lexicon                         Terminology                        Studies
         Chair:           Chair:             Chair:              Chair:             Chair:            Chair:            Chair:           Chair:            Chair:            Chair:
         Kucera Karel     Ales Klegr         Amir Zeldes         Orion Montoya      Gill Philip       Mick O’Donnell    Jose Oncincs-    Tryntje Pasma     Matthew           Beatrix Busse
                                                                                                                        Martinez                           Peacock
9.00-    382Integration   162A               29Corpus-based      170Word Order      151Distinctive-   386Discovering                                       72A Corpus-
9.30     of Morphology    Comparative        Lexical Analysis    Phenomena in       collexeme         and Exploring                                        based Discourse
         and Syntax       Study of Phd       for NNS             Spoken French:     Analysis of an    Academic                                             Analysis of
         Unsupervised     Abstracts          Academic            A Study on four    Italian           Primings with                                        Global Warming
         Techniques for   Written in         Writing             Corpora of         Epistemic         Academic                                             in British,
         Language         English by         Alejandro           Task-oriented      Construction      Learners                                             American and
         Induction        Native and Non-    Curado-Fuentes      Dialogue and its   Irene Russo and   Przemyslaw                                           Chinese
         Héctor Fabio     native Speakers                        Consequences       Francesca Strik   Kaszubski                                            Newspapers
         Cadavid and      across Different                       on Language        Lievers                                                                Fang Wang
         Jonatan Gomez    Disciplines                            Processing
                          Genevieve                              Jean-Yves
                          Bordet                                 Antoine, Jerome
                                                                 Goulian, Jeanne
                                                                 Villaneau and
                                                                 Marc Le Tallec
9.35-    97A Corpus-      348“According      142The              127A Corpus-       277Collocations   363Corpus         431Corpora and   62Gender          66The Role of     64k dixez?: A
10.05    based Study of   to the             Application of      based Study of     of the Noun-      Tagging of        Headword Lists   Representation    Language in the   corpus study of
         Pashto           equation…”:        Corpus              Invariant Tags     Adverb            connectors: the   for Learner’s    in Harry Potter   Discursive        Spanish Internet
         Mohammad          Keyness in          Linguistics to     in London           Combination in     case of            Dictionaries:      Series: A           Construction of     orthography
         Abid Khan and     Chinese and         Pedagogy: The      English             Czech              Slovenian and      The Case of the    Corpus-Based        Belonging in the    Mark Myslín
         Fatima Tuz        British Students’   Role of            Eivind              František          Croatian           Spanish            Study               Quebec Nation:      and Stefan Th.
         Zuhra             Undergraduate       Mediation          Torgersen and       Cermák             academic           Learner’s          Amir Hamza          A Corpus            Gries
                           Assignments         Lynne              Costas                                 discourse          Dictionary         and Wesam           Assisted
                           from UK             Flowerdew          Gabrielatos                            Tatjana Balažic    DAELE              Ibrahim             Discourse Study
                           Universities                                                                  Bulc and Vojko     (Diccionario de                        of the Bouchard-
                           Maria Leedham                                                                 Gorjanc            aprendizaje del                        Taylor
                                                                                                                            español como                           Commission
                                                                                                                            lengua                                 Consultation
                                                                                                                            extranjera)                            Briefs
                                                                                                                            Araceli Alonso                         Rachelle Freake
                                                                                                                            Campo and
                                                                                                                            Elena Estremera
10.10-   290A Top-down     99Lexical           275An Analysis     401What they do     329Patterns of     88The Brazilian    312Building a      61A Corpus-         292Talking           376Who said
10.40    Approach to       Bundles in          of Japanese EFL    in Lectures is?:    Verb Colligation   Corpus: A one-     Corpus-based       based Approach      about Risk in the   What?
         Discourse-level   Classroom           Learners' use      The Functions of    and Collocation    billion word       Specialist         to the Modalities   MMR Debate          Methodological
         Annotation        Discourse: A        and                wh-cleft Clauses    in Scientific      online resource    Writing-aid Tool   in Blood &          Debbie Orpin        Issues in
         Lydia-Mai Ho-     Corpus-Based        Management of      in University       Discourse          (WIP)              for Non-native     Chocolate                               Applying
         Dac, Cécile       Approach to         Discourse          Lectures            Sabine Bartsch     Tony Berber        Speakers of        Wesam Ibrahim                           Corpus-based
         Fabre, Marie-     Tracking            Strategies         Katrien Deroey                         Sardinha, José     English            and Mazura                              Methods to
         Paule Péry-       Disciplinary        across Different                                          Lopes Moreira      Alexandra          Muhammad                                Analyse Online
         Woodley and       Variation and       Acquisition                                               Filho and Eliane   Volanschi and                                              Chat Data
         Josette           Knowledge           Stages (WIP)                                              Alambert           Natalie Kübler                                             Paul Rayson,
         Rebeyrolle        Construction        Aika Miura                                                                                                                              Phil Greenwood,
                           Paul Doyle                                                                                                                                                  Awais Rashid
                                               82Lexical                                                                                                                               and James
                                               Priming in L2                                                                                                                           Walkerdine
                                               English: A
                                               Comparison of
                                               two Korean
                                               Glenn Hadikin
11.10                                                                                Coffee Break (Guild of Students)

         Room LTA          Room LTB            Room LTC           Room LTD            Room LT 27         Room LT29          Room LT 103        Room LT104          Room LT 105         Room LT 106
         Learning,         Phraseology         Language           Applications        Translation        Tools, Software    Semantics and      Multimodal          Corpus              Grammar,
         Teaching                              Processing                                                                   the Lexicon        Corpora             compilation         Syntax,
                                                                                                                                                                   and processing      Morphology
         Chair:            Chair:              Chair:             Chair :             Chair :            Chair              Chair :            Chair:              Chair :             Chair:
         Josef Schmied     Debbie Orpin        Margareta          Nicholas Smith      Mark               Stefan Th. Gries   Dominc Stewart     Martin Warren       George Weir         Johannes
                                               Kastberg                              Stephenson                                                                                   Widmann
11.10-   150Corpora for     373Exploring       280A               80Keyness as       378Identifying     86A Tool for       161                 138A Corpus-     230Collecting     233Analysing
11.40    all? Learning      the Variation      Parsimonious       Correlation:       Discourse          Finding            Distributional      based            Spoken Learner    the Output of
         Styles and Data-   and Distribution   Model of Lexical   Notes on           Functions          Metaphors in       Characterization    Comparison       Data:             Individual
         driven Learning    of Academic        Similarity for     Extending the      through Parallel   Corpora using      of Constructional   among CMC,       Challenges and    Speakers
         Alex Boulton       Phrase-frames      the                Notion of          Corpora            Lexical Patterns   Meaning             Speech and       Benefits          Michael Barlow
                            in MICUSP          Measurement of     Keyness from       Pavlína Šaldová    Tony Berber        Florent Perek       Writing in       Joanna
                            Ute Römer and      Latent Stylistic   Categorical to                        Sardinha                               Japanese         Jendryczka-
                            Matthew Brook      Profiles           Ordinal                                                                      Yukiko           Wierszycka
                            O'Donnell          Edward J. L.       Association                                                                  Nishimura
                                               Bell, Damon        Richard Forsyth
                                               Berridge and       and Phoenix
                                               Paul Rayson        Lam
11.45-   174Corpora and     52“On              323Comparing       336A Corpus-       267Mediated        305Automatic       153Natural          165Multimodal    406Arabic and     428NOT-
12.15    EFL/ELT:           quoting…” - a      Forensic           based Study on     Modality: a        Grouping of        Ontologies at       Russian Corpus   Arab English in   negation and
         Losses, Gains      corpus-based       Linguistic         Gender-specific    Corpus-based       Morphologically    Work:               (MURCO):         the Arab World    NO-Negation in
         and Trends in a    study on the       Analysis against   Words              Investigation of   Related            Investigating       General          Eric Atwell       Contemporary
         Computerized       phraseology of     SVM                Yuka Ishikawa      Original,          Collocations       Fairy Tales         Structure                          Spoken British
         World              well-known         Classification                        Translated and     Fabienne           Ismaïl El           Elena Grishina                     English: A
         Adrian Ciupe       quotations         for Authorship                        Non-native ESP     Fritzinger and     Maarouf                                                Corpus-based
                            Sixta Quassdorf    Attribution of                        Federico           Ulrich Heid                                                               Study
                                               Newspaper                             Gaspari and                                                                                  José Ramón
                                               Opinion                               Silvia                                                                                       Varela Pérez
                                               Columns                               Bernardini
                                               Rui Sousa Silva,
                                               Luís Sarmento,
                                               Belinda Maia,
                                               Oliveira and
                                               Tim Grant
12.20-   Edinburgh          102The British     134Identifying     420Patterns of     350Nominal         295An              396Why to “Fill     38Collecting      368Using Data
12.50    Academic           National Corpus    Speech Acts in     Communication      Coreference in     Integrated         a Niche” in         and Collating    Mining to Trace
         Spoken English     and the Archives   Emails:            and Language       Translations and   Environment for    Spanish is not a    Heterogenous     Changing
         Corpus - tutor     of The             Business           Functions in the   Originals - A      Extracting and     Bad Thing           Datasets for     Association
         interaction with   Guardian: The      English and        Text Messaging     Corpus-based       Translating        Anymore: A          Future Multi-    Patterns over
         East Asian         Influence of       Non-native         Practices of       Study              Collocations       Corpus-based        modal Corpus     Time
         students in        American           Speakers           participants in    Kerstin Anna       Violeta Seretan    Look at             Enquiry          Rob Sanderson,
         tutorials          Phraseology on     Rachele De         Six SMS            Kunz                                  Anglicisms in       Dawn Knight      Catherine Smith
         Joan Cutting       British English    Felice and Paul    Networks (WIP)                                           Spanish                              and Matthew
                            Ramón Martí        Deane              Susana Sotillo                                           José L. Oncins-                      Brook
                            Solano                                                                                         Martínez                             O'Donnell

12.55-   282 Use of       84 Hedges,        191Subcategori-    365An Analysis   184English-       259KWExT - A            264Frequency      182Investigating
13.25    Modal Verbs by   Boosters and      sation             of User          Spanish           Prototype               Effects on the    Lexical
         Japanese         Attitude          "Inheritance": A   Behavior         Equivalence       Keyword                 Evolution of      Convergence as
         Learners of      Markers in L1     Corpus-based       Following        Unveiled by       Extraction Tool         Discourse         a
         English: A       and L2 Research   Extraction and     Speech           Translation       (WIP)                   Markers in        Representativen
         Comparison       Article           Classification     Recognition      Corpora: The      Mike Conway             Spoken vs.        ess Criterion in
         with NS and      Introductions     Approach           Errors in the    Case of the                               Written French    the National
         Chinese          Pilar Mur         Ekaterina          Communicator     Gerund in the     311Vis-À-Vis - a        Catherine Bolly   Corpus of Polish
         Learners                           Lapshinova-        (WIP)            ACTRES            System to               and Liesbeth      Piotr Pezik and
         Shin'ihicro                        Koltunski          Svetlana         Parallel Corpus   Compare Variety         Degand            Lukasz Drozdz
         Ishikawa                                              Stoyanchev and   Marlén            Corpora (WIP)
                                                               Amanda Stent     Izquierdo         Stefanie Anstein

13.25-                                                                            Lunch (Guild of Students)
14.30-                                                                    Plenary V (Sherrington Building, LT 2 )
                                             Tony McEnery: “The Representation of Islam in the British and American Press, 1998-2005”

                                                                                Chair: Victorina González-Díaz

 15.30                                                                Coffee / ice cream and Finish (Guild of Students)


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