YFC Annual Report 2003 - 2004 by sdsdfqw21


									a n n ua l          r e p o rt
   april 2003 - march 2004
                                                           a n n ua l                            r e p o rt
                                                                    april 2003 - march 2004

                           th for christ
    th e MISSION of you
                            ipate in the
 south  africa is to partic
                      cial and spiritual
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      development of y

                                          [ contents ]
    YFC South Africa operates
   in the following provinces:
               • Eastern Cape •                                                                                  Page
 • Gauteng • Kwazulu Natal •                                                                                        1
                                    [ From The National Director’s Desk
• Northwest • Mpumalanga •                                                                                        2-3
                                     [ HIV/AIDS
              • Western Cape •
                                     [ Schools
   A satellite office has been                                                                                       6
 set up in the Northern Cape         [ Homeless Children
  to pioneer the work there.         [ Job Creation
                                                                               Deve                    lopment       8
                                     [ Internship Program - Volunteer & Skills
                                                                                                     ent             9
                                      [ Camping - Personal & Leadership Developm
                                      [ Edutainment Teams
                                      [ Gender Empowerment
                                      [ Intermediary Service
                                      [ International Volunteer Program
                                       [ Donors & Partners

                                  YFC Financial Statem
                                                      ents are available on
                                                                              request from YFC Nat
                                                                                                  ional Office.
              y f c   s o u t h    a f r i c a

{ a few words from the national director }

   served YFC in this position for the second half of
   the period under review. Brian Helsby resigned from
   YFC after he served for 30+ years. At his farewell
those who paid tribute to him described his legacy as          I’m proud to say
servanthood leadership, the man who contributed to             YFC has indeed
the strong foundation of youth work profession in our
country, a role model of how to be a father and much           contributed
more.                                                          towards
   We also pay tribute to Clive and Cynthia Douglas.
They have retired after pouring their lives in YFC for
more than 20 years. They were instrumental in creating         development
the YFC Training Centre in Magaliesberg. Sean Moodley
                                                               in a continent
resigned from YFC after 14 years. We say hamba kahle
Sean, your contribution has enriched the organisation.         that has a          the evaluation of the Siyithemba project. Siyithemba is
Your commitment to development of the youth and
                                                               growing youth       a holistic long term school development intervention
communities has been be exemplary.                                                 which facilitates processes that mobilize & support
  Sustainable development – was a buzz word for                population, with    stakeholders to “transform” their schools.
organisations over this period. This was due to the fact       ever-increasing       YFC/KZN implemented a data collection process which
that World Summit on Sustainable Development was                                   enables them to assess the impact of their programs.
held in our country towards the end of 2002. As we look        demands for food,
                                                                                   They also had independent evaluations done in two
back we feel humbled by many lives that have been              water, shelter,     projects.
impacted. I’m proud to say YFC has indeed contributed
                                                               sanitation,            It was an affirmation to us when evaluations showed
towards sustainable development in a continent that
                                                                                   our models have & do improve the quality of the lives
has a growing youth population, with ever-increasing           energy, health      of the young people we are serving. (The reports are
demands for food, water, shelter, sanitation, energy,
                                                               services and        available on request)
health services and economic security.
                                                                                      Mahatma Gandhi said “we cannot do any great thing
  One of the milestones of the year was evaluations of         economic security   for people but we can do small things with great love”.
some our projects in KwaZulu Natal and Johannesburg
                                                                                   We are proud of the great love of our staff, volunteers,
by external researchers. YFC Johannesburg in partnership
                                                                                   board members and committed friends that is evident
with Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund commissioned
                                                                                   in the passion and commitment with which they
                                                                                   serve young people and communities. We salute the
                                                                                   contribution of donors and all networking partners
                                                                                   who have enhanced the efforts of YFC South Africa by
                                                                                   investing in the lives of our country’s youth.

                                                                                   Rabana J. Modisane
                                                                                   NATIONAL DIRECTOR

   A group of young people who were inspired by YFC Johannesburg’s
 Siyithemba project to start a singing group - Interface Singers - at a
  function where they met President Mbeki. They have also started
                    a community outreach project

           y f c    p r o j e c t   t h e m e s

{ HIV/AIDS Projects }

                    YFC seeks to respond to the challenge
                             of HIV/AIDS through
                          every one of its programs.

        FC staff workers continue to receive updated
        information, in order to build their knowledge
        levels regarding HIV/AIDS. New intervention
trends have been observed and assimilated into the work.
YFC remains an active member of Local HIV/AIDS Councils
in Rustenburg, Klerksdorp and Mafikeng.

  An express goal of our work in teaching about HIV/
AIDS is to eradicate the myths surrounding the pandemic,
using interactive methods. Our surveys show that many
learners know facts but do
not understand the process of
                                     There have been
HIV/AIDS infection in the body.
There have been many cases           many cases of
of learners seeking counselling
                                     learners seeking
after class discussion and
enquiring where to do HIV/           counselling after
AIDS testing. Drug and alcohol       class discussion
awareness programs and youth
rallies added to the success of      and enquiring
our work in schools.                 where to do HIV/
  The local Edutainment              AIDS testing
teams hit the road with drama,
dance and Lifeskills programs
designed to address the HIV/
AIDS crisis in South Africa. The
teams received very specific HIV/AIDS knowledge and
skills training, enabling them to facilitate workshops and
counselling sessions in high schools and youth related

  The KZN HIV/AIDS project’s major emphases involve
training and equipping of staff and other organisations
with up- to- date knowledge on HIV/AIDS, and                 assistance and motivation to enlist their involvement
community development. This is achieved through              in the initiatives. We are currently working in three
assisting the community to establish support groups          communities.
for people infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. The group
becomes a place of support and care, which then reaches        Our Phakama gender empowerment program has
out to provide prevention education to the community.        an HIV/AIDS drama team who run four day HIV/AIDS
YFC also works with churches in the community, offering      workshops in schools, working alongside facilitators and

          Johannesburg has a home
                                                                          Story from Western
        Rethabile Village – specifi
                                                                                                             e counselled a young
        for children infected and                                            “Over   the past two years I’v                   y things
                                                                                                    opened up to the man
                                                                          gi rl who has over time                            s one of
        affected by HIV/AIDS. We
                                 are                                                                s dealing with. She wa
                                                                          in her life that she wa                                   /
                                                                                                          a local clinic for an HIV
         encouraged to see how the                                         the fi  rst learners I took to                     e was an
                                                                                                    her through that tim
                                                                           AIDS test. Counselling                                    ifs”
         children respond to good
                                  care                                                                       discussed the “what
                                                                            emotio   nal experience, as we                       ged in
                                                                                                       nversations have chan
                                                                                 the situation. Our co
         and nutrition.                                                     of                                   at she wants to know
                                                                             recent m   onths each time we ch                      . Her
                                                                                                          a particular situation
                                                                             how   to advise a friend in                         herself,
                                                                                                     from decisions to harm
                                                                              lifestyle has changed             This is one of our goals
                                                                               to help ing those around her.                         to
                                                                                                          a way that they begin
                                                                               to impact youth in such                            living
                                                                                                       r friends and advocate
creating a block of time when this issue can be addressed
in a creative way, with time to process issues.                                 positively impact thei
                                                                                                       le lives.”
  In the Cape region young people from many                                     healthy and responsib
schools were taken to week-end camps and
received experiential learning and lifeskills
                                                      An express goal
such as goal setting, values, HIV/AIDS, priorities,
communication, leadership, meeting procedures         of our work in
and public speaking. Significant relationships
                                                      teaching about
have been built and YFC continues to coach and
monitor progress as young people creatively           HIV/AIDS is                                         [ statistics ]
educate their peers around HIV/AIDS, and
                                                      to eradicate
the resultant danger of promiscuous and
irresponsible sexual behaviour and substance          the myths                   HIV/AIDS programs presented –
abuse in all its forms                                                            prevention, Training on Support and Care                  2 901
                                                      surrounding                 for those infected & affected.

                                                      the pandemic,               Number of people impacted by HIV/AIDS programs      264 507

                                                      using interactive           Education about spread & affects on the body         27 200

                                                      methods                     How to support and care for
                                                                                                                                        2 300
                                                                                  those infected & affected.
                                                                                  Empowerment to make
                                                                                                                                       22 200
                                                                                  informed sexuality decisions

                                                                                  Number of peer educators trained in schools               2 346

                                                                                  Number of trained counselors doing HIV/AIDS
                                                                                  counseling, pre & post ongoing tests
                                                                                  Number of HIV/AIDS programs presented at
                                                                                                                                            2 538
                                                                                  Number of HIV/AIDS programs
                                                                                  presented at Churches

        y f c       p r o j e c t   t h e m e s

{ school projects }

A.C.T.I.V.E. Youth

        FC’s schoolwork is extensive among the regions,
        with different emphases depending on the
        specific needs of each community. ACTIVE Youth
(Aids Conscious Teens Initiating Values Education) is a
peer Education program in schools. The program aims
to train learners to educate their peers on current and
relevant issues, in order to effect change, creating a                              built and YFC continues to coach and
positive social norm and healthy lifestyle alternatives.                            monitor progress as young people creatively educate
                                                                                    their peers around HIV/AIDS, and the resultant danger
  ACTIVE Youth operates in KwaZulu-Natal, Northwest,
                                                                                    of promiscuous and irresponsible sexual behaviour and
Gauteng (Tshwane & Johannesburg), Eastern Cape,                                     substance abuse in all its forms. We established ten new
Mpumalanga and Cape Town.                                                           ACTIVE Youth Schools during the past year. The training
  The Eastern Cape is one of the poorest                                            camps were a huge success, with principals and teaching
                                                              Devon, a Youth        staff applauding the strategies employed in empowering
provinces, but it has the largest number of
schools in South Africa within its border. YFC is               Worker from         their learners.
involved in 255 schools throughout the Eastern
                                                                 Knysna, was           Twenty Learner Committees were active during 2003
Cape, comprising 60 percent from rural areas,                                       in the Northwest Province, displaying vibrancy as they
and the rest from peri-urban areas.                                selected to      organised debate sessions, Beauty Pageants, Awareness
  In Mpumalanga, ACTIVE Youth was launched                      be a member         campaigns and even Sports and Drama days to mobilize
in 2003 under the sponsorship of the local                                          their peers in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Educators and
                                                                 of a steering      YFC Coaches continue to come alongside these learners
Department of Health and Welfare, and is
operational in thirteen rural schools as at                        committee        in Klerksdorp, Rustenburg and Mafikeng.
March 2004. These schools, allocated by the                       tasked with         One school in Bela-Bela (Warmbaths) believed in the
Department of Education, were experiencing                                          program to such a great extent that they hired a full time
the greatest problems and have seen marked                 rolling out a Peer       Youth Worker, whom YFC trained to work as a coach in
progress. For example in Msogwaba, three                   Education Model          their school.
schools had experienced mob violence involving
students, teachers and parents, stabbings, gang              for the Western           Siyithemba, meaning Healthy Schools, Healthy Youth,
                                                                                    is an holistic school development project implemented
fighting and suspension of classes in early                   Cape Education         by YFC. Strategies & structures involving the whole
2003. Many learners involved in gang activities
joined as ACTIVE Youth committee members,                       Department.         community are developed to create opportunities for a
                                                                                    healthier school and consequently healthier youth.
and all attended a training camp together. This                This is a major
gave opportunity for resolving their differences,                                   YFC JHB has a strong focus on working
and the young men returned to their schools
                                                           breakthrough for
                                                                                    with the teachers.
cooperative, hard working and interested in                 our organisation          In March a camp for Teachers, Governing Bodies,
reconciliation. These young men persuaded
                                                                                    Representative Council of Learners (RCL’s) and School
their gangs to stop fighting and relative peace
                                                                                    Management Teams was run.
returned to the schools. The ACTIVE Youth committees
also organised Inter- School Clean-up Campaigns. During                                Some valuable training was conducted and this camp
weekends, learners clean the grounds of “rival schools”,                            was of great benefit to those who attended. Some of the
and in so doing, boost inter-school relations in the                                training topics covered were:
troubled area.
                                                                                      Self Transformation; principles of
  In the Western Cape this project impacted eighteen
                                                                                                                      makes perfect;
high schools through experiential learning and lifeskills                         teambuilding; team spirit; Practice
such as goal setting, values, HIV/AIDS, priorities,                                                              ct you and others
                                                                                 Managing funding; Mistakes affe
communication, leadership, meeting procedures and
                                                                                                                        ial; Vision;
public speaking. Significant relationships have been                                   around you; Unlocking our potent
                                                                                               Mission and Purpose; Goal Setting.
  In the Eastern Cape, Siyithemba has been
running in six schools in this period; three in
East London, and one each in Queenstown,
Grahamstown and Port Elizabeth. Youth Workers
are networking with other organizations to help
address the challenges faced by young people.
They also select and encourage community
members, educators and parents to involve
                                                                                      In KwaZulu- Natal Siyithemba concluded
themselves in taking ownership of their schools by
                                                                                   three year contracts in the four schools in which they
finding ways to address the prevailing social issues.
                                                                                   have been working. This program experienced great
   During the past year the Western Cape Siyithemba             The pupils, with   growth, with much work amongst marginalised groups
project has revolved around teaching lifeskills, counselling                       of young people, using the YFC Stress and Trauma
learners, training prefects and RCL’s in leadership skills
                                                                  the support of
                                                                                   workshop. This was very effective in helping to integrate
and effective teamwork, providing intervention to youth          the authorities   these groups of young people into the life of the school.
at risk, training and teambuilding camps, administrative                           Very effective Teacher workshops have also been piloted
support, sports based activities such as rock climbing, and
                                                                   and YFC, have
                                                                                   in the schools. The program was closed at the end of
very importantly, support to the teaching staff.                enthusiastically   2003 due to a lack of funding.
   In the Cape region a new lifeskills program has been                 taken to      Siyithemba is being run in one school, Dr W.F. Nkomo
launched in primary schools and now plays a pivotal role                           in Atteridgeville, Tshwane, and has been quite active
in facilitating various changes and improvements.
                                                                                   even beyond the scope of the school. The pupils, with the
   One of the high schools in Cape Town received a
                                                                     Community     support of the authorities and YFC, have enthusiastically
                                                                                   taken to organizing Community awareness and
donation to convert their grounds into two sports fields.         awareness and
The staff and learners are very excited and plan to                                conscious-raising campaigns. In so doing, structures
increase the sporting disciplines offered at the school
                                                               conscious-raising   in the community have also been encouraged to work
                                                                                   together with the youth. A number of campaigns have
next year. The principal at this school is committed to               campaigns
enhance the Siyithemba ethos of affirming learners                                  specifically dealt with HIV/AIDS, drug abuse and sexual
in a practical way by offering an alternative lifestyle to                         health habits.
the gangsterism that is rife in the area. A committee of                             The local SAPS and Clinics have been particularly
learners has been established to be “the voice” of the                             supportive.
wider school.

                                                                                                          [ statistics ]

                                                                                    Schools with programs running for a year                 131

                                                                                    People impacted by programs                          114 414

                                                                                    Schools running Siyithemba                               57

                                                                                    Schools running Active Youth                             74

                                                                                    Number of learners trained at camps / workshops      46 102

                                                                                    Teachers attended training camps /workshops             344

                                                                                    Number of YFC staff and volunteers involved in
                                                                                    these programs

         y f c    p r o j e c t   t h e m e s

{ homeless children projects }

        FC has conducted extensive work with homeless
        children for many years. Childcare workers build
        relationships with the children living on the
streets and then encourage them to visit the YFC Drop-                                          In Northwest three children were reunited with their
in centres, where relationships and trust grow stronger.                                     families in the Rustenburg district and four more were
These centres provide for the children’s basic needs, such                                   returned to school.
as food, clothing, sanitation, recreation and some lifeskills
training. Many children have either been returned home                                          YFC works with Homeless children in KZN operates
to their families or have been placed in alternative care.                                   in Durban under the name of Tennyson House, and in
                                                                          Childcare          Pietermaritzburg under the name of Khayalethu. Our
  From this level many are moved into shelters                                               work now has four phases, which help in the reunification
where available, which provides them with a home                     workers build           of children. The Street team works on the streets in
environment.                                                                                 an effort to befriend the children. They are then either
                                                                relationships with
                                                                                             assisted to return home, or where necessary, spend time
   Johannesburg has four shelters, one being a home for
children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. The other
                                                                the children living          in one of the three shelters, two of which are for girls and
                                                                                             one for boys. Whilst at the shelter, the children attend
three homes cater for junior boys, senior boys and girls.       on the streets and           school and YFC social workers facilitate the reunification
The children all attend local schools, and one was recently
elected Head Boy of his primary school. Our Drop-in
                                                                   then encourage            process with the family, working to return the child home
                                                                                             as soon as possible.
centre was re-opened at a local church to cater for the               them to visit
growing number of children on the streets.                                                      YFC’s Aftercare department facilitates the relationship
                                                                   the YFC Drop-in           once the child has been returned home. A community
  In Mpumalanga YFC workers visited Nelspruit’s
                                                                    centres, where           support structure for the family is established, thus
Displaced Children’s Project on a weekly basis in 2003,
                                                                                             aiming to ensure that wherever possible, the child
running lifeskills, Gospel and recreation programs.                   relationships          remains at home. The YFC community work team is
   One hundred homeless children were identified living                                       active in communities that are seen as “high risk” in
                                                                    and trust grow
on the streets of Nelspruit, and YFC volunteers began                                        terms of children leaving the community and moving
visiting them there, in order to establish relationships.                  stronger          to the streets. It works at holding children in families
An outreach program was then established in July 2003.                                       by developing family skills, and establishing structures
The project has been operating in a local park during                                        that enable children to attend school and receive
weekdays, providing two meals a day, clothing, showers,                                      the necessary support for homework and so on. The
recreation, lifeskills education and access to social                                        emphasis of YFC’s work in YFC/KZN is moving away from
workers and medical care. The project has served seventy                                     residential towards a preventative approach, due to
boys. A dozen have been returned to their families, six                                      cost constraints. More effort is made to keep high-risk
to local shelters and employment was found for another                                       children at home, or to reunify homeless children with
five.                                                                                         their respective families. Thus the need for a shelter is
   A local church has offered its classroom and shower
facilities, so a Drop-In Centre will be opened in June 2004.
Additional services will include schooling, job creation                                      Children cared for in short-term residential care     105
training and laundry facilities.                                                              Number of children’s homes, community homes,
                                                                                              residential shelters and Drop In Centres
   The Sinethemba Youth Development Centre in Knysna
is proud of sixteen young adults who ‘graduated’ at the                                       Children in shelters                                  526
end of 2003. These former street children were integrated
                                                                                              Children contacted on the streets                     570
into formal schooling at the beginning of 2004 and
continue attending school without exception. Some of                                          Children returned home                                275
them also continue to attend the after- school activities

at the centre.                                                                                Children placed into alternative care                  65
                                                                            [ statistic

  Kidstop moved into their new centre at Borchards in                                         Children regularly involved in the
                                                                                              Drop In Centre Programs
George. YFC convened and presented Clubs during the
                                                                                              Families involved in after care programs
school holidays with crowds of kids in attendance. In                                                                                               449
                                                                                              (Camps / Workshops )
conjunction with the South African Police Service YFC                                         Children involved in community
                                                                                                                                                   1 571
ran a camp and saw 30 street children deeply impacted.                                        prevention programs
Children who have been out of school for long periods                                         Children involved in community
                                                                                              prevention programs
have also been trained in basic reading and writing skills.

          y f c   p r o j e c t   t h e m e s

{ job creation projects }

    ob creation programs are run with the aim of
    equipping young people with skills to enable them to
    start their own small businesses or find employment.

YFC job creation program has four phases:
   Phase One - The program begins with an intensive
Life-skills program aimed at building/repairing the young
peoples’ self esteem and encouraging them to feel well
and able to do things for themselves, having the courage
                                                                                      Northwest’s job creation project called Resemeletse - a
to tackle the challenges in their lives. Whilst this is an
                                                                                   Tswana expression denoting hard physical work in order
intensely personal journey and experience, we have
                                                                                   to make a living. The project adopted an additional and
realised the need for individualised support, something
                                                                                   related concept in the slogan of “Young Blood at Work”.
that has been for the most part lacking in their lives.
                                                                                   These concepts illustrate the underlying philosophy of
                                                                                   the project to instil a culture of hard work. The project
                                                                                   encourages beneficiaries to believe they own the key to
                                                                                   survival, wealth and a better life in the use of their hands.
                                                                                   The Hair Fantastic Academy was launched in Rustenburg,
                                                                                   and doubles as a Training Academy and a Salon. A
                                                                   Job creation    critical review of Hair Fantastic was done by an outside
                                                                                   researcher which confirmed that this is a competitive
                                                              programs are run     business and is achieving its results of creating jobs. In
                                                                with the aim of    Mafikeng a group of thirteen young people were trained
                                                                                   in self-efficiency and business skills. They then opened
                                                              equipping young      a vegetable market, a car wash and a motor-mechanical
                                                              people with skills   workshop.

                                                             to enable them to
                                                              find employment
                                                             or start their own
                                                               small businesses

  Phase Two - Training on the theory of SMME’s: Trainees
here are taken through the dynamics of business
and the aspects of initiating and running a small
enterprise. Topics covered include Market Investigation,
Buying, Costing, Pricing, Selling, Stock Control, Money
Management and Developing a business plan.

  Phase Three - Business skills training: Trainees undergo
practical training on different fields of their choice such
as the services, manufacturing or retail. Training is both
practical and theoretical.

   Phase Four - Initiating of SMME’s and extension of
support: Participants are helped to start and run small                             A trainee from Hair fantastic has gone to Johannesburg
businesses and develop work ethics. At this level YFC                               to buy hair products as part of being given an exposure
provide SMME’s with management & leadership capacity
to enable them to be competitive.

           y f c   p r o j e c t    t h e m e s

{ job creation projects }                                                                 continued

   KZN’s Thembelisha Self Employment Program aims
to creatively address the high rate of unemployment               Personal story                                               fstroom in the location cal
amongst youth living primarily in disadvantaged                      Patty Senne, a 19-year-o  ld lady originally from Potche free by Hair Fantastic
                                                                                                 friend that he was trained
communities. The young people are equipped to earn                 Ikageleng, heard form her rking in the same salon. As she was unemployed she
                                                                                                  wo                                                            r
their own income, thus becoming and remaining                      in Rustenburg and was now rtunity of coming to Rustenburg and working at Hai
self-employed, and are prepared for any potential
                                                                    decided she could use the
employment opportunities that may arise.                                                                                                            the job.
                                                                    Fantastic.                                        er at the time and she got she was
   In 2003 this program with unemployed young women                    The salon needed  a good Afro centric design            talent in that area, so
                                                                                                  ethics she showed a lot of
was moved into the communities from which the women                  Although she had no work
came, thereby reducing transport costs and ensuring the              trained and employed.                                                       realized that
                                                                                                                  igned & returned home. We port and an
program was accessible to those that needed it most. A
                                                                        After some   time & struggles Patty res                                e, sup
                                                                                                                  d a stable environment, lov
strong emphasis was placed on aftercare, to ensure that
                                                                      she was a you  ng troubled girl who neede to give her another chance and offered
                                                                                                    rself. We decided
                                                                      opportunity to fend for he
young people who started their own small businesses
were held accountable and supported in order to increase
                                                                      her job back.                                                        h adults to mentor
their chances of success.                                                                                    for her in a stable home wit d is planning to go
                                                                         We arr anged local accommodation                                   an
                                                                                                             performer at Hair Fantastic
   An external evaluation of the program found that the                her. She  is now the second highest
                                                                                                      e basis next year.
number of young people able to become self employed                    back to school on a part tim
was low. Consequently the program was closed, as
funding to make the necessary changes to make it more
effective were not available. Effort is being made to raise
the funds needed to reopen a more efficient program.

   The Zakheni Youth Development Project in
                                                                                 [ statistics ]
Johannesburg has also provided young people with                                             Number of trainings conducted                              44
Welding, Catering and Brick-laying skills. It has been put
                                                                                                                                                      1 475
into recess, due to a lack of funding, until YFC is able to                                  Total number of participants:
conduct research on the best way to continue.
                                                                                             Participants formally employed                             97

                                                                                             Participants self employed and
                                                                                             employed in YFC business

{ internship program }                                                   Volunteer & Skills Development

       he goal is to overcome the common situation of “I                                    Training topics include:
       can’t find a job because I have no experience and       YfC projects                     •       Introduction to Youth Work
       I can ‘t get experience because I have no job”. This   recruit                          •       HIV/AIDS and sexuality
is a 10-month internship program in which YfC projects                                         •       Practical English
recruit unemployed young adults to receive training           unemployed                       •       Facilitation skills
while serving in community development projects, where        young adults to                  •       Self confidence
they are able to learn and apply skill, and gain valuable                                      •       Assertiveness
work experience.                                              receive training                 •       Conflict resolution
  They are able to be equipped with practical and
                                                              while serving                    •       Goal setting and time management
theoretical skills which will enable them to have             in community                     •       Career Pathing
competencies and experience needed in employment                                               •       Balanced Life Concept
                                                              development                      •       Reporting skills – oral and written
market. The interns spend one full day a week in training
sessions and the other four days working in YfC project.      projects                         •       Economic and financial issues.
They receive a monthly allowance for transport costs.                                          •       Interpersonal skills

           y f c   p r o j e c t   t h e m e s

{ camping }                                Personal and Leadership Development Projects

                                                                                   a program for corporate groups, in order to generate
                                                                                   income to fund disadvantaged groups who cannot afford
                                                                                   L’Abri’s services.

                                                                                     The Zakheni Training Centre in Lenasia South has
                                                                                   become a popular venue for conferences, camps and
                                                                                   training events. The on-site Bekezela Village is also used
                                                                                   as a team- building venue. All YFC projects have access to
                                                               YFC’S campsites     and make use of this facility.

       FC has three campsites, which include L’Abri
       Wilderness Training School in Pietermaritzburg,              continue to      Located in the Hekpoort valley, the YFC conference
       the YFC Training Centre in Magaliesburg                                     centre in Magaliesburg has the capacity to host up to
and Zakheni Training Centre in Lenasia, south of                creatively serve   850 people. It comprises three fully equipped campsites.
Johannesburg.                                                       both young     YFC makes regular use of this venue for staff conferences,
                                                                                   team trainings and retreats. 39 Dads and their sons/
   L’abri Wilderness Training School in Pietermaritzburg       people from YFC     daughters also attended camps at this venue.
continues to creatively serve both young people from YFC
projects, and other clients from school groups and NGO’s.          projects, and       The centre has undergone many changes this year, and
In 2003 a bush camp was completed, where smaller             other clients from    it is foreseen that service levels will escalate. The winter
groups of young people spend time learning in the                                  months at the centre have been relatively quiet with the
outdoor environment. Extensive work was completed on         school groups and     summer months almost sold out into 2005.
an indoor learning centre in the form of a climbing wall                  NGO’s
and other creative facilitation areas. These can be used
in wet weather and with day groups who only have time
for a short visit. This year work will begin on developing

                                                                                                           [ statistics ]

                                                                                    Number of camps run                                   303

                                                                                    Total number of participants                        21 828

                                                                                    Learners HIV/AIDS training camps                       257

                                                                                    School leadership training and capacity
                                                                                    development camps
                                                                                    Organisations and church leadership
                                                                                    training camps
                                                                                    Special courses (masculinity/femininity
                                                                                    and Econtherapy

                                                                                    Business camps                                           5

                                                                                    Number of YFC staff and volunteers
                                                                                    involved in these programs

           y f c   p r o j e c t    t h e m e s

{ edutainment team projects }
Local edutainment teams
   Toward the end of last year Team Department decided
to have only three national touring teams, as opposed to
having six teams as in the past.

   April 2003 saw three national YFC teams hit the road
with drama, dance and Lifeskills programs designed
to address the HIV/AIDS crisis in South Africa. The
teams received very specific HIV/AIDS knowledge and
skills training, enabling them to facilitate workshops and
counselling sessions in high schools and youth related

   The majority of the school programs took place in
rural, disadvantaged communities in Mmpumalanga,
Johannesburg, Pretoria, (Shoshangovu), Bloemfontein,
Virginia (Free State), Kimberley, East Londen (Byletts), King
Williamstown, Knysna, George and Mosselbay.                                          International Edutainment teams
                                                                  April 2003 saw        International teams known as iThemba are made up
                                                                  three national     of young people from different backgrounds who are
                                                                                     trained to present the story of South Africa – a message
                                                                   YFC teams hit     of racial reconciliation and hope – through dance and
                                                                   the road with     drama, reaching overseas young people in schools,
                                                                                     churches, youth camps and other events.
                                                                   drama, dance
                                                                                       YFC Johannesburg sent five teams to San Francisco,
                                                                    and Lifeskills   Germany, Germany/Central States, England and Eastern
                                                                        programs     States in 2003. The England and San Francisco teams
                                                                                     were pioneer teams.
                                                                     designed to
                                                                                       Youth for Christ in the eastern states and central
                                                                address the HIV/     states reported that iThemba has opened doors for them
                                                                    AIDS crisis in   into racially diverse communities that were previously
                                                                    South Africa

   Significant inroads were also made
into several major prisons in the Cape, with workshops
                                                                                                              [ statistics ]
run in all sections, but with an emphasis on juvenile
                                                                                      Local & International Teams
   YFC SA Leadership has made the decision that team                                  (before leaving SA) edutainment teams

will be de-centralized in future. In essence this means                               Teams on the road                                      8
every region wanting a team will facilitate their own
recruiting, training and program scheduling. However,                                 Team members

due to available funding, Team Department has agreed
                                                                                      Number of schools visited                             131
to still oversee the training of the YFC teams. As a result
five regional YFC teams were trained in January and                                    Number of youth groups visited                        105
February 2004 at the YFC Training centre in Magaliesberg.
These comprised two teams for KwaZulu-Natal, one for                                  Young people impacted                             34 700

Northwest and two for the Cape.

              y f c   p r o j e c t   t h e m e s

  { gender empowerment projects }

        lthough gender awareness is a necessary thread
        that runs through most of our programs, YFC has
        two specific gender projects.

  Options pregnancy centres are                              Gender
counselling centres for women and their              awareness is a
families experiencing a crisis pregnancy.
Some centres also specialize in offering           necessary thread
counselling to clients undergoing the HIV/        that runs through
AIDS test, and other trauma.
                                                        most of our
  Options is very strong in the Cape, with
centres situated in Cape Town, Knysna                     programs
and George. In Cape Town the need for
additional services in one of the hospitals

                                                                      free services such as HIV/AIDS and crisis pregnancy
                                                                      counselling, training, pregnancy tests, workshops,
                                                                      adoption assistance, baby clothing and toiletries. Options
                                                                      volunteers also offer counselling on a weekly basis in
                                                                      a local municipal clinic, and see about 40 clients on a
                                                                      monthly basis. Future initiatives will see the program
                                                                      expanded to include a preventive gender empowerment
                                                                      program in local rural schools.

was identified and permission for a permanent presence
was granted. YFC is involved in pre- and post abortion
counselling and offers assistance in the Rape Centre with
trauma and pre- and post HIV/AIDS counselling. A strong
volunteer base has been established and serves in the
hospitals. Donations of mother and baby goods are also
made available to hospitals and a clinic in Gugulethu.
                                                                                              [ statistics ]
   Young women between the ages of 14 and 25 are
served; with the majority being school students. A few                 Clients contacted/counseled at your centre
clients were from local colleges and technikons.                       (pre & post abortion)
                                                                       Clients contacted/counseled at hospitals/clinics
   During the 2003 financial year, 327 new face-                                                                            622
                                                                       (pre & post abortion)
to-face cases were dealt with; excluding the                           Pre & post HIV/AIDS test & ongoing HIV/AIDS
telephone counselling cases. Termination centres and                   Counselling
gynaecologists referred cases, either due to the client                Clients that received HIV/AIDS Voluntary
                                                                       Counselling and Testing
being past the abortion legal limit of 17 weeks, or client
                                                                       Number of Babies who received care
ignorance regarding the termination process.                                                                               126
                                                                       from YFC workers
  In September 2003 YFC Mpumalanga opened a                            Number of YFC staff and volunteers
                                                                       involved in these programs
women’s resource centre in Nelspruit’s CBD, offering

           y f c   p r o j e c t   t h e m e s

{ gender empowerment projects }
Phakama                                                      Phakama is
   Phakama is a KwaZulu-Natal programme
that aims to provide holistic development to                  a program
young people by enabling them to discover their
                                                            that aims to
uniqueness and better understand gender issues,
in order to facilitate gender equality.                  provide holistic
Phakama works at three levels in a school:               development to                                          [ statistics ]
• with school leadership and teachers, helping to
  equip and train them to facilitate the lifeskills     young people by                 Programs presented (Violence against women, Rape,
  program after YFC’s two year contract expires.                                        unwanted pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, self confidence, socialization
                                                          enabling them
• with learners in the classroom, facilitating                                          Teacher training workshop                                 50
  a lifeskills program that addresses issues of         to discover their
  personal development, gender, reproductive                                            Peer educators workshops                                  50
  health and HIV/AIDS.                                   uniqueness and
• with support groups that learners are assisted                                        Support group leader workshops                           100
                                                      better understand
  to establish. These then use peer education to                                        Young Woman impacted in
  continue to impact the school, once the two           gender issues, in               special gender programs
                                                                                                                                               5 000

  year contract expires. A drama team runs four
  day HIV/AIDS workshops in schools, working
                                                       order to facilitate              Young Men impacted in special gender programs          4 320

                                                                                        People impacted in life skill education
  alongside facilitators and creating a block of         gender equality                which covered gender
                                                                                                                                               19 475
  time when this issue can be addressed in a
  creative way, with time to process issues.

  This year Phakama began using a second
drama team to facilitate expansion into primary schools.

{ intermediary services }

       new project launched in Johannesburg in 2003. YFC staff serve as
       intermediaries for child witnesses/victims who must appear in court. The
       intermediaries assess the witnesses and translate the court jargon into
language the children can understand. The project has been operating successfully and
we have seen the conviction rates increasing.

  Currently this new project operates in Johannesburg only.

{ international volunteer program }
       FC’s international volunteer program is strong and
       growing. Young internationals spend anything
       between three and eighteen months working               internationals
in one of YFC’s projects. These young people receive
orientation and training around South African issues and
                                                              spend anything
are then able to use their skills to serve alongside South     between three
African staff, in meeting the needs of the young people in
our projects.
                                                                and eighteen
  YFC Johannesburg has hosted volunteers from
                                                              months working
Germany, the Netherlands, Mauritius, Malawi and Benin          in one of YFC’s
who added value as they spent time working in our

                                                                  { donors & partners }

                              • A Smith • ABSA • AL Milner Busses • Anglo American Chairman’s Fund • Anglo Gold •
                • Barnes Trust • Barry Collier & Co • BGM Security Printing CC • Blue Ink Investments • Business Bannerthon •
                     • C. S. Christie Pty Ltd • Cadbury Ltd • Carl and Emily Fuchs Foundation • Cash & Carry Wholesalers •
                   • Chapmar Industries, Child Welfare • Children in Distress Network (CINDI) • Clifford Engineering Ltd •
                                            • De Coning Family • D.G. Murray Trust • Davies Foundation •
                                                         • DT Hudson Trust • DVM Technics •
                                                   • FEMO • FirstRand Foundation • Fulton Trust •
                                                             • Goodwood Baptist Church •
                                             • Hartwig Family • H Raubenheimer • Helderberg Timbers •
                                                                      • Interfund •
                   • J. Izeboud (Mr & Mrs) • J. van der Meulen • Janssen-Cilag • Johnson & Johnson • Jugend fur Christus •
                                                           • Kuilsriver Community Church •
                                  • MAPP • Marina Sea Salt • Midrand Presbyterian Church • Milky Way Dairies •
                                   • Moore Stephens MWM INC - Chartered Accountants • Mopani Pharmacy •
                                   • Mpumalanga Transport • Murray and Roberts • Mustard Seed Foundation •
                                            • National Development Agency • National Lotteries Board •
                 • National Lottery Development Trust Fund • NDA • Nedcor Foundation • Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund •
                                   • Netherlands Kerkinaktie • New Covenant Church • NGK Moedergemeente •
                                                       • Oakes and Associates • Old Mutual •
                                      • Peace Education Institute • Peter Buchner • Pick ‘n Pay • Peper Family •
                                                 • R Kerr • R.B. Hagart Trust • Ross Family Namibia •
                                                                • Sam’s Office Supplies •
                                                             • South African Government •
                  - National Department of Health - Northwest Department of Health - Mpumalanga Department of Health and Social Services -
                        - Gauteng Department of Health - Gauteng Provincial Department of Social Services and Population Development -
                         - Northwest, Gauteng and National Department of Social Development - Western Cape Department of Education -
                               - City of Johannesburg Municipality - Rustenburg City Council - Health Department Mafikeng District -
                                                         • Sunbake • Sunrise City Church •
                             • Tableview United Church • The 31 Club • The Helen Calverly Trust • Transnet Foundation •
                                                     • Vukutentele Care and Development •
                                                      • Youth Development Network Trust •

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