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									Wishing You An Abundant 2009

               Telein Celebrating                                                  The Telein Group, Inc.
                                                                                   Names New Partners

          1988                                2008
         Years of Adding Value
The Telein Group proudly celebrates its 20th
Anniversary by signing a multi-year pact with
national electricity utility company of South Africa                          Joy L. Johnson and D. Gregory
                                                                              Smith join The Telein Group, Inc.
                                      The Telein Group, Inc., is excited
                                      to share with you the news of           Joy’s primary focus is increasing awareness
                                      our recent signing of a three-year      of the Telein brand in the global marketplace.

                                      contract with the Phirwa (Jacob)        She will lead the execution of brand strategy
                                                                              and e-marketing. Johnson honed her
                                      Maroga, Chief Executive of of
                                                                              expertise in sales and customer service
                                      Eskom Holdings Limited,
                                                                              working for several Fortune 500 Companies
Johannesburg, South Africa, the national electrical utility company           -- Pfizer, AT&T, Citibank, and American
of The Republic of South Africa. Eskom generates, transmits, and              Express. Joy received a Bachelor of Science
distributes electricity to industrial, mining, commercial, agricultural and   in Business Administration from Florida A&M
residential customers, and redistributors. Their core markets are South       University, School of Business and Industry.

Africa, The Southern African Development Community (SADC), and the
remainder of the African Continent.
                                                                              Greg assumes a dual role -- focusing on
                                                                              advisory services and commercialization
The signing of this contract coincides with our 20th Year in business,        of Telein services and products across
and calls for us to work with Jacob and the Eskom leadership team             traditional and interactive distribution
to transform their leadership and business. We will provide advice            channels. He envisions technology and the
and counsel, complemented by our copyrighted processes, tools, and            Internet as pivotal in leveraging the Telein

educational workshops.                                                        global brand. Prior to joining Telein, Smith
                                                                              honed his expertise in operations, marketing,
                                                                              brand management, and financial forecasting
Our original contact with Eskom was made in 2006, when our founder
                                                                              at Unilever. He received an MBA from
and CEO Joseph D. Johnson, Co-founding Partner & Chief Operating              Dartmouth College, Tuck School of Business,
Officer Raquel B. Brown, Telein Partner Robert A. Rashad, and a group         and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from
of our family and friends vacationed in Johannesburg and Cape Town,           Middlebury College.
South Africa. Dianne Young, Joe’s childhood friend from their hometown
of Poplar Bluff, Missouri, organized the trip and made the introduction

Wishing You An Abundant 2009
of her friend Mpho Letlape and her husband, Dr. Kgosi Letlape. Mpho
is the Managing Director of Human Resources at Eskom. Dianne is an        “We are globally admired
executive at IBM who worked in South Africa during Nelson Mandela’s        for the value we add to
Presidency, and is now based in White Plains, New York.                     our clients, suppliers,
                                                                         communities and ourselves.
Mpho, who had previously worked with Dianne at IBM, South Africa,
hosted a forum during our visit that gave us the opportunity to meet
                                                                         Our work spans industries,
                                                                         governments, communities
several Eskom executives, as well as prominent South African
                                                                         and continents as we enjoy
businesspeople and human resource professionals. We made contact          confident and sustained
that evening with Elijah Litheko, Chief Executive of The Institute of             growth.”
People Management (IPM), who invited Joe to return later that year
as a featured speaker at the Institute’s 50th Anniversary Convention
in Sun City, South Africa. Over the next two years, the relationships
                                                                         Below is a partial list of clients
established during our visits to South Africa evolved into a business    for whom we have provided
alliance between Telein and Eskom.                                       advisory services.

Telein was co-founded by Joe and Raquel in April, 1988, and since        Corporations
                                                                         Altria Group, Inc.
that time we have been providing leadership and organizational           American Express
advisory services and products to visionary leaders and organizations    Avis Group, Inc.
worldwide. Our expertise and mission continues to be assisting leaders   Borden Foods Corporation
                                                                         Best Brands Corporation
in increasing their leadership effectiveness, enabling them to have a
                                                                         Champion International Corp.
visionary and transformational impact on their organization, industry,   Colgate-Palmolive Company
and society by creating ABUNDANT results for ALL stakeholders,           Coors Brewing Company
customers, employees, investors, and the community THROUGH the           Dallas CEO Group
                                                                         Dallas Market Center
INTEGRATION of vision, people, process and dialogue.                     Eskom
                                                                         Geneva Business Services, Inc.
In addition to our advisory services, we offer multi-day public and      Kraft Canada Inc.
                                                                         Kraft General Foods, Inc.
in-house workshops from our popular series, Igniting Spirit in the
                                                                         Maritime Telephone & Telegraph
Workplace™, which teach participants the principles, concepts and        Pepsi-Cola Company
methods for achieving breakthrough performance results by integrating    Polaroid Corporation
                                                                         Struever Bros. Eccles & Rouse, Inc.
individual, team, and organizational thinking, behavior and actions.
                                                                         The Travelers Company
                                                                         Xerox Corporation
We would like to express our deep appreciation to ALL of YOU who
have been by our side along our 20-Year journey. Your support,           Non-Profit
                                                                         California Society of Accounting and
prayers, insights, referrals, and business have been a blessing, and     Tax Professionals
we look forward to 20 more years of PARTNERSHIP. We would like           Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.
to give special words of thanks to our friends who helped us discover    Links, Inc.
                                                                         National Black MBA Association, Inc.
South Africa: Dianne Young and Michael Giles (Heritage Africa) for
                                                                         National Urban League, Inc.
introducing us to South Africa and sharing their many relationships;     SAFE, Inc.

Wishing You An Abundant 2009
Mpho Letlape who worked tirelessly promoting Telein to Eskom’s Chief            partial list of clients, cont.
Executive, Jacob Maroga, and other Eskom executives; Elijah Litheko
                                                                                Savannah Business League, Inc.
for believing we had something profound to offer South Africa; Timothy
                                                                                The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Maurice Webster, our American comrade, whose willingness to share
his South African network and show us the ropes is a constant source            Public Sector
                                                                                Georgia Ports Authority
of encouragement; and our friend, confidant, and Number One Client,
                                                                                Los Angeles Police Department
Douglas A. Smith, who made the “sales call” trip to South Africa with           Rebuild Los Angeles
us, and who continues to inspire, support, and challenge us with                Steve Bartlett - Former Mayor of Dallas
unmatched passion.
                                                                                Small Business
                                                                                Accommodations, Inc.
As we embark on this experience of a lifetime, we are filled with               Eltrex Industries, Inc.
excitement about the enormous opportunity to add VALUE to South
Africa’s Visionary Leadership in its adolescent democracy, which has
                                                                                Bahamas Public School Principals &
a Constitution that dares to guarantee more freedoms than ANY in the            Vice Principals
world, and whose Preamble has a tenet that declares the requirement             California State University, Office of the
to improve the quality of life of all citizens and free the potential of each   Chancellor
                                                                                Dallas Independent School District
person!! We believe this engagement is the opportunity to which our             Depauw University
vision has led us, and for which our experience has prepared us!!!              Indianapolis Public Schools
                                                                                Lancaster Public Schools
                                                                                Lincoln University
Please continue to keep us in your prayers, and we will keep you
                                                                                Los Alamitos High School
in ours from the Cradle of Humanity.                                            Morgan State University
                                                                                National Alliance of Black School
                                                                                National Association for Equal
                                                                                Opportunity in Higher Education
                                                                                Ohio State University
                                                                                Savannah State College
                                                                                Talladega College
                                                                                Wright State University

CLICK HERE to view an interview
with Jacob Maroga, CEO of Eskom.

                            Visit eskom.co.za to learn more about Eskom.

Wishing You An Abundant 2009
Joe’s Walk Down Memory Lane
The success we’ve experienced during our first twenty years not would have been possible without the support of my
wife, Julie, and daughters, Joy and Joelle. Nor, would it have been possible without the dedication, commitment, growth,
and life and work experiences of Telein employees, whom I’ve embraced as Partners -- Joshua Ballard, Lois Barrett,
Raquel Brown, Joy Johnson, Robert Rashad and D. Gregory Smith, and their families. Additionally, our daisy-chain of
relationships developed over many years has played a significant role in our success.

A heartfelt thanks to the Telein Partner Alumni who contributed to our success: Carla Williams-Wilson, Judy Markwell,
Nicole Hamilton, Pamela McCreight, Eleanor Tomlin, Robert Hayes, Al Ware, Tina Knapp, Shelley Titus, Robin Carter,
Ria McLaughlin, Joelle Johnson, Don Hall, Al Sniadecki, DaNita Starks, Henry Helm, George Johnson, Molly Rutledge,
Kathleen Brogan, Maureen Metcalf, Traci McBride, Stephanie Williams, Daryl Grayson, Lynette Miller, Yvette Powell,
Janet Wallenrod, and Krista Ray.

In addition to my immediate family and Telein Partners, among the others who have who have played critical, supportive
roles in our success include my siblings living and deceased (Archie, Ruby, Floyd, Annie, John, Tyree, Estella, Edrie,
Creasy, Little Archie and Ruth); friends: Victor and Pam Pasley, Robert Rashad, Gerald and Dorothy Harper, Edwin
and Patricia Hamilton, Bernard and Shirley Kinsey, Byron and Anna Jones, Drs. Fred and Willye Powell, Alvaro Martins,
Sam and Ruby Peters, Matt and Vi Augustine, Billy and Claire Allen, Don Zrebiec, Barry Rand, Quentin Brown, Francis
Price, Mary Diggs, Charles Williams, Linda Newell, Brody Thompson, Dr. Will McCarther, Catherine LeBlanc, Hazel Birth,
Henry and Linda Helm, Dr. David L. Ford, Marvin Stewart, Darryl Wilson and daughter Shana (Williams) Eley, and many

Of additional note are a few critical suppliers and clients who started with us early and, in some cases, remain:
Emanuel C. Burrell, CPA; Rindahl Business Services; Farmers & Merchants Bank; Eltrex Industries; Minority Search, Inc.;
Accommodations, Inc.; Xerox Corporation; L. Don Brown, retired Executive VP, Coors Brewing Company; Douglas Smith,
currently Chairman, Value Creation Partners; Linda Lamar, Safe, Inc.; Ann Bailey, Business Communications; Doug Reid
and Phillip Berry, Colgate Palmolive; Evan and Bill James, Dominion Properties; Jeff Shmisky, All 4 Automation; Marcie
Mylemans, Kraft Canada; and Anquonette Barlow, Dynamic Business Solutions, and more.

         “Our intention is to change
           the world we touch.”


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