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            Norwich Road, Tacolneston, Norwich, NR16 1AL
                     Telephone:      01508 489336
                E mail:

HEAD TEACHER                        Mrs. Lisa Blowfield
SENIOR TEACHER                      Mr. Warren Finn

TEACHING STAFF                      Mrs. Christina Douglas
                                    Mrs. Alison Willis
                                    Miss. Joanna Diaper
                                    Mrs. Lynn Fry

PERIPATETIC MUSIC                   Mrs. Evans (Woodwind)
                                    Mr. Cross (Violin)
                                    Mr. Sam Ward (Drumming)
                                    Mr. Robert Glover (Piano)

SECRETARY                           Mrs. Ria Durrant

TEACHING ASSISTANTS                 Mrs. Carolyne Watt
                                    Mrs. Linda Ludkin
                                    Mrs. Sharon Wyer
                                    Mrs. Linda Bird

LEARNING SUPPORT ASSISTANTS         Mrs. Hayley Schofield

SENIOR MIDDAY SUPERVISOR            Mrs. Rosemary Cook
MIDDAY SUPERVISORS                  Mrs. Michelle Norman
                                    Mr. Andrew Hyde

CATERING ASSISTANTS                 Mrs. Donna Youngman

                                            Tacolneston C of E Primary School

Mr. Rob Poole          (Chair)              LEA Governor
Mrs. Lisa Blowfield                         Head teacher
Mrs. Jenny Cooper       (SEN)               Foundation Governor
Mr. Derek Vivian                            Foundation Governor
Mrs. Tina Douglas                           Staff Governor
Mrs. Helen Gowing      (Foundation Stage)   LEA Governor
Mr. Chris Durrant      (Finance)            Community Governor
Mr. Philip Singleton                        Parent Governor
Mr. Robert Mayes                            Parent Governor
Mrs. Ria Durrant                            Clerk
Mrs. Linda Bird                             Support Staff Governor
Mrs. Sam Forman                             Parent Governor
Dr. Bethan Gulliver                         Parent Governor


(Chair)                                     Mark Holmes
(Treasurer)                                 Bethan Gulliver
(Secretary)                                 Linda Visser


Lisa Christensen                            01603 222222

                                                    Tacolneston C of E Primary School
                      PRIMARY SCHOOL

The site is owned by the Church, but the school is controlled and funded by the LEA


Our aim is to encourage each child to achieve the highest standard of excellence in
relation to their own ability and age in all aspects of their school life.

The school aims to: -

 provide the highest quality of teaching and learning within a stimulating & creative
 offer a broad and challenging curriculum which includes the requirements of the
   National Curriculum.

We plan to use the resources of people, time and money to the best advantage of the

Our aim is to: -

 provide a happy and challenging learning atmosphere within a well disciplined,
   safe and secure environment.
 provide a place where everyone's contribution is valued, where we help children to
   appreciate cultural diversity and develop their own spiritual awareness.

                                                      Tacolneston C of E Primary School
                                        OUR CREED

              We believe in the unique dignity and worth of every person.
         Whilst on the school premises, we expect everybody – staff, children,
          parents, governors and visitors – to treat each other with the same
             respect and consideration as they have a right to be treated.

The Norfolk Curriculum Policy Statement declares:

“All pupils of each school have a right of access to its opportunities, regardless of
ability, age, gender, physical ability, capability or characteristics, racial or ethnic
group, religious beliefs and social background."

Therefore, all adults in our school will encourage each child to achieve the highest
standard of excellence in relation to their own ability and age in all aspects of their
school life.

The School aims to:-

* provide the highest quality of teaching and learning within a stimulating and
  creative environment;

* offer a broad and challenging curriculum which includes the requirements of the
  National Curriculum.

* provide a happy and challenging atmosphere within a well-disciplined, safe and
  secure environment;

* provide a place where everyone's contribution is valued, where we help children
  to appreciate cultural diversity and develop their own spiritual awareness.

As a church school, the ethos will recognise its historic foundation and preserve and
develop its religious character in accordance with Christian principles, beliefs and
practice. The school will aim to serve its community by providing an education, which
challenges racism and discrimination and promotes good relations between people of
different racial and religious groups. It will prepare pupils to become full citizens in
today's multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-faith society.

In return, we expect our children to arrive in school refreshed and ready to learn; to
engage in their learning; and to show respect and courtesy towards everyone involved
in their education and well being.

Childhood is valid in itself; it is not just a time to get ready for the next school or to get
ready for work.

The above declaration and consequent policies apply to all members of the
school community - pupils, staff, parents/guardians, governors and extends to
visitors, contractors and to those working in partnership with our school.

                                                           Tacolneston C of E Primary School
School Organisation

From September 2010 we will be 81 on roll: -

YrR   14
Y1    11
Yr2    9
Yr3   12
Yr4   12
Yr5   13
Yr6   10

The children will work in mainly mixed age classes;

Class                             Key Stage                  Year Group
Kingfishers                       Foundation Stage           R
                                  Key Stage 1                1
Robins                            Key Stage 1                2
Eagles                            Key Stage 2                3&4
Sparrowhawks                      Key Stage 2                5&6

Times of the School Sessions

The playground is staffed from 8.30am and the bell is rung at 8.40am.
Parents of children in Reception and Year 1 are welcome to come into the school with
the children.

Foundation, Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2 : 8.50am – 3.15pm

Class Organisation

The school currently has an admission number of approximately twelve in each year
group. The classes for this academic year will be arranged as follows:

Reception and Year 1 taught by Miss Diaper and Mrs Fry

Year 2 taught by Mrs Douglas

Year 3 and 4 taught by Mrs Willis and Mrs Fry

Year 5 and 6 taught by Mr Finn

                                                      Tacolneston C of E Primary School
By law children must start statutory education full time at the beginning of the term
following their fifth birthday. Where admission is offered prior to compulsory school
age, parents may defer their child’s entry into school until later in that academic year.

For community and Church of England schools, children born between 1st
September and the end of February may start school full time at the beginning
of the autumn term before their fifth birthday.

Tacolneston C. of E. Primary School offers children who will reach their fifth birthday
between 1st March and 31st August five part time sessions each week throughout the
autumn term. The times of these sessions will be 8.50am until 12.00 mid-day.

Our admission policy allows children to start school earlier than the law requires.
However the law also allows parents to ask for their child to be admitted but lets them
delay the start date until later in the school year. Your child must start school by the
beginning of the term following their fifth birthday and the place must be taken up by
the start of the summer term. If you inform us that you wish to delay your child’s entry
the place will be held and will not be offered to another child.

If there are more applications for places than there are places available, the Local
Education Authority will give preference to children living nearest the school according
to the following criteria in this order of priority:

   1. Children with a statement of Special Educational Needs naming that school.
   2. Children who live within the designated area and have a brother or sister
       attending the school at the time of their admission.
   3. Children who live outside the designated area and have a brother or sister
       attending the school at the time of their admission.

                                                        Tacolneston C of E Primary School
The Governors

The Governors of Tacolneston C of E Primary School
The Governors at Tacolneston C of E School are a body comprising local people,
some of whom are parent governors and some who are or have been involved in
education at different levels.

The Governors appoint from among them a Chair and a Vice Chair and hold meetings
approximately every two months. In addition they also meet in small sub-committees
with the following responsibilities:
    • Finance
     •   Curriculum
     •   Personnel
     •   Premises (Including Health and Safety)
     •   Communications

This is a précis of the chief areas where the Governors are involved in decision
making, with advice from the Head:-

 •   To approve the budget plan each financial year
 •   To be involved in selection panels for staffing appointments and pay discretions.
     (The governors alone bear responsibility for Head Teacher appointments).
 •   To ensure the National Curriculum is taught to all pupils and to agree, reject and
     review policy.
 •   To establish and implement performance management policy.
 •   To set and publish targets for school improvement.
 •   To decide on behaviour policy.
 •   To set admissions policy.
 •   To ensure provision of R.E. and that there is a daily act of collective worship.
 •   To ensure that there is planning in place for the maintenance and development
     of the school buildings and site.
 •   To ensure that health and safety issues are resolved adhering to policy.

In broad terms, the Governing Body acts as a 'critical friend' to the Head Teacher,
offering support, constructive advice, being a sounding board for ideas and offering
honest opinions about new proposals. The Governing Body will challenge by asking
questions, seeking information, improving proposals and ensuring that the school is
moving towards achieving the vision.

At Tacolneston C of E Primary School, we endeavour to achieve all of these things
and the governing body works closely with the whole school staff to ensure that the
school continues to work towards its vision and objectives. We welcome feedback
from all parents, old and new.

                                                         Tacolneston C of E Primary School
The Curriculum
The school follows the National Curriculum. This requires all schools to have a broad
and balanced curriculum which

   i)     promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of
          pupils at the school and of society
   ii)    prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of
          adult life.

Children will be taught by their class teacher for most of the time. This allows for
relationships of understanding and trust to be built up during the school year. There
are times when your son/daughter will be taught by other members of staff.

We try to ensure that all children are challenged whilst those who have learning
difficulties are supported. We appreciate that each child is an individual and ensure
that they are treated as such. The school will deal with children’s needs in stages,
matching the level of help to the needs of the pupils. The procedures laid down in the
Special Needs Policy correspond to the national Code of Practice.

Areas of Study
Our aim is to make the children literate, to love books and to read fluently with
enjoyment and understanding.

Speaking and listening to your child is a vital part of your child’s education and we
encourage speaking and listening in every part of the curriculum.
During their time at the school, the children will have the opportunity to develop their
writing skills by writing for a variety of purposes and a variety of audiences.
All children across the school are taught phonics and spelling strategies on a daily

The children are involved in mathematical activities on a daily basis. The children
learn to be comfortable and play with numbers, to develop their understanding of
other areas such as measurement, shape, space and data handling. The acquisition
of fast and accurate mental arithmetic lies at the heart of Numeracy. We aim to let the
children apply their knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts in
problem solving and real life situations.

Science work in school attempts to stimulate the children’s curiosity and interest in the
world around them. Scientific concepts are developed through the children’s own
investigations and experience.

                                                        Tacolneston C of E Primary School
Religious Education
Religious Education is taught in accordance with the Norfolk Agreed Syllabus, a copy
of which may be viewed in school.
Our aim is to develop children’s understanding of and sensitivity towards Christianity
and other world religions, themselves as people and the world in which they live.
Parents wishing to withdraw their child from Religious Education should discuss this
with the Head teacher.

Collective Worship
Children take part in daily Christian collective worship. Parents wishing to withdraw
their child from the devotional part of this assembly should discuss this with the Head

Early Years Foundation Stage
In the Reception year the children follow the six areas of learning from the
Government guidance (Early Learning Goals), covering Communication/Language,
Literacy, Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy, Personal and Social, Creative
and Physical Development and Knowledge and Understanding of the World.
We work closely with parents to ensure that the children feel included, secure and
We provide opportunities for children to engage in activities planned by adults and
those that they plan and initiate themselves.

Design Technology
Children undertake work in small groups to develop skills of design, construction and
evaluation using a variety of materials and processes.

Information and Communication Technology
Each classroom has a bank of networked computers and internet access. In addition
there are 4 interactive whiteboards and sixteen laptops for the children’s use. The
children also have the opportunity to use digital cameras and digital microscopes.
Children become confident in using Information and Communication Technology in a
variety of contexts. They are taught how to use a variety of programs and use ICT to
develop their learning in all other areas of the curriculum.

History and Geography
Our aim is to develop the children’s curiosity and awareness both in the past and in
their local environment and to foster interest and knowledge about the world and its
people. These subjects are often incorporated into our cross curricular approach to

                                                       Tacolneston C of E Primary School
Physical Education
The school has excellent field and playground facilities for outdoor activities. We also
have a very well equipped hall for dance and gymnastics. Every child will have at
least two hours of physical education each week. Children in years 2 to 6 will swim for
at least one term every year.

After school clubs are available all year, including archery, football, tennis. gymnastics
and mini olympics.

A varied programme of artwork emphasises observation and creativity. The children
are encouraged to express themselves through drawing, painting, craft activities and
develop aesthetic qualities.

Class music lessons encompass practical and creative music making as well as
extending children’s knowledge of more formal music styles.
We offer music tuition for recorder, piano, woodwind, violin and drums.

Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE)
Through PSHE we aim to give pupils the knowledge, skills and understanding they
need to lead confident, healthy, independent lives and to become informed, active
responsible citizens. The subject forms part of the timetable but is also included in all
other subjects within the curriculum.

Sex and Relationships Education
Sex and Relationships Education is taught as part of the PSHE curriculum. Parents
are given an opportunity to view any DVDs that will be shown to the children in this
subject area. Parents wishing to withdraw their child from Sex and Relationship
Education should discuss this with the Head teacher.

Homework is an important area for teachers, children and parents to work together.
The school’s homework policy is available on request.

As a regular part of homework all children are expected to read at home on a regular
structured basis.

Key Stage 1 children will occasionally have an activity to do at home to reinforce work
at school. But ongoing reading, work on letter sounds, key words, writing, number
recognition are the key areas for regular home input.

                                                        Tacolneston C of E Primary School
Key Stage 2 children have a homework diary, which they are expected to keep daily
and will be checked by a member of staff. The purpose of the diary is for parents to
check homework has been done and to help the children to remember what they are
to do.

Homework is set on a regular basis involving a range of subjects and activities, but
always every day a period of reading.

Teacher Consultation
At the beginning of each term parents are invited into each class for a parent’s
briefing during the school day. This is an opportunity for teachers to explain what the
children will be learning during the term as well as explain the routines of the class.

In the Autumn and Spring term there are consultation evenings for parents to
come in and discuss their child’s progress.

Children’s work is assessed on a regular basis to ensure that the work set is matched
to the ability of the pupil to ensure that they are supported and challenged. These
records are available for parents to see and are used by staff to compile the yearly
report. At the end of every academic year you will receive a Record of Achievement,
which contains an assessment of your child’s progress in every area of the curriculum
and gives the next steps for the children to aim for in order to make further progress.

                                                       Tacolneston C of E Primary School
Educational Visits
In addition to the various visits that the children are taken on, the school encourages a
variety of visitors both of which support their learning in school. Whenever children
are taken out of school parents are notified in advance and if a coach trip is involved
parental permission sought.
The school believes in offering all children the opportunity to take part in out of school
activities. These visits and some of the visitors are dependent upon voluntary
contributions by parents to cover all or part of the cost and would be unable to take
place without parental contributions. Expenses are kept as low as possible, but in
cases of financial difficulty please contact the Head teacher as help may be available.
Risk assessments are carried out before any trip takes place. If insufficient voluntary
contributions are received then visits may have to be cancelled.

How Hill
We have a regular visit for year 3 & 4 children to How Hill near Ludham. This visit
lasts for two and a half days and offers wonderful opportunities for every kind of
learning – social, aesthetic and academic.

A residential trip for two and a half days takes place for children in years 5 & 6.
This year children were challenged to develop their outdoor and adventurous skills at
the Kingswood Centre at West Runton.

                                                        Tacolneston C of E Primary School

We expect a good standard of conduct, thoughtfulness and a caring attitude to
everyone, whether it is child or adult.

Our aim is to encourage self-discipline, respect for others, good manners and
responsibility with the children both for their social relationships and their
environment. All of these aims are expanded in our Behaviour Policy and are
reflected in Our Creed. This creed incorporates the ethos statement required for a
Church School.

In return, we expect our children to arrive in school refreshed and ready to learn; to
engage in their learning; and to show respect and courtesy towards everyone

A reward system of stamps and gold awards are used to promote positive behaviour.

Bullying and racist behaviour is not tolerated and the school follows the procedures
based on the Norfolk County Council guidelines.

Safety Issues

   •   Entrance to the school grounds is by the pedestrian gate, please don’t cross
       through the car park.
   •   On arrival all visitors and parents should report to the school office.
   •   Parents should not park in the car park.
   •   Everyone in the school community must walk when moving around the school
       and display courtesy and consideration for others.
   •   Pupils are responsible for their own belongings at all times when in school.
       Please ensure that all items are marked clearly with the pupil’s name using
       name tapes or permanent marker.
   •   For safety reasons children must not play on the playground equipment unless
       a member of staff is present and has agreed that the equipment can be used.
       Therefore when dropping off and collecting your child/ren please ensure that
       they, and their siblings, keep off the play equipment.
   •   Children attending after school music lessons must be accompanied by a
       parent if they wish to remain on site between the end of school and the start of
       their lesson.
   •   All adults working in school are CRB checked.

                                                       Tacolneston C of E Primary School
School Attendance

Daily Registration

The bell rings at 8.40am and registration takes place at 8.50am, when all children are
expected to be in class and ready to start the day. Registration is a legal requirement
and the good practice of punctuality is expected and lateness noted. If a child is late
for any reason this will be marked as an unauthorised absence.
If a child arrives at school late he/she should be taken to the school office by his/her
parent/carer to be signed in.

Children’s Absences

In the event of your child missing a day at school it is very important that you
telephone the school before 9.30am with the reason for absence. This should be
supported by a letter explaining your child’s absence on their return to school. If you
know in advance a letter or email should be sent to the school office. We monitor
attendance on a weekly basis and this may result in pupils with poor attendance being
contacted by the Attendance Improvement Officer. Any absence without an
explanation will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.

Holidays during Term Time

The authorisation of absences for holidays in term time is the responsibility of the
school. Parent/carers do not have an automatic right to take the child/ren out of
school during term time. The current educational law does make allowances for such
holidays to be taken (the maximum allowable in any one year is ten days), but only in
exceptional circumstances. These include parent/carers whose business/work
dictates that the holiday cannot be taken at any other time. It also includes a range of
‘compassionate’ reasons. Holiday request forms can be obtained from the office.

We would ask you to consider very carefully before you take your child away on
holiday in term time.

Illness or Accidents to Children during School Time

If your child becomes ill during the day we will try to contact you to arrange for your
child to be taken home.
It is very important that our emergency contact details are kept up to date and
alterations to telephone numbers etc are always reported to the school office as soon
as possible. If your child has had sickness and/or diarrhoea then please keep them off
school until 48 hours after the last bout (for Reception children this is 72 hours).

                                                       Tacolneston C of E Primary School
All clothing must be labelled

Boy’s Uniform                                    Girl’s Uniform
School sweatshirt or fleece                      School sweatshirt, fleece or cardigan
White polo shirt                                 White polo shirt
Grey trousers or shorts                          Grey skirt, pinafore or trousers
                                                 Plain tights or socks
                                                 Checked school dress (red or blue)

Sensible, flat plain shoes in black should be worn. (Velcro if your child cannot
manage laces)

Children will require a pair of wellington boots to be kept permanently in school.
Reception/year 1 children – waterproof trousers. (It is a legal requirement that children
at this stage of the school spend 50% of their time outdoors. Waterproof trousers
would increase their comfort at these times)

P.E. Kit
White t-shirt (not a polo shirt)
Black shorts
Trainers (velcro if your child cannot manage laces)
Plain black tracksuit bottoms
All items need to be placed in a named bag to be kept in school all the time.

One piece costume (no bikinis)
Trunks (no shorts)
Swimming hat (cloth)
Goggles (optional)

Art & Design
Old shirt adjusted to be worn backwards with a loop for hanging it on a peg.

No necklaces etc. should be worn at school, stud earrings only and these should not
be worn on PE and swimming days.

For safety reasons long hair (girls and boys) should be tied back/held back by simple
bands, clips or slides.

                                                       Tacolneston C of E Primary School
Pastoral Care and Welfare
It is the class teacher who is responsible for the day-to-day care of a child at school. If
there are any particular changes in home circumstances that may affect a child please
let the teacher know.

Child Protection Procedure

The school is committed to promoting the health and welfare of all pupils. We are
required by law to follow procedures laid down by the Norfolk Area Children
Protection Committee if we see signs that suggest that one of our pupils may have
been a victim of abuse or neglect.
Use of the procedures in this way is an obligation placed on the school by legislation
and in no way infers that any parent/carer is being accused of wrong doing.

Cooking and Design Technology Money

If the children wish to take home their cooking and their design and technology
projects we ask that a contribution is made to the cost. You will be advised of the
exact amount at the beginning of the school year.

Swimming Money

Parents of children in years 2 – 6 are asked to make a contribution to the cost of
swimming coaches. You will be advised of the exact amount at the beginning of the
school year.

Non-Smoking Policy

The Governing Body recognises the need to provide a healthy working experience for
staff and pupils and for the best possible example and role model to be given by
adults on smoking related matters within and beyond the formal curriculum. The policy
of the school is therefore that smoking should not take place anywhere on the school
site or during off-site activities. This policy extends to anyone that enters the site.

Links with the Community

We aim to help children establish their responsibilities within both the local community
and the wider world. To this end, we liaise with local churches, Norfolk Police Force,
Road Safety Officer, Fire Service, Museum Service etc.
Our school has a tradition of supporting charity work and each year raises money in a
variety of ways for this purpose.

                                                        Tacolneston C of E Primary School
School Travel Plan

We encourage the children to walk or cycle to school and often take part in walk to
school campaigns. A cycle shelter is provided for those wishing to cycle to school.

Norfolk County Council – Consideration of Complaints

We welcome your views about our school.

If you are unhappy about any aspect of your child’s experience at school please make
an appointment with your child’s teacher.

We would hope that a discussion with your child’s teacher would be enough to resolve
any issue, but if you wish to take the matter further please make an appointment to
see the Head teacher.

If any matter cannot be resolved by the Head teacher, the Head teacher can give you
a copy of the Complaints procedure.

School Meals

All the children eat their lunch in the hall. The school meals are brought from
Wymondham and should be ordered each term. Dinner money at present is £2.00 per
meal. This can be paid by cheque or in cash, cheques to be made payable to N.C.C.
Dinner money is preferably paid on the first day of the week. The children have a
menu to choose their meals each term. Copies of your child’s menu are kept at school
but please keep a copy at home and remind your child in the morning before they
come to school!

A packed lunch may be brought to school if your child does not require a school
dinner. Children may bring a drink of water or squash with their packed lunch; no
drink is needed for hot meals as water is provided. The children may also, for break
time, bring a piece of fruit but no sweets or biscuits are allowed.

The Midday Supervisors and are appointed to care for the children at lunchtime. Any
child who does not accept their authority cannot remain in school at during this

Parent Helpers

Parents with any special talents that can enrich the curriculum or just want to work
alongside the children are welcomed. We would prefer this to be a regular
commitment but will welcome any time you have to help.

However, by law, we have to carry out a police check on persons helping within the
school. This involves filling in a Criminal Records Bureau form. Please do not be put
off by this, as it is to ensure that children are safe in school.

                                                       Tacolneston C of E Primary School

We ask you to respect confidentiality while working in school and work within our
confidentiality policy.

Friends of Tacolneston School (FOTS)

There is an active Parents' Association, which has over the years raised money for
the school and supported and added to our school life together.

It is impossible to overstate the importance of the support and encouragement of
parents in the education of young people. We set great store by the concept of the
education process being a friendly partnership between home and school. We rely on
the help of parents in many ways, and in far more than the obvious important aspects
of fund raising and support at school events. In return we willingly commit ourselves
to a high level of professional dedication and endeavour. Parents are valued as both
regular and occasional helpers in school on an individual basis or as part of the
FOTS. Volunteers are always welcomed enthusiastically.

Over the years the FOTS has paid for many of the coach trips to enable us to visit
many places of interest. They have also paid for some of the many visitors we have
had in school who greatly enrich the children's knowledge. Equipment of various
kinds has also been bought. If you would like to join the committee please contact the

                                                      Tacolneston C of E Primary School
SATs Results 2008

SATs are Standard Assessment Tests or Tasks. They are set for all 11 year olds (end
of Key Stage 2) in primary schools. Teachers can also set SATs at the age of 7 (end
of KS1) to help with the assessment of a child’s performance.

Subjects covered
At KS1 the SATs cover Maths and English (reading and writing).
At KS2 the SATs cover Maths, Science and English (reading and writing).

At 7 most children are expected to be working at level 2.
At 11 most children are expected to be working at level 4.
Schools are therefore measured on the percentage of children reaching level 2 at KS1
and level 4 at KS2.

Key Stage 1 Results

                                            KS1 Maths results at level 2b and above –
                                            consistent improvement culminating with results
                                            17% above the national average for 2008.

KS1 Reading results at level 2b and above – all
7 years olds achieved a greater reading grade
than the expected level 2.

                                                         Tacolneston C of E Primary School
Key Stage 1 Results

                                             KS1 Writing results at level 2b and above – once
                                             again results above both the Norfolk and
                                             national average.

Key Stage 2 Results

KS2 English (combined reading and writing)
results at level 4 and above – consistent year
on year improvement with 2008 results at
12% above the national average.

                                                 KS2 Reading results at level 5 and above –
                                                 15% above the national average for 11 year
                                                 olds achieving grades above the expected
                                                 level 4.

                                                            Tacolneston C of E Primary School
Key Stage 2 Results

KS2 Science results at level 4 and above –
consistent achievment in science once again
above both Norfolk and national averages.

                                         KS2 Maths results at level 5 and above – 12%
                                         above the national average for 11 year olds
                                         achieving grades above the expected level 4.

KS2 combined English and Maths results at
level 4 and above - consistent achievement in
number of 11 year olds achieving above both
Norfolk and national averages in both English
and Maths.

                                                        Tacolneston C of E Primary School

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