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N e w s i n P H A L A B O R WA - G R AV E L O T T E - M I C A - H O E D S P R U I T- n u u s                   Volume 20 No 45                     17 NOVEMBER 2006

Huge injection for tracking unit

The Kruger National Park's (KNP) Executive Director, Dr Bandile Mkhize, right, presents a gift to the Thubelisha Homes Chief Executive Officer Mr Kevin Duncan after the
announcement that Thubelisha Homes will be sponsoring the KNP's Cybertracker Programme with R300 000 over the next three years.
Photo courtesy of Raymond Travers.

Kruger Park receives first instalment
 The Kruger National Park's         isha Homes for this wonderful do-     a R300 000 donation to the project
(KNP) Executive Director, Dr        nation, because it means that my      which will be rolled out over the
Bandile Mkhize was presented        ranger colleagues and I can more      next three years.
with a R100 000 cheque from         effectively continue with our vital    This will mean that many of the
Thubelisha Homes as the first in-   role of patrolling the areas of the   Cybertracker units currently used
stalment of a three-year donation   KNP under our control," said the      by the KNP's ranger corps will be
to the park's Cybertracker Pro-     KNP's most experienced ranger,        replaced during the following 36
gramme.                             Mr Louis Olivier.                     month period.
 "We are very grateful to Thubel-    The R100 000 cheque was part of       Apart from the Thubelisha Homes
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 Drukkersduiwels - Adverteerders, let
                                           Why do you need an Estate Agent?
 Hoewel Palabora & Hoedspruit Herald
                                            Have you ever thought of buying a house        Because the seller typically hires the        The estate agent is the link between the
deurgaans alle sorg uitoefen om ad-
                                           without an Estate Agent, if you answer         agent, the agent is legally obliged to        buyer and the seller.
vertensiekopie foutloos aan te bied, kan
                                           yes, think again.                              represent the seller's interests.              The agent will negotiate an agreement of
ons nie verantwoordelik gehou word
                                            You are letting yourself into unfarmiliar      This means you as the client must decide     sale acceptable to both parties.
vir set-of drukfoute wat wel in ad-
                                           ground.                                        what offers to make and what counter-          An offer to purchase is drafted by the
vertensies verskyn, en nie die wese
                                            How can an estate agent assist me ?           offers to accept.                             estate agent.
daarvan benadeel nie.
                                            Your search for a new home can be made         Don't accept an offer you are not com-        This must be signed by the agent, the
                                           much easier if you use the services of an      pletely comfortable with.                     buyer and the seller.
                                           estate agent.                                   What are the benefits of using an estate      Once signed it becomes a legal binding
                                            Agents make it their business to provide      agent ?                                       contract of sale.
                                           every service connected with your search        The agent can help you to set up a plan of    So you as the client need to make sure
                                           for a home - from expert advice in the early   action through an analysis of your needs      that you are comfortable with the offer that
                                           stages, to careful monitoring of your set-     and finances, the current housing market      is made, because at the end you are the
                                           tlement.                                       and homes available in your price range       person that are liable.
                                            The more closely you work with one            and in your area.                              A copy of this document must be attached
                                           agent, the better your needs become             The agent personally conducts your           to the loan application form.
                                           known and the more effectively they can        search to find neighbourhoods and homes        For this services rendered by the estate
                                           help you - saving you time and possible        that fit your requirements.                   agent, being the searching for the ideal
                                           trouble.                                        The agent can guide you through making       home, and all the work until, the deal has
                                            All agents are bound by law to deal fairly    an offer on a home and then presenting the    been signed and registered, they charge a
                                           and ethically with both the buyer and the      offer to the seller.                          fee or commission that is payble by the
                                           seller.                                         What is the role of the estate agent ?       seller.

                                           Take caution this festive season
                                            With the Festive Season holiday period        Inform you neighbours of your plans and       you have found be poorly lit.
                                           fast approaching Business Against Crime        ensure that all the windows and doors to       Never give your PIN to anyone, not a
                                           South Africa and the South African Police      your house are closed.                        bank official or a security guard, and never
                                           Service (SAPS) would like to caution the        While travelling to your holiday des-        accept assistance from a stranger.
                                           public against sideling safety and security    tination ensure that you plan your route       Only count your cash in a secure location
                                           issues, in favour of holiday festivities.      well in advance and inform someone of         and never in front of the ATM.
                                            Since holidaymakers often travel to un-       your plans.                                    When on holiday think twice while shop-
                                           familiar destinations, relegating personal      Be particularly cautious when driving        ping in an unfamiliar environment and
                                           safety to a secondary issue is particularly    alone, especially at night, and avoid stop-   avoid carrying large amounts of cash on
                                           concerning.                                    ping in remote areas.                         your person.
                                            Business Against Crime and the SAPS            Under no circumstances should you give        Never leave valuables in plain sight in a
                                           would suggest that if you will be going on     a lift to a stranger.                         shopping trolley and always accompany
                                           holiday you should ensure that somebody,        Always place your valuables in the boot      your children to public toilets.
                                           a neighbour, family member or friend,          of your car and never leave items such         We all look forward to our well-deserved
                                           clears you post box while you are away.        cellphones and wallets in plain sight and     break at the end of the year - and rightfully
                                                                                          unattended in a vehicle.                      so.
                                                                                           When using an ATM while on holiday,           However, do not allow the Festive Season
                                                                                          adopt the same safety principles that you     to become the Silly Season and become a
                                                                                          would use when you are not on holiday         victim of crime.
                                                                                          and on your normal day to day routine.         In a police emergency call the SAPS
                                                                                           Do not let down your guard.                  Emergency number 10111 or if you have
                                                                                           Remain alert at the ATM and if you notice    any information about a suspected crim-
                                                                                          anything suspicious stop your transaction     inal or activity please call Crime Stop at
                                                                                          and leave.                                     08600 10111
                                                                                           Find an alternative ATM should the one

                                                                                          Mosambiek, hier kom ons
                                                                                          .Goeie nuus vir alle besoekers aan             Die kantore is geleë in 24 Hardekool
                                                                                          Mosambiek is dat die verpligte derde-         straat, Phalaborwa.
                                                                                          party versekering in Phalaborwa beskik-        Belangrike inligting wat u moet vergesel
                                                                                          baar is.                                      is die volgende: volle name en van,
                                                                                           Die agentskap is bekom deur Mnr Johan        paspoort nommer en woonadres, voertuig
                                                                                          de Klerk en word onderskryf deur Hollard      besonderhede insluitende onderstelnom-
                                                                                          Mozambique.                                   mer asook registrasie nommer van die
                                                                                           Die koste beloop R150.00 per selfaange-      voertuig waarmee u gaan ry.
                                                                                          drewe voertuig en R80.00 vir 'n sleepwa        Dit is uiters noodsaaklik om die inligting
                                                                                          ens.                                          saam te bring anders sal die derdeparty
                                                                                           Die versekering is sedert Januarie 2006      versekering nie uitgereik kan word nie.
                                                                                          by die kantore van die Palabora Hoed-          Die kantore van die Palabora Hoedspruit
                                                                                          spruit Herald beskikbaar.                     Herald is oop vanaf Maandae tot Don-
                                                                                                                                        derdae 08:00 tot 16:30 en op Vrydae
                                                                                                                                        vanaf 08:00 tot 16:00.
                                                                                                                                         Die kantore van die Palabora Hoedspruit
                                                                                                                                        Herald sal egter op Vrydag, 15 Desember
                                                                                                                                        2006 vir die feesseisoen sluit.
                                                                                                                                         Vir verdere inligting kan die kantoor
                                                                                                                                        geskakel word by (015) 781 5484.
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                                                                                              Cybertrackers easy to use
                                                                                              Continued from p1
                                                                                              donation, which came to SANParks via          found in Kruger so the time has come that
                                                                                              the SANParks volunteer organisation, the      they are replaced," added Mr Olivier.
                                                                                              Honorary Rangers, there are also various       The KNP has 22 ranger sections, spread
                                                                                              other Cybertracker fund-raising pro-          out over the entire two million hectare
                                                                                              grammes, including an e-donation ini-         park. Each ranger section has an average
                                                                                              tiative on the SANParks Website               of 10 field rangers, with a section ranger
                                                                                              (www.sanparks.org).                           managing the area under his or her con-
                                                                                               The Cybertracker programme is run on         trol. Patrols on foot, bicycle, motorbike,
                                                                                              palm pilot hand-held computers that are       vehicle or ultralight aircraft are sent out
                                                                                              linked to Global Positioning Systems          every day on each section and each patrol
                                                                                              (GPS) that help accurately plot the oc-       carries at least one Cybertracker unit with
                                                                                              currence of carcasses, plants, animals,       it.
                                                                                              traps, tracks, evidence of poaching in-        When the ranger patrol returns to the
                                                                                              cidents and many others.                      ranger station, data collected on the Cy-
                                                                                               Instead of using the written word, Cy-       bertracker is downloaded onto a PC and is
                                                                                              bertrackers use symbols which make them       then sent via email to KNP's Scientific
                                                                                              quick and easy to use - even for illiterate   Service so that it can be added to the
                                                                                              users.                                        central database.
                                                                                               "We have used Cybertrackers in Kruger         Data can be interpreted in various ways,
                                                                                              since 2003 but the first units we received    including rare animal sightings, areas cov-
                                                                                              are starting to show their age from a         ered by patrols, alien species found or
                                                                                              technological point of view.                  disease control, as well as Big Five sight-
                                                                                               They have also endured harsh treatment       ings for tourists visiting the Park.
                                                                                              that is unavoidable in the rough terrain
Mr Keith Marshall, Managing Director of Palabora Mining Company with Mr He
Jiazeng from China Minmetals Corporation at the signing ceremony held the past week           The latest Commu-
in Phalaborwa.                                                                                nity Policing Fo-
                                                                                              rum took place this
PMC sign three-year deal with China                                                           past Monday night
                                                                                              at Lantana Lodge.
                                                                                              It was well attend-
                                                                                              ed by the com-
 China Minmetals Corporation has signed        the contract, which will give it access to a   muntiy of Phal-
a three-year supply deal to buy iron ore      stable supply of high quality iron ore fines,   aborwa.
concentrate from Palabora Mining Com-         according to Minmetals Development, the         Inspector     Chris
pany.                                         listed arm of China Minmetals Corp.             Nel, spokesperson
 China National Minerals (CNM), a raw          Palabora Mining Company is 47%                 for the Phalaborwa
material and non-ferrous metal trading        owned by Rio Tinto, with Anglo American         SAPS, reported to
subsidiary of Minmetals, will take up to      owning a further 28.5% percent stake.           the public on all
 2-million tons per year of magnetite con-     The company sold about 800,000 tonnes          residential    bur-
centrate from PMC, starting as early as       of beneficiated magnetite in 2005, of           glary’s,    vehicles
October.                                      which about 600,000 tonnes was ex-              theft and other
 ‘The deal represents a big increase to       ported to China and about 200,000 tonnes        crimes.
PMC’s current sales of 1,2-million tons per   sold to the coal washing industry.
year of iron to China’, the company re-        A delegation from China Minmetals Corp
ported.                                       visited Palabora Mining Company the past
 China National Minerals will pay around      week to clinch the three year deal be-
$189 million over the next three years of     tween the two companies.

SAPS successes
 The following arrests were made from
Monday, 6 November to Monday 13
November 2006.
 The police in Phalaborwa managed to
arrest one person for assault GBH, 4
residential burglary, 2 assault common, 1
drunk driving, 3 shoplifting, 2 crimen
injuria, 1 theft general, 1 robbery com-
mon, 3 drinking in public and three peo-
ple were arrested by the Phalaborwa SAPS
for traffic violatioons
 You can phone the SAPS at (015) 780
3314 or 10111 to lay a complaint.
 The number for the duty officer on stand-
by is 084 5811 282.
 Should you have information that will
help the SAPS in solving a crime, please do
not hesitate to contact them on (015) 780
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                                                                                               Phalaborwa hospitaal
                                                                                               lewer puik diens
                                                                                                Bazil en Fatima Cornelissen van Pha-         geneem.
                                                                                               laborwa skryf:                                 Vir al die lede van die gemeentskap wat
                                                                                                "Ek het net die grootse waardering vir die   so klae oor die hospitaal, hulle weet nie
                                                                                               personeel van Phalaborwa Hospitaal.           waarvan hulle praat nie.
                                                                                                Ek is onlangs begin sleg voel en is toe om    Ek het slegs die beste sorg ontvang, my
                                                                                               aandrang van my familie na Maputa             vrou is 'n paar dae na my ook met Malaria
                                                                                               Malatji Hospitaal in Namagkale toe, daar      gediagnoseer en is ook opgeneem.
                                                                                               is 'n bloedtoets gedoen vir Malaria, en het    Groot was my verbasing toe hulle ons
                                                                                               die toets negatief teruggekom.                saam in die selfde saal sit.
                                                                                                Sowat twee dae daarna was ek nogsteeds        Die personeel was die vriendelikste en
                                                                                               nie beter nie, en het ek my na Phalaborwa     om nie eers van die kos te praat nie.
                                                                                               hospitaal gewend, daar is dieselfde toets      So vir diegene wat iets te sê het oor die
                                                                                               gedoen, maar die keer was die uislag          hospitaal, voordat jy nie self daar was nie,
                                                                                               positief en is ek in die hospitaal op-        moet asseblief nie oordeel nie."
The Kulani Day Care Centre situated in Maseke Village visited the Khamai Reptile Park
outside Hoedspruit recently as a school outing and to learn more about reptiles and
snakes in particular. The day was enjoyed by all.
Back right to left: Rachael Masebo, principal at Kulani Day Care Centre, Ronald,
Bavama, Auntie Maggie, Jitta, the caretaker at Khamai Reptile park, Hlokomelo,
Mtsako, Auntie Philistus and Believe.
In front from left to right: Praise, Conquor, Kunene, Connie, Tottie, Itumeleng and

Honde verdwyn
 Gesoek my Foxterrier tefie.
                                              Help the Lions, to help
 Sy het weg geraak in die industrieële
gebied op Saterdag, 4 November 2006.
                                              the less for fortunate
 Sy het 'n grys en blou truitjie aangehad
en reageer op die naam Spottie.                Collect a Toy for underprivileged chil-
 "Asseblief sy is soos 'n kind vir my en ek   dren for Phalaborwa and villages.
verlang baie, as enige iemand my kind kry,     The Lions Club of Phalaborwa ask all
is daar 'n belonging van R200"                children, who have toys they no longer
 Indien u weet waar 'Spottie' haar bevind     need or play with, to pass it on to the less
skakel gerus vir Louise by 076 120 5205.      fortunate children.
                                               This will make their lives a little better to
 Nog ‘n hond het verlore geraak in die        know that there are people who care.
week.                                          Put a smile on their faces, and do your
 Hierdie keer is dit ‘n Husky/Wolfhond        good deed for Xmas as it is a time for
wat verlore geraak het by Krusen woon-        giving.
stelle oorkant Le Bamba by die taxi staan-     All Lions of Phalaborwa would like thank
plekke. Sy het ligblou oë en lyk soos ‘n      one and all for their generous Support.          Abby Heysamen, een van die deelnemers         Susan Cloete wat gaan meeding om die
wolf. Sy reageer op die naam Sheila en is      For further information contact Jackie          aan Mnr Ivory’s. Foto’s van die deel-         kroon vir Mej Ivory’s wat eersdaags
geleer om by niemand anders iets te eet       Henning on 083 244 7700 or Joa Baden-            nemers is geneem deur Wessel Wessels          plaasvind.
nie. Haar eienaars mis haar verskriklik en    horst on 083 252 7632.
                                               Collection boxes will be placed at Spar,
het ‘n R500 beloning vir enigiemand wat
weet waar sy haar bevind. Vir verdere         Pick & Pay and Checkers.
                                               So gather all your old toys and those one’s
                                                                                               Ivory Gardens kroon weer dorp se mooistes
inligting kan Louis geskakel word by 015
781 3134 of 073 853 7828.                     that you don’t play with and give it to
                                              someone less fortunate.                           Mnr en Mej Ivory's word weereens die         geleë in Koperweg plaasvind en sal by
                                                                                               jaar vir die soveelste keer aangebied.        elke geleentheidstiptelik afskop om
                                                                                                Die glans geleentheid sal plaasvind op       20:00.
                                                                                               Saterdag, 25 November 2006. Tydens die         Die wenners sal ook dan bo en gehalwe
                                                                          ads                  geleentheid sal daar tien finaliste gekies
                                                                                                                                             die kroon ook wegstap met arms vol
                                                                           @                    Hulle sal dan deurdring tot die finale
                                                                                                                                              Toegangs geld vir elk een van die geleen-
                                                                                                                                             thede beloop slegs R10 per persoon.
                                                                                                Die finaliste sal dan meeding om die          Inskrywingsvorm is tans beskikbaar by
                                                                         herald                kroon op Saterdag, 9 Desember 2006.
                                                                                               Daar lê voorwaar die jaar 'n moeilike
                                                                                                                                             Ivory Gardens.
                                                                                                                                              Die kompetisie is oop vir mans en dames
                                                                         .co.za                besluit vir die beoordeellaars voor.
                                                                                                Die geleenthede sal by Ivory Gardens
                                                                                                                                             tussen die ouderdomme van 16 en 30
                                                                                                                                              Vir verdere inligting skakel, Andre
                                                                                                                                             Lourens by 082 863 5001

                                                                                                                     Mr Phillip Prinsloo and his wife Elise, celebrating his 60th
                                                                                                                     birthday aswell as the 10th birthday of his business, Abelana
                                                                                                                     Builders on Saturday. The function was held at the Municipal
            17 NOVEMBER 2006 PAGE 5
                                                                         17 NOVEMBER 2006 PAGE 6

                                                                 More winners on the way
                                                                  Forty years ago, PEP set out to      prizes.                                   So don't wait any longer, go and
                                                                 offer affordable, quality merchan-     The answer of the question ac-          visit Pep at Shoprite Centre today
                                                                 dise to everyone in South Africa at   companied by your receipt of the         and stand a chance to win great
                                                                 the lowest possible price and they    purchase made in store can be            prizes courtesy of Pep Shoprite
                                                                 are still going strong.               dropped off in the box supplied in       Centre and Palabora Hoedspruit
                                                                  If you have been reading our         store.                                   Herald.
                                                                 newspaper for the past month, you      The first winner in the compe-           You could be the next lucky win-
The HiSense DVD player that is up for grabs in this weeks        would have seen that the Palabora     tition, Sarah Rikhotso walked            ner in this fabulous competition
competition of PEP Shoprite Centre and the Palabora Hoed-        Hoedspruit Herald in co-opera-        away with a Motorola C118 cell-          and walk away with either a
spruit Herald.                                                   tion with PEP Shoprite Centre are     phone to the value of R249.00.           HiSense DVD or a Nokia Cell-
One lucky person can walk away with this prize to the value of   running a new fabulous compe-          For the coming week and the             phone.
R399.00                                                          tition.                               week thereafter there is a HiSense        For further information or any
                                                                  Well all you have to do is to go     DVD player to the value of               enquiries Pep Shoprite Centre can
                                                                 and visit the Pep store situated in   R399.00 and a Nokia 1600 cell-           be contacted on (015) 781 5261.
                                                                 the Shoprite Centre and look at the   phone to the value of R499.00 to          Watch out for next weeks edition
                                                                 display that they have.               be won!                                  of the Palabora Hoedspruit Her-
                                                                  Purchase something in store and       The next winner will be drawn on        ald, where the next winner in this
                                                                 answer an easy question and stand     Saturday, 17 November 2006 at            fabulous competition will be an-
                                                                 a chance to win wonderful             PEP Shoprite Centre.                     nounced.

                                                                                       One-of-a-kind craftshow
                                                                                        South African producers of handmade             individual and emerging craft producers.
                                                                                       products who wish to showcase their              Individual exhibitors are craft producers
                                                                                       work at the country's premier individ-           whose businesses are established, and
                                                                                       ually crafted and contemporary applied           who are ready for the export market.
                                                                                       arts trade show, One of a Kind, can now          Emerging businesses that are not yet ready
                                                                                       apply for next year's show.                      for the export market can participate in the
                                                                                        This business-to-business trade show,           show as part of the various provincial
                                                                                       which will be collocated with Decorex            stands.
                                                                                       Jhb at Gallagher Estate from 8 - 12 August        Viljoen says One of a Kind has earned the
                                                                                       2007, offers a unique marketing oppor-           reputation as the craft industry's leading
                                                                                       tunity for the best designer homeware,           marketplace in South Africa, and has all
                                                                                       décor items, corporate gifts, jewellery,         the elements to move craft businesses
                                                                                       curios and fashion accessories to be show-       forward and ahead in the industry.
                                                                                       cased to local and international buyers,          "Participation in the show is one of the
                                                                                       and to the public.                               most valuable business decisions a craft
                                                                                        Megan Viljoen, convenor of the One of a         producer can make for his business.
                                                                                       Kind Trade Show, says One of a Kind is a          The one-of-a-kind products on show are
                                                                                       celebration of the global revival of all         amongst the finest in the world.
                                                                                       things handmade and heart warming.                These products tell a story from the heart
                                                                                        "The show has come into its own the past        and it is this story that makes the products
                                                                                       three years and it is a true reflection of the   so unique to our country and so fas-
                                                                                       outstanding handmade products available          cinating to the trade."
                                                                                       in the country.                                   More than 30 international buyers, rep-
                                                                                        Our local and international buyers know         resenting retail outlets in countries such as
                                                                                       they will find products that are proudly         Germany, France, Australia, Japan, the
                                                                                       and uniquely South African, and our ex-          United Kingdom and America, as well as 3
                                                                                       hibitors take comfort in knowing that their      800 members of the local trade, are ex-
                                                                                       handmade work will not disappear be-             pected to attend next year's show.
                                                                                       tween masses of factory manufactured              Business linkages are facilitated between
                                                                                       products."                                       these buyers and the exhibitors.
                                                                                        To qualify for One of a Kind, participants       For more information on One of a Kind or
                                                                                       must be classified as small, medium or           to apply as an individual exhibitor at the
                                                                                       micro enterprises.                               show, contact Princess Tsotsetsi on tel
                                                                                        They can be craft producers with their          (011) 549-8405 / 549-8300.
                                                                                       own business in craft, marketing agents, or       The application form can also be down-
                                                                                       gallery representatives.                         loaded from the One of a Kind website at
                                                                                        The show allows for participation by            www.oneofakind.co.za

                                                                                                                                        Please note
                                                                                                                                         Gremlins - Advertisers please note
                                                                                                                                         Although Palabora & Hoedspruit Her-
                                                                                                                                        ald exercises every care to ensure that
                                                                                                                                         advertising copy is presented without
                                                                                                                                        mistakes, we do not accept responsibility
                                                                                                                                        for setting or printing errors which do not
                                                                                                                                        materially alter or damage an adver-
            17 NOVEMBER 2006 PAGE 7
                                                                               17 NOVEMBER 2006 PAGE 8

New SUV for Mercedes
 Mercedes-Benz presents a new highlight        or negotiating rough terrain. Occupants
in the luxury Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV)     enjoy freedom of movement even on the
market segment: the GL-Class. The seven-       two full-sized individual seats in the third
seater premium off-roader offers excellent     row. The distance to the middle row of
handling both on and off-road and pam-         seats is 815 mm, with 979 mm headroom
pers occupants with its spacious interior      for passengers. If fewer seats are required,
and the comfort of a luxury saloon. The        the rear individual seats can be stowed
GL, furthermore, sets another milestone        electrically at the push of a button, either
with the PRE-SAFE® safety system, a first      individually or in tandem to provide a
in this market segment.                        completely flat load surface. The luggage
 With its poised, assured presence, the        compartment capacity amounts to 1 240l
GL's aspirations to conquer this market        in the five-seater configuration. The GL
segment are clearly visible. The distinctive   can provide up to 2 300l of load capacity,
design idiom exudes power and exclu-           with the load compartment measuring 2
sivity. Calm body surfaces, powerful,          128 mm in length. In line with the wide
wedge-shaped features and striking details     range of applications handled by the ver-
give the impression of forward motion          satile all-rounder, the multi-zone THER-
even when stationary. The spacious body        MOTRONIC climatic comfort system fit-
(length 5 088 mm, width 1 920 mm, height       ted as standard in the GL models provides
1 840 mm) is beautifully proportioned.         consistent temperature for all seven seats
 The welcoming interior with top-quality       both in winter and on summer days.
materials provides passengers with that         Other standard convenience and comfort
feel-good atmosphere that only a Mer-          appointments include electrically ad-          The new Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) from Mercedes Benz.
cedes-Benz can, with more than ample           justable front seats and a fixed rear glass    Photo: Quickpic
space for seven people. The GL offers          roof above the third row of seats.
superb comfort - whether you're popping         The GL makes full use of the advantages       strength with intelligent lightweight steel      The GL meets all the requirements of a
into town, cruising hundreds of kilometers     of its unitised body, combining optimum        design. The result is excellent passive         state-of-the-art, luxury SUV and even re-
                                                                                              safety. Combined with the front and rear        defines them on a higher level. Yet the
                                                                                              deformation zones, the high-strength oc-        hallmark Mercedes-Benz off-roader genes
                                                                                              cupant cell forms an efficient base for the     such as superlative robustness, rugged-
                                                                                              occupant protection systems that in-            ness and long-term durability have not
                                                                                              clude:                                          been compromised. It is not without rea-
                                                                                               - Adaptive, two-stage airbags for the driv-    son that the model designation echoes the
                                                                                              er and front passenger                          legendary precursor of all Mercedes-Benz
                                                                                               - Sidebags in the front, and in the middle     off-road vehicles - the G-Class. The ev-
                                                                                              row of seats                                    ergreen off-roader is now in its 27th year of
                                                                                               - Windowbags across all three rows of          production.
                                                                                              seats from the A to the D-pillar                 4MATIC - the permanent four-wheel drive
                                                                                               - NECK-PRO crash-responsive head re-           system from Mercedes-Benz - provides the
                                                                                              straints for the driver and front passenger     GL with superior handling whatever the
                                                                                               - Three-point seat belts on all seven          conditions. Together with the standard
                                                                                              seats                                           AIRMATIC air suspension, the precise
                                                                                               - Seat-belt tensioners and adaptive belt-      speed-sensitive power steering and the
                                                                                              force limiters for the driver and front         Adaptive Damper System (ADS), the im-
                                                                                              passenger, seat-belt tensioners and belt-       posing GL, with a wheelbase of 3 075 mm,
                                                                                              force limiters on the outer seats in the        handles impressively. Stability when tow-
                                                                                              middle row.                                     ing a trailer is no less impressive thanks to
                                                                                               With the PRE-SAFE® preventive occu-            ESP Trailer Stabilisation. It defuses critical
                                                                                              pant protection system, a world first in this   driving situations involving a trailer before
                                                                                              market segment, Mercedes-Benz has               they become dangerous by precisely ap-
                                                                                              raised safety to an even higher level. The      plying the brakes, while AIRMATIC pro-
                                                                                              system's most striking feature: passive         vides fully automatic level adjustment.
                                                                                              and active safety systems are networked          Special off-road features such as Down-
                                                                                              with each other. PRE-SAFE utilises the          hill Speed Regulation (DSR), hill-start as-
                                                                                              sensors in the dynamic handling control         sist and off-road ABS assist the GL driver
                                                                                              systems such as ABS, BAS and ESP and            off road. The Off-Road Pro engineering
                                                                                              optimises the protective function of the        package, fitted as standard, means the GL
                                                                                              passive safety components in potential          can also handle the most extreme off-road
                                                                                              accident situations. The GL also takes          terrain. This includes a two-speed transfer
                                                                                              pedestrian protection to a new level. The       case with a low range ratio and 100 %
                                                                                              front section includes precisely defined        differential locks for the transfer case and
                                                                                              ample crumple space between the body            the rear axle. The modified AIRMATIC air
                                                                                              and the major assemblies underneath. In         suspension, designed specifically for the
                                                                                              conjunction with impact zones that are          more demanding conditions, increases
                                                                                              designed to yield, this design provides a       the ground clearance to a maximum of
                                                                                              high degree of protection both for pedes-       307 mm where required with a fording
                                                                                              trians and cyclists.                            depth to 600 mm.
                           17 NOVEMBER 2006 PAGE 9
School news

                 Left: The best performing pupils at Phu-
                 lani Bjiola Primary School in Majeje seen
                 here with their teachers.Ms Unice
                 Ntsangwisi (Principal) and Ms Hlamalane
                 Motsanani (Deputy Pricipal) are seen in
                 the middle.

                 Right: Rethabile Primary School in Na-
                 makgale’s Best Performing pupils from
                 Grade 1 to 7. The pupils are flanked by
                 their teachers at the back.

                 Schiettocht School
                 held an "Around the
                 World" concert re-
                 cently. The learn-
                 ers showcased the
                 diverse    cultures
                 from around the
                 world. Some of the
                 countries included
                 were South Africa,
                 Netherlands, Unt-
                 ed States of Amer-
                 ica,       Lesotho,
                 Namibia        and

For schoolnews
please contact
  Mariëtte on
 015 781 5484
                                                                             17 NOVEMBER 2006 PAGE 10

Another award for PMC
 On Friday evening 10 November 2006           with approximately 120 volunteers who
Palabora Mining Company won the Cor-          work with the Palabora Foundation, the
porate Category in the Sowetan/Old Mu-        Department of Health and Social De-
tual/SABC Community Builder of the            velopment other NGOs and local gov-
Year Competition at a gala function at the    ernment.
Sandton Convention Centre. .                   The HIV/Aids Support Group continues
 Keith Marshall (Managing Director) and       to meet on a monthly basis for capacity
SHE Rasebotsa (Phelang Programme Man-         building purposes and to plan and review
ager) accepted the award on behalf of         progress of their work.
Palabora.                                      During the year they conducted 1 187
 This is the second major national award      home visits and visited eight schools, three
that Palabora has won for the work that the   prisons and four churches and seven farms
Palabora Foundation is carrying out in        and two military bases.
surrounding communities.                       There are thirty seven community Peer
 On the 5 October the Palabora also won       Group educators who play a valuable role
the Nedbank Green Capital Mining Award        when visiting high risk areas and had the
for the best corporate socio-economic         opportunity during the year to address 6
programme.                                    117 males and 5 610 females on HIV/Aids
 The Phelang Ba-Phalaborwa HIV/Aids           related issues at these sites.                 She Rasebotsa,(middel, blue shirt),manager of the Phelang Programme with members
programme was initiated in the area at the     The Phelang Community Centre provides         of the Phelang Ba-Phalaborwa HIV/AIDS programme.
beginning of 2001 and is funded by Pal-       a wide range of services to the community
abora Mining Company's the major fun-         and Foskor Limited donates nutritional         consultation and treatment.                    Previously those patients requiring ARV
der, the Limpopo Province Department of       supplements which are given to old and          A further 22 were referred to the hospital   treatment had to travel with great difficulty
Health and Social Development, Foskor         new Support Group members.                     for medical treatment.                        some 100 kilometres to the Letaba Re-
Limited, Sasol Nitro and OXFAM AUS-            The centre is also the centralised dis-        The Bana Pele project continued with         gional Hospital.
TRALIA and the National Development           tribution point for male and female con-       funding from the National Development          Treatment is now more accessible to local
Agency.                                       doms to approximately 40 different sites in    Agency with a programme in three pilot        communities and better managed through
 This project commenced in 2001 with a        the area and additional funding is received    communities to assist orphans and vul-        the support structures set up by the Phe-
baseline study to determine the impact of     from OXFAM Australia to build capacity         nerable children to register with the De-     lang Community Centre.
the pandemic in the area and the study        with the Support Group.                        partment of Social Development for social      The statutory Ba-Phalaborwa local
was funded by the Nelson Mandela Chil-         The Home Based Care (HBC) group has           grants and food relief.                       HIV/Aids Council continues to meet
dren's Fund.                                  doubled in size since 2002 and has pro-         Registration with the Department of           on a monthly basis and deals mainly with
 The purpose of the programme is to use       vided a valuable service in the com-           Home Affairs was for birth certificates.      policy and district issues relating to
an effective HIV & Aids management            munity.                                        Seventy - nine children received birth        HIV/Aids.
system to minimise the impact of HIV &         The Department of Health and Social           certificates, 103 foster grants and forty      The Ba-Phalaborwa HIV/Aids Awareness
Aids in the community.                        Development donated home based care            three child support grants, and thirty are    programme has been recognized as one of
 The Phelang Community Centre is lo-          kits to the various home based care sites.     on a programme receiving food parcels.        the most effective programmes in the
cated in premises next to the Founda-         The Home Based caregivers visited 5 261        The Phelang Community Centre also col-        province
tion's administration centre in Namak-        patients during the year.                      lates statistical information on sexually
gale which was formerly the Palabora
Mining Company family clinic.
                                               During the year, 252 people were referred
                                              to the Phelang Community Centre for
                                                                                             transmitted infections, voluntary coun-
                                                                                             selling and testing and the prevention of
                                                                                                                                           Nando’s coming soon!
 This project facilitated the establishment   professional help of which 77 were re-         mother to child transmission.                  In 1987 two great friends, Robert and
of community support structures at 14         ferred to the Department of Health and          The National Development Agency made         Fernando, visited a famous little eatery
wards and on approximately 20 farms           Social Development for social assistance,      a funding grant available to the Foun-        called Chickenland, in Rosettenville, a
                                                                                             dation for the establishment of two com-      humble suburb south of Johannesburg.
                                                                                             munity vegetable gardens which included        It was there that their lives and the lives of
                                                                                             the sinking of boreholes, erection of water   millions changed forever.
                                                                                             tanks, fencing off of the property and the     As the people's love of Nando's chicken
                                                                                             purchase of farming equipment and             grew, so too did the flames of the Nando's
                                                                                             seeds.                                        brand as they spread to all corners of
                                                                                              The most significant achievement in          South Africa.
                                                                                             2005 was the accreditation by the Na-          Today, there are over 180 restaurants
                                                                                             tional Department of Health and Social        around our vibrant country. Their newest
                                                                                             Development of the Phelang Community          restaurant will open soon in Phalaborwa.
                                                                                             Centre at the Palabora Foundation and the     Nando's Phalaborwa will be situated in
                                                                                             Khanyisa Clinic at the Maphuta Malatji        the Checkers Centre opposite Capitec
                                                                                             District Hospital to 'roll-out" antiretro-    Bank. Watch the press for further details
                                                                                             viral therapy treatment (ARV).                and opening specials.
                                                                 17 NOVEMBER 2006 PAGE 11

                                                        Die nuwe Sekuriteitsgroep by die Groen-
                                                        skool vir 2007.

                                                        Onder: Die swem-aflos swemmers van
                                                        die Groenskool.
Die nuwe Skolierpatrollie vir 2007 by die Groenskool.                                             ‘n Nuwe Skolierpatrollie vir 2007 is verlede week by die
                                                                                                  Rooiskool aangekondig. Hulle is: (Nie volgens foto volgorde nie)
                                                                                                  - JD Nel (Hooofleier - seun), Chantelle Erasmus (Hoofleier -
                                                                                                  dogter) en die leiers is: Pieter van Wyk, Johan van Aardt,
Topskole Gala                                                                                     Cherolene Mostert en Odelia Mills. Die res van die skolier-
                                                                                                  patrollie is: Juandré du Plooy, Dawn Mathebula, Khotso Let-
                                                                                                  soalo, leandre Grobler, Ruben Nel, Edward Joubert, Carl
 Die Groenskool het onlangs vir die eerste                                                        Coetzee, Christo Haasbroek, Marinus Potgieter, Elandré Adlen,
keer aan die Topskole Gala in Polokwane                                                           Francois Stroebel, Penelope Shandlale, Elaine Clarke, Lucille
deelgeneem. Hulle het vierde geiendig uit                                                         Barnard, Chanel Pirrie, Johanne Botha en Sharon du Preez.
nege skole.
 Die skole wat deelgeneem het was Laer-
skool Krugerpark (Mokopane) (1ste),
Oosskool (2de), Laerskool Tzaneen (3de),
Laerskool Phalaborwa (4de), Warmbad
(5de), Laerskool Phalaborwa-Noord (6de),
Laerskool Messina (7de), Laerskool Uni-
corn (8ste) en Mitchell House Polokwane

Tydens die Topskole Gala te Polokwane
het dié swemmers goud verwerf. Hulle is
Ryan Coetzee (50m Vryslag seuns o/11),
Sumari Coetzee (50m Rugslag dogters
o/8) en Hendrik Weidemann (50m Vrys-
lag seuns o/10).

Dié swemmers verower almal silwer.
Hulle is Ryan Coetzee (50m Vlinderslag
seuns o/11), Sumari Coetzee (50m Vrys-
lag dogter o/8), Hendrik Weidemann
(50m Rugslag seuns o/10) en Andries
Weidemann (50m Rugslag seuns o/8).

Hierdie swemmers verwerf brons by die
Gala. Hulle is (Nie in foto volgorde nie) -
 Tiaan Terblanche (50m Rug- en Borsslag
seuns o/11), Donovan Goosen (50m Vrys-
lag seuns o/13), Chadé van der Schyff
(50m Borsslag dogter o/10), Andries Wei-
demann (50m Borsslag seuns 0/8) en
Werny Taljaard (50m Rugslag dogters
                                                                        17 NOVEMBER 2006 PAGE 12

Rooiskool prysuitdeling 2006

Die beste presteerders vir Gr 4 tot 7 by
Laerskool Phalaborwa-Noord vir 2006 is
Suné Scheepers (Gr 5), Mariska Korff (Gr
7), Leander Steenkamp (Gr 6) en Isabel
Opperman (Gr 4).
                                           Die Dux-leerling vir 2006 is Nina-Mari Lightfoot. Sy ontvang      Die sportseun van die jaar is harold Vorster (Gr 7). Hy ontvang
                                           toekennings vir senior dogtersatleet van die jaar, netbaldogter   die volgende trofees: krieketspeler van die jaar, tennisspeler van
                                           van die jaar en sportdogter van die jaar.                         die jaar en hy deel die rugbyspeler van die jaar trofee met Dieter
                                                                                                             du Toit .

                                                                Mariska Korff ont-
                                                                vang die volgende
                                                                toekennings: hoog-
                                                                ste akademiese tro-
                                                                feë,          beste
                                                                presteerder in Gr
                                                                7, beste prestasie
                                                                in       Afrikaans,
                                                                Wiskunde, Natuur
                                                                Wetenskap en Teg-
                                                                nologie, Menslike
                                                                en Sosiale Weten-                                                  Links: Die volgende leerlinge het sport-
                                                                skap, Ekonomiese                                                   trofeë ontvang: voor: Loréne Streicher
                                                                Bestuursweten-                                                     (Hokkie), Rachelle Strydom (Landloop),
                                                                skap, Lewensoriën-                                                 Polly Ngobeni (Junior dogtersatleet).
                                                                tering, Kuns en                                                    Middel: Prosper Mnisi (Junior seun-
                                                                Kultuur en Bybel.                                                  satleet), Oriane Nieuwoudt (Swemmer
                                                                                                                                   van die jaar - dogters). Agter: Bongani
                                                                                                                                   Mculu (Senior seunsatleet), Leander
                                                                                                                                   Steenkamp (Swemmer van die jaar - se-
                                                                                                                                   uns) en Louis Kritzinger (Landloop).


                                                                                                                                   Die Senior Skaakbeker is gewen deur Jan
                                                                                                                                   Coetzee en Carl Coetzee stap weg met die
                                                                                                                                   Junior Skaakbeker. Die Rooiskool wens
                                                                                                                                   dié twee broers baie geluk met hul puik
                                                                                                                                   spel deur die jaar.
                                                                             17 NOVEMBER 2006 PAGE 13

Die graad 5 akademiese span vir 2006 by die Rooiskool is van                                                  Die graad 7 akademiese span is voor: Henri Booysen, Louis
voor: Anja Pienaar, Lucille Barnard, Rachelle Strydom, Alicia                                                 Kritzinger, Harold Vorster, Nathan Nienaber, Armand du
Strauss en Aurora Lopez. Middel: Odelia Mills, Penelope                                                       Plessis, Sinjin Süllwald, Chris Stroud, Pierre Schmahl en Bon-
Shandlale, Johan van Aardt, Chenique Steyn, Annemary                Laerskool Phalaborwa-Noord se graad 6     gani Mculu. Middel: Maryann Engelbrecht, Melandri Putter,
Bayana. Agter: Jeanette Steyn, Carl Coetzee en Chané Pirrie.        akademiese span is van voor: Natascha     Anine Uys, Christine Gezane, Loréne Streicher, Renaldie Mein-
                                                                    Venter, René van der Merwe en Anica       tjies, Nina-Mari Lightfoot, Danel Buitendag en Mariska Korff.
                                                                    Smit. Middel: Anneline le Roux, Louné     Agter: Dieter du Toit, Delene Olivier, Sherise Louw, Zelke
                                                                    Korff en Liza Potgieter. Agter: Leander   Süllwald, Antoinette Kroukamp, Chamoné de Jager, Lisa-Mari
                                                                    Steenkamp, Tsakani Mkhabela, Jean-        Schnettler en Jan Coetzee.
                                                                    Pierre Olivier en Daniël van den Berg
                                                                    (afwesig op foto).

Die volgende leerlinge het die onderskeie
Kultuurtrofees verower. Voor: Loréne
Streicher (Senior Afrikaanse Redenaar)       Die nuwe leiers by die Rooiskool vir 2007 is: (Nie in foto       Dié leerders is die nuwe Medialeiers vir 2007 by die Rooiskool.
en Rachelle Strydom (Junior Afrikaanse       volgorde nie) - Leander Steenkamp (Hoofseun), Dian van           Hulle is (Nie in foto volgorde nie) - Rolandie Welgemoed, Tumi
Redernaar). Middel: Sinjin Süllwald (Se-     Rooyen (Onderhoofseun), Natascha Venter (Hoofdogter),            Masete, Suné Scheepers, Debbie Marais, Jeanette Steyn, Rachel
nior Engelse Redenaar) en Leander            Louné Korff (Onderhoofdogter), Amber Coetzee, Marthinus          Strydom, Alicia Strauss en Anja Pienaar.
Steenkamp (Kultuurtrofee vir 2006).          Janse van Rensburg, Kaya Mlambo, Jean-Pierre Olivier, Renier
Agter: Dieter du Toit (Beste prestasie in    Saunders, Daniël van den berg, Jamie du Preez, Anneline le
Engels in Gr 7) en Pierre Schmahl (100%      Roux, Tshakani Mkhabelo, Liza Potgieter, Anica Smit en René
skoolbesoek van gr 1 tot gr 7). Afwesig op   van der Merwe (afwesig op foto).                                          Vir skolenuus
foto: Suné Scheepers (Junior Afrikaanse
Redenaar)                                                                                                     kontak Mariëtte by 015 781 5484

                                             Links: Hierdié twee
                                             leerlinge is verkies
                                             tot 2007 se seku-
                                             riteitsleiers. Hulle
                                             is Ben Koorzen en
                                             Suzan Lombard.
17 NOVEMBER 2006 PAGE 14
                  17 NOVEMBER 2006 PAGE 15
Smalls & Legals
                                             Trevor Nasser oppad
                                              Tydens die vieringe van die Nederduits
                                             Gereformeerde Gemeente in Gravelotte
                                             sal die bekende Kitaarvirtuoos, Trevor
                                             Nasser daar aan doen.
                                              Hy het in 2006 sy 21ste jaar in die
                                             musiekbedryf gevier met die uitreik van sy
                                             soveelste cd.
                                              Dit beloop om net so treffer soos die alom
                                             bekende tema lied van 'Vyfster' te
                                              Sy opvoering vorm deel van die 55jaar
                                             van     genade     feesvieringe    by    die
                                              Sy enigste optrede sal plaasvind op
                                             Vrydag, 17 November 2006 in die NG
                                             Gemeente Gravelotte.
                                              Die konsert sal stiptelik om 17:00 afskop
                                             en eindig net na 18:30.
                                              Koste vir kaartjies beloop slegs R20 per
                                             volwassene en R10 vir kinders.
                                              Vir 'n addisionele R30 kan jy aan 'n regte
                                             boere ete smul soos net die tannies van die
                                             kerk dit kan maak.
                                              Besprekings is 'n moet vanweë die feit
                                             dat daar net 'n beperkte aantal sitplekke
                                             beskikbaar is vir die vertoning.
                                              Die gemeente se 55jaar van genade fees
                                             sal afsluit met 'n nagmaal diens om
                                             Sondag, 19 November 2006 om 09:00.
                                              Daar sal ook op Saterdag, 25 November
                                             2006’n kermis plaasvind.
                                              Vir besprekings en navrae kan die
                                             gemeente leraar Ds Deacon, geskakel
                                             word op (015) 318 8284 of 076 042
           17 NOVEMBER 2006 PAGE 16

 Call us
015 781
  5484                 JURIE and André du Plessis in the BB Auto Hardbody. The pair finished 38th and sixth
                       in class D during the recently held Toyota Dealer Off road race. Their team mates
                       Arnold du Plessis/Johan Knox (BB Auto Group Hardbody) finished an impressive
                       seventh overall and second in class D after starting 64th out of 65 thanks to a broken
                       axle in the prologue.

                       Reg vir rugby in 2007
                        'n Groot rugbyjaar vir Hoërskool Frans     2007 opgestel wat ondermeer vyf tuis
                       du Toit lê voor vir die 2007 seisoen.       wedstyde, vyf weg asook ‘n rugby week in
                        Met alle beplanning reeds gedoen gaan      Naboom spruit sal insluit.
                       Hoërskool Frans du Toit teen groot skole     Die wedstryde word beplan dat dit vroeg
                       kragte meet in die Beeld Trofee Reeks.      in Maart maand al reeds afskop.
                        Afrigters vir 2007 is ook reeds             Verskeie afrigters is ook reeds as keurders
                       aangewys:                                   vir verskeie spanne aangewys.
                        o/14 (Mnre Pierre Marais en Willes          Mnr Roux Steenkamp is 'n o/16-keurder
                       Steenkamp); o/15 ( Mnre Piet Bester, Her-   vir die Grant Khomospan, Mnr Pieter
                       man Erasmus, Bakkies du Toit); o/16 (       Boshoff is as 'n o/18-keurder vir die
                       Mnre Jan Stander, Thys Bezuidenhout,        Cravenweekspanaangewys.
                       Stefan du Plessis); 3de Span ( Mnr Tony      Ook op die sportgrond is Thulani
                       Sabben); 2de Span (Mnre Pieter Boshoff      Mdumela, ’n o/15 krieket speler van Ho-
                       en Jannie Grobler) en Mnr Roux              ërskool Frans du Toit ook onlangs gekeur
                       Steenkamp en Harry Marais sal die leisels   om deel te vorm van die o/14 Limpopo
                       neem vir die eerste span van Hoërskool      Uitnodigings Skole span.
                       Frans du Toit.                               Die span sal meeding in ‘n nasionale
                        ‘n Voorlopige program is ook reeds vir     toernooi in Desember.

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