Vertical Turbine Fire Pumps

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					Vertical Turbine Fire Pumps

Maximum reliability.
Proven performance.
For over 70 years Floway has been producing vertical turbine pumps
for customers throughout the world. During this time our vertical
turbine fire pumps have become known for maximum reliability and
proven performance.

Floway fire pumps are Listed, Approved, or Certified by the following
standards or approving authorities to meet or exceed NFPA-20:

    s Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc. (UL) (C-UL)
    s Factory Mutual (FM)
    s ASL (Singapore)

Our fire pumps are designed to provide the best fire protection
possible. If a fire occurs, a reliable fire protection system is often the
difference between minor inconveniences and major expenses due to
property damage, destroyed records, and plant or factory downtime.

Insurance companies worldwide recognize the value of Listed,
Approved or Certified fire protection systems. In many high risk
situations insurance savings alone will pay for the entire fire
protection system.

Floway fire pumps are used worldwide to protect properties ranging
from offshore platforms to refineries, power plants, industrial operations,
commercial buildings, military installations and rapid transit systems.

Our main manufacturing facility in Fresno, California consists of over
200,000 square feet of production area. Support is provided by a
global network of regional managers, manufacturer’s representatives,
agents and authorized service centers.
                                             Air and Vacuum
                                             Release Valve

               Driver Mounting

                                                Relief Tee

 Type “A”

                                                                          Hose Connection
                                                                          Gate Valve

                                              Check Valve

                                                             Gate Valve



Advantages of Floway
Vertical Turbine Fire Pumps
No Priming Required                                    Available to Meet a Wide Range of
       Impellers remain submerged in the water         Capacity and Pressure
         supply at all times. Start-up is instan-      Requirements
          taneous and requires no supervision.         By varying the number of stages and sizes of
                                                       bowls and impellers, a full range of system
                   Full Range of Drivers               pressures and capacities can be obtained from
                                Floway offers a full   virtually any water level. This allows the system
                                line of electric       designer maximum flexibility in designing the most
                     Valve      motor, diesel          effective and reliable fire protection system.
                                engine and steam       Fire pumps designed and manufactured in
                                turbine drivers.       accordance with NFPA 20, UL/FM standards must
                                                       satisfy specific pressure/capacity requirements.
Space Saving Design                                    These guidelines insure that adequate pressure is
When equipped with a vertical electric motor, our      provided over a wide capacity range and that
vertical pump saves up to 75% in floor space over      maximum pressure at shut-off does not exceed the
a comparable horizontal unit.                          limits of the system.

Steep Pump Performance Curves                                                      160
                                                       PERCENT OF RATED PRESSURE

                                                                                         Maximum PSI at Shut-off
                                                                                         (140% Rated PSI)
Vertical pump performance curves are steeper than
those of horizontal pumps. This results in smaller                                                                   Design Point
                                                                                                                                       Minimum PSI 65%
                                                                                   100                                                  of Rated PSI at
changes in capacity during pressure changes.                                                                                            150% of Rated

                                                                                                                                                                HORSEPOWER (%)
                                                                                    80                                                     Capacity

Adaptable to Different Water Levels                                                 60

                                                                                    40                                                                    100
Because the column length may be varied to fit the                                  20                                                                     80
application, a vertical fire pump can be tailored to
                                                                                     0   20   40     60     80     100   120     140     160   180   200
meet virtually any water level situation. This is                                                    Percent of rated capacity
important when the pump support floor or
foundation is above the suction lift of a horizontal
fire pump. A vertical fire pump can be installed in    Low Maintenance
wells, offshore platforms, rivers, or wherever a       Our pump designs provide for radial hydraulic
fluctuating water level exists.                        balance. The hydraulic forces are equalized by
                                                       multi-vane bowl diffusers. This reduces sleeve
Adaptable to a Wide Range of Water                     bearing radial loading and provides exceptional
Supplies                                               bearing life.
Approved water supplies range from municipal           The weight of all rotating elements (including axial
water systems to sea water ... including wells,        hydraulic thrust) is supported by a single thrust
underground and above ground reservoirs, open          bearing at the top of the driver. Maintenance is
ponds, streams, and above and below ground             minimal, but when required the bearing is easily
storage tanks.                                         accessible.
Engineering Features
                                                                                   s COLUMN ASSEMBLY
                                                 Vertical Turbine Fire Pump
                                                                                     Pipe: Steel ASTM A53, type S,
                                                                                     grade “B” with threaded steel
                                                                                     couplings. Maximum lengths
                                                                                     are 10 feet. Flanged column is
                                                                                     also available.
                                                                                     Product Lubrication: Bearing
                                                                                     retainers-ductile iron A536
                                                                                     GR60 or bronze ASTM B584,
                                                                                     neoprene lineshaft bearings-
                                                                                     D2000-77a. Oil lubrication
Standard                                                     Typical Diesel          Lineshaft: ASTM A108,
                                                             Engine Driven
All Floway vertical fire pumps are                           Installation for        C-1045 carbon steel with
manufactured in accordance with                              Sump Application        ASTM A269, type 304 stainless
NFPA 20, UL/FM standards.                                                            steel sleeves at bearing
Standard features include:                                                           journals. Couplings are steel
                                                                                     ASTM A108, grade 1215.
s PRESSURE RATINGS from 26 to 500 PSI.
                                                             s BOWL ASSEMBLY
s CAPACITY RATINGS labeled from 250 through 5,000
  USGPM. Other capacities through 7,000 USGPM in              Bowls: ASTM A48, porcelain enamelled class 30 cast
  accordance with NFPA-20.                                    iron or A536 GR60 ductile cast iron.

s STATIC WATER LEVEL 0-50ft. product lubricated               Bowl Wear Ring: ASTM B505-943 bronze.
  column and shaft asembly. Greater than 50 feet oil          Bowl Bearings: ASTM B505-932 bronze.
  lubricated column & shaft assembly.                         Bowl Shaft: ASTM A582, type 416 stainless steel.
s TESTING: Testing includes a non-witnessed                   Impellers: Enclosed type, all bronze ASTM B584-838
  performance test with a laboratory driver and a non-        except 19F ASTM 148-952 bronze, dynamically
  witnessed hydrostatic test of the discharge head and        balanced.
  bowl assembly. Witness testing is available upon
  request. Diesel engine drivers and pump controllers         Impeller Collets: ASTM A108, grade 1215 steel.
  receive non-witness tests per NFPA-20 at their points of    Strainer: Nonferrous clip-on basket type, ASTM B584
  manufacture.                                                red brass. For well pumps a cone type strainer can be
s DISCHARGE HEAD ASSEMBLY                                     applied.

  Discharge Head: ASTM A48, class 30, cast iron fitted
  with 125# ANSI flanged discharge for use where             Special Construction
  maximum pressure (shut-off) is 175 PSI or less. When       s STAINLESS STEEL LINE SHAFT & COUPLING
  pressures exceed 175 PSI a discharge head with 250#        s FLANGED COLUMN PIPE
  ANSI discharge flange rating is used. Fabricated steel
  discharge heads are also available .                       s CAN TYPE PUMPS (POSITIVE SUCTION PRESSURE)

  Stuffing Box: ASTM A48, class 30 with ASTM B505            s BELOW GROUND DISCHARGE HEAD (Type “VU”)
  alloy 932 bearing, braided acrylic packing, 316SS          s ALTERNATE OIL LUBRICATED CONSTRUCTION
  gland, cast in grease chamber below packing for              WHERE STATIC WATER LEVEL EXCEEDS 50’
  maximum pressures to 150 PSI. Above 150 PSI a              s WITNESS TESTING OF PUMP
  bypass style stuffing box is provided with two bronze,
                                                             s UNIT TESTING WITH JOB DRIVER AND
  ASTM B505 alloy 932 lantern rings. Gland bolts are 304
  stainless steel with stainless steel nuts.
                                                             s SKID PACKAGES
  Head shaft: Two piece ASTM A582, 416 stainless steel
  with threaded coupling in the discharge head. With         s NOISE CONTROL ENGINE ENCLOSURES
  bronze ASTM B584 alloy 838 adjusting nut.                  s ALTERNATE STARTING AND COOLING METHODS
Special Materials
Special alloys are available for use in corrosive environments. Contact factory for specific material recommendation for
your application.

 Bowl Assembly
 Bowls & Impellers           Alloy 937                       Alloy 958                          Grade CF-8M
                             Zincless Bronze                 Nickel Aluminum                    316 Stainless Steel              316 Stainless Steel
 Bowl Shaft & Hardware       316 Stainless Steel             K-500 Monel                        316 Stainless Steel              316 Stainless Steel
 Column Flanged
 Column Pipe                 Steel Epoxy Coated              Alloy 958                          Aluminum Bronze                  316 Stainless Steel
 Bearing Retainers           Alloy 937                       Alloy 937                          Alloy 937                        316 Stainless Steel
                             Zincless Bronze                 Zincless Bronze                    Zincless Bronze
 Lineshaft, Couplings        316 Stainless Steel             K-500 Monel                        316 Stainless Steel              316 Stainless Steel
 & Hardware
 Discharge Head
 Discharge Head              Cast Iron or Steel              Alloy 958                          Aluminum Bronze                  316 Stainless Steel
                             Epoxy Coated
 Packing Box Assembly        Alloy 937                       Alloy 958                          Alloy 937                        316 Stainless Steel
                             Zincless Bronze                                                    Zincless Bronze
 Top Shaft & Hardware        316 Stainless Steel             K-500 Monel                        316 Stainless Steel              316 Stainless Steel
 (Basket or Cone Type)       Red Brass                       K-500 Monel                        316 Stainless Steel              316 Stainless Steel

                                   All sizes of vertical fire pumps can be furnished with the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) label for sea water service.
                                   FM (Factory Mutual) labeled pumps of these types of construction are not available without additional investigation and tests.

Performance Data
Floway labeled vertical fire pumps are available in capacities which range from 250 through 5,000 GPM at 60 cycle,
1770 RPM speeds. Pressure ratings are available to 500 PSI. 50 and 60 cycle performances not shown are available,
constructed to NFPA 20 standards.

                                   Pressure                                                                                    Pressure
 Capacity    Model                  Range             Listing                 Capacity          Model                           Range             Listing
  250        8JKH-FP                26-188              UL                     4000             18MKH/20MKL-FP                  111-121             UL
                                    60-189              FM                                                                      165-188             UL
   500       10DKH-FP               67-255              UL                                                                      111-188             FM
                                    65-168              FM                                      19FKM-FP                        107-131             UL
   750       12LKM-FP               68-500              UL                                                                      161-197             UL
                                    69-224              FM                                                                      211-259             UL
   1000      14LKM-FP               66-404              UL                                                                      107-259             FM
                                    66-229              FM                                      19FKMH-FP                          124              UL
   1500      12FKH-FP                70-83              UL                                                                      177-198             UL
                                    93-111              UL                       4500           19FKM-FP                       105-245              FM
                                   116-222              UL                                      19FKMH-FP                          118              UL
                                    73-310              FM                                                                      172-187             UL
   2000      15DKH-FP               67-267              UL                                                                      119-186             FM
                                    63-210              FM                                      19FKH-FP                         60-68              UL
   2500      16MKM-FP               66-220              UL                                                                      120-135             UL
                                    65-222              FM                                                                      168-207             UL
   3000      18MKL-FP               97-132              UL                                                                      225-276             UL
                                   145-230              UL                                                                       60-276             FM
   3500      18MKM/20MKL-FP        111-121              UL                       5000           19FKH-FP                          59-65             UL
                                   165-188              UL                                                                      118-130             UL
                                   111-188              FM                                                                      167-200             UL
             19FKM-FP              115-139              UL                                                                      223-267             UL
                                   173-209              UL                                                                       59-267             FM
                                   229-277              UL                 Notes: 1) Some intermediate pressures are not listed.
                                   114-277              FM                        2) For specific pump applications contact your local Floway representative.
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   102 Ag Market.              101             ID                                                                                                                     NH

                                                                  WY                SD           105              WI
                                                                                                                                                           NY      MA

   102 is all of 101
                                                                                                                                                 PA         NJ
   plus ID and UT.                     NV
                                                 102                                NE
                                                                                                                            IN       OH               MD

                                 101                 UT               CO
                                                                                                                   IL                      WVA
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                                                                                                                  MS        AL        GA
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                         necessary. This publication is the property of Weir Floway, Inc. Reproduction of all or any portion of this material is prohibited.

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