Explanatory Schedule for the 2010 – 2011 IPC Athletics Rules by xiuliliaofz


									                                          Explanatory Schedule for the

                               2010 – 2011 IPC Athletics Rules & Regulations

Rule/ Regulation                Original Rule                  New/Amended Rule                 Rationale/Comment
                                from the 2008-2009             from the 2010-2011
                                edition of the IPC Athletics   edition of the IPC Athletics
                                Rules and Regulations          Rules and Regulations
Chapter 1- IPC Athletics                                                                        This chapter has been re-
Recognized Competitions                                                                         written in line with current
Chapter 2 –                                                                                     This chapter has been re-
Eligibility & Classification                                                                    written in line with current
                                                                                                classification procedures
3.3.1                                                          (a)      Physical     Prowess    The sport equipment
                                                               (i.e.   human performance is     working groups are looking
                                                               the      critical endeavor not   at these issues and will
                                                               the     impact of technology     report back early in 2011
                                                               and     equipment)               and any proposals for
                                                                                                change will go out for
                                                               Note: The IPC is currently       consultation to the wider
                                                               investigating   ways    to       Paralympic Family. No
                                                               standardize     equipment        major change will be made
                                                               and establish valid and          until after London 2012
                                                               reliable    methods    for
                                                               testing      to   regulate

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               These principles apply in
               particular in relation to the
               development of:
               • Sports          specific
               • Materials for Throwing
               Poles and Frames
               • Wheelchair componentry

3.3.2         The IPC Athletics                This process currently
              Technical Delegate, or his       happens in practise
              designee, will monitor the       through observations made
              use of technology and            in technical delegate’s
              equipment at IPC Athletics       reports and this rule was to
              Recognized Competitions          document the process.
              so that it should not give
              an athlete an unfair
              advantage over their
              peers. This monitoring may
              include the assessment of:
              (a) Unrealistic
              enhancement of height of
              release in throwing events;
              (b) Unrealistic
              enhancement of stride
              (c) Whether or not
              equipment and/or
              prosthetic components are
              commercially available to all
              athletes (i.e. prototypes

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              that are purpose built by
              manufactures exclusively
              for the use of a specific
              athlete should not be used
              at IPC Athletics Approved
              Competitions); and
              (d) The use equipment
              using materials that store
              energy and/or are designed
              to provide function to
              enhance performance
              beyond the capacity of an
              “able-bodied” athlete

3.3.3         Use of the following          This puts in writing what
              technology is prohibited at   has been happening in
              IPC Athletics Recognized      practise.
              (a) Equipment that results
              in athletic performance
              being generated by
              machines, engines or
              robotic mechanisms; and
              (b) Osteo-integrated
              The IPC Athletics
              Technical Delegate should
              report to IPC Athletics any
              instances about which they
              are concerned regarding
              potential breaches of the

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                                          above. The IPC Athletics
                                          Sports Manager upon
                                          receiving such a report
                                          should refer the matter to
                                          the Sports Technical
                                          Committee and the IPC
                                          Medical & Scientific
                                          Director for further
                                          investigation and action on
                                          a case by case basis.

Rule129.7   Rule 129: Paragraph 7         Rule 129.7: Collisions in The Rules and Regulations
            (Sport Classes T32-34,        first 50m of Wheelchair Working Group received
            T51-54)                       Races                        requests from a number of
            Add: These tasks shall                                     countries who wanted the
            include the power to stop     (Sport Classes T32-34 & 800m to be included in this
            the race within the first     T51-54)                      rule. Many of these
            50m, in races of 1,500m or                                 countries and the officials
            longer, if a collision        Note: In wheelchair races    on the Rules and
            involving a majority of the   of 800m or longer the        Regulations Working Group
            athletes in the race takes    starter has the authority to felt that the discretion to
            place. This does not                                       stop the race should be
                                          stop a race if a collision
            reduce or remove the                                       left to the starter.
                                          involving athletes in the
            power of the Referee to
            take appropriate action on    race occurs in the first
            reports received from         50m. This does not
            umpires during this portion   reduce or remove the
            of the race.                  authority of the Referee to
                                          take appropriate action on
                                          reports received from

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                                        umpires during this portion
                                        of the race.

Rule 141                                The following age groups       With the growth of the
                                        are recognized by IPC          sport IPC Athletics
                                        Athletics:                     supported by many
                                                                       member nations felt there
                                        (a) Junior    Males      and
                                                                       was a need to include age
                                            Females: Any athlete of
                                                                       group categories in our rule
                                            18 or 19 years on 31st
                                                                       book. We have also
                                            December in the year
                                                                       featured implement
                                            of the competition
                                                                       weights for age groups
                                        (b) Youth Boys and Girls:
                                            Any athlete of 16 or 17
                                            years on 31st December
                                            in the year of the
                                        (c) Under 16 Boys and
                                            Girls: Any athlete of 14
                                            or 15 years on 31st
                                            December in the year
                                            of the competition
                                        Note: An athlete must be
                                        14 by 31st December in the
                                        year of competition to
                                        compete in an open event.
Rule143.11   Rule 143.11: Prosthetics   Rule 143.11: Prosthetics       This rule has not changed
             Compulsory for T42-44      Compulsory for T42-44          and does not apply to T46
             Track Events               Track Events                   IPC Athletics acknowledge
             (Sport Classes T42-44)     (Sport Classes T42-44)         that not all athletes in
                                                                       these classes are

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                   In track events athletes in   In track events athletes in   amputees and may add a
                   Sports Classes T42-44         Sports Classes T42-44         note to that effect in the
                   must use leg prostheses.      must use leg prostheses.      future
                   Hopping is not allowed in     Hopping is not allowed in
                   track events                  track events
Rule144.2(c1)      Rule 144.2(g) (Sport          Rule 144.2 (c.1): Guides      In terms of T54 it is
                   Classes 11-12, 32, 51-53)     and Guide-runners             intended that this rule will
                   Only escorts or guide                                       only be implemented in
                   runners for Sport Classes     (Sports Classes T/F11-12,     exceptional circumstances.
                   11 and 12 athletes, and       F32 & F51-53, F54)
                   escorts for athletes in
                   Sport Classes T32, T51-53     Guide-runners for athletes
                   will be permitted to          in Sport Classes T/F11-12
                   accompany competitors         and Guides for athletes in
                   onto the competition area.    Sport Classes F32 & F51-
                   Persons acting as guides      53 will be permitted to
                   or escorts must be clearly    accompany athletes onto
                   identified by wearing a       the competition area.
                   distinctively coloured vest
                   provided by the Organizing    Sport class F54 athletes
                   Committee. Escorts for        that can show a medical
                   athletes in Sport Classes     document, approved by
                   F32, F51-53 may assist        the      IPC      Medical
                   the officials to ensure the   Committee, may also be
                   athlete transfers safely to   accompanied by a guide.
                   the throwing frame when
                   called upon to do so and
                   must then withdraw from
                   the competition area
Rule 144.2 (c12)   Rule 144.2(c12) (Sport        Some athletes in Sports       This is not a new rule but
                   Classes 20, 42-46)            Classes T35-38 & T42-46       has been widened to
                   Note: Some athletes will      may require their starting    include ambulant CP

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require their starting blocks   blocks to be set for them,    classes. It was found in the
to be set for them, or their    or their runway markers to    regulations section
runway markers to be at a       be at a pre-set distance      previously. At major
pre set distance from the       from the take-off board,      competitions this
take-off board, prior to the    prior to the competition.     documentation will be
competition. The Technical      The Technical Delegate        available at Technical
Delegate will provide the       will provide the              meetings, Technical
appropriate athletes with a     appropriate athletes with a   information centre or the
document on which to            document on which to          Technical Delegate. It
show their requirements         show their requirements.      would be the responsibility
                                                              of the Team Manager to
                                Note: IPC Athletics           submit this document.
                                recognises the special        At other designated
                                needs of deaf-blind           competitions this form will
                                athletes, and is keen to      be available from the TD
                                encourage and facilitate      and would be submitted by
                                their participation in        the athletes coach. As a
                                competition. In cases         result of this reviewT20
                                where deaf-blind athletes     athletes have now also
                                are competing in an event,    been added to this rule
                                some “common sense”
                                modification to current IPC
                                Athletics Rules may be
                                necessary. Such
                                modification should only
                                be permitted with the prior
                                approval of the Technical
                                Delegate. In principal, no
                                rule modification that
                                disadvantages any other
                                athlete will be allowed.

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Rule 159.1    The wheelchair shall have   At Paralympic Games, IPC          Changed to prevent
              at least two large wheels   World               Athletics     athletes competing in day
              and one small wheel.        Championships and IPC             chairs at World
                                          Regional     Championships        Championships and
                                          the wheelchair shall have         Paralympic Games
                                          two (2) large wheels and
                                          one (1) small wheel.         In
                                          other    competitions      the
                                          wheelchair may have two
                                          (2) large wheels and a
                                          maximum of two (2) small
                                          wheels. In all competitions
                                          the small wheel/s must be
                                          at the front of the chair.

Rule 159.13                               Rule 159.13 Wheelchair            The current classification
                                          Requirements for Sports           rules and regulations
                                          Class T32                         allowed for this but the
                                                                            rules of competition didn’t
                                                                            therefore it was added for
                                          Rules 159.1-12 apply to           consistency.
                                          this class with the following

                                          a)In all competitions the
                                          wheelchair configuration
                                          may have two (2) large
                                          wheels and a maximum of
                                          two (2) small wheels.

                                          b) the athlete may propel

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                                            the chair with their feet
                                            and can do so forwards or

                                            c) Class 2 lower athletes
                                            are exempt from any rules
                                            insisting that no part of
                                            their limbs should fall to the
                                            ground or track during an

                                            d )Mirrors are allowed on
                                            the chair.

                                            If a T32 athlete competes
                                             in a higher class
                                             Rule159.13 does not apply

Rule 163.14   An athlete coming from        During wheelchair races an       The only change to this
              behind in an attempt to       athlete coming from behind       rule is the addition of the
              overtake carries the          in an attempt to overtake        words “During wheelchair
              responsibility of ensuring    carries the responsibility of    races” The policing of this
              full clearance of the chair   ensuring full clearance of       rule has not been an issue
              being overtaken before        the chair being overtaken        in the past
              cutting across. The athlete   before cutting across. The
              being overtaken has the       athlete being overtaken
              responsibility not to         has the responsibility not
              obstruct or impede the        to obstruct or impede the
              incoming athlete once the     incoming athlete once the
              front wheel(s) of the         front    wheel(s)     of  the
              athlete are in sight.         athlete are in sight.

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Rule 166.2.3                              At IPC Athletics                  The rules and regulations
                                          Recognized competitions           working group received
                                          only finalists are eligible for   several requests from
                                                                            countries to do away with
                                          medals even in events
                                                                            B finals. The value of such
                                          where there are only 4
                                                                            events has been called into
                                          finalists (i.e. T11-12 100m,      question for several years.
                                          200m or 400m or                   The working group
                                          wheelchair relays).               supported this idea
                                          Consequently in events            especially as the
                                          where there are four (4)          competition schedule was
                                                                            so tight at World
                                          finalists and two (2) or
                                                                            Championships and
                                          more disqualifications            Paralympic Games
                                          occurred during the final
                                          only the “non-disqualified
                                          finalists would receive
                                          medals (i.e. the full set of
                                          medals would not be

                                          Note: “B” Finals are no
                                          longer required under IPC
                                          Athletics Rules.       Local
                                          Organising     Committees
                                          should use their discretion
                                          whether or not to hold “B”
Rule 170.7     New rule IAAF Rule         Note: In wheelchair relay    This is a departure from
               In relay races of 4x100m   races of 4x100m and          the IAAF rules. A number
               and 4x200m, members of     4x400m members of a          of leading countries

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              a team other than the first   team, other than the first    requested this change it is
              athlete may commence          athlete, may commence         in effect extended the
              running not more than 10m     pushing not more than 20m     acceleration zone from
              outside the take-over zone                                  10m to 20m
                                            outside the take-over zone.
              (see Rule 170.2). A
                                            A distinctive mark shall be
              distinctive mark shall be
              made in each lane to          made in each lane to
              denote this extended limit.   denote this extended limit.

Rule 170.19   A fair exchange is            (a) Either the athlete or the Rewritten for clarity
              established when the              Guide-runner can carry
              incoming runner passes the        the baton.
              baton to the outgoing         (b) The     baton    exchange
              runner within the take over       may take place between
              zone. The baton exchange          either Guide-runners or
              may take place either             athletes           without
              between guides or athletes        restriction; except that
              without restriction, except       the conditions of the
              that the conditions of the        method of guidance as
              method of guidance must           per Rule 144.2(c.9) must
              be met and the guide must         be met (i.e. athlete and
              be behind the athlete at          Guide-runner must be
              the moment of entering the        within 0.5m of each
              exchange zone. The                other).
              outgoing athlete and guide    (c) The Guide-runner must
              must both be inside the           be behind the athlete at
              exchange zone at the              the moment of entering
              moment when the baton is          the exchange zone.
              exchanged. Once the           (d) A    fair    exchange   is
              waiting runner leaves the         established when the
              take over zone, he / she          baton carrier passes the
              shall not re enter the take       baton     to   the  baton

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               over zone.             receiver within the Take-
                                      Over Zone.
                                  (e) The outgoing athlete and
                                      their Guide-runner must
                                      both     be    inside    the
                                      exchange zone at the
                                      moment when the baton
                                      is exchanged.
                                  (f) Once      the      outgoing
                                      runner leaves the take-
                                      over zone they cannot
                                      re-enter the take-over
                                      zone to receive the
                                      baton (i.e. if they go too
                                  (g) One     (1)    Guide     per
                                      Exchange Zone will be
                                      allowed on the track to
                                      help with the positioning
                                      of    any    T12     athlete
                                      competing       without    a
                                      Guide-runner. The Guide
                                      must remain in a position
                                      which does not interfere
                                      with the conduct of the
Rule 178.1 b                      (b)Footplates if used are This is a new rule and only
                                      for support and stability confirms what has
                                      only.                        happened in practise Some
                                                                   confusion was caused by
                                                                   the use of term footrest
                                                                   and footplate. The terms

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                                                                            are interchangeable but for
                                                                            consistency footplate will
                                                                            be used throughout

Rule 178.5   All parts of the frame and     When positioning and            The rule has been
             footrests must remain          securing the throwing           renumbered from 179.10
             inside the vertical plane of   frame inside the                to 178.5 However IPC
             the rim of the circle. Part                                    Athletics confirms that if
                                            competition area all parts
             of old rule 179                                                an athlete’s feet are
                                            of the throwing frame,
                                                                            fastened to a footplate
                                            holding bar and footrests       that are off the ground any
                                            must remain inside the          part of the foot that
                                            vertical plane of the rim of    protrudes from the plate
                                            the circle throughout the       can be outside the vertical
                                            trial.                          plane of the circle as long
                                                                            as the foot does not touch
                                                                            the ground.
Rule 178.6                                  A reasonable time will be       Puts in writing what
                                            permitted for an athlete’s      currently happens in
                                            frame to be placed in the       practice
                                            circle before the
                                            commencement of their
                                            first trial. This time should
                                            not normally exceed:
                                            (a) 2 minutes for Sports
                                                Classes   F32-34 and
                                                F54-58, or
                                            (b) 3 minutes for classes
                                                F31 andF51-53.

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                     Note: While the
                    responsibility for tying
                    down rests with officials
                    and volunteers, the
                    Technical Delegate will
                    issue specific
                    interpretations at each
                    competition which ensure
                    athletes do not engage in
                    time-wasting tactics.

Rule 179.1:          Athletes in Sports Classes      As a result of the review of
                     F31-34 & F57-58 can use         this feedback this rule now
                     their leg or legs to propel     covers all seated throws
                     the implement and have          classes The principal of
                     the option of finishing the     this rule has not changed
                     throw or put in an upright      from the old rule 179.9
                     position providing they:        These athletes can use
                     (a) Maintain a sitting          their legs to help propel the
                         position on their           implement and can lift if
                         throwing frame until the    the criterion set out in the
                         first forward movement      rule is met. As a result of
                         which results in the        the review of the feedback
                         release of the              the rule has been reworded
                         implement (i.e. not         to emphasis this fact. The
                         preliminary swings or       definition of buttocks in
                         rocking movements).         rule 179.1 is the dictionary
                     Note: The intended “sitting     definition which is either of
                     position” is for at least one   the two fleshy mounds
                     buttock to be in contact        above the legs and below
                     with the seat of the frame      the hollow of the back. It

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       whereby the athlete would         does not reach down to
       be able to balance if they        the knee joint as was
       were asked to lift their feet     suggested in previous
       off the ground (i.e. lifting of   versions of the rules.
       the buttock from the seat
       before the first forward
       movement which results in
       the release of the
       implement will be ruled a
       (b) Maintain foot contact
           with the ground inside
           the circle until after the
           implement has been
       Note: The intended “foot
       contact with the ground” is
       for at least the ball of the
       foot to be in contact with
       the ground inside the
       circle. The contact foot
       can turn as per an “able-
       bodied” active foot action,
       but it cannot lift or step
       until the throw has been
       (c) The contact foot may
           be secured to the
           ground by strapping or
           a foot plate, but the
           thickness of the plate
           must be <1cm, so that

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           it does not provide a
           height advantage to the
           athlete. Any foot
           securing device must
           only be at ground level
           and must not increase
           the height of release of
           the implement (e.g. by
           throwing off raised
           footplates and the like).
       (d) The non-contact foot is
           free to move within the
           throwing area as
           defined by the rules of
           the event (i.e., the
           athlete may step into
           the throw with the non-
           contact foot);
       Note: If an athlete
       presents with an
       anatomical limitation that
       prevents them adhering to
       the above requirements
       (e.g. a bilateral amputee),
       then an assessment will
       need to be made by the
       IPC Athletics Technical
       Delegate in consultation
       with the Chief Classifier, if
       a Chief Classifier is
       available, that the athlete is
       throwing within the spirit of

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                                                     the rules.
Rule 187.22           Rule 187 (Sport Classes        Rule 187.22:     Rules     for This rule has not changed
                      F32-34, F51-58)                Club Throw                     but it should also include
                      Note: At end of Rule 187.                                     F31. All field events rule
                      The rules for the club         (The rules for the Club        have been revised to
                      competition for all athletes   Throw are the same as          include F31 athletes
                      in frames will be those of     those of Seated Discus
                      Rule 187. (As amended,         (i.e. substitute “Club” for
                      but with “Club” substituted
                                                     “Discus” throughout Rule
                      for “Discus” whenever
                      necessary).                    187).
Rule 260                                                                           Rule re-written in
                                                                                   accordance with latest
                                                                                   classification , competition
                                                                                   and doping rules
Appendix 1 Throwing                                                                The rule book published in
implement weights                                                                  Dec 2009 contained a
                                                                                   misprint T38 male javelin
                                                                                   throw 800grm. The
                                                                                   availability in some
                                                                                   countries of the weights
                                                                                   specified for some age
                                                                                   group categories is also
                                                                                   being reviewed

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