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 Thanks also to SAPA for giving us the space.

                  Welcome to the birth of

The United South African Neonatal Association
• Abbott Round Table Conferences 2003 - 2007
  declared insufficient support for newborn
  care in South Africa.

• Identified a need to present the issues to
  the higher authorities and to create a a
  common forum to share knowledge, give
  guidance in neonatal care and to create
  national guidelines for neonatal
• Since the meeting in 2005, there had been
  some sporadic meetings and attempts at
  producing a constitution.

• Second official call for a National Neonatal
  Association at the Abbott Round Table
  Conference, 2007.

• At that conference an executive was
  appointed to take the formation of the
  neonatal association further,
  and the name, “USANA”, was agreed.
  Executive internally decided on positions
  (proposer, and 2 in agreement)

Dr     Alan Horn:            President
Prof   Johan Smith :         Vice President
Dr     Sthe Velaphi :        Secretary
Prof   Clarissa Pieper:      Treasurer

  Regional representation was requested from all the
  academic hospitals and from the PMG.
                  First Tasks
To complete the extended executive representation
and to obtain the blessing of the heads of all the
academic neonatal departments.

To write a constitution according to standards required
for registration as a Non Profit Organisation.

To obtain approval from all exec members of that

 To present the constitution to founding members t a
special meeting for approval to facilitate the official
formation of the association.
             Extended Executive
  Additional Regional representation was requested from all
  the academic hospitals not yet represented by the office-
  bearers and from the PMG.

UKZN: (KZN)               Prof Miriam Adhikari / Prof Graham DuCasse
MEDUNSA: (Limpopo)                           Dr Dini Mawela
UOFS:      (OFS)                              Prof Beyers Hoek
U Pretoria: Gauteng/Pretoria)                 Dr Hlwelekaze Bomela
Walter Sisulu University: (E Cape)            Dr Mike Nazo
Paediatric Management Group: (National)       Dr Allen Puterman

The constitution has made allowance for more regional reps
  and the Eastern Cape is under-represented. EastLondon
  Complex and PE should have representation as well.
        Objectives - in the constitution
Promote and facilitate collaboration between neonatal services.
Promote the use of protocols and guidelines that are evidence-based in the care of neonates.
Establish communication between neonatal care givers in South Africa.
To uphold the constitutional right of neonates by advocating and promoting the delivery of effective
     and safe perinatal and neonatal services to newborn infants according the African Charter on
     the rights and Welfare of the Child (1999) and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of
     the Child (1989).
To broaden the knowledge base of all caregivers of neonates by means of standardised evidence based
     protocols and educational meetings and conferences.

Secondary Objectives

Promote research, postgraduate study, undergraduate teaching in the field of neonatal medicine
Promote the development of neonatal care in health care institutions in South Africa.
Promote the professional and legitimate interests of our members.
Forge international links with neonatal associations and societies.
To have a representation at National Government level for issues pertaining neonatal services in South
Full Members: Registered paediatricians and other medical doctors registered
with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) who provide
adequate motivation based on their special interest or involvement in neonatal

Honorary Members:           The Executive Committee may elect prominent
scientists, qualified medical practitioners and other persons residing within or
outside South Africa.

Affiliate Members:        Organisations, Groups or Individuals who do not
necessarily qualify for another category of membership may apply for Affiliate
Membership. Affiliate membership may be appropriate for other applicants
involved with the health and well-being of South African newborns.

  NOTE: Close collaboration with neonatal nursing groups
   will be sought and specific collaborative working groups
  can be set up.
   And ACTION!!

»   Founding members.
»   Accept Constitution.
»   Confirm regional representation.
»   Accept our first International invitation
    to join the first UENPS Global Congress
    in Rome this year.
               Further Steps
»   Ideas and direction from members!!!
»   Bank Account.
»   Logo.
»   Sponsorship for operational costs.
»   Website with eccommerce facility and
    communication board + funding.
»   Set annual conference dates and
    establish sponsorship support.
»   Establish priorities working groups, projects,
    and collaborations/representations.
Let’s Begin !

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