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Pet Dental Products                                                             Triple Pet Dental Care Products
A. Tartar Control Treatment                                     A.              Triple•Pet
An easy once a month application specially formulated                           Toothbrush
with Chlorhexidine Gluconate, a gentle yet effective anti-
septic. Helps kill bacteria, and remove tartar, and plaque,
from your pet’s teeth and gums. Contains 3 applications
goof for 3 months.
Item#   Description                               Price
RD41003 Tartar Control Treament                   $13.99                        Three flexible heads maintain the
                                                                                proper pressure on all surfaces of the
                                                                                tooth with every stroke. In addition to
B. Toothpaste for Dogs

                                                                                                                                              HEALTH CARE
                                                                                the standard top bristles, the two side
Helps reduce plaque, tartar build-up and bad breath. No                         bristles are at the proper 45 degree
rinsing necessary. Comes in 2.5oz. tube or easy to use                          angle for thorough surface cleaning
4.4oz. pump.                                                                    while the soft outer bristles massage
RD41012    Mint Flavour, 2.5oz. Tube              $6.95                         and stimulate your pet’s gums.
RD41014    Peanut Flavour, 2.5oz. Tube            $7.49                         Item#       Description          Price
RD41017    Beef Flavour, 4.4oz. Pump              $8.95                         RD02101     Toothbrush           $5.25
RD41018    Chicken Flavour, 4.4oz. Pump           $8.95        B.
C. Finger Brush, 2 pack
Fingerbrushes are placed over your finger, so that you
can manually brush your dog’s teeth and massage their                           Triple•Pet
gums. Apply a dab of toothpaste to the soft rubber bris-                        Vanilla Toothpaste
tles of the fingerbrush and you’re all set!
                                                                                Natural vanilla flavor that pet’s love plus
RD41040 Finger Brush, 2 pack                      $6.49                         it contains a tartar control formula and
                                                                                a touch of tea tree oil for healthy gums.
D. Oral Hygiene Kit                                                             Since it is sweetened with stevia, a nat-
   w/ Storage Container                                                         ural herb, it is sugar free and provides a
                                                                                clean sweet breath for your pet.
This kit includes: 1 dual action toothbrush, a 2.5oz.
                                                                                A key feature of the toothpaste is that it is
tube of mint flavoured toothpaste, 6 dental wipes, 12
                                                                                non-foaming so no rinsing is necessary
dental treats, and 1 fingerbrush. The storage container
                                                                                after brushing!
is perfect for travel.
                                                                                RD02150     1.5 oz               $5.95

                                                                                                                                              ORAL HYGIENE / DENTAL CARE
RD41037    Complete Dental Hygiene Kit            $24.95

E. Battery Operated Toothbrush Kit                                              Triple•Pet Dental Kit
This kit includes 1 battery operated toothbrush with pivot-    C.               Kit contains 1 specially designed
ing cleaning head, ultra quiet operation and non-slip
                                                                                Triple•Pet Toothbrush and 1 tube of
grip; a cover & replacement brush head; a 2.5oz. tube of
                                                                                All-Natural Toothpaste.
original flavoured toothpaste. Toothbrush uses one AA
battery (not included).                                                         RD02155     Dental Kit           $9.95
RD41043 Battery Oper. Toothbrush Kit              $18.95

F. Dual Action Toothbrush Kit for Dogs                                          Dual Toothbrush
Includes t dual action toothbrush, designed to fit the
contours of canine teeth. Rubber bristles form soft tips to

clean between teeth and remove food particles that lead to
bad breath, plaque and tartar build-up. Kit comes complete
with a 2.5 oz. tube of toothpaste (mint flavour or natural                      Dual bristle size adapts to small and large tooth surfaces.
peanut), and 1 fingerbrush.                                                     Ultra-soft bristles for gentle application.
RD41025 Toothbrush Kit, Peanut                    $12.95                        Item#      Description                           Price
RD41027 Toothbrush Kit, Mint                      $12.95                        RD026      Dual Toothbrush for Dogs              $3.95
RD41028 Toothbrush Kit for Puppies                $12.95

                                                                                NEW! Dual Toothbrushes, 10pk.

                                                                                For people who need large quantities of toothbrush.
                                                                                Perfect for groomers, veterinarians and retail stores!
                                                                                Item#      Description                           Price
                                                                                RD900      Dual Toothbrush - 10pk                $8.95

                                                                                NEW! Finger Brushes, 10pk.
                                                                                For people who need large quantities of tooth-
                                                                                brush. Perfect for groomers, veterinarians
                                                                                and retail stores! The finger brush mas-
                                                                                sagers to allow better control over
                                                                                brushing action, which helps prevent
                                                                                future dental problems.
                                                                                Item#      Description                   Price
              D.                             E.                       F.        RD899      Finger Brush - 10pk           $8.95
 TOLL FREE ORDER LINE: 1-800-268-3716
                                KONG Dental Rubber Toys                                                                                       2.

                                1-4. Dental Kongs
                                Patented “chew-clean” grooves effectively
                                squeegee clean dog’s teeth and gums as
                                they chew. Kong Stuff’ N Pastes can be used
                                inside the grooves if desired. The large and                  1.
                                extra-large sizes are bone-shaped with hollow
                                centers to hold treats. The small and medium
                                sizes come with premium quality floss rope.
                                    Item#     Size                       Price
                                1. DT04593    Small w/ rope              $12.99
                                2. DT04594    Medium w/ rope             $15.99

                                3. DT04595    Large                      $14.99
                                4. DT04596    X-Large                    $17.99
                                5. Jump’N Jack Dental Stick
                                Has a super unpredictable bounce that is
                                irresistible to dogs, the perfect toy for a game
                                of fetch. The patented, teeth-cleaning Dental                                                         4.
                                Ridges make the Jump’N Jack a fun and ef-
                                fective dental toy. The Dental Ridges can also
                                be filled with Kong’s Stuff’N Pastes and treats.
                                RD0055        Jump’N Jack                $10.99

                                6. ‘Stuff-a-ball’ Treat Holder
                                Is treat dispensing fun with a dental cleaning                                    3.
                                advantage. Treat-dispensing features keep
                                dogs contentedly busy and out of trouble
                                while the patented Detna-RidgesTM effective-                                                                                              6.
                                ly clean teeth and massage gums. The Dental
                                Ridges can also be filled with Kong’s Stuff’N
                                Pastes and treats.
                                DT1701        Small                      $8.95
                                DT1702        Medium                     $10.95
                                DT1703        Large                      $13.95

                                Tooth Scalers, Plaque Removers
                                Item#   Description              Price
                                HS1500S Single Ended             $4.95
                                HS1500D Double Ended             $4.95            High quality stainless steel scrapers are used to remove tartar build-up and prevent gum disease.

                                ‘PetzLife’ Oral                                            Slurp N’ Fresh                         Oral Hygiene Kit

                                Care Products                                              Breath Freshener
                                PetzLifeTM Oral Care Spray
                                and Gel are revolutionary
                                award winning products that
                                                                                                                                   Oral Hygiene Kit Specially
                                when used as directed, not
                                                                                                                                   designed toothbrush and massager
                                only remove plaque and tar-
                                                                                                                                   fits easily on your finger. Allows
                                tar, but also kill bacteria on
                                                                                           Uniquely formulat-                      better control over brushing action.
                                contact. Bacteria is the main
                                                                                           ed breath freshener                     Helps prevent future dental prob-
                                case of bad breath in dogs
                                                                                           for dogs and cats.                      lems. 2 per package.
                                and cats.
                                                                                           Simply mix one                          Item#      Description       Price

                                Oral Care Spray
                                Removes plaque and tartar, kill
                                                                                           cap full to every
                                                                                           24 ounces of your
                                                                                           pet’s drinking
                                                                                                                                   RD033      2 pack Kit        $4.95

                                bacteria on contact. 450 Sprays                            water. Eliminates
                                per 2.2 oz. bottle.                                        odour causing                           Dental
                                RD04322      2.2 oz. Spray
                                                                                           compounds in the
                                                                                           mouth. Helps to                         Chew
                                                                                           ensure good oral
                                                                                           hygiene in your
                                Oral Care Gel                                              pet. Made from a                        Special pimpled surfaced bones that gently massage the gum and
                                The most effective way to                                  unique blend of                         prevent tartar and plaque. Not for strong or powerful chewers.
                                remove plaque and tartar. Quick                            special food grade
                                                                                           ingredients.                            Item#      Size             Price
                                results. 3 months supply when
                                use as directed.                                                                                   DT0934     Regular, 4”      $5.49
                                RD04304      4 oz. Gel                                     Item#      Description       Price      DT0935     Wolf, 5”         $8.49
 74                                          $31.95                                        RD8001     400ml bottle      $6.95      DT0936     Giant, 6”        $12.49
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“Peace & Kindness”                                              Oxy-Med
With Colloidal Silver                                           Itch-Relief Spray

                                                                Formulated to soothe and nourish dry, flaky skin and provide
                                                                temporary relief from itching due to hot sports, scaling, flea bite
Peace & Kindness is an all natural alternative                  dermatitis, eczema, flaking, and seborrhea. Contains the bittering
to antibiotics and steroids. There is no disease                “bitrix” which discourages pets from licking the affected area

causing bacteria that can live in the presence of               Item#    Size                   Price
Colloidal Silver ingredients. Non-toxic to dogs,                RD812008 8 oz.                  $7.25
cats, horses as well as humans, can even be
used on viral warts around the mouth.
Completely tasteless, odorless, nonstinging and
nonburning to sensitive tissues including the                   Tea Tree Oil Spray
eyes. A safe all around germ fighter, safe to
use even on puppies and kittens. No recorded
reaction with other medications.
                                                                “First Aid Kit in a Bottle!”
Item#        Size                   Price                       Tea Tree Oil (Oil of Melaleuca Afternifolia) is an all-
RD4804       4oz. Travel size       $12.95                      natural substance with proven healing capabilities.
RD4808       8oz. Size              $19.95                      Kills a broad spectrum of bacteria, and promotes rapid

                                                                                                                                                         HEALTH CARE
                                                                healing of damaged skin.
                                                                Item#        Size                Price
NEW! Sadie’s Choice                                             RD710        8 oz.               $10.95

‘Solar Shield’                                                  Coat Handler Skin Works
Shield your pet from harmful UV rays

this summer with this spray formula that                        Skin Works is a greaseless, fragrance-free cream
is quick absorbing, non-greasy, safe and non-toxic.             that heals “hot spots,” clipper burns, irritations, insect
Also contains anti-inflammatory agents to soothe                bites and helps with yeast infections. It soothes pain,
skin and a special blend of oat protein, medowfoam              reduces swelling and inflammation, softens callouses,
seed oil and shea butter for rich moisture.                     and moisturizes dry skin. Contains no steroids and is
                                                                non-toxic and non-greasy. Groomers, try
Item#      Description              Price                       this on your own battle scars!
RD9700     8 oz. Spray              $16.99
                                                                Item#       Size                Price
                                                                RD501       4 oz.               $17.95
Bio-Groom ‘Lido-Med’                                            RD503       1/4 oz.             $5.49

Anti-Itch Spray
                                                                Bag Balm

                                                                                                                                                         SKIN CARE
Helps relieve itching and pain due to hotspots,
eczema and minor skin irritation. Aids in the treat-
                                                                Originally developed for inflammation on the
                                                                teats of cows, Bag Balm Antiseptic Ointment
                                                                has become a favorite among dog breeders
ment of minor skin problems. Soothing, non-sting                and owners alike!
Aloe-Lanolin base. Contains a bitter aid to stop                Works wonders on cuts, sores, chapping, and
wound biting.                                                   inflammation. Great for your hands, too!
Item#       Size                   Price                        Item#       Size                Price
RD067       8 oz. spray            $10.95                       RD092       10 oz.              $9.95

M.E.D. Topical                                                  EarthBath Bathing Wipes
Solution (RTU)                                                  Thick, large, moist wipes as a
                                                                touch-up grooming solution or as a
Contains antiseptic and healing                                 bath alternative.
agents such as Aloe Vera gel, eucalyptus oil and                They contain only natural cleansers
chamomile extract. Immediately stops the itch/                  and conditioners, including exotic
scratch cycle and promotes the healing process.                 Hawaiian awapuhi extract, a shine-
Item#    Size                      Price                        enhancing coat conditioner.
RD850112 12 oz.                    $9.45                        These natural wipes contain no
                                                                animal by-products (lanolin-free) or
                                                                alcohol and will not remove spot-on
                                                                flea control products. Contain Aloe
Liquid Bandage                                                  Vera and Vitamin E to moisturize
                                                                coat and skin.                                                               100
Apply a few drops to create a thin,                             Safe for daily use on all animals                                          WIPES PER
flexible bandage on the skin.                                   over 6 weeks old.                                                          CONTAINER
Use on minor cuts and abrasions only.
Warning: Can bond skin instantly.                               Available in Green Tea and
                                                                                                          Item#              Size               Price
Item#       Size                   Price                        Hypo-Allergenic varieties.
                                                                                                          RD9602301          Green Tea          $13.99
                                                                Contains 100 (8”x7”) wipes.
RD168       1/2oz.                 $22.95                                                                 RD9602300          Hypo-Aller.        $13.99
 TOLL FREE ORDER LINE: 1-800-268-3716
                       R-7 Ear Care                                  NEW! Earthbath Ear Wipes
                       Products                                      Earthbath Ear Wipes are a fast convenient way to
                                                                     keep your pet’s ears clean and free of wax, dirt, and
                                                                     discharge which can cause infections and odour.
                       R-7 Ear Cleaner                               These wipes contain witch hazel, a natural cleanser
                       Keeps ears clean and odour-free and
                                                                     and astringent, plus a sumptuous mix of nature’s
                       prevents future ear problems. Special
                                                                     finest plant extracts with gentle therapeutic and
                       non-staining formula.
                                                                     deodorizing properties. Safe for all dogs and cats
                       Item#       Size           Price              over 6 weeks old.
                       RD071       8 oz.          $13.49
                       RD072       16 oz.         $19.95             Item#           Description           Price
                                                                     RD9602303       7”x3.5”, 25 Ear Wipes $9.95
                       R-7 Ear Powder
                       Keeps ears dry and reduces odour.
                       Aids in plucking hair from the ear
                       canal by improving grip on hair.
                                                                     NEW! B2B Ear Cleaner

                       RD075       12gm           $5.99              “Bark 2 Basics” Ear Cleaner is safe, non-
                       RD076       24gm           $8.59              toxic, non-greasy and effective at removing
                       RD077       96gm           $23.99             ear wax and debris. Can be used routinely to
                                                                     keep ears clean and free of odour.
                       R-7 Drying Ear Cream                          The Ear Cleaner is safe for dogs and cats,
                       Use after ear cleaning.                       and like all Bark 2 Basic products is
                       Liquified gel dries to a powder to            bio-degradable.
                       keep the ear canal dry. Pleasant
                       scent. Excellent for long eared dogs          Item#      Size         Price
                       that hunt or swim.                            RD510      4oz.         $6.49
                       RD078       4 oz.          $9.49              RD511      Gallon       $35.95

                       R-7 Natural Ear Cleaner
                       Natural alternative ear cleaner to            Chris Christensen ‘Mystic Ear’
                       relieve the problem of itchy, smelly
                       ears and wax build-up.                        Ear Cleaner
                       RD073       4 oz.          $7.49

                       R-7 Natural Drying
                       Ear Creme - Helps control ear odour
                       and keeps ear canal dry using all
                       natural ingredients such as St. Johns
                                                                     Mystic Ear Cleaner gently removes dirt,
                                                                     earwax build-up and debris from the outer
                       Wort and Rosemary.                            ear and ear canal. Build-up in the ear can
                       RD074       4 oz.          $7.99              cause infections, discomfort and even
                                                                     hearing loss which is easily avoidable with
                                                                     routine cleaning.

                       Ear Mite Treatment                            Item#       Size        Price

                                                                     RD4809      8 oz.       $8.95
                                                                     RD4810      Gallon      $46.95

                       Use on dogs, puppies, cats, kittens & rab-
                       bits. Effectively kills ear mites and ear
                                                                     “Ear So Fresh”
                       ticks as well as aiding in ear wax removal.   Natural Herbal Ear Wash
                       Item#       Size             Price
                       RD065       29ml             $6.49
                                                                     ‘Ear So Fresh’ is the ultimate in regular
                                                                     ear hygiene. Soothes, cleans and pro-
                       Hemostats                                     tects against ear infections.

                       For Plucking                                  Item#
                       Ear Hair.
                       5-1/2” with vinyl coated handles.             M.E.D. Ear
                       Non-locking. Straight or curved tips.
                       Item#        Description        Price         Treatment (RTU)
                       HS1703       Straight           $4.95
                       HS1703C      Curved             $4.95         Cleans ear canals, dissolves wax buildup,
                                                                     and eliminates odor fast! Specially formu-
                                                                     lated providing anti-inflammatory and anti-
                       5-1/2” with locking handles.                  fungal benefits when used regularly.
                       Straight or curved tips.                      For use on dogs and cats.
                       Item#        Description        Price         Item#         Size           Price
                       HS1508S      Straight           $3.95         RD850115      12 oz.         $9.49
 76                    HS1508C      Curved             $3.95         RD850120      Gallon         $45.99
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          EAR CARE continued                                        EYE CARE PRODUCTS
PPP                                           NEW! Earthbath Eye Wipes
Ear Care                                      Earthbath Eye Wipes are a fast convenient way to keep the area
                                              around your pet’s eyes clean and free of tear stains, dirt, secretions
Products                                      and other general discharge. Hypo-allergenic and fragrance-free for
                                              safety. Safe for all dogs, and cats over 6 weeks old.
                                              Item#           Description           Price
PPP Eucalyptol                                RD9602304       7”x3.5”, 25 Eye Wipes $9.95
Ear Cleaner
A gentle ear cleanser with the
natural medicated properties of
                                              Gimborn 'Eye Clear' Eye Cleaner

                                                                                                                           HEALTH CARE
                                              An aid for safely cleansing eyes.
Item#        Size         Price               Eliminates ugly eye stains, and
RD153        4 oz.        $6.49               breaks down debris in the eye.
RD15316      16 oz.       $14.49              Suitbale for use on dogs and cats.
                                              Item#      Size        Price
PPP Ear Dry Solution                          RD079L     4 oz.       $9.49
Cleans ears, reduces odour and
dries the ear canal.
             4 oz.
             16 oz.
                                              PPP Eye Care
PPP ‘Ear Wash’                                P.P.P. Tear Stain Remover
with Tea Tree Oil                             Safely and effectively removes yellow tear stains
Used for cleaning and drying                  and saliva stains from around the eyes and mouth.
the ear canal.                                Item#       Size                Price
RD156        4 oz.        $6.95               RD155       4 oz.               $5.49

PPP Groomer’s                                 PPP ‘Eye Safe’ Eye Protectant
                                              This product is made especially for placing in the eyes of your pet’s eyes
Ear Powder                                    prior to washing. It will help prevent burning and redness in the event of
Dries the ear canal to enable a               shampoo working its way into the eyes of your pet.
positive grip for plucking ear hair.          RD157       4 oz.               $6.49

                                                                                                                           EAR & EYE CARE PRODUCTS
RD151        28gm         $4.49
RD152        80gm         $11.49
                                              Vitacoat ‘Diamondeye’
Bio-Groom ‘Ear Care’                          Eye Stain Remover
                                              Removes unsightly stains and discolourizations
Ear Cleaner and                               from areas around the eyes and face. Also a
                                              cleansing agent for furrows on Bloodhounds,
Wax Remover                                   Boxers, Pekinese, and all similar breeds.
                                              Item#      Size        Price
                                              RD034      125ml       $7.95
                                              RD035      250ml       $11.99

Exceptionally gentle
and effective.                                Bio-Groom ‘Stain Free’
Leaves no oily residue.
Preferred by groomers & Vets.                 Eye Stain Remover
Item#       Size        Price                 Under Eye Stain Remover creme. Special com-
RD060       4 oz.       $7.99                 pound used to cover eye stains on white dogs.
RD061       8 oz.       $10.49                Non irritating. Complete with applicator brush.
RD061-G     Gallon      $59.95                Item#      Size        Price
                                              CN071      0.7oz.      $9.99

Bio-Groom ‘Ear Fresh’                         A Touch of Love Liquid Multi-Vitamins
Medicated Ear Powder                          for Tear Stain Care
                                              A Touch of Love’s Multi-Vitamins are rich in vitamin C, a proven
                                              ingredient which helps to halt unsightly tearstains in both cats and
                                              dogs. This easy to use remedy is highly palatable and can be read-
Specially developed to keep ears dry,                                          Discontinued
                                              ily added to your pet’s food or water. Noticeable results can be seen
                                              in as early as two weeks. A Touch of Love’s Multi-Vitamins contain
reduce ear odour and relieve itching.
                                              no fillers, dyers or artificial flavours.
Contains Boric Acid USP as an antifun-
                                              Please read the instructions on the label carefully.
gal/antibacterial agent.
                                              Refrigerate after opening.
Item#       Size    Price
RD064       24 gram $6.49                     Item#      Size        Price
RD063       85 gram $18.99                    SP1382     250 ml      $19.49
 TOLL FREE ORDER LINE: 1-800-268-3716
                                                     FOOT CARE PRODUCTS                                     Velcote Nutitional Supplement
                                                                                                            An all natural supplement imported from
                                       ‘A Touch of Love’                                                    South Africa. It is very effective in revital-
                                                                                                            izing dull listless coat in as little as 1 week.
                                       Paw Protector                                                        Velcote prevents persistent hair loss, bald
                                                                                                            patches, dry and irritated skin and hair
                                       Made from essential oils, herbs and vitamins this                    breakage. It helps make coats healthy and
                                       one of a kind Paw Protector soothes and moisturiz-
                                       es sore, tired paws. Apply Paw Protector to the pads                                           Discontinued
                                                                                                            shiny, shortens moulting time and promotes
                                                                                                            growth of new hair. Daily use will keep coat

                                       of your pet’s feet prior to going outdoors, especially               and skin in optimum condition. Contains Lec-
                                       during bad weather. Aids in keeping paws protected                   ithin, Oleic, Linoleic Acid, Polysorbate 80,
                                       from cold surfaces, ice, salt and hot pavement.                      Wheat Germ Oil, Flaxseed Oil and more.
                                       Keeps your pet’s pads conditioned and moisturized.                   Daily Dosage: small dog - 2ml
                                       Item#       Description                           Price              med.- 5ml / large - 10ml
                                       SP1207      Paw Protector Balm, 4 oz              $11.99             Item#       Size        Price
                                                                                                            VS190       250 ml      $26.95
                                                                                                            VS191       500 ml      $48.95
                                       Shaws Paw Wax
                                       A remedy for protecting dogs feet from gravel,                       Excel Brewer’s Yeast
                                       asphalt, ice, snow, road salt and all hard sur-
                                                                                                            Brewerss yeast with omega 3 fatty
                                       faces. Shaws Paw Wax also prevents slipping
                                                                                                            acids and garlic supplement helps
                                       on slippery or smooth surfaces.
                                                                                                            promote a healthy skin and coat,
                                       Item#      Size        Price                                         reduces shedding and improves skin
                                       RD007      50gm        $8.95                                                                   Discontinued
                                                                                                            conditions. High in natural protein,
                                                                                                            vitamins and minerals. Fortified with
                                                                                                            zinc and biotin.
                                       ‘Show Foot’                                                          Item#       Size                  Price
                                                                                                            VS2776      150 Tablets           $4.49
                                       Professional Anti-Slip Spray                                         VS2777      600 Tablets           $9.79
                                       This unique formula was developed specifically to prevent
                                       slipping during indoor shows on damp grassy surfaces. It’s
                                       natural resin formula provides excellent “tack”. It is fast drying
                                       and non-irriating. Perfect for excellent performances in the
                                                                                                            Enervite Nutritional Supplement
                                       show ring.                                                           A high calorie, high
                                       Item#     Size         Price                                         energy nutritional supple-
                                       RD062     8 oz.        $12.95                                        ments specially formulat-
                                                                                                            ed for dogs. Helps stimu-
                                                                                                            late their appetite and

                                       NuHEMP ‘PAWZitive Therapy’                                           increases weight gain.
                                                                                                            Also an excellent source
                                                                                                            of metabolizable energy
                                       Paw Protection                                                       for active or working dogs.
                                                                                                            Rich in essential fatty
                                       Stick                                                                acids, used daily, Enervite
                                       Applied daily, provides soothing and moisturizing relief to          ensures a glossy coat and        Item#       Size                      Price
                                       paw pads while acting as a protective barrier against ice,           healthy skin.                    VS901       Enervite, 4.25 oz. tube   $8.49
                                       salt, sand and general wear and tear.
                                       Formulated with all-natural ingredients including;
                                       Cocoa Butter, Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil,                            A Touch of Love
                                       Vitamin E, and a blend of essential and botanical oils.
                                       Item#        Description                                   Price     Vitamins and Supplements

                                       RD19015      ‘PAWZitive Therapy’ Stick, 45gm               $14.49

                                                                                                            Liquid Glucosamine 2000
                                             SEE PAGES                                                      Effectively manage arthritis, aid in rehabilitating
                                            103 FOR PAW                                                     damage cartilage, promote healthy joints! For years
                                                                                                            people have enjoyed the benefits of Glucosamine
                                             PROTECTING                                                     supplements for relief from arthritic joint pain, and
                                             APPAREL FOR                                                    now your pet can too! Even if your pet does not

                                              yOuR PET!                                                                               Discontinued
                                                                                                            have arthritis, use this as a preventative measure
                                                                                                            that will ensure your pet will never have to suffer
                                                                                                            from this debilitating disease.
                                                                                                            Item#       Size        Price            VETERINARIAN
                                                                                                            SP1375      500ml       $22.49          RECOMMENDE
                                                                                                            Liquid Multi-Vitamins
                                                                                                            Put a spring in their step! Improved immune
                                                                                                            response, healthier metabolism, higher energy
                                                                                                            levels, improved skin and coat! Adding Liquid Multi-
                                                                                                            Vitamin to your pet’s diet gives a boost totheir over-
                                                                                                            all good health! With a greater bioavailability than
                                                                                                            tablets, 85% to 90% of a liquid is absorbed into the
                                                                                                            tissues and blood stream.
 78                                                                                                         SP1382      250ml       $19.49
                                                      SAVE 5% - ORDER ONLINE!                 

NEW! NaturVet Health Care                                       Brewer’s Yeast & Garlic Powder
                                                                Contains top quality debittered yeast that your dogs
                                                                and cats love to eat. Contains 5% garlic and fortified
Products                                                        with B-1, B-2 and Niacin. Also includes Vitamin C,
                                                                an important antioxidant.
                                                                Item#       Description                   Price
                                                                VS831       Brewer’s yeast, 1lb.          $9.99

‘Quiet Moments’

                                                                                                                            HEALTH CARE
                                                                Unscented Salmon Oil
                                                                • UNSCENTED! A specialized filtration
Calming Aids                                                    process helps remove the fishy smell
                                                                but not the yummy taste that pets love.
Recommended to help support the nervous                         • Promotes healthy skin and a shiny coat.
system in reducing stress and tension with all-                 • Helps retain mositure in dry, irritated skin.
natural active Ingredients.                                     • Helps reduce shedding.
Quiet Moments offers support to your pet dur-                   VS835       Salmon Oil,
ing periods of anxiety, nervousness, tension
or stress such as traveling, grooming, thunder-
                                                                            8.75 oz. pump                  $16.99
storms, fireworks, or trips to the veterinarian.
                                                                Bone Meal Powder
Time Release Tablets                                            Steamed Bone Meal Powder is a sterilized natural
Contains Chamomile Flower, Passion                              source of calcium and phosphorus, important nutrients
Flower, Thiamine Mono nitrate, Ginger, and L-                   for your growing pet. Our Steamed Bone Meal Powder
Tryptophan to calm your pet. For use on dogs                    is made from choice USDA approved beef bones and is
over 12 weeks old.                                              taste appealing. It is FREE of BSE.
Item#      Description                   Price                  VS825       Bone Meal Powder, 1lb.         $11.49
VS810      60 Tablets                    $19.95
                                                                Pleasant Breath
Herbal Calming Spray                                            Recommended to help support the reduction of pet odor.
Contains a blend of fragrance extracts,                         Four products in one:

                                                                                                                            VITAMINS / SUPPLEMENTS & DIGESTIVE ADIS
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Rosemary Oil and                         1. Stops your dog from consuming its own stools (or other
Clove Oil to calm your pet. Spray in cars,                      dogs’ stools if they are given Pleasant Breath Plus).
crates and cages, dog houses or dog beds.                       2. Reduces bad breath and body odor.
Safe for all ages of animal.                                    3. Helps alleviate occasional gas.
VS812      Cat/Kitten Spray, 8oz.        $12.79                 4. Reduces stool and urine odor.
VS814      Dog/Puppy Spray, 8oz.         $12.79                 RD3430      Pleasant Breath,
                                                                            150 tablets                    $12.99
Calming Aid Gel
Containg the same ingredients as the tablets,                   Tender Foot Cream
this gel tastes like a treat and can be given to                Easy to use, Tender Foot uses Vitamins A and E to
your pet by placing some on your finger.                        help regenerate skin damaged by harsh elements.
For use on dogs over 12 weeks old.                              Humectants contained in this non sticky, disappear-
VS816      Calming Aid Gel, 85g          $12.79                 ing cream base assist in maintaining skin and tissue
                                                                in natural moisture balance. Use daily to moisturize
                                                                and restore resilience to dry, cracked, chapped or
                                                                calloused skin, tissue, foot pads, and elbows.
Nutritional Gels:                                               RD3128      Tender Foot Cream,
                                                                            5oz. tube                      $8.99
Puppy-Cal is formulated specifically for puppies
and tastes like a treat. Provides a complete
                                                                Stool Deodorizer Plus
                                                                Recommended to help support the reduction of pet odor.
spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino acids
                                                                Four products in one.
and fatty acid which complement your puppies’
                                                                1. Eliminates Foul Stool & Urine Odor.
normal diet.
                                                                2. Alleviates Occasional Gas.
Item#       Description                   Price                 3. Stops Stool Eating.
VS820       Puppy-Cal Gel, 3oz.           $10.79                4. Reduces Bad Breath & Body Odor.
                                                                VS828       Stool Deodorizer,
Senior-Cal                                                                  60 tablets                     $11.99
Senior-Cal nutritional gel is formulated with
Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, Soy Protein                    Stool Deterrent
concentrate and L-Carnitine. It is formulated in a              For use in dogs only. Recommended to help
concentrated gel to provide supplemental caloric                deter dogs from consuming their own stools
and nutritional intake for senior dogs. Tastes like             or other dogs’ stools if they are fed NaturVet’s
a treat and is accepted by picky seniors.                       Coprophagia Deterrent.
VS821       Senior-Cal, 5oz.              $14.49                VS830       Stool Deterrent,
                                                                            60 tablets                     $11.49
Adult-Cal nutritional gel tastes like a treat and
is formulated with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty
                                                                ‘Bitter Yuck’ No Chew Spray
                                                                Non-offensive odor, non-sticky, and easy to apply
acids in a low volume form. A few tasty licks pro-
                                                                spray that will stop animals from chewing and gnaw-
vide supplemental caloric and nutritional intake
                                                                ing on any number of problem areas. Inexpensive
for your dog. A great way to bond with your pet
                                                                and non-staining. It can be used on any washable
is to give right from the finger. May also be given
                                                                surface and indoors with no terribly offensive odors.
from a dish.
                                                                RD3900      Bitter yuck Spray, 8oz.       $6.99
VS822       Adult-Cal Gel, 5oz.           $8.79
                                                                RD3901      Bitter yuck Spray, 16oz.      $8.99
 TOLL FREE ORDER LINE: 1-800-268-3716

                              NEW! ’Johnny Be Good’ Coat Booster Nutritional Supplements
                              A dietary supplement high in omega fatty acids and other ingredients formulated to reduces shedding and promotes shiny coats.
                              Ingredients: Flaxseed, sunflower, molasses, kelp and brewers yeast.
                              Dog Forumla
                              Directions: Add one teaspoon (per 25 lbs of body weight) to your dogs food.
                              Item#        Description                       Price
                                           For Dogs, 454 g (1 lb)
                                           For Dogs, 1.36 kg (3 lbs)
                              Cat Formula
                              Directions: Add 1/4 teaspoon (per 5 lbs of body weight) to your cats food.
                              Item#        Description                       Price
                              VS30101      For Cats, 250 g                   $11.85

                              VS30100      For Cats, 454 g (1 lb)            $21.30

                              Missing Link                                                                       Hokamix Supplements
                              Nutritional Supplements                                                            Hokamix 30 -            Made of natural minerals, trace
                                                                                                                 elements, vitamins and medicinal herbal extracts. No
                              The nutritional gap between what nature                                            artificial colour or preservatives. Works as a catalyst
                              provides and what is available in commercial                                       on food, ensuring proper digestion. Strengthens ten-
                              foods. THE MISSING LINK provides unpro-                                            dons and ligaments, stimulates health and growth of
                              cessed, nutrient-rich foods to your animals                                        cartilage, optimizes metabolic processes, improves
                              diet. Easy to use dry palatable powder can be                                      food utilization up to 20%, increases vitality, prevents
                              added to food. Approx. 1 tsp/20 lbs.                                               many allergy problems, improves coat and skin and
                                                                                                                 prevents breeding problems.
                              Canine Formula:                     PROMOTES:                                      Stock#      Size                Price
                              Item#       Size        Price                                                      VS171       400gm               $28.95
                                                                  •   General Health and Well-Being.
                              VS720       8 oz.       $19.99      •   Better Digestion and increased energy.     VS172       800gm               $49.95
                                          1 lb.
                                          5 lb.
                                                                      Healthy Skin and Coat.
                                                                      Less Scratching and Itching.
                                                                                                                 VS173       2.5 kg       Discontinued

                                                                  •   Less Joint Stiffness and Pain.             Hokamix Tablets -            All the bene-
                              Vegetarian Formula:                 •   Faster Recovery after Surgery or Injury.   fits of “Hokamix 30” in convenient tablet
                              VS725       1 lb.       $25.95      •   Reduces shedding, odours and Allergies.    form. Can be given directly to your dog to
                                                                                                                 ensure proper daily dosage.
                                                                                                                 (2 tablets per 5kg body weight).
                              Missing Link Plus                                                                  VS177       200/bottle          $39.95
                              The Ultimate in Joint Support with Glucosamine.
                              Provides all of the benefits of the original Missing                               Hokamix Snack’s
                              Link, plus the added value of 500 mg of Glucosamine                                A tasty semi-moist treat or reward for your dog.
                              Sulphate per daily dose (for the average dog). Also                                Available in 2 sizes for small or large breeds.
                              provides Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids, plus                                   Petite - 1 a day per 2-3 lbs. of body weight.
                              enzymes & probiotics to aid digestion.                                             Large - 1 a day per 5-6 lbs. of body weight.
                              VS724       1 lb.       $34.95                                                     VS178       Petite, 800gm       $21.95

                              VS724-5     5 lb.       $109.99                                                    VS179       Large, 800gm        $21.95

                              Nzymes Pet Supplements                                                                                                N’zymes Oxy-Drops
                                                                                                                                                    A safe and stable compound of oxygen
                              Antioxidant Treats                                                                                                    and chlorine-containing ingredients in a
                                                                                                                                                    clear, odourless aqueous medium. When
                              and Granuals                                                                                                          ingested with water, it releases chlorine
                              Tasty treats containing a powerful anti-
                                                                                                                                                    dioxide as oxygen throughout the digest-
                              oxidant formula helps maintain mobility and
                                                                                                                                                    ive tract. Oxy-Drops have the following
                              vitality in animals of all ages. The bioflavon-
                                                                                                                                                    effects on the body... neutralizes stomach
                              oids and polypeptides act as biocatalysts
                                                                                                                                                    acids, acts as a powerful bacteriacide,
                              to help maintain an animals normal cell
                                                                                                                                                    viricide and fungicide, improves digestion
                              functions and to help cleanse dangerous
                                                                                                                                                    and increases energy and endurance.
                              free radicals and toxins from the body.
                                                                                                                                                    Oxy-Drops are concentrated and MUST
                              Also available in economical granual form.
                                                                                                                                                    be mixed with water prior to use (inter-
                              Dosage: 1 tablet, or 1/2 tsp of granuals for
                                                                                                                                                    nally, or externally).
                              every 60 lbs. of body weight.
                                                                                                                                                    Item#      Description           Price
                              Item#      Description             Price
                                                                                                                                                    VS053      2.2 oz.               $26.99
                              VS051      60 Treats (60 Tab)      $26.99
                                                                                                                                                    VS054      8 oz. Refill          $59.99
                              VS055      Granuals (2 lbs.)       $55.99

                              Tincture of Black-Leaf                                                                          Fortified Bac~Pak Plus
                              A powerful herbal supplement blend containing anti-bacterial                                    A powerful food supplement containing live, viable, natur-
                              and anti-fungal qualities. Olive leaf has been shown to have tre-                               ally occurring micro-organisms and digestive enzymes. This
                              mendous success with sore throats and other symptoms associ-                                    unique blend was created for daily supplemental use with
                              ated with colds, flu and pneumonia. It is a powerful choice in the                              animals of all ages and designed to optimize the health of
                              battle with yeast fungus problems like Candida, fibromyalgia,                                   your pet's digestive tract and immune system. Fortified with
                              systemic yeast infections or leaky gut syndrome.                                                bacteria that is micro-encapsulated.

 80                           VS052      2.2 oz.                 $31.99                                                       VS056       200gm       $32.99
                                                             SAVE 5% - ORDER ONLINE!                            

Biologic Vet
Vitamins and
Animal Nutragenomics for
Therapy, Prevention, and
Athletic Performance.
BioFATS -        Omega-3, Omega-6, & Omega
                                                          BioJOINT -        Alleviates swelling and joint
                                                          and soft tissue pain. Joint regenerative and anti-
9 fatty acids, organic cold pressed, flax seed
                                                          inflammatory; cartilage and synovium building
with molecular distilled wild salmon & krill oils.
                                                          blocks with cell activators and essential vitamin

                                                                                                                                                                        HEALTH CARE
Comprehensive essential fatty acid source for
                                                          and mineral support. Use daily as part of a joint
                                                                                                                 BioSKIN&COAT - Natural relief from
cats and dogs with added potent antioxidant                                                                      skin reactions and inflammation. BioSkin&Coat
                                                          regenerative and anti-inflammatory program or
base. Healthy supply of active omega-3 and                                                                       is a natural formulation containing powerful COX
                                                          as a preventive program for senior (5+ years) and
essential omega-6 fats which cannot be supplied                                                                  inhibition activity (anti-inflammatory activity) and
                                                          active animals. *Add one scoop per 10 pounds of
at requisite levels in dry, processed foods. The                                                                 potent antihistamine activity to combat allergic
                                                          animal per day to dry or wet food
body cannot manufacture these essential fats;                                                                    reactions naturally. It includes key minerals and
they must be supplied abundantly by the diet, pro-        Stock# Size            Price                           vitamins essential to this process, ensuring these
viding the body with substrates for hormones and          VS012004 400gm         $24.49                          nutrients are available abundantly for long-term
cell membrane structure.                                  VS012012 1600gm        $76.99                          recovery. BioSkin&Coat works by jump-start-
Use daily as part of a disease prevention or                                                                     ing anti-inflammatory and antihistamine activity
health support program.                                   BioSPORT - Speeds up recovery and                      while encouraging metabolic correction. For best
*Add one pump per 4.5 kg/10 pounds of animal              enhances performance potential. Blend of high          results, use with BiologicVET base - BioFATS (1)
per day to dry or wet food                                potency creatine, glutamine peptides, cellular         and BioVITES (2), in this order.
Stock# Size            Price                              protein as active di-peptides and tri-peptides, pH     Use daily as part of therapeutic program.
VS012001 475ml         $26.95                             buffers, electrolytes, and more. Great for working     *Add one scoop per 10 pounds of animal per day
                                                          dogs. Use daily as part of sporting program.           to dry or wet food
BioVITES -         Comprehensive vitamin blend            *Add one scoop per 10 pounds of animal per day         Stock# Size            Price
with chelated mineral and phytoantioxidant                to dry or wet food                                     VS012003 400gm         $24.49
system. BioVITES is the foundation of the                 VS012005 400gm         $22.49
BiologicVET strategy, added daily to the animal's         VS012006 1600gm        $63.49                          BioSENIOR Vigor -              Treats age-related
meals. Stress increases nutrient demands,                                                                        metabolic degradation. Maximizes digestion,
including the requirement for nutrients which are         BioSLIM -        Safe weight loss and weight           nerve efficiency, muscle tone and strength. Draws
not essential in the diet - conditionally essential       management. For over fat animals - can be used         water into the cells to hydrate them, reducing

                                                                                                                                                                        VITAMINS AND SUPPLEMENTS
nutrition. Vitamin C, for example, may not be con-        to improve diabetes - Designed to support meta-        incidences of edema and dehydration. Delivers
sidered essential for most animals but it becomes         bolic health starting with improvement of insulin      a dense source of vitamin B, CoQ10, carnitine
so when they are exposed to stress. Use daily as          efficiency. Activates body’s natural fat burning       and alpha lipoic acid. Combats insulin resistance
part of disease prevention or health support pro-         furnaces to eliminate calories while reducing          which promotes better nutrient delivery to cells,
gram. *Add one scoop per 10 pounds of animal              unnecessary carbohydrate absorption from               reducing inflammatory tendencies.
per day to dry or wet food                                meals. Provides satiety (feeling fullness) while       * Add one scoop per 10 pounds of animal per day
VS012002 400gm         $22.49                             delivering high density nutritional supplementation    to dry or wet food.
VS012011 1600gm        $63.49                             VS012013 200gm         $18.99                          VS012016 400gm         $22.49

HomeoPet Remedy Sprays                                          Separation Anxiety Relief - Provides relief from
                                                                anxiety due to veterinarian/grooming visits, shows, separation        Solid Gold S.E.P.
                                                                from familiar surroundings, boarding, kenneling, relocation, ect.    (Stop Eating Poop)
                                                                Item#       Description                           Price
                                                                VS4730      Separation Anxiety Relief, 15ml       $17.49

                                                                Travel Anxiety Relief - Fear, panting, hyper in car or
                                                                other mode of transport, vomiting, bowl movements, drooling or
                                                                any unwanted behavior associated with a trip.
                                                                VS4721      Travel Anxiety Relief, 15ml           $17.49

                                                                TFLN Anxiety Relief - Provides relief from anxiety
                                                                due to Thunderstorms, fireworks, loud noises, windstorms,
                                                                sirens and gun shots, ect.
                                                                VS4731      TFLN Anxiety Relief, 15ml             $17.49
                                                                ‘WRM Clear’
                                                                Aids in the recovery from worm infesta-
                                                                tion, as well as treats worm infestations
                                                                where a drug-free approach is favored.
‘Digestive Upsets’                                              Reduces environmental contamination
                                                                                                                                     S.E.P. is contains the active
Homeopathic remedy to                                           by suppressing worm egg production
                                                                                                                                     ingredient Glutamic Acid.
reduce the discomfort and                                       and thus reducing re-infestation.
                                                                                                                                     When Glutamic Acid is mixed
provide temporary relief of a                                   Ingredients have drug mono-
                                                                                                                                     with the stomach acids, the
variety of minor digestive prob-                                graphs covering: Tapeworms,
                                                                                                                                     stool becomes bitter to the
lems due to diarrhea, flatu-                                    Hookworms, Roundworms, Pinworms,
                                                                                                                                     taste, which deters the dog
lence and retained gas.                                         Threadworms, Bots, and Flukeworms
                                                                                                                                     from eating the stool.
Item#       Description                          Price          Item#      Description                           Price               Item#       Size      Price
VS4734      Digestive upsets Relief, 15ml        $17.49         VS4714     ‘WRM Clear’ Worm Relief, 15ml         $17.49              VS5130      3-1/2 oz. $16.50
 TOLL FREE ORDER LINE: 1-800-268-3716
                                     PetAg Vitamins and Supplements
                                     Mirra Coat                                                                                                         Esbilac Puppy Milk Replacer
                                     • Helps eliminate scratching                                                                                       North America’s #1 puppy milk replacer!
                                       due to dry skin.                                                                                                 Lifesaving formula closely matches moth-
                                     • Helps to reduce off-season                                                                                       er’s milk protein and energy. Fortified
                                       shedding in your dog.                                                                                            with essential vitamins and minerals.
                                     • Improves dull coat and skin                                                                                      Supplementation helps maximize puppy and
                                       health of your dog.                                                                                              bitch condition. Powder or a ready-to-use
                                     • Contains essential fatty acids                                                                                   liquid formulation.
                                       fortified with zinc, biotin, plus                                                                                Item#       Size                    Price
                                       vitamins A, B6 and E.

                                                                                                                                                        VS1001      Powder, 12oz.           $25.99
                                     • Available in convenient high                                                                                     VS9501      Powder, 28oz.           $54.99
                                       protein powder.
                                                                                                                                                        VS9495      Liquid, 8oz.            $4.85
                                     Item#       Size         Price
                                                                                                                                                        VS1006      Liquid, 11oz.           $5.99
                                     VS1031      1 lb.        $11.99
                                     VS1032      40 oz.       $24.99
                                                                                                                                                        Bene-Bac Gel and Powder
                                     Nursing Kit                                                                                                        • Source of live beneficial bacteria.
                                     Designed by vets for natural feeding action.                                                                       • Use at times of changing dietary
                                     Contains 2oz. bottle, 2 extra nipples and a                                                                          conditions or after antibiotic therapy.
                                     cleaning brush. Graduated bottle for easy                                                                          • Relieves intestinal disorders from stress,
                                     mixing and measuring.                                                                                                innoculations and worming.
                                     VS1022      Nursing Kit               $4.79                                                                        • For use with nursing pups or adults.
                                                                                                                                                        • Available in economical powder form.
                                                                                                                                                        VS1019      4 x 1gm                 $4.49
                                     Goat’s Milk Esbilac                                                                                                VS1021      1 lb. powder            $23.50
                                     Milk formula for puppies with sensitive digestive systems.
                                     A complete food source for orphaned or rejected puppies or those
                                     nursing, but needing supplemental feeding. Also recommended
                                     for growing puppies or adult dogs that are stressed and require a                                                                    Quick & Easy
                                     source of highly digestible nutrients. Formulated specifically for
                                     canines providing a protein, carbohydrate and fat calorie                                                                            Pill Dispenser
                                     pattern similar to bitch’s milk. Fortified with essential
                                     amino acids and includes arginine and methionine.                                                                                    Designed by veterinarians
                                     VS9459      Powder, 150g              $13.29                                                                                         for an easy way to admin-
                                     VS9460      Powder, 12oz.             $29.99                                                                                         ister oral medications
                                     VS9461      Powder, 5lb.              $138.95                                                                                        to cats, dogs and other
                                                                                                                                                                          animals. Works just like a
                                     VS9470      Liquid, 12.5oz.           $8.29                                                                                          syringe ensuring maximum
                                                                                                                                                                          control of your pet’s medi-
                                     KMR Kitten Milk Replacer                                                                                                             cation dosage.
                                     Milk supplement for orphaned or rejected kittens or
                                     those nursing, but needing supplemental feedings.                                                                                    VS1915     Quick & Easy
                                     Formulated with food grade ingredients to insure that                                                                                           Pill Dispenser
                                     they closely match the mother’s milk in protein, fat, carbo-
                                     hydrate, vitamin and mineral composition. Also can be
                                     used as a nutritional supplement for pregnant or lactating
                                     females or adult cats needing extra nutrients. Mixes easily
                                     with water; easily digestible.
                                     VS9511      Powder, 12oz.             $28.95
                                     VS9514      Powder, 28oz.             $61.29
                                     VS9480      Liquid, 8oz.              $5.19

                                     Tattoo Equipment and Accessories
                                     Tattoo Forceps
                                     Item#      Description                    Price
                                     TT002      Tattoo Forceps                 $89.00

                                     Extra Digits
                                     Available in numbers 0-9, and letters A-Z.
                                     (please specify digits, by adding to end of product number)
                                     eg. TT005-A = Tattoo Digit ‘A’.
                                     TT005      Tattoo Extra Digits            $4.15 ea.
                                     Tattoo Ink, Paste
                                     Available in 28gm tube of Tattoo ink paste, or 57mL Tattoo Ink in roll-on.                                                      Model 50D Tattoo Kit
                                     Available in green only.                                                     A permanent, harmless, parctical method of identification for dogs. Mandatory for
                                     TT010      Tattoo Ink, Paste              $6.95                              most purebred registration organizations, including CKC. Holds up to six charac-
                                     TT012      Tattoo Ink, Roll On            $7.49                              ters (letters or numbers).
                                                                                                                  • Includes: Forceps; 6 pack of rubber strippers; 300mL Ink (Paste); Numbers 0-9;
                                     Tattoo Rubber Strippers                                                        complete instructions, and your choice of 7 letters
                                     Squeeze over pins before use to aid in release of forceps from ear.            (please specify letters).
                                     Available in package of 6.                                                   Item#     Description                   Price
 82                                  TT015      Tattoo Rubber Strippers        $3.95                              TT001     Model 50D Tattoo Kit          $126.95
                                                            SAVE 5% - ORDER ONLINE!                         
Female Sanitary Pants                                                     Elizabethan

                                                                          A safe and humane method
                                                                          of preventing animals from
                                                                          aggravating a healing wound

                                                                                                                                                                    HEALTH CARE
                                                                          or injury. Padded neckline
                                                                          adds extra comfort and pad-
                                                                          ded outer edge minimizes
                                                                          scratches and dings to walls,
                                                                          shins and furniture, etc.

Sanitary Pants for female dogs in heat and incontinent dogs and cats.     Item#       Size                Price           Item#       Size                 Price
Protects rugs, furniture, clothing, etc. Stretchy nylon for comfortable   RD9903      Small (8”-9”)       $13.95          RD9909      X-Large (14”-21”)    $20.95
fit. Adjustable elastic belt has easy snap-on buckle.                     RD9905      Medium (9”-12”)     $15.94          RD9910      King (21”-25”)       $24.95
Allows total leg and tail movement. Uses disposable sanitary napkins.     RD9907      Large (12”-14”)     $17.95          RD9930      Set of 5             $83.00
Available in 6 sizes.
Item#         Size                                      Price
RD36460       Size 0, X-Small (16-23cm waist)           $5.95             Whelping
RD36461       Size 1, Small (24-30cm waist)             $6.25
RD36462       Size 2, Medium (31-39cm waist)            $6.95             Pads
RD36463       Size 3, Med/Lrg (40-49cm waist)           $7.25
RD36464       Size 4, Large (50-59cm waist)             $7.95
RD36465       Size 5, X-Lrg (60-70cm waist)             $8.25
Sanitary replacement pads
RD3646S       Pads for X-Small and Small                $3.15
RD3646M       Pads for Med. and Med/Lrg                 $3.60

                                                                                                                                                                    BREEDER AND VETERINARY SUPPLIES
RD3646L       Pads for Large and X-Large                $3.85

Flexible Bandage                                                          Made from strong, durable 1¼" pile, hospital grade
                                                                          borg. Non-allergenic, will not support bacteria
                                                                                                                                 Item#       Size         Price
                                                                                                                                 PB9540      36 x 36"     $32.95
                                                                          growth. Will not absorb moisture.
                                                                          Machine washable. Available in a variety of sizes to   PB9545      48 x 48"     $53.95
                                                                          fit most cages or whelping boxes.                      PB9550      60 x 60"     $79.95

                                                                          Snuggle Safe
Co-Flex Vet Wrap                                                          Microwave Heatpad
is a cohesive flexible
bandage manufactured for                                                  The safest way to heat your pets bedding
small animal use. Co-Flex tears                                           or provide warmth to young puppies or kit-
clean by hand, will not constrict, does                                   tens. This plate sized heating pad provides
not stick to skin or hair, and stays in place.                            up to 12 hours of safe, gentle warmth after
Co-Flex is stronger than the competition’s ban-                           being heated in a microwave. The heat
dages, yet it is still soft and comfortable enough to use on most pets.   retaining compound sealed inside the pad
Available in assorted colours or white/blue paw print design.             is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
                                                                          Use indoors or outdoors, even in the car!
Assorted colours:                                                         FREE cover included.
Stock#      Size           Each       18 Rolls
RD901       4"x5 yds.      $3.95      $56.70 ($3.15 ea)                   Item#      Description             Price
                                                                          RD6250     Heatpad                 $32.95
Paw print:
Stock#      Size           Each       18 Rolls
RD902       2"x5 yds.      $3.49      $48.42 ($2.69 ea)
RD903       3"x5 yds.      $4.29      $62.28 ($3.46 ea)                                                                 Hemostats
RD906       4”x5 yds.      $4.49      $63.90 ($3.55 ea)

Apply a few drops to create a
                                                                          5-1/2” with                                    5-1/2” with
thin, flexible bandage on the                                             vinyl coated handles.                          locking handles.
skin. Use on minor cuts and abrasions only.                               Non-locking. Straight or curved tips.          Straight or curved tips.
Warning: Can bond skin instantly.                                         Stock#       Description        Price          Stock#       Description         Price
Stock#     Size         Price                                             HS1703       Straight           $4.95          HS1508S      Straight            $3.95
RD168      1/2oz.       $22.95                                            HS1703C      Curved             $4.95          HS1508C      Curved              $3.95