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									                                     AAA FACTS

Membership     Established in 1902 by nine motor clubs with fewer than 1,000
               members, AAA today now has 45 million members in the United States
               and Canada. Twenty-four percent of all U.S. households have a AAA

Customer       AAA, a not-for-profit corporation, is a federation of affiliated motor
Service        clubs with more than 1,100 offices in the U.S. and Canada. It offers
Offices        personal service to members throughout its network of more than
               38,000 full-time employees.

Annual Dues          New Primary Member:                $38 to $76*
                     New Associate Member:              $13 to $47*

                     *varies from club to club

Emergency      AAA’s emergency road service is provided through a broad network of
Road Service   approximately 13,000 independent service providers and AAA club-owned
               fleets. There is no charge for services that fall within the provisions of the
               membership, and assistance is available to members no matter what vehicle
               they are driving or riding in. Overall, AAA clubs in the U.S. and Canada
               responded to 28.1 million emergency road service calls in 2001.

               AAA's no-charge service applies regardless of distance to the scene of
               disablement and towing for a minimum of three miles in any direction from
               the point of disablement, or back to the responding station. Towing charges
               beyond the free towing mileage limit are set by AAA clubs and are consistent
               with local commercial rates. If AAA is contacted but cannot provide service,
               members may obtain their own service and submit the bills for
               reimbursement at prevailing commercial rates for the region.

               AAA emergency road service includes mechanical first aid; such as flat tire
               service, minor mechanical adjustments; battery boosts, jump-starts, towing,
               extrication and lockout assistance. While emergency delivery of sufficient
               fuel to reach the nearest service station is included in basic services,
               members pay current pump price for the cost of the fuel. AAA clubs will
                  objectively mediate any dispute arising from the repair of a member's vehicle
                  by AAA-affiliated service providers.

                  AAA Plus is an enhanced benefits package for members that provides free
                  extended towing for a distance of at least 100 miles, delivery of sufficient
                  free fuel to reach the nearest gas station, locksmith service providing up to
                  $100 coverage for parts and labor, and other services. Clubs may choose to
                  include additional benefits as part of the AAA Plus membership, such as free
                  international guidebooks and maps, travel accident insurance, and
                  reimbursement for trip interruption in case of an accident.

Emergency          AAA's emergency road service providers will accept a member's personal
Check              check up to $250, for payment of emergency service and repairs necessary
Acceptance         to put a member's vehicle in safe operating condition, including emergency
                   road service, mechanical repair, and/or necessary parts. Some AAA clubs
                  offer members check-cashing privileges of up to $100 in the event of an en
                  route emergency.

SUPERNUMBER       AAA's SUPERNUMBER provides one-number dialing service and enables
                  members traveling in the U.S. and Canada to receive emergency road
                  service by making just one toll-free phone call to 1-800-AAA-HELP.
                  Hearing impaired members can use the 1-800-955-4833 TDD number.

Approved Auto Repair
                AAA has the largest independently inspected and approved network of repair
                facilities in North America. AAA's Approved Auto Repair Program assists
                members by identifying automotive repair facilities that meet the
                association's stringent criteria for customer satisfaction, equipment and
                training. Approved facilities include independent repair shops, as well as
                new car dealerships and services offered may include full service repair,
                specialty repair such as transmissions or bodyshop service.

                  Approximately 7,400 participating service facilities display the "AAA
                  Approved Auto Repair" sign and agree to provide special benefits to AAA
                  members, including a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty on parts and labor, a
                  written estimate, return of replaced parts (if requested), and a courtesy
                  safety inspection if the owner arranges to have maintenance or repairs
                  performed on the vehicle. Sixty-five clubs in 48 states and the District of
                  Columbia participate in the Approved Auto Repair program.

Bail Bond         AAA offers members of participating clubs both a $1,000 Guaranteed Arrest
                  Bond and up to a $5,000 Bail Bond for covered traffic violations. Some
                  exclusions and state specific limitations apply.

AAA Travel      More than 1,000 accredited, full-service AAA travel agency offices are
Agencies        located in the U.S. and Canada to serve members and the public. AAA
                Travel Services also are accessible via the Internet at aaa.com.

                Travel services include worldwide air, cruise and rail tickets; escorted tours
                and independent package tour arrangements; hotel and rental car
                reservations; and a variety of travel insurance programs.

                Passport photo services and International Driving Permits are available at
                most AAA offices, which also can help members obtain passports and

AAA Alliances   The AAA Disney Alliance provides members an array of unique benefits,
                services and special vacation packages for The Disneyland® Resort , Walt
                Disney World® Resort and Disney Cruise Line. AAA Vacations®
                independent travel packages to the Disney parks include getaways by air or
                automobile and are operated by the Walt Disney Travel Co.

AAA             AAA publishes nearly 300 million copies of travel-related materials
Publications    annually, making it the largest travel publisher in the world. AAA published
                more than 200 different titles in 2001.

TourBooks®      AAA TourBook guides list more than 13,000 attractions and about 12,000
                events and include information on nearly 29,000 lodgings, and more than
                13,000 restaurants, inspected and updated annually by 65 full-time AAA
                tourism editors.

                AAA’s 24 regional TourBook guides cover the U.S. and Canada and seven
                TravelBook® guides cover Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, France, Britain,
                Italy and Ireland. Eleven CampBook® guides provide information on more
                than 9,900 campgrounds in the U.S. and Canada.

                AAA TourGuide® map & travel guide series has new titles and more are
                being added in 2001. In addition the Spiral Guides featuring foreign and
                domestic destinations grew to nine titles in 2000. More titles are planned
                over the next few years.

                In 2001, AAA Publishing circulated more than 34 million travel books. At an
                average page count of 345 pages per book, this volume yielded over 20
                billion pages.

TripTik® Routings Total TripTik Routings delivered in 2001 totaled 13.6 million. These
                  included preparation of manual and automated TripTiks as well as the
                  electronic delivery of over 5.3 million Internet routings through AAA’s Internet
                  TripTik ® and Routemaster services available on aaa.com.

                    TripTiks are individually tailored routings that include customized strip or tile
                    maps created to meet each member’s needs. They include key traveler
                    information, including road construction and mileage.

AAA Maps            AAA's GIS/Cartographic department researches, produces and updates
                    more than 85 sheet maps, 852 TripTik, and over 600 TourBook® guide
                    mapping products. Member circulation exceeded 41 million maps and 31
                    million AAA TourBook® guides.

Show Your Card
& Save              AAA members receive discounts and benefits at more than 3,500 local
                    vendors and 31 national partners at more than 54,500 locations across the
                    U.S., Canada and Europe. Members receive up to a 50 percent discount on
                    accommodations at Clarion, Comfort, Days Inn, Econo Lodge, Hampton Inns
                    and Suites, Hilton Hotels, Hilton Garden Inns, Hyatt Hotels, La Quinta Inns
                    and Suites, Quality, Rodeway Inn, Sleep Inns, Marriott Hotels and Resorts,
                    Best Western and others. AAA members receive discounts or special rates
                    at Hertz Car Rentals, Hertz Car Sales and Truck Rentals, Aloha Airlines,
                    Amtrak, Busch Gardens, FTD.COM, Gray Line Tours, Hard Rock Café,
                    Landry's Restaurants Inc., LensCrafters, NAPA, Penske Truck Rental,
                    SeaWorld, Wal-Mart Pharmacy, Six Flags, Universal Orlando and Universal
                    Studios Hollywood, Tanger Outlet Centers and at over 65 malls through
                    Shop America VIP.

Travelers Checks Travelers checks and foreign currency are available to AAA and CAA
                 members for no fee.

TripAssist®         The AAA TripAssist® program provides travelers with 24-hour emergency
                    access to legal, medical and travel-related services. A multilingual hotline
                    connects travelers with emergency assistance worldwide. TripAssist®
                    provides insurance benefits for trip cancellation and interruption, lost
                    baggage, travel accidents and medical expenses.

AAA Credit Card     AAA Platinum Plussm Visa® Credit Card
                    Carry the credit card preferred by AAA, offering low rates, no annual fee, around-
                    the-clock fraud protection, online access to account information, supplemental auto
                    rental collision damage deductible insurance and much more.

AAA Services Abroad
                 AAA members enjoy reciprocal benefits at more than 43,000 partner Abroad
                locations in North America, and from AAA affiliated clubs worldwide
                including savings at more than 10,000 merchants and attractions in 20 ARC
                Europe countries and will soon enjoy reciprocal member savings from AMA
                in Mexico. AAA maintains service agreements with more than 200 overseas
                motor clubs that are members of the Alliance Internationale de Tourism
                (AIT), Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), or Federacion
                Interamericana de Touring y Automobil-Clubes (FITAC).

Car Rentals        As AAA’s exclusive car rental partner, members receive special discounts
                   and benefits on Hertz car rentals and Hertz car rental sales worldwide.

Publications       For members, clubs provide monthly, bi-monthly and/or quarterly
                   magazines or newsletters. Publications include a wide range of
                   automotive, energy, travel and legislative topics. AAA also publishes
                   brochures and pamphlets for the public about driving costs, tips for
                   older drivers, gasoline conservation and car buying.

Driver Education   AAA pioneered the concept of driver education in 1935 and authors two
                   widely-used texts: "Responsible Driving," formerly "Sportsmanlike
                   Driving," and "How to Drive." AAA's instructional materials are used in
                   commercial driving schools and fleet driver training.

Driver             AAA’s Driver Improvement Programs are designed to enhance driving skills
Improvement        for mature operators over age 55, minor traffic offenders and fleet drivers.
Programs           In 2001, nearly 572,000 people attended 52,000 DIP classes taught by
                   approximately 2,000 instructors.

Driver             AAA Driver Instructor Training courses provide AAA driving instructors
Instructor         with quality courses to give them the tools they need to properly train new
Training           and experienced drivers to develop, maintain, and improve their driving
                   ability. In 2001, nearly 584 people were certified as instructors through 63
                   Driver Improvement Program instructor courses.

Impaired Drivers   AAA clubs have worked for more than 40 years to combat impaired driving.
                   Special AAA educational programs have been used by thousands of
                   communities and schools to educate students and the general public
                   regarding the seriousness of drinking and driving. These programs include
                   promoting nonalcoholic drinks at celebrations; educating students through
                   curriculum units on alcohol; informing hosts about the ramifications of
                   serving alcohol to their guests; providing free rides home to those too
                   impaired to drive; and encouraging the use of designated drivers.

Occupant         The value of safety belts, child safety seats and air bags is emphasized
Protection       to AAA members and the public through programs, texts and creative
                 promotional materials.

School Safety    AAA clubs provide schools within their communities with the tools to operate
Patrols          the most effective lifesaving program in the world. AAA annually supports
                 and recognizes more than 500,000 safety patrol members in more than
                 50,000 schools and holds award presentations to recognize patrol members
                 who save a life. This program was awarded the Presidential Citation for
                 Private Sector Initiatives in 1985.

Community        AAA promotes community-based traffic safety initiatives through this
Traffic Safety   recognition program for exemplary safety records and efforts. AAA
Program          distributes over 3.5 million publications annually, addressing topics such as
                 bicycle, pedestrian, and Halloween safety. In addition, AAA distributes
                 nearly 1.5 million pieces of literature reminding motorists of the importance
                 of being extra alert for children when school’s in session.

Traffic Safety   Up to 70,000 posters per year have been submitted by school children
Education        across the United States and Canada to the AAA poster program introduced
                 in 1944. Children learn important traffic safety principles as they create the
                 posters and become eligible to win U.S. Savings Bonds and have their
                 posters reproduced in traffic safety educational booklets and materials
                 distributed to schools nationwide. Begun in 1996, senior high students have
                 their own competition where they use graphic arts, writing, design, audio-
                 and videotaping skills to create travel safety messages.

FORD/AAA         AAA co-sponsors an annual nationwide competition that encourages
STUDENT AUTO     vocational and high school seniors enrolled in automotive technology
SKILLS           courses. Nationally administered qualifying exams in early spring lead
Automotive       to state finals and hands-on competitions, hosted by AAA clubs. Post-
Technology       secondary technical schools and sponsors award approximately
Competition      $6 million in scholarships and prizes to the top teams. The U.S. national
                 Finals are held in Washington, D.C., each June. In the U.S., 1,200
                 instructors entered nearly 6,000 students in the 2001 competition. Six
                 Canadian provinces also hold annual competitions. The Canadian national
                 winner competes at the U.S. national finals in an international competition
                 against other countries. Australia, Argentina, Puerto Rico and the United
                 Kingdom will participate in the International Finals in June, 2001.

Legislative      AAA and affiliated clubs work with government at all levels to ensure
Programs         the public's interests are represented in highway and automobile safety,
                 infrastructure, travel, tourism, and energy policies.



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