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					                                                           Message for the Week
                     T H E                As long as I live my lips will speak no evil and my tongue
                   H E RO N               will speak no lies.                              Job 27 : 4

                  TERM TWO 2010                MAGNIFICENT PREP SCHOOL!
                                          While many of us enjoyed the World Cup and all it had to
                        ISSUE 8
                                          offer –including our month long half term break - the
Contact numbers for HeronBridge College   HeronBridge Estate Team, along with M & M
                                          Construction, were hard at work perfecting the Prep
  0861 HERONC (0861 437 662)              School. And boy, has this hard work paid off. Our “new”
  Main reception 082 771 4470             improved Prep School is awesome.
                                          The Prep School now boasts new and improved:
                                              Research Centre;
                                              Design & Technology Centre;
                                              Science Centre;
                                              Lecture Theatre;
                                              Art Centre;
                                              Computer Centre;
                                              Media Centre;
                                              Prep Staff Room (with state of the art facilities);
                                              Three Therapy Rooms;
                                              and a Senior Primary Class Room!
                                          Thank you to all involved. Watch this space as we will
                                          soon be inviting all HeronBridge Parents to view our
                                          marvellous new and improved Prep School!

                                                  NEW ON OUR WEBSITE!
                                              Church info: found under HeronBridge Info. The
                                                Lonehill Village Church is hosting a breakfast where
                                                Bismarck Du Plessis will be the guest speaker.
                                              Visit our Gallery: found under HeronBridge Info.
                                                We have loaded lots of pictures from last terms
                                                many happenings.
                                              Past Pupils: found under HeronBridge Info. Have
                                                a look at all our Alumni pictures.
                                              Vacancies: Vist this page periodically to see if any
                                                positions are available at HBC!
           For all College and Prep sport fixtures, please go to our website : Go to the CO-CURRICULAR page - full details can be found
       under the heading FIXTURES. See RESULTS page for co-curricular results.

          BUSES ON DIGI DAY                                      A NOTE FROM THE
                                                              ADMISSIONS DEPARTMENT
This is a reminder that this Friday, - 23rd
July - is a "College Digi Day".                              The school is filling up quite rapidly for 2011 –
Please remember that on all College Digi                     with the Pre-Prep and Prep school almost full!
Days, the Prep and Pre-Prep school                           If you are planning to leave HeronBridge at the
children are welcome to utilize the bus                      end of this year a reminder that in terms of
during the morning routes.                                   your contract of enrolment we require a full
Tickets can be purchased at the College Reception Office     terms notice in writing. You can either email
for R25.00 per ticket.                                       Helen Cock on or
Please ensure that the casual bus tickets are presented      dropped off your letter at the College
to the driver on entrance upon the bus.                      Reception. The last day for notice letters to be
                                                             handed in is 7 September 2010.

It is time to please return ALL the trophies you were honoured with at the
2009/2010 Prize Giving’s and Awards Events!
The Marketing Office kindly requests ALL trophies be returned to the following
reception areas by the 30th July 2010:
    College Trophies to front College Reception
    Prep Trophies to be returned to the front Prep Reception @ the new Prep
    Current Gr 8’s who received awards/trophies during their Gr 7 year 2009,please return your trophy to
      the Prep office & not College office

                HeronBridge College Website:
Our website is full of information, including academic calendars,
  2nd term dates to diarise, bus timetables, sport fixtures and
      results, notices, school highlights and lots, lots more.
                       Suggestions email!                             We would like to invite you to join us
        you                    every Sunday at 09H00. Our services
 If you have any suggestions pertaining to our school please send     are held in the HeronBridge College
         your idea to the above suggestions email address.            Auditorium and are open to all
                                                                      denominations. We offer Kidz Church
                 Parents Consultative Forum
                                                                      for the young as well as a youth group
For more info go to our website : www;       for the teens. We look forward to
         click onto HeronBridge Info and then onto PCF.               hosting you and your family.
       THE HERON
                                                                                       Page 3

   Lynx Rugby is a district team made up of
     players from thirteen Independent Schools.
     Some of HeronBridge first team players
     were invited to the trials. From these trials
     two teams were chosen: an U19 team and
     a Development Team. The following
     HeronBridge boys made the Development
     Team: Piero Saieva; Shaun Duguid;
     Hayden Laubscher, Matthew Clements and
     Adrian van Rensburg. Wesley Marshall and
     Josh Broomberg (absent for picture) were chose for the U19 Team. Both teams then participated as
     part of U19 Platterland Rugby side. Wesley Marshall and Adrian van Rensburg were selected for the
     top 55 provincial side. Well done all of you.
                                                               Saskia and Jemma ten Siethoff took
   Kylah Dalgleish in Grade 3H                                 time out of their busy holiday schedule
     was awarded her Gauteng                                     to donate pens and books to the
     (Northwest) colours for                                     children attending an impoverished rural
     Highland Dancing with a                                     school in Mozambique. Although the
     gold for her sword dance                                    children sit on logs in a hut as seen in
     and silver for 3 other                                      the background of this picture and have
     dances. She will now                                        no textbooks, they are all very eager to
     compete in the SA                                           learn and attend school daily.
     Championships and
     Nationals Competition in
     August. Go for it Kylah! 

As of the beginning of our return to school the Prep is running
a Praise & Worship practice for anyone who is interested
(Grades 4-7). All instruments are welcome! These practices
will serve to provide the school with a band that can play in
Assemblies and Praise & Worship sessions. Individuals will
                                                                       PREP LOST PROPERTY
also learn how to play and sing with other instrumentalists as
a band! Eventually, the aim is to equip the participants to be
                                                                  All parents please note that there are three
able to perform in front of larger audiences and hopefully        points at which lost property can be collected
write and record songs for the school                             at HeronBridge Prep. They are:
band. If you are interested come join the
                                                                      Mrs Voget’s Class (5V)
team on a Monday from 13:45-16:00 in
                                                                      The Prep Office
Miss Meyburgh’s music room; and if you
would really like to be a part of the band                            The Uniform Shop
but are experiencing some extra-mural                             If lost property is not claimed from the Prep
                                                                  Office or Mrs. Voget’s class it will eventually
clashes, please talk to Miss Meyburgh and she will see what       be taken to the Uniform shop which is the
she can organise!                                                 last stop for lost property!
       THE HERON
                                                                                        Page 4

GRADE 8 COMMUNITY SERVICE                                              JNR PREP:
As part of their 2010 community service initiative, our            HURT FREE BADGES
Grade 8’s have joined forces with the Grey Wolf Spur at       ♥ Honesty♥
the Broadacres Shopping Centre. Each class (there are         Honesty is to value and commit one’s
4 Grade 8 classes) will have the opportunity to work as       thoughts, words and deeds to the principles
waitrons in the Spur and collect 10% of the sales which       of truthfulness. Telling the truth all of the
                                                              time is a habit which comes from strong
they will contribute towards their chosen outreach            desire, life experience, practice and the
project. On Tuesday 20 July (tomorrow night) Grade 8A         refusal to compromise.
will be at the Spur and on Wednesday, 21 July it will be      Weekly focus
Grade 8 D’s turn. Grade 8 B and C classes will take part
                                                              ♥ Learning about honesty begins when I am
in the initiative on a later date. If you can, please         truthful with myself.
support our pupils while enjoying a meal at the Spur!         ♥ I can choose to be honest instead of mak-
    FROM THE UNIFORM SHOP:                                    ing excuses.
      PREPARATORY GIRLS                                       ♥ I can say thing like: “I’m sorry…I did it…I
         WINTER PANTS                                         made a mistake…it was me, I started it…

We are pleased to announce that we now have most              Weekly behaviour challenge
sizes of the Prep Girls Winter Pants in stock at the          ♥ Break the “excuse habit” this week. If you
Uniform Shop, and the balance of the sizes will be            are wrong, take a deep breath AND ADMIT IT!
arriving shortly. Therefore, please pop into the shop for a   Linked Bible Verse:
new fitting to see if we are able to accommodate your         Job 27:4
daughter by exchanging the recently purchased ones            “As long as I live my lips will speak no evil
                                                              and my tongue will speak no lies.”
with the ‘new’ Pants that we now have in stock!
                                                                 GRADE               CHILD’S NAME
Please note: All Prep Girls Winter Pants marked with the          1C                Jonathan Phillips
label ‘Cinnamon Toast’ or ‘Original Toast’ are the correct
                                                                    1G            Tapuwa Makubire
size and have been created with the correct patterns,
                                                                    1N               Nicholas Olsen
therefore these pants will not be replaced.
                                                                    1P              Matthew Simone
                                                                    1V                Brent Clarke
                                                                    2F              Devon Knocker
The world cup is a winning gold.
                                                                    2H                Daniel Buys
It is Wintertime
                                                                    2J              Daniel Campbell
In the extraordinary Soccer City Stadium.
                                                                    2T              Troy Clark
The World Cup is a sunny 28 degree day
                                                                    3A          Hannah Van Lieshout
A vibrant Spanish jersey!
                                                                    3B                 Jacob Gill
It is a noise of blaring, multi-coloured vuvuzelas.
                                                                    3H              Samantha Dold
The Fifa 2010 is the Super Sport Channel.
                                                                    3S                 Iain Webb
A glass of refreshing, fizzing coke.
       THE HERON
                                                                                       Page 6

We will be offering a shuttle bus Service to our College pupils exclusively during their
Mid Year exams (Monday 26 July to 18 August). Each day after the exams finish
the Shuttle Bus will depart from HeronBridge College at 10h45 and 12h30
respectively. It will drive the following route:
10h45           12h30 :          Departs from HeronBridge College
10h55           12h40:           stops at Dainfern
11h05           12h50 :          stops at Broadacres Shopping Centre
11h15           13h00 :          stops at entrance of Fourways Garden
11h25           13h10:           stops at the Woolworths entrance at the Fourways Mall
The cost for the exam shuttle bus will be R100 per pupil for the exam period. If your child is already a
registered bus user they may use this service at no extra cost.
If you are interested in making use of this bus service please email, or
contact the Bus Cellphone on 078 801 1492. You will need to fill in the necessary documentation and
give permission to debit your account accordingly.

            GRADE 7A :
Our headmaster is a loyal blue.
He is the changing Autumn
At the beautiful HeronBridge College.
Mr Irving is the sunshine on a cold day.
He is a professional, scarlet tie!
Mr Irving is an inspiring, influential Bible.
He is the Super Sport Channel
A bowl of ice- cream with a cherry on top!      Gr 2’s showing all how to do the Diski dance during their
                                                Grade 2 Celebration of the Classroom and South Africa
                                                evenings! Well done to all the Gr 2 students and teachers!

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