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					               Volume 1, Issue 1

                         Term 1 2009
                                                                   The First Issue
                                                 Welcome to our First Issue of what will hopefully become MANY

                                                 It has been wonderful to see the response from many Old Girls from all over
                                                 the world to the creation of a Newsletter – please keep supporting this
                                                 endeavour and sending news. This is
                                                 YOUR newsletter and the news will be
                                                 dependent on information we receive
                                                 from our Old Girls.

                                                 In this our first edition, we are going to
                                                 profile two of our Old Girls who have
                                                 been invited to give presentations to our
                                                 Senior School girls on Founders‟ Day
                                                 (Saturday, 9 May 2009) on the theme                 Old Girls‟ Reunion held at
                                                 Empowered Women and how TWC has                   Redlands Hotel on 26 June 2008
                                                 equipped them to cope and succeed in the             Classes of 2004 to 2007
                                                 „Real World‟ out there.
                         Old Girls’ Newsletter

                                                 In addition to these profiles, we have included all the news from Old Girls as
                                                 well as some pics of their events – weddings, children, etc.

                                                 I look forward to receiving all your comments and ideas about this our first
                                                 Newsletter – please send them through to – we would
                                                 LOVE to hear from you.

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                                                    The Wykeham Collegiate turns 20!
                                                 Next year is the 20th Birthday of the founding of The
                                                 Wykeham Collegiate and there are many plans for
                                                  celebrating the year. We already have a Steering
                                                  Committee in place made up of Old Girls, current
                                                  parents and staff. We had our first meeting on 27
                                                 February and shared many wonderful ideas for the
                                                              celebration. Suffice to say

                                                         Diarise the weekend of 14/15 May 2010
                                                                   - Miss it and miss out!
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 Special Events                                    Old Girls & Daughters
 Term 2 2009                We were also very excited to welcome four Grade 8 girls (and three Grade 10 girls)
                            who are all daughters of Old Girls of Girls‟ Collegiate who were in the SAME
                            CLASS! We also have five daughters of Old Girls in our current Poppets Class
                            (Grade RR). Now if that‟s not a challenge...
      Open Day
   Saturday, 18 April

    Grade 12 Ball
   Saturday, 25 April

      Ipi Ntombi
   (at Michaelhouse)
  Sunday, 26 April to
  Wednesday, 29 April

  Closing date for
   Grade 8 2010                                         The Moms – Class of 1982
   Thursday, 30 April
                            Alison Klipp (Thomas), Jane Howes, Jenny Perkin (Tully) & Lee Cilliers (Pickering)

     Market Day
     Friday, 1 May

   Scholarship &
  Examinations for
    Grade 8 2010
    Thursday, 7 May

     Music over
     Friday, 8 May                                             The Daughters
                            Back Row: Josie Cilliers (Gr 8), Emma Cilliers (Gr 10), Emily Potgieter (Gr 10),
                                           Caroline Perkin (Gr 8)
   Founders‟ Day            Front Row: Cari Klipp (Gr 8), Amy Klipp (Gr 10), Anna Potgieter (Gr 8)
    Saturday, 9 May

„Women of the Real
   World‟ Ball
      (Grade 10)
   Saturday, 13 June

  Old Girls‟ Reunion
  Cocktail Function
Classes of 2005 - 2008 at
    Redlands Hotel
   Thursday, 25 June

                                                              Moms & Poppets
                            From Left to Right: Janet (Class of 95, née Ross) and Morgan Appleton, Hayley
                            (Class of 2001, née Paul) and Rachel Graves, Debbie (standing, Class of ‟91, née
                            Beaumont) and Lilly Steiner, Adele (Class of ‟95, née Deacon) and Renée Maritz,
                            Mandy-Leigh (Class of ‟91, née Leathern) and Georgia Bekker.
 Special Achievements
  Senior: Term 1 2009
 Class of 2008 Results
                                                      Profile: Tanya Surtees
    72 girls: 100% pass
       114 distinctions           Class of 1994                             E-mail:
8 distinctions: Imke Meyer
7 distinctions: Grace
    Garland & Kelly Walker
6 distinctions: Abigail          Tanya is a multi-skilled theatre maker,
    Michie & Monica Gorny:       educator and manager who has trained
                                 in mime, clowning and contemporary
     The Witness                 dance.
 “True Stories of KZN”
      Competition                After completing her Honours degree at
     Semi-finalists              Rhodes University, training under
Thea de Gruchy (Gr 12)           Andrew Buckland, Gary Gordon and
Ceridwen Salisbury (Gr 12)
                                 Juanita Finestone, she left
   Shuter & Shooter              Grahamstown for Cape Town.
  Publishers National
   Story Competition             In Cape Town, she began work for the
Angelika Peczak (Gr 11)          REMIX DANCE PROJECT TRUST. She was instrumental in the creation
                                 of Remix Theatre Company: an integrated theatre company that worked
      8 Mile Charity             with both disabled and non-disabled performers in a theatre capacity. The
        Challenge                company quickly won critical and public acclaim and in 2002 claimed the
(Swimming the Midmar Mile                                    prestigious Arts and Culture Trust Cultural
8 times in two days!)                                        Development Project of the Year Award.
Leeya Jasat (Gr 10)

  KZN Inland Schools                                         All this prepared her for her next and best
Indoor Hockey „A‟ Side                                       venture. In 2003, Tanya left Remix to co-found
Pippa Stone (Captain)                                        the multi-award winning from the hip:
                                                             khulumakahle (FTH:K). With three awards
Senior Inter-House Gala                                      already under its belt, FTH:K is the only
        1         Moore                                      professional clowning company in South Africa
        2         Campbell                                   integrating the deaf and hearing in theatre
        3         O‟Brien                                    making, theatre education, and theatre
        4         Crookes                                    management. This, coupled with its aim to see
   Spirit Cup:   Campbell
                                                             the equal inclusion of the deaf in the cultural
      KZN Midlands                                           life of South Africa, makes it unique to the
       Swimming                  South African theatre landscape.
Claire Conlon (Gr 10)
Chanté du Toit (Gr 8)            She continues to make, devise and
Hadley Potgieter (Gr 8)          facilitate groundbreaking performance
                                 and education programmes, with her
  KZN Schools Diving             particular passion being the integration
Heidi Badcock (Gr 10)            of deaf and hearing artists. Her
Jessica-Anne Jardine (Gr 10)
                                 ground-breaking production, GUMBO,
     KZN Schools                 has toured extensively nationally and
    Swimming Team                internationally, and was recently
Emma Forbes-Milne (Gr 12)        awarded the prestigious Arts and
    2 golds (relays), 1 silver   Culture Trust award for the Creative
    (ind.) at SA Nationals       Industries.
Tyne Potgieter (Gr 11)
    1 silver at SA Nationals
                                 She is currently the Chairperson of FTH:K‟s Executive Committee as well
      Swimming SA                as FTH:K‟s Company Manager and Director of Education. All this while
     Level 3 Champs              keeping her foot in the industry, and chasing her dream of establishing a
Emma Forbes-Milne                deaf and hearing integrated theatre training and performance space.
  1 bronze - 50m Freestyle
                                 Recent performances include the award-winning GUMBO, Wet Feet and
        KZN Tennis               the acclaimed Water Pockets.
Courtney Stock (U19)
Melissa Glutz (U15)
Kirsten Porter (U15)
  Achievements                              Profile: Khwezi Magwaza
   Term 1 2009                  Class of 1998 E-mail:
Junior A Swimming Team         Khwezi started her life at TWC as a Grade 3 pupil and completed her matric
         won the               in 1998.
  Inter-Schools „A‟ Gala
                               On completing school, Khwezi attended Rhodes University in Grahamstown
Open Swimmers won the          where she completed a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Drama and
U13 Relay Trophy at this       Journalism (TV Journalism and Production).
 gala, winning all their
        events                 During her years at University, Khwezi worked at CueTV in Grahamstown
                               and worked as an intern at Rage Productions in Johannesburg where,
                               amongst her duties, was writing scripts for Channel O.
Junior B Swimming Team
         won the               On completing University, Khwezi worked at Cooper and Associates in the
  Inter-Schools „B‟ Gala       Marketing sector in Johannesburg where her duties including media
                               relations. The highlights of this time include managing the publicity
                               accounts for SA Fashion Week and Elle Magazine as well as heading up
        Junior KZN             the publicity for the Khulisa Mediation
       Tennis Squad            Project at Leeukop prison.
  Tessa van der Merwe
       (Grade 6)                In 2004, Khwezi moved to YFM where
 Hannah Power (Grade 6)        she was involved in the conceptualisation
                               and execution of consumer and trade
                               marketing events for the largest regional
        Junior KZN             youth station in SA and youth magazine
      Swimming Team            Ymag. She also spent some time as a
  Sarah Dixon (Grade 7)
 Chelsea Meiring (Grade 6)
                               radio DJ and producer at YFM.
  Tara Wheeler (Grade 4)
                               2005 saw Khwezi move to Heat
                               Magazine where she was the senior
       Junior KZN              reporter for this leading celebrity and
       Diving Team             entertainment weekly. During her time
  Chelsea Brown (Grade 7)      here, she interviewed many celebrities
                               including Pam Andrews, Gareth Cliff and
                               Marcus Hernedez.
Junior Inter-House Gala

1st     Moore
                               In 2007 she moved to her current position as Editor of Seventeen Magazine
2nd     O‟Brien                where her responsibilities include the overall positioning of the magazine as
3rd     Crookes                well as managing the editorial team and creative and production processes.
4th     Campbell
                               During 2008, Khwezi dropped in at TWC for a visit and we had a chance to
Age Group Medal Winners        speak to her. One of the questions we asked her was, “Does TWC live up
Open: Sarah Dixon
                               to “Women of the Real World” slogan?”
U12: Amy-Lee Swart
       Sasha Robinson
U11 Chelsea Meiring            Her reply was an emphatic yes. She especially mentioned the
U10 Tara Wheeler               entrepreneurial programme, and the way in which TWC encourages each
U9 Jessica Reimers             girl to find her special strength. Even though they might not achieve at
Victrix Ludorum: Sarah Dixon   traditional academic subjects – each girl still feels like an achiever. She
                               thoroughly enjoyed boarding – and warned the girls that the food is better at
                               TWC than at Varsity!!
                                              Old Girls’ News

NAME:                    Jill Stainbank
MAIDEN NAME              Wasserfall
CLASS OF:                1945
Moved to town after 61 years of living on the farm at Eston. Happy and settled.

NAME:                       Ilva Francis
MAIDEN NAME                 Wilson
CLASS OF:                   1956
Still keep in touch with Liz Atwell-Brown (née van Rooyen), Janet Fogg (Tough) and Pippa Barnes (Tough). Also Felicity Paterson (née
Otto) from time to time. Going to the UK in July to see our younger son.

NAME:                      Ann Willemse
MAIDEN NAME                Thomas
CLASS OF:                  1958
Still keep in touch with Phylis Rogusky (née Grant) who lives in California and whose mother, Terry Grant, used to be a Music Teacher at
Wykeham for many years.

NAME:                     Lesley Stewary (Crawford)
MAIDEN NAME               Meyrick
CLASS OF:                 1961
Have retired after many yearsof running a laboratory in Pinetown. Now have two gorgeous grandchildren & am enjoying being a granny.

NAME:                      Connie Taylor
MAIDEN NAME                Burness
CLASS OF:                  1963
We still live in Kloof, KZN. My husband, Bryan, retired 2 years ago so we are lucky to travel as much as possible. We see a lot of our 3
sons and 6 grandchildren. My sister, Monica, is running the family farm (with her son) as a lodge in Naboomspruit.

NAME:                      Gudrun Elly Lenz
MAIDEN NAME                Keiner
CLASS OF:                  1964
My sister Karen & I went to Wykeham from September 1963 to April 1964. We went back to Germany & completed our school education
there. I had caught the „African bug‟ & returned to South Africa in 1969. First I lived in Jo‟burg, then Pretoria & toward the end of the
year I moved to CapeTown to work at the Groote Schuur Hospital in a building opposite Barnard‟s workplace. In 1970 I went back to Kiel
my German hometown to do postgraduate studies in Sociology. I wrote my doctorate in Berlin & while working at the Free University in
Berlin I conducted research in Senegal. In „82 I met my future husband who at the time lived in Sydney. We settled in Australia & had 3
daughters who grew up on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. We established our own business & unfortunately my husband lost his battle
with cancer in 2001. My 3 daughters finished university & are now roaming various continents pursuing their careers. I live in the house
that has been the family home for the past 20 years. I am actively involved in business & enjoy our climate & lifestyle. My sister Karen has
become an accomplished artist & lives in Berlin, she has a son. I am planning to visit South Africa again & would like to catch up with
other “old girls”

NAME:                      Ingrid Jacobson
MAIDEN NAME                Goldberg
CLASS OF:                  1970
We are going to spend most of the year in Australia (after "landing" there!). I have three daughters, the eldest, mother of my 2 grandsons,
live in Sydney, Australia. My middle daughter is married and lives in London and the youngest is going on a 2 year working visa to the
UK after graduating.

NAME:                      Bridget Bland
MAIDEN NAME                Johnston
CLASS OF:                  1972
I have been a secretary at the same school now for just over 16 years, working with Jean Warren and Trish Wilson's husband. After
finishing her BSc, our daughter went to work in England but is returning to South Africa this year. Before coming home she is spending a
month in South America going up the Amazon River and then walking along the Inca Trail and then another month going to base camp at
Everest. Our son did a B.Comm through UNISA and has been working in marketing since leaving school.
NAME:                        Patty Headley
MAIDEN NAME                  Bell
CLASS OF:                    1973
Am still living in Newcastle (have done so for the past 27 years). I am married to Dave Headley who is an Instrument Technician. We
have been married for 25 years - wow!We have two children: CLYDE who attended Weston Agric College &has now almost completed his
tertiary studies in Marketing Management. He lives in Pinetown & is engaged to a lovely girl. KEREN who attends St Dominic‟s
Academy in Newcastle. Would have loved for her to attend TWC but finances do not allow. I own & have been running a Bed & Breakfast
for the past 13 years. Although the day to day cleaning, cooking, etc. is a bit mundane, I meet very interesting people and it certainly helps
to pay the bills. I am also very involved in our church and run a ladies‟ Bible Study group. I have many happy memories of my years at

NAME:                       Caron Brewer
CLASS OF:                   1975
Living at Natal Settlers since October 2001. Would love to correspond with other girls from the class of '75.

NAME:                     Di Timcke
MAIDEN NAME               Humphries
CLASS OF:                 1975
Would love to catch up with girls from my time.

NAME:                       Shelley Friend
MAIDEN NAME                 Friend
CLASS OF:                   1982
I am still living in London, still whingeing about the cold weather, but still happy! I do manage to visit South Africa twice a year to see
family and friends, and love my time there. Would encourage Old Girls to go on to Facebook and “hook up” with friends that way. It is a
great opportunity to keep in touch.

NAME:                      Fiona Ayerst
CLASS OF:                  1983
Fiona Ayerst (Girls Collegiate matric 1983) practised as an Attorney and ran her
own law firm in Johannesburg for ten years. Fiona retired early and is now a
freelance adventure sport and underwater stills photographer and photo- journalist
who has a special interest in sharks. Fiona turned professional in April 2006 and has
not looked back since leaving the legal profession. She travels the world extensively
and writes about adventure travel and conservation for various local and
international publications. She is the editor of an online magazine about the oceans Fiona also teaches underwater photography running
specialist workshops for photographers in Africa.

NAME:                       Lesley Hart
MAIDEN NAME                 Bullock
CLASS OF:                   1983
Lesley and husband, Dormer, live in Shepparton about two hours north of Melbourne.
They have been in Australia for 17 years and have two sons, Stuart (11) and James (9).
They are both parteners in a law practice and have a small farm to keep them busy
over weekends. Sister Lynette (class of 1980) has recently joined Lesley in Australia
settling with her family in Melbourne. Brother Justin already lives there. Lesley would
love to hear from any TWC Old Girls passing through her neck of the woods.

NAME:                     Kerry Janse van Rensburg
MAIDEN NAME               Barendsen
CLASS OF:                 1983
Married to Braam for 17 years. Working with him in his business which involves the design and installation of kitchen and other
cupboards. Have a son, Joshua, 13 years old, who has overtaken his mother in height. He has done well in school both academically and
on various sports fields!
NAME:                      Jillian Marchand
MAIDEN NAME                Streicher
CLASS OF:                  1983
I live in Belgium with my husband and two children. I would love to hear from the class of 1983.

NAME:                      Mary McMichael
MAIDEN NAME                Hammond
CLASS OF:                  1983
After school I completed my BA and HDE at Univ of Natal Pmb campus. Began teaching English and History at Berea Girls‟High in
Durban. (now Ridge Park High) After a year moved to Howick High to teach Geography but ended up being roped into English and
History again. Taught grades 8-12. Coached girls‟ hockey and tennis teams. Married my neighbour and colleague, Richard McMichael,
an Accountancy teacher (ex -Westville). Moved to Michaelhouse when Richard was made HOD of Accountancy but I continued to teach
at Howick. Travelled to Thailand, Zimbabwe a number of times, Malawi and all over SA during school holidays. Finally succumbed to
having children in 1998 when Nicholas was born. Andrea arrived in 2000. My children are now at Clifton Prep. After 13 years at
Howick I too made the move to MHS, English dept. Am currently HOD of English. Have had the joy of teaching both Helena Hewat‟s
(Leclezio) two boys and also Patrick Cilliers, the son of Lee (Pickering). Patrick has gone on to gain fame for himself as a prop for the
Sharks rather than as a literary scholar, despite my efforts. Living where we work means that we try to get away for most holidays and
have travelled round SA with the kids and had a superb trip to Namibia in July 2008 with Cathy Thomson and her family. I still play
some sport but age is working against me. I try to play squash a couple of times a week and am hoping to get my black belt in Shukokai
karate this year.

NAME:                     Patricia Desselss
MAIDEN NAME               Desselss
CLASS OF:                 1985
My daughter Kelsey is in Grade 11 at TWC this year and has just returned from a two month AFS exchange in Paris organised through the

NAME:                       Liz Edwards
MAIDEN NAME                 Hammond
CLASS OF:                   1985
I spent 4 years at Durban university, finishing with a B.Sc Honours in Geology. Here I met and married my husband, Rob Edwards, a
mechanical engineer, in 1989. I worked in the West Rand and Free State running Gold Exploration projects for 3 years, then stopped
when my first son was born in 1992. We moved to East London (the first of many transfers), had a second son in 1994, moved to
Pretoria where I worked in Computer applications for Anglo's Geology division, and ran a successful B&B. Then it was off to
Mossel Bay where our twin sons were born in 1999. I ran the Garden Route multiple birth association for a while. In 2001 we were
transferred to Beauvais in France where we explored Europe, learnt to ski and had immense fun! In 2003 we moved back to
East London where I became involved in politics and helped run a number of local elections for the DA before standing as a candidate
for the Provincial Legislature in 2004. I also started a B&B and an IT company. In 2008 we were transferred to Johannesburg, where
 I've had a quieter year, just helping out with the High school tuck-shop and with reading in the primary school. In 2009 I am hoping
 to go back to study at Unisa to convert my Science degrees into a teaching qualification and then teach high school Science, Geography
and English. Being the only female in a 5 male family, I won't be sending any kids to TWC. I have learnt to quad bike, play paintball,
pool, do walking races, and scuba dive, but I still hate scary movies and am eagerly making contact with other TWC old girls through

NAME:                     Sandra Danckwerts
MAIDEN NAME               Dowsett
CLASS OF:                 1986
My daughter, Cavell, is now at TWC and in Grade 9. I still live on the KZN South Coast and work for the local newspaper (The South
Coast Fever). My son, Reece, is 12 years old and at our local school, Creston College.

NAME:                      Deborah Lennon
MAIDEN NAME                Stainbank
CLASS OF:                  1986
I am living in Kloof, married to Bruce. My eldest daughter Jessica is in matric at TWC and my twin boys, Matthew and Thomas, are in
Grade 9 at Hilton. My youngest daughter, Sarah, is in Grade 7 at Kloof Primary.

NAME:                    Mandy Prosser
MAIDEN NAME              Prosser
CLASS OF:                1987
Back in Pietermaritzburg after 15 years in Johannesburg, London, Tokyo and Cape Town. Working as a software developer. My niece,
Chelsea Walden, is in Grade R at TWC!
NAME:                      Tracy Flanagan
MAIDEN NAME                Phillips
CLASS OF:                  1988
Since matriculating from Wykeham in 1988 life has been rather busy. I studied Food and Nutrition at the then Technikon Natal and
qualified at the end of 1991. The next 6 years were spent working as an Industrial caterer in various companies which at times was quite
challenging. I met my husband while still studying and we were married in September of 1993. My son, Liam, was born in 1999 and 21
months later, I was blessed with my daughter, Morghan. My husband Mark is a partner in a financial / investment planning company. A
few years ago I bought a slimming business which I ran from home for a couple of years. It was a very rewarding little business as I met
and made many friends while being my own boss and having time for my family. During that time I did an Image consultancy course and
upon qualifying I incorporated that into my slimming business. About 3 years ago I sold my business as we moved homes,
still within Durban North, and I decided to focus on my children more as I found it quite a juggle to fit everything into my day. I am now
 a stay-at-home mom to a grade 6 son and a grade 4 daughter and this keeps me extremely busy. During my free time I enjoy excercising,
reading as well as socialising. This generally only happens in the mornings as the afternoons are taken up with fetching and carrying
kids, homework, sports matches, assignments….. I am also totally committed to my church and am involved in a few ministries.

NAME:                    Sarah-Jane Carr
MAIDEN NAME              Bodley
CLASS OF:                1988
Recently married Dr Graham Carr of Boston. We have moved to his area of work, the lovely farming valley of Creighton and I am still
working for the SA Polo Association, and no, we have not thought about children yet!

NAME:                      Hannah Szudrawski
MAIDEN NAME                Merckel
CLASS OF:                  1988
I am currently a director of Venn Nemeth & Hart Inc Attorneys in Pietermaritzburg. I am married to
Edmund and have a little boy, Tomas, who is 5 years old. Edmund is also an attorney. We are very
happily settled in Maritzburg!

NAME:                   Donna Kűsel
MAIDEN NAME             Harley
CLASS OF:               1988
Am married to Heinz Kűsel. We are farming sugar cane and pine timber in Harburg. We have three children, Saskia who is in Grade 9 at
TWC, Daniela who is 12 and is hoping to join her older sister next year at TWC, and Gregory who is in Grade 4.

NAME:                      Elaine Kinsey
MAIDEN NAME                Kinsey
CLASS OF:                  1989
When I left school, I began working for Sun International (The Wild Coast Sun) as one of five Public Relations Officers. I was given the
opportunity to study through the hotel group. Worked for them for a period of 5 years. During this time, I was assigned to some of the
greatest people, such as the late Oliver Tambo and his family (I represented them as their personal public relations officer and media
liaison officer). This was done the time they returned back to Africa from exile in the UK. I was also given the opportunity to meet and
work with Mrs Mandela and other great figures. After working for the hotel group, I left South African shores for abroad. Upon return, I
got married to a Portuguese National to whom I remained married today. We left for West Africa (Ivory Coast) where we both did our
internship with a European based legal / shipping firm. We returned to South Africa in 1998 owing to civil war in Ivory Coast (Abidjan)
and opened a division for this firm. We remain operational and work together after all this time. Have two lovely boys and travel
extensively around the world on business. It seems that our days are numbered in South Africa as we shall be leaving our lovely shores for
Europe again in 18months time for business reasons. Specialise in Immigration / Shipping law, served on the Immigration Board of SA
(representing KZN). Assist HIV / Aids orphans in Mayville.

NAME:                     Paula McCreadie
MAIDEN NAME               Ward
CLASS OF:                 1989
Still happy in Johannesburg. Both my babies started a new chapter in their lives this year (2009). Nicole started Grade 1 and Timothy
started school - Grade 000! I still keep in contact with Justine Baissac and Sioux McIvor, together with Tessa Bentley and Elaine Kinsey
and a number of other Wykeham Old Girls.
NAME:                       Belinda Hartwell
MAIDEN NAME                 Hudson
CLASS OF:                   1990
I am currently doing pupilage at the Durban Bar and will be admitted as an advocate on 30 January 2009. I live in Hillcrest and have two
children, a daughter in Grade 4 at St Mary's DSG and a son in Grade 1 at Highbury Prep. I still see most of my friends from school and we
are all very close, even those who now live overseas. I am married to a maritime attorney.

NAME:                     Lyn Chivers
MAIDEN NAME               Jewitt
CLASS OF:                 1990
I am the head of Holsboer Funds which is a subsidiary business of Nedbank. We offer holiday accommodation through our wholly owned
Holsboer Vacations. We assist Nedbank staff with financial assistance on medical shortfalls. Been married for 14 years to Rob and have
two fantastic kids, Matthew (9) and Michaela (6).

NAME:                     Carolyn Hooey
CLASS OF:                 1991
I live in Durban and am a Systems Analyst for Smith & Nephew. In my spare time I enjoy playing golf, reading and scuba-diving.

NAME:                      Kate Logan
MAIDEN NAME                Lees
CLASS OF:                  1991
Attended Rhodes from 92 - 95. Completed a BPRIM-ED. Went to UK for 2 years where I taught and travelled. Married Andrew Logan
 in 1998 and moved to Harare, Zimbabwe. Taught at an all-girls‟ primary school for 4 years and then bought my own nursery school
 which I ran for another 4 years. Moved to Perth, Australia in 2006. I have 2 daughters - Hannah (5) and Amelia (3) and another due
 on 10 March 2009. Am very proud to be a TWC Old Girl and have only heard fantastic feedback about this wonderful school!
20-year reunion in 2011 - anyone keen?

NAME:                      Nicola van Eck
MAIDEN NAME                Thomas
CLASS OF:                  1991
I am living and working in the UK, and have been since 1998. After school I studied at Stellenbosch University, graduating with a BA in
Psychology and English. I then spent a year in Thailand, teaching English at the Chiang Mai University, and at other private language
schools. After this I moved to the UK, where I began working as a carer, whilst converting my South African psychology degree to an
Honours degree in the UK. This then allowed me to do my Doctoral training in Clinical Psychology. I was fortunate to have been able to
do this training at Oxford University and I thoroughly enjoyed my years there. After my training I began working at Broadmoor Hospital
(a high secure hospital). My work involves assessment and treatment of people who are directed to the hospital after committing crimes.
The work is challenging and very interesting. I am very fortunate to be able to say that I love my work! In December 2006 I married
Stephen van Eck (from Cape Town) and we now have a delightful daughter, Julia, who is nearly ten months old. I have returned to work
already and am now enjoying balancing working life with the responsibilities of being a parent.

NAME:                      Lindsay Wayt
MAIDEN NAME                Birss
CLASS OF:                  1991
I am living in Hilton and have two girls at the school - Megan (Grade2) and Emma ( Grade R).

NAME:                     Carolyn Adendorff
MAIDEN NAME               Paul
CLASS OF:                 1992
I am living in Greytown on a farm with my husband, Ken, and two children - Gina turns 4 in May 2009 and Owen turns 2 in November
2009. I work mornings only at Pannar as an Assistant Accountant and spend my afternoons at home with my children.

NAME:                    Sarah Bonham
CLASS OF:                1992
I am a Registered Nurse and work as a Theatre Practitioner at the London Bridge Hospital.
NAME:                      Bonita Botha
MAIDEN NAME                Silen
CLASS OF:                  1992
Qualified as a chef in 1993. Worked in various establishments abroad and in South Africa. Now living in Somerset West, Cape Town and
married Charl Botha in March 2006. Have one child, Keagan Joshua Botha, who is 19 months old. I work at the ICA Chef School in
Stellenbosch as the PurchaserManager for the school and part-time lecturer to students.

NAME:                    Samantha Daykin
CLASS OF:                1992
Besides two years in London have been living in Durban since 1993. I work in PR and marketing for a financial services company
(RODEL FINANCE) in Morningside. I am dating a fab guy, but no marriage yet, no kids either….

NAME:                       Shelley Kilroe
MAIDEN NAME                 Harris
CLASS OF:                   1992
After matriculating in '92, I completed a degree & post graduate diploma at Maritzburg
Varsity and then worked in HR in Durban for a couple of years, before moving to the UK,
with my husband, Brett. My most recent job was in Project Management at an accounting
firm in London, but I resigned after having our daughter, Caitlin, who is now 18 months
old. I'm currently a stay-at-home Mum, which I'm loving and certainly don't miss the rat-
race of London! We keep busy by going swimming, meeting up with other Mums and tots
in our area and taking regular walks in the countryside

NAME:                      Lisa Lamberti
CLASS OF:                  1992
Did Bcomm degree at PMB University. Now living in London since 1997. After a 5 year career
in IT project management, I changed to become a Pilates instructor, and now own a Pilates
studio in Southfields in London. Been married to a British man, Chris Tregilgas, since April 04,
and have a magnificent son called Timothy, born March 08. I am now a besotted mother, and the
business I was once so passionate about, has taken a back seat.

NAME:                      Claire Pearson
MAIDEN NAME                Wimble
CLASS OF:                  1992
I live in Boulder, Colorado, USA. I have been married for 12 years now. I am a Senior Tax Manager with Clifton Gunderson, a national
CPA (Chartered Accountant) Firm. I have worked here for 8 years now. My husband is a Chiropractor and has his own business in
Boulder. We ski a lot in the winter and hike, bike and run a lot in the summer.

NAME:                     Jennifer Hex
MAIDEN NAME               Hex
CLASS OF:                 1993
Have been living in Los Angeles since 2000 and in the US since 1996. Completed my degree (BA English) in the US and work in
marketing. Am still teaching ballet part-time and entering students for Royal Academy of Dance ballet exams annually. Hope all is well at

NAME:                    Xanthe Lithgow
MAIDEN NAME              Keelan
CLASS OF:                1994
Currently living & working in Malawi. Working in the Entertainment Industry. One daughter, Jessica Nyasa, 5 years old.
NAME:                       Luella Robinson
MAIDEN NAME                 Campbell
CLASS OF:                   1995
I am still living in Franschhoek and my husband (Mike) and I work for the Ruperts and train
their race-horses. It is so beautiful in Franschhoek but I definitely miss KZN as that will
always be home to me. We had our first winner for Mrs Rupert recently which was very
exciting. Attached is a contact sheet of our 3rd Winner where Mike, Caitlin and I lead
Baynesfield into the winners‟ enclosure.

NAME:                       Kirsty-Lee Munro
MAIDEN NAME                 Wortmann
CLASS OF:                   1996
I sold the guesthouse last year and have moved to Cape Town. I have started my own catering
company. I married in 2007 to Mike Munro. Both my sisters were my bridesmaids. Loving
married life and very busy in my new work adventure.

NAME:                      Lee-Ann Olivier
MAIDEN NAME                Rodwell
CLASS OF:                  1997
I've been living in London on and off for the past 15 years. I run my own web design company, Virtuallee Web Services. Married to Mark
Olivier and we don't have any children.

NAME:                       Jo Higgs
CLASS OF:                   1998
Jo Higgs completed her masters degree in film and television at the University of Cape Town in 2004. In the same year her Vuka! PSA
was selected as a finalist in the Multichoice Vuka! Awards. Since graduating she has worked for Homebrew Films, onlining over 90
episodes of the actuality environmental series „Groen‟ for MNET and KYKNET. Other work at this time included „Roer‟ – a celebrity
cooking programme for the same broadcasters. She has also run a small production company, Serendipitous Enterprises
( for the past five years. Roles include shooting, writing, directing and editing. Projects to date include online work
for the documentaries „Brass Boys‟ (Kyle O‟Donoghue, Plexus Films, 2007) and „Break‟ (Tamsen de Beer, Traffic Productions, 2007).
She has also worked as a breaking news editor and camera person for Reuters and the BBC (Democratic Republic of Congo, 2006)
producing international breaking news. In early 2007 she wrote and co-directed five inserts on South African culture for BBC World. In
2007 she sound edited and onlined an historical drama and feature film, „Land of Thirst‟ (Meg Rickards, Vuleka Productions, 2007) for
broadcast on SABC 2 and internationally in 2008. She has lately completed the edit of the first six episodes of „The Cheetah Diaries‟
(Dew Claw Productions) for Animal Planet. She is most proud of her recent Behind the Scenes Documentary work for NBC/ Universal
Studios on the soon to be released series „Crusoe‟. The inserts have been described by Duane Clark (director of CSI, Jericho) as „great
storytelling‟. (See at

NAME:                       Erica Esterhuysen
CLASS OF:                   1999
Still living and working in Guilford, Surrey, England. I am currently working at a stunning venue - De
Vere venues. A 4 star property in the country. The building was once owned by Lord Lovelace back-in-
the-day. I spend my days selling and planning weddings. The venue hosts around 60 weddings a year so I
don't have much time for anything else. Loving life in the cold UK; looking forward to a warm summer. I
spent a few hours at TWC in March 2008. I can't believe how much has changed in almost 10 years. The
current girls are extremely lucky for what they have.
NAME:                       Jenna Viney
MAIDEN NAME                 Viney
CLASS OF:                   2000
Loads happening so not quite sure what you would want to include: Past/present/future in a nutshell: 08 May/June – Russia. 08 August –
worked for the Forrero Family in Italy and Switzerland. 08 Oct/Nov/Dec – Antarctica. 09 January – worked for Richard Branson and his
family while they were down in Cape Town on holiday. Currently – working for the Oppenheimer family in Cape Town. April - Kite skiing
expedition across Greenland. May/June - working for 2 months at an exclusive salmon fly fishing lodge in the Arctic Circle on a remote
river in Russia as a chef (Paula Erskine who is also an old girl works for the same company in Russia but on a different river). It's my 3rd
year back. July – working for a family in France. August - Kenya to climb Kilimanjaro. October - back down to
Antarctica for my 4th season to work for a luxury tourism company. Paula Erskine does all the logistics and food supplies from Cape
Town. There is more info on my website

NAME:                     Bronwyn Cilliers
MAIDEN NAME               Dedwith
CLASS OF:                 2001
I am getting married on Saturday and then will be Bronwyn Cilliers.

NAME:                      Amanda Lea
CLASS OF:                  2003
I currently am in my final year LLB at UCT and next year will be doing my articles at Bowman Gilfillan in Johannesburg.

NAME:                    Joan Brink
CLASS OF:                2003
Graduated as an Electronic Engineer from the University of Pretoria & now working in Sasolburg as a Control Engineer for Sasol Nitro.

NAME:                      Katherine (Katie) Karnezos
CLASS OF:                  2004
I have finished my BMus (Bachelor of Music) and am currently doing a year of Psychology at UKZN in the hope of doing Music Therapy
in Pretoria in 2010. I‟m still singing and haven‟t written off doing it professionally one day once my voice has matured. I still see friends
from school days.

NAME:                      Katy Montgomery
CLASS OF:                  Junior School
My high school where I received the music scholarship was Perth Modern School. I completed grades 8 through to 10, finishing in 2003,
and went on to university to study Agribusiness. After deciding that the course was not for me I went to TAFE college (similar to Tech
colleges in South Africa) and completed certificates in Youth Work and a diploma in Conservation and Land Management. I studied at
TAFE from 2005 to 2007. In 2008, I got a ful- time job working for the government environmental department (Department of
Environment and Conservation) as a Technical Officer on a research project called the Gnangara Sustainability Strategy. I conducted
research and monitoring activities throughout the year on the biodiversity of the Gnangara region north of Perth. Our team successfully
collected data in the forms of species lists, data analysis/frequency graphs, and many other developmental aspects and policies for the
region's groundwater usage, as it is currently being adversely affected by climate change. I finished my contract with the DEC in
December 2008. My plans for this year are to develop my entrepreneurial skills and travel, looking into ecotourism and its benefits for the
associated communities. My spare time is mostly taken up with surfing, swimming, tennis and catching up with friends. I own my own car
and I am thoroughly enjoying being me. I still keep in touch with some old girls from TWC, including Siobhan O'Farrell, Tessa and Julia
Sheasby, and a few others less frequently via facebook. I do and always will have fond memories of my time at TWC, especially all the
hockey I played, the band, the friends I made and the positive influence by some amazing mentors, including Mrs Armitage in class 2, Miss
Bowker in standard 1, Mrs Franklin in standard 2, Mrs Woodley in standard 3, Miss Goodenough for hockey training, Miss Kruger in
standard 4, and Mrs Leimecke and Mrs Rogers in standard 5. And of course, principal Mrs Wright.
NAME:                      Pippa Montgomery
CLASS OF:                  Junior School
My aunt sent this email to me because her two girls are at Wykeham Collegiate at the moment and I'm out of
the loop in Australia! But I'm so glad she did because I've just filled in the information and included a picture of
me as well. I was only there for primary school, but some of my teachers were Mrs Armitage, Mrs Clarke, Mrs
Booyens, Miss Leimecke, Miss Laithwaite (now married I think), and Mrs Franklin. My twin sister and I went
there together. She has also received this email - her name is Katy Montgomery. I would love to hear any
information about reunions but obviously need advance notice in order to buy a plane ticket (in order to save
up enough money!). Please let me know if there's anything on the go, and thank you for all your efforts with
regard to the Old Girls' Guild. It sounds brilliant :-).

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