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Wine Storage - Dear XXXX


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									Wine Storage at The Deanery Bar, Kitchen and Wine Cellar

Our unique storage facility offers individual wine cages suitable for any size wine
collection. Here you can cellar your collection in a professional temperature
controlled facility in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

You are able to collect and deposit wine at any time during our bar opening
hours. You have convenient access to your collection and complete control over
your inventory.


•   Climate controlled wine storage (15°C and 60-70% humidity)
•   Individual cellars with your own lock and key
•   Fabulous CBD location
•   Long hours of access during bar opening hours: Monday - Saturday until late
•   High level of security: insulated vaulted building, key access to cellar space
    and personal padlocks to individual storage units
•   Easy pick up and delivery with vehicle access right to the door
•   Zero entry and exit fees

For further enquiries phone or email Glenn Fletcher


                     13 BLIGH PLACE MELBOURNE 3000 | T 9629 5599
                    info@thedeanery.com.au www.thedeanery.com.au
The Deanery Storage Rates

   Cellar Size         Monthly Fee          Annual Fee           Annual Fee with

   6 Case Cage         $25                  $300                 $275
   12 Case Cage        $35                  $420                 $385
   36 Case Cage        $75                  $900                 $825

  (All fees quoted are GST inclusive.)

  All cellars paid 12 months in advance receive 1 month’s free storage.

Payment Terms

  Annually – cash or credit card
  Monthly – automatic monthly charge to credit card

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