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					Wine Racks:

                           Cellar Creations Timber Wine Racks

An attractive hardwood rack in a light grained timber.
Cellar Creations Timber Wine Racks are custom built
here is the factory to the exact size you require. This
makes them an excellent option for tailoring around odd
shaped spaces such as stairwells.
Can be built in segments (for ease of transport or access)
and then joined on site. Priced at $3.50 per pocket
(installation and delivery extra). Lead time for rack
construction is one-four weeks.

                                         Bordex Wine Racks
 Custom designed racks constructed from high quality
 materials (timber and black metal) with each pocket
 sporting a black plastic protective neck rest. Can be
 ordered pre-assembled or in kit form as required. Each
 job is quoted individually, however as a guide finished
 price per pocket works out to about:

          $4.00 (300 mm deep)
          $3.50 (235 mm deep)

Also available with display bars and other accessories for
commercial and retail applications.

                               Mornington Cedar Wine Racks
                                                             Mornington Cedar Wine Racks are custom designed
                                                             for your cellar and come with a range of options such
                                                             as tasting and display shelves, diamond bins, racks for
                                                             glasses etc.
                                                             Each job is quoted individually and there are several
                                                             variables to price depending on features ordered,
                                                             however $10-15 per pocket can be used as a guide for
                                                             This item is freighted in the assembled state. Easy to
                                                             install, but freight charges are subsequently higher.
                                                             Delivery time approx 6 weeks.
These sturdy racks come in kit form; however they are
the easiest to put together by far. As these racks are
chunkier the total bottle capacity will be around 70% the
capacity of other wine racks. Modularack comes in
various widths from 4 to 12 bottles wide. You may
need to select several widths in combination to fill your
space. Delivery time 2-3 weeks. Overall price per
pocket varies depending on the width of racks chosen
but as a guide:
    Natural pine: $2.41 - $5.00
    Stained: $2.75 - $6.00
Matching diagonal display racks and flat shelf tops also

Modularack kits are priced as follows – NB: these racks come in a two layer pack. A gloss finish is also
available for both natural and stained racks – please add 25% to the quoted prices:

                                 Price per two layer pack                     Single flat top shelf

        No. Bottles wide         MM        Nat Pine         Stained         Nat Pine           Stained
                                              $                $               $                  $
                  12            1200        71.50            81.25           68.50              78.95
                  11            1110        69.00            78.80           67.30              76.35
                  10            1020        66.60            76.40           66.35              74.45
                   9             911        64.15            73.95           65.45              72.55
                   8             840        61.60            71.50           64.91              70.05
                   7             750        57.95            67.70           62.35              67.45
                   6             660        51.75            61.60           59.80              64.90
                   5             540        50.50            60.40           56.60              61.70
                   4             480        49.30            59.20           55.30              60.45

                                     CellarTech Wine Racks
                                                             Very simple and aesthetically pleasing - open fronted,
                                                             offering unimpeded view of your wine bottles.
                                                             Modern cantilevered design offers clean, attractive
                                                             lines. Custom built with marine grade ply backboards
                                                             and timber pegs. Built here in our factory and
                                                             freighted for self installation.

                                                             The flagship of our range – priced at $20 per pocket
                                                             (plus freight). Lead time for CellarTech orders is
                                                             around 6 weeks.
Wine Racks:

                                      Chateau Wine Racks
                                                           Chateau racks are made of plastic and come in kit
                                                           form (16 bottle kit = a 3 x 4 cube with space for an
                                                           additional 4 bottles along the top.) They are fairly
                                                           easy to assemble and larger racks can be constructed
                                                           by adding several kits together with joiners. Racks
                                                           come in silver, black or burgundy.
                                                           Individual kit prices: 16 bottle kit $33.79. A pack of
                                                           4 joiners $12.95. Clear acrylic flat top $21.12. Per
                                                           pocket price works out to between $2.80 and $3.20
                                                           depending on combination of kits and joiners
                                                           required. Delivery time: 1 week.

                                         Trellis Wine Racks
Constructed from strong injection moulded polymer
plastic in black or burgundy. The unique Click-Lock
system is easy to put together, no tools required. The
modular design is as versatile as it is tough, allowing
you to tailor-make your own personalised rack, any size,
any shape, anywhere. Whole racks can be clicked
together to create a double sided walk around rack. The
rack expands with your collection, simply buy more
supplementary packs and click them on. Delivery time
is around 1-2 weeks. Prices:
 12 pack $35       20 pack $50        30 pack $78
 50 pack $124      100 pack $232      Cellar Lots - POA

                                     CellarStak Wine Racks
                                                           CellarStak is a versatile modular system made from a
                                                           polymer plastic material which is designed for quick
                                                           and easy self assembly. Choice of black, silver, grey
                                                           or white. Great for awkward areas such as stairwells,
                                                           and cellars where there are high moisture levels.
                                                           CellarStak are infinitely expandable in any direction.
                                                           This means that your wine racks may grow as your
                                                           wine collection grows. Optional accessories include
                                                           top plates, wall brackets, mounting feet, and back to
                                                           back joiners.
                                                           Priding: 10 pack = $39.95 , 30 pack = $96.00,
                                                           or 50 pack = $145.
Wine Racks:
Embassy Modules

A modular wine box system available in a variety of laminate colours and wood grains. Each module
measures 844 x 844mm except the ER1, which is a shell designed to house the other modules – this
measures 880 x 880mm. Approx bottle capacity of each module is shown in brackets.

A very attractive choice for areas which will be on display. Simply order the combination of modules you
require and they come either flat packed or pre-assembled as required. Custom sizing is also available in
this rack type if required. Delivery time: about 4 weeks from date of order.

  ER1: $283 (shell)          ERS4: $283 (92)            ERS6: $345 (90)             ERS9: $439 (81)

ERS16: $502 (80)            ERS25: $502 (25)           ERS36: $533 (36)            ERS49: $549 (49)

ERS20: $596 (office) ERS30: $627 (office)               ERV4: $392 (96)            ERV6: $447 (66)

ERV7: $471 (66)             ERD4: $314 (88)             ERD8: $471 (80)            ERD12: $471 (68)

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Wine Racks:

        Easy View Display Racks

                    Winemakers spend thousands of dollars designing
                    labels that are works of art, only to have them hidden
                    in traditional wine racks. Easy View racks offer a full
                    view of the bottle and the label.

                    Easy to install and great for awkward areas that don’t
                    suit traditional wine racks (including curved walls).
                    Comes in single, double or triple layer versions (either
                    9 or 12 bottles high) and a presentation rack is also

                    All versions come in a dark green powder coated
                    finish. Selected sizes are also available in black.

                    Pricing between $89 and $129 per rack - depending on
                    size – please call for a quote.
                          Cellar Creations Metal Wine Racks
Metal Wine Racks – Custom:
Cellar Creations offer custom designed wine racks in any size or style. If you are looking for something
different, we manufacture metal wine racks to any size to suit your particular wine cellar. The following options
are available:
    • Bottle pocket style: square, circular or diamond
    • Finish: chrome, galvanized, powder coated (any colour) or special antique finishes
Phone Cellar Creations on (03) 9775 5544 and we will be happy to provide a quotation for metal wine racks
custom designed and built to suit your particular wine cellar.

Metal wine racks – Standard:
These galvanized wine racks are available in the following sizes, and may be installed upright or sideways. The
racks can be assembled within minutes and come with brackets to attach them to the wall. The units may also be
attached back to back to form island racks (please specify when ordering as brackets are different).

                                 Bottle capacity                                 Dimensions
                         High         Wide          Total        High (mm)       Wide (mm)       Depth (mm)
      Rack 1              18           12            216           1935            1271             240
      Rack 2              12           18            216           1296            1910             240
      Rack 3              20           10            200           2103            1071             240
      Rack 4              10           20            200           1096            2078             240

Cellar Creations Standard Metal Wine Racks are priced as follows (GST inclusive):
 1 unit $432.00 ea          2 units $407.00 ea           3 units $399 ea              4 units $395 ea
    • Powder coating in black or white is available for $125.00 extra per rack
    • The prices quoted above do not include freight

                                                                                        Racks store bottles on a slight
                                                                                        angle so the corks stay moist.
                                                                                        Joining pieces allow racks to be
                                                                                        installed back to back. Frames
                                                                                        are screwed or bolted to your
                                                                                        wall / floor for stability.
                                                                                        Silicone-Bronze welded frame -
                                                                                        won't rust.
                                                                                        Can be installed horizontally or
                                                                                        Racks are spaced 70mm from
                                                                                        wall and 30mm from floor.
                                   CellarStor Shelving System

        Fast and easy to put together

        No tools are required

        No nuts and bolts

        No difficult assembly

        Fire and corrosion resistant

        A range of finishes available

        Designed for high humidity environments

Manufactured in Australia, our proven design simply clicks together, making future adjustments
to shelf heights or layout quick and easy. The robust solid steel frames, beams and steel wire shelves are readily
available ex-stock in a large range of standard sizes to maximize your storage flexibility. Custom heights are
available on request, as are solid shelves for small parts storage.

The sleek commercial design of the CellarStor Shelving
System is highlighted by the standard bright zinc finish,
with other finishing options available including
stainless steel, powder-coating or chrome plating.

Double-slotted centre frames are an economical means
of building long runs of continuous bays of shelving or
where multiple bays are required.

Where space is at a premium in small cellars our
special corner units can be used to form L-shapes, or
bridging units used to form U-shapes.

All units are fitted with height adjusters to eliminate
problems associated with uneven ground.

Castors can also be fitted by request to create mobile
                                                             Cellartags will help you locate, track and record
                                                             your valuable wine with ease.

                                                             The cellartags design makes finding wine in your
                                                             cellar a breeze. Designed to compliment your cellar,
                                                             cellartags allow you to put as much or as little
                                                             information on your tag as you require, including the
                                                             label details, vintage, grape, cost and the approximate
                                                             cellar time for each bottle.
                                                             You'll notice the benefit in the cellartags design
                                                             immediately, as it fits comfortably & securely over the
                                                             neck of each bottle. No more losing track of your
                                                             wine, and no sophisticated software either. The
                                                             cellartags system has been designed for everyone,
                                                             from the home cellar to the hotel cellar. It truly is the
                                                             simplest and smartest cellar system available.

                                                             Priced at $9.95 for a pack of 40.

Cellartags passport - don't forget your wine!

The additional benefit to the cellartags design is the
clever perforated hanger. After consuming your bottle of
wine, rate it, then simply tear off the base and insert it
into any standard business card holder.

The cellartags passport is great: when you need to recall
the wine, simply flip through alphabetically and there it
is. The tag displays everything originally detailed
including your rating, as well as how much the wine
cost when purchased.

                                                             Cellartags hangers - a great gift idea!

                                                             Enhance any gift of wine with a cellartag
                                                             hanger! Each cellartag hanger comes complete
                                                             with 12 cellartags inside. Designed to sit over
                                                             the neck of the wine bottle – a great way to
                                                             value add to any wine gift.

                                                             Priced at $2.95 per hangar.

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