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					Wine Cellar
Temperature Control
Your wine cellar deserves the best in temperature
control to ensure your premium wines are kept at
optimum conditions. Phasefale’s TACm/MED is
specifically designed for Wine Cellar cooling and
heating control to ensure your room is perfect for
the whole year. It is packed with features you’ll
appreciate as your wine appreciates in condition;

  • Simple single point setting which maintains
    both Cooling control and Heating control
  • Precision electronics for very accurate control
  • Bright Red LED digital temperature display of
     current room temperature.
  • Attractive wall mounting temperature sensor
  • High/Low Time delay Alarm functions                  Panel
  • Stainless Steel Panel Mount version ..or           mounting
  • Surface mount Beige version                         version
  • In built data logging of highest and lowest       in Stainless
     temperatures for last 99 hours                       Steel                             Surface
  • Option for complog computer data logging                                               mounting
     ( can connect up to 256 rooms to a single PC)                                          version
  • As used by major facilities around Australia                                           in Beige
    ( Crown Casino, Star Casino, MCG, Gabba, etc
     - even The Lodge)
  • Additional accessories and options
  • 100% Australian designed and made
  • Please quote model Number TACm/MED                                         Precision
                                                                          Wall mounting
                                                                     temperature sensor
          Optional remote
                                                                       supplied standard
          temperature display

                         Optional Alarm Voice                        PC Data
                         Dialler with                                Logging
                         battery backup