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					Adding value through sustainable business practice
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 We will become the most admired and innovative gaming and family entertainment complex in the

   GrandWest Casino & Entertainment World provides a distinctive and exciting gaming and family
          entertainment experience, which showcases the rich heritage of the Western Cape.

We passionately focus on offering our guests caring, honesty, friendly and consistent service excellence,
                                which reflects our pride in GrandWest.

      Our carefully selected employees are provided with opportunities for learning and growth.
               We lead by example, respect one another and recognize personal effort.

          We will always be innovative and share our success with the communities we serve.

                                              Guest Care
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                          Mission Statement

The Table Bay Hotel provides a holistic hospitality experience for our customers,
                       associates and other stakeholders.

   By consistently exceeding expectations, we will create an environment of
                 enrichment for all in our community to thrive.

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      7    SunWest’s Economic, Social and Environmental Impact at a Glance

      9    Message from the Chairman

      10   Managing our Business Responsibly

      12   Economic Sustainability
      12      Macroeconomic Contribution
      16      Associated Investments

      19   Social Sustainability
      19      Economic Empowerment
      24      Responsible Gambling
      25      Corporate Social Investment and Enterprise Development

      32   Environmental Sustainability

      36   Message from the GrandWest General Manager

      37   Message from the Table Bay Hotel General Manager

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SunWest's Economic, Social and Environmental Impact at a Glance
ECONOMIC IMPACT                                                           residential, business, retail, tourism and entertainment          Responsible Gambling
                                                                          projects.	There	are	currently	six	buildings	bordering	or	close	
•	 Between	 1997	 and	 2009	 SunWest	 made	 a	 cumulative	                to the Roggebaai Canal with a combined investment value           •	 GrandWest	 was	 the	 first	 casino	 in	 the	 Western	 Cape	 to	
   contribution to GDP of R18.3 billion and to GGP of over                of R1.68 billion.                                                   embrace the National Responsible Gambling Programme. In
   R3.7 billion.                                                                                                                              addition to its contractual arrangements with four residential
•	 By	2009	SunWest’s	activities	sustained	4	938	direct	jobs	and	        SOCIAL IMPACT                                                         facilities, the NRGP has the capacity to refer problem gamblers
   3	947	indirect	jobs	-	a	total	of	8	884	sustainable	jobs.                                                                                   to	 Province-wide	 outpatient	 treatment	 centres.	 GrandWest	
•	 In	 2009	 SunWest	 paid	 R397.8	 million	 in	 casino	 levies	 and	   Transformation                                                        has	also	been	the	focal	point	of	Africa’s	first-ever	initiative	to	
   VAT, R273.8 million in other forms of direct taxes and                                                                                     educate young people about the risks involved in gambling.
   R13.7 million in licence fees. An additional R237.4 million          •	 SunWest	has	a	shareholding	that	is	at	least	37%	BEE.		             This innovative public education programme was implemented
   in indirect taxes was also generated during 2009. There has          •	 Grand	 Parade	 Investments,	 which	 was	 launched	 in	 1997	       at schools in the suburbs surrounding the four Western Cape
   been a cumulative direct and indirect tax payment of over              and listed in 2008, has the backing mainly of thousands             casinos. In 2002, GrandWest opened the Gaming Information
   R6.4 billion for the years 1997 to 2009.                               of previously disadvantaged community investors in the              Centre	(GIC),	the	first	dedicated	gambling	educational	facility	
•	 In	 2009	 SunWest	 initiatives	 resulted	 in	 a	 total	 increase	      Western Cape. GPI is SunWest’s biggest local stakeholder            of its kind in South Africa to encourage and promote an
   in indirect household income of R1.21 billion. Between                 and has 6,500 direct shareholders and nearly 15,000 indirect        informed and responsible gambling culture.
   1997 and 2009 there was a cumulative increase in indirect              shareholders, most of whom are historically disadvantaged.
   household income of nearly R9.5 billion.                             •	 SunWest’s	 targeted	 access	 programme	 (TAP)	 focuses	 on	      Social investment
•	 GrandWest	 has	 27	 concessionaires	 providing	 679	 jobs	 and	        affirmative procurement and its ambitious targets have been
   14 outsourced service providers employing 1 280 people.                overachieved in every year with empowerment procurement           •	 SunWest	 has	 already	 contributed	 R44.1	 million	 in	 social	
   The Table Bay Hotel has two concessionaires who employ                 at	54%	in	2009.	                                                    investment	(CSI).	In	the	2006	financial	year	SunWest	increased	
   29 people and five service providers employing in excess of          •	 In	the	2009	financial	year,	GrandWest	spent	over	R130	million	     their	spending	on	CSI	from	1.5%	of	after	tax	profits	to	2.0%.	
   450 people. The CTICC has six concessionaires and 22 service           in purchasing goods and services in the local economy, and          Since 2000, GrandWest CSI has invested over R25 million in
   providers.                                                             because	 54%	 of	 tracked	 procurement	 was	 placed	 with	 the	     local	 community	 projects	 and	 programmes.	 The	 expansion	
•	 The	combined	value	of	the	significant	property	investments	            BEE sector, we have substantially advanced the provincial           at GrandWest increased CSI spending by an additional
   since 2000 that are within 400 metres of either the CTICC              government’s agenda in respect of transformation in the             R1.7 million to a potential R14.7 million in 2015. This equates
   or Roggebaai Canal amounts to R6 billion. Further smaller              Western Cape leisure industry.                                      to a cumulative increase of R9.1 million by 2015.
   developments along the Canal precinct include ten

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SunWest's Economic, Social and Environmental Impact at a Glance
•	 In	the	last	financial	year,	the	allocation	of	CSI	across	different	     ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT                                                    restricted	 water	 flow.	 During	 the	 clean-up	 process,	 some	
  category	types	saw	34%	of	funding	going	to	special	projects	                                                                                     vegetation was left in the ponds to facilitate bird nesting in
  including	the	bursary	fund	and	SHAWCO;	38%	to	health	and	                •	 GrandWest’s	 water	 demand	 is	 managed	 through	 a	                 these areas.
  welfare	 projects;	 20%	 to	 education;	 and	 1%	 to	 enterprise	          programme of daily, weekly and monthly monitoring of the            •	 GrandWest’s	Iskhus	initiative	has	seen	a	harmonic	suppression	
  development.                                                               property’s consumption. Conventional spray irrigation to              system installed and connected to Grand West’s electrical
•	 Flagship	 projects	 include	 the	 GrandWest	 CSI	 SHAWCO	                 existing and additional new gardens has been replaced with            reticulation network. This targets inefficiency problems
  Community	 Health	 Project,	 where	 students	 were	 active	 in	            drip irrigation                                                       associated with poor power quality. Through enhancing and
  these clinics, due to the extra capacity provided by GrandWest           •	 The	3	000	litres	of	water	generated	daily	by	the	ice	rink	are	       or correcting the power quality, the losses in usable electrical
  CSI’s	 funding.	 Other	 projects	 include	 the	 GrandWest	 CSI	            recycled for use in the complex’s gardens. Over a period of 30        power relative to the loads are reduced.
  Bursary	Fund	(150	students	to	date)	and	title	sponsorship	of	              days, this means in excess of 90 000 litres of water will have      •	 GrandWest’s	 waste	 is	 recycled	 at	 source,	 with	 wet	 and	 dry	
  Blisters for Bread, where Peninsula School Feeding now feeds               been	saved,	equal	to	three	30-cubic	metre	swimming	pools	             waste recycling introduced in May 2008. This has resulted in a
  220 526 learners at 618 primary, secondary and special needs             •	 GrandWest’s	 gardens	 are	 being	 transformed	 to	 be	 largely	      50%	recycled	material	available.	Since	August	2008	63,010kg	
  schools throughout the Western Cape. Soundtrack 4 Life                     indigenous. In 2007 the ratio of indigenous: exotic stood at          of glass has been recycled.
  aims to empower learners to make the correct behavioural                   50:50. By 2008 the ratio was 83:17 due to the plants which          •	 GrandWest	 has	 adopted	 a	 2.8km	 stretch	 of	 the	 Elsieskraal	
  decisions in order to prevent the spread of the HIV pandemic               were bought throughout the year.                                      River canal east of GrandWest. In partnership with the City of
  and since inception it has reached over 105 000 learners in              •	 The	 existing	 surface-water	 ponds	 in	 and	 around	 the	           Cape	Town,	GrandWest	created	an	on-going	care	programme	
  142 schools.                                                               GrandWest property are artificially filtered and being                which	 was	 initiated	 by	 the	 first	 river	 canal	 clean-up	 which	
•	 In	 the	 2008	 financial	 year,	 the	 Table	 Bay	 Hotel	 spent	 over	     converted from waterlogged retention ponds into a natural             took place in November 2008.
  R164 000 on corporate social investment, increasing to                     wetland system. This has improved the wetland bird habitat          •	 In	 October	 2006,	 the	 Table	 Bay	 Hotel	 was	 again	 awarded	
  R194 597 in the 2009 financial year. This amount was                       and some 20 species of water birds have started nesting in            a Gold rating by the National Heritage Programme in
  fairly	 evenly	 spread	 between	 health	 and	 welfare	 projects,	          these areas.                                                          recognition of its conservation efforts.
  educational	projects	and	community	development.	                         •	 In	 May	 2008	 a	 complete	 mechanical	 clean-up	 of	 all	 nine	
                                                                             Wetlands was done. The vegetation overgrowth had caused

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                                                                      Message from the Chairman
   This is the second Sustainability Report published                For this reason, Sun International’s annual reporting includes a
                                                                     dedicated sustainable development report which is integral to
                                                                                                                                                When the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board approved
                                                                                                                                                the	GrandWest	expansion	project,	it	imposed	a	number	of	new	
 by SunWest and builds on the data contained in the                  communicating how the group is facilitating transformation                 licence conditions, relating in the main to our expenditure
                                                                     within the company as well as its social and environmental                 on	 Corporate	 Social	 Investment-related	 projects.	 These	 new	
2008 report in order to demonstrate our commitment                   performance in the communities and economies in which the                  commitments, too, are reflected in this report, and are additional
                                                                     group conducts its business.                                               to the undertakings contained in our original bid documentation
  to the responsible management of the social, economic                                                                                         for the Cape Town casino licence. This document demonstrates
                                                                     For this reason, both Sun International’s and Grand Parade                 that we have not only met these conditions, but have in many
                 and physical environment within which               Investments’    annual     reports    incorporate     a   sustainable      instances exceeded their expectations. Precisely because our
                                                                     development report which is integral to communicating how                  activities are governed by such rigorous sets of enforceable
 GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World                            the companies are facilitating transformation within as well as            criteria	 and	 are	 subjected	 to	 a	 public	 	 process	 of	 scrutiny,	 our	

                   and the Table Bay Hotel operate.                  social and environmental performance in the communities and
                                                                     economies in which they conduct their business.
                                                                                                                                                operations at both GrandWest and the Table Bay Hotel have
                                                                                                                                                become models of excellence in the Western Cape.

                                                                     This report should therefore be seen as complementary to the Sun           SunWest insists on the highest standards of sustainable practice
                                                                     International annual report, as it provides our local stakeholders         not merely because the law or our licence conditions require it of
The third King Report on Corporate Governance in South Africa,       and shareholders with a more detailed and comprehensive                    us, but because it is in our corporate interest to exercise a duty of
which was published during the year under review, places             account of SunWest’s corporate social investment. It thus                  care towards our clients and employees, our natural environment
emphasis on the incorporation of sustainability reporting into       constitutes	 SunWest’s	 non-financial	 audit	 of	 our	 sustainability	     and the community. That we have achieved as much as we have is
financial reports, on the basis that this would allow shareholders   policies and practices, allowing us to benchmark more accurately           largely a consequence of the loyalty and dedication of SunWest’s
to make a more informed assessment of the company’s economic         our performance and our future planning.                                   shareholders, management, staff and service providers. I am
value rather than simply its book value.                                                                                                        therefore honoured to have this opportunity to thank them
                                                                     The document records our contributions in the development                  all for their considerable contribution to the successes that are
Mervyn King, the chairman of the King Committee, said                of	 sustainable	 jobs	 and	 skills,	 to	 the	 national	 and	 provincial	   recorded in this report.
“governance,    strategy   and    sustainability   have   become     economies through taxes and levies, and to a wide range of
inseparable. We are concerned how companies behave and want          charitable	 and	 community	 development	 projects	 across	 the	            Hassen Adams
to see companies we invest in being good corporate citizens.         Cape Town metropolitan area. Also discussed are our role in the            Chairman, SunWest
Annual reports must show how the business has impacted both          National Responsible Gambling Programme, our achievements
positively and negatively on the community in which it operates,     in	 the	 realisation	 of	 black	 economic	 empowerment	 objectives,	
and how they intend to enhance the positive or ameliorate or         and our commitment to environmental practices which ensure
eradicate the negative.”                                             the sustainable integrity of natural resources.

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SunWest's Vision for Sustainability
  Managing our Business Responsibly               Shareholders                                                      incident of fraud or malpractice within the group that might
                                                                                                                    be reported to the Ethics Line is brought to the attention of
                                                  Shareholders      receive   company   financial   information     the Director – Internal Audit, the Chief Financial Officer and
 One of the key issues in sustainable economic    promptly and transparently. This is achieved through the          the Chief Executive. The reporting procedure is published in

   development is to have in place sustainable    publication of SunWest’s interim and year end results             every edition of our staff publication.
                                                  announcements and through other media releases in the case
  business practices in the form of appropriate   of matters which are considered of interest to shareholders.      Relationships with government and regulators

                         corporate governance.    Code of ethics                                                    GrandWest operates in a highly regulated environment. The
                                                                                                                    Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board exercises a range
                                                  Management and staff are committed to the highest ethical         of statutory functions in terms of the National Gambling Act
                                                  standards of conduct. SunWest’s International’s internal          of 2004, while the National Gambling Board has an oversight
                                                  code of ethics clearly confirms its commitment to all its         function and a range of other responsibilities aimed at
                                                  stakeholders, provides guidelines governing the personal          meeting	the	objectives	of	the	Act.	It	therefore	follows	that	
                                                  conduct of its employees and emphasises the importance of         GrandWest’s relationship with the provincial government
                                                  adopting enlightened employment policies and practices.           and its Gambling Board is based on a high degree of
                                                  The group enhances its Code of Ethics on a regular basis          compliance, mutual trust, constructive engagement and
                                                  and strives to ensure that the values on which it prides itself   regular consultation.
                                                  continue to form an integral part of the culture of the group.
                                                                                                                    Likewise, GrandWest has a close working relationship with
                                                  Ethics hot line                                                   the	National	Responsible	Gambling	Programme	(NRGP),	the	
                                                                                                                    internationally acclaimed public/private sector partnership
                                                  SunWest International employs the services of a reputable         which focuses on problem gambling research, education and
                                                  external	auditing	firm	to	operate	a	24-hour	toll-free	Ethics	     treatment.
                                                  Line, which employees may call anonymously. Any crime or

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Managing our Business Responsibly (continued)

Strict compliance with licence conditions                      To that end it has demonstrated its willingness to work        exciting, and that customers are provided with quality
                                                               closely with the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board        entertainment and a comprehensive range of food and
GrandWest has always taken pride in the ability and            in order to maintain its compliance levels and promote         beverage facilities.
competency of its management to meet challenges                common understanding of nuances and integrations
proactively and professionally. Coupled with our ability to    that manifest themselves once a property is operational.       Most Valued Guest programme
adapt	to	change,	and	in	conjunction	with	the	efficient	team	   This has proven to pay dividends in that the audits done
fielded by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board,         on levels of compliance adherence have materialised in         The MVG programme is a key element of the group’s casino
the successful certification and opening of GrandWest was      positive audit reports.                                        customer management strategy to provide a consistently
achieved in record time in 2000.                                                                                              excellent guest experience at all our properties. It is the
                                                               Customer service, loyalty and communications                   premier casino rewards programme in southern Africa. The
Since opening, GrandWest has demonstrated its willingness                                                                     programme has four levels offering distinctive privileges
and ability to comply with its conditions of casino licence    SunWest’s marketing strategy is to ensure that all customers   to members at all the group’s hotels, resorts and casinos,
and has met all of these conditions more than adequately.      enjoy	 the	 best	 “value	 for	 money”	 gaming	 experience	     with benefits becoming increasingly valuable as customers
It has further proven its commitment in terms of its           possible. This includes ensuring that the latest and most      progress upwards through each level.
operational compliance with the relevant laws and also         popular machines are on the slots floors, customer service
with its own internal controls.                                is of the highest standard, promotions are innovative and

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                Economic Sustainability
                MACROECONOMIC CONTRIBUTION                        Events held at the Grand Arena                                  •	 The	 duration	 that	 delegates	 from	 elsewhere	 in	 South	
                                                                                                                                     Africa and overseas spend in the city and their daily
                                                                  For the first time, this report incorporates the contribution      spending patterns are based on the CTICC surveys.
       This section records the contribution to GDP, to           made by GrandWest’s Grand Arena. The methodology for            •	 The	 organisers	 of	 the	 event	 are	 also	 included	 in	 the	

Western Cape Gross Geographic Product (GGP,                       estimating the economic impact of the events held at the
                                                                  Grand Arena is based on that used to evaluate the CTICC.
                                                                                                                                     economic analysis.
                                                                                                                                  •	 Since	the	majority	of	visitors	to	the	Grand	Arena	events	
      which is the provincial share of GDP), direct job           The following steps were followed:                                 are from Cape Town and the Western Cape, induced
                                                                                                                                     international tourism has not been included in the
    creation, indirect job creation, contribution to direct and   •	 The	events	were	categorised	according	to	local	shows,	          estimates.
                                                                     international shows, private functions, national and
indirect taxes and contribution to indirect household income.        international conferences and other events.
                                                                  •	 The	origin	of	people	attending	the	shows	was	based	on	
                                                                     interviews with the event organiser and from surveys of
                                                                     similar events conducted at the CTICC. For most of the
                                                                     events, the audience would have originated from Cape
                                                                     Town and surrounds. For some events, such as national
                                                                     conferences, the origin of the delegates is based on the
                                                                     CTICC	 surveys	 which	 indicate	 that	 45.9%	 would	 come	
                                                                     from	 the	 Western	 Cape	 and	 54.1%	 from	 elsewhere	
                                                                     in South Africa.    Very few events would attract an
                                                                     international audience.

                                                                                                                                                                                     [sustainability report] p12
Economic Sustainability (continued)

Gross Domestic Product                                       Table 1: SunWest contribution to GDP

As indicated in Table 1, only the Table Bay Hotel made a     Rand million, nominal prices
contribution to GDP during the first four financial years.                                                             FY 1997      FY 1998      FY 1999      FY 2000     FY 2001     FY 2002      FY 2003    FY 2008     FY 2009
The greatest contribution was made in 1997, due to the         GrandWest Capital Expenditure                                                                              1,775.8           91.8      19.4      338.7        25.6
construction of the hotel , whereafter the operations of       GrandWest Operations                                                                                         557.3       694.0        721.4    1,456.5     1,219.6
the hotel took over as the main contributor to GDP.            Grand West Concessionaires                                                                                    70.9       113.1        121.4      148.3       163.4
                                                               Grand Arena Events                                                                                                                                54.3       112.1
In 2001, SunWest made an overall contribution to GDP
                                                               Table Bay Hotel Capital Expenditure                       319.0         45.8         2.8           5.1         2.9            0.0       0.0       13.6        18.7
of R2.5 billion – a large part of this due to the building
                                                               Table Bay Hotel Operations                                 14.0        119.7       138.6        152.3        133.9       149.5        194.0      253.5       263.5
of GrandWest. The building of the Roggebaai Canal and
                                                               Table Bay Hotel Concessionaires                              0.0          6.0        6.8           7.4         8.2            9.0      12.6         5.7            7.0
CTICC	between	2002	and	2003	again	added	to	GDP	(only	
                                                               CTICC                                                                                                                                 209.1      645.5       556.8
the	SunWest	share	of	the	CTICC	is	reported	here).
                                                               Roggebaai Canal                                                                                                              42.3       5.5         0.0            0.0
By 2009 SunWest had added R2.37bn to GDP for the year.         Total                                                     333.0        171.4       148.2        164.8      2,548.9     1,099.8      1,283.2    2,916.1     2,366.7
This is made up of:                                            Cumulative                                                333.0        504.4       652.6        817.4      3,366.3     4,466.1      5,749.4 15,891.1 18,257.8
•	 R25.6m	 from	 ongoing	 capital	 expenditure	 at	
                                                             Figure 1: Contribution to GDP

•	 R1.22bn	from	the	running	of	GrandWest;
•	 R163.4m	 from	 the	 concessionaires	 operating	 at	
•	 R112.1m	from	staging	events	at	the	Grand	Arena
•	 R18.7m	from	ongoing	capital	expenditure	at	the	Table	     GDP (R millions)
  Bay Hotel;
•	 R263.5m	from	the	running	of	the	Hotel;
•	 R7.0m	 from	 the	 concessionaires	 operating	 at	 the	
  Hotel, and
•	 R556.8m	from	the	CTICC.	This	part	of	the	contribution	
  has a variety of sources and includes construction and
  maintenance expenditure; operational expenditure;
  spending by exhibitors; spending by delegates and
  spending through induced tourism.                                                     FY1997    FY1998    FY1999      FY2000      FY2001       FY2002      FY2003      FY2004      FY2005        FY2006    FY2007      FY2008
Between 1997 and 2009 SunWest made a cumulative                                 Roggebaai Canal            Table Bay Hotel Capital Expenditure            Table Bay Hotel Concessionaires            Table Bay Hotel Operations
contribution to GDP of R18.3 billion. The detail of this                        CTICC                      GrandWest Concessionaires                      GrandWest Operations                       GrandWest Capital Expenditure
contribution is illustrated in Figure 1.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   [sustainability report] p13
Economic Sustainability (continued)

Gross Geographic Product                                         Table 2: Contribution to GGP

In 1997 SunWest made an overall contribution to GGP of           Rand million, nominal prices
R59.1 million, while in 2001 the contribution totalled                                                 FY 1997   FY 1998   FY 1999   FY 2000   FY 2001   FY 2002   FY 2003   FY 2008   FY 2009
R466 million. The bulk of this was due to the building           GrandWest Capital Expenditure                                                  330.0      17.1        3.4     61.6        4.7
of GrandWest. The building of the Roggebaai Canal and            GrandWest Operations                                                            97.1     122.4     127.2     252.2     212.7
the CTICC between 2002 and 2003 added further to the             Grand West Concessionaires                                                      13.3      21.0      22.6      27.7      30.6
contribution of construction to GGP. This is illustrated in      Grand Arena Events                                                                                            17.8      37.0
Table 2.                                                         Table Bay Hotel Capital Expenditure     56.6       8.1       0.5       0.9       0.5       0.0        0.0       2.5       3.5
                                                                 Table Bay Hotel Operations               2.5      20.9      24.3      26.5      23.6      26.5      34.5      44.9      46.6
By 2009 SunWest added R536.6m to GGP for the year. This          Table Bay Hotel Concessionaires          0.0       1.1       1.2       1.3       1.5       1.7        2.3       1.0       1.3
is made up of:                                                   CTICC                                                                                               68.9     210.9     200.2
                                                                 Roggebaai Canal                                                                            8.2        1.1       0.0       0.0
•	 R4.7m	in	ongoing	capital	expenditure	at	GrandWest;
                                                                 Total                                   59.1      30.1      26.0      28.8     466.0     196.9     260.0     618.7     536.6
•	 R212.7m	due	to	the	running	of	GrandWest;
                                                                 Cumulative                              59.1      89.3     115.3     144.1     610.1     807.0    1,066.9   3,210.9   3,747.5
•	 R30.6m	 from	 the	 concessionaires	 operating	 at	
•	 R37.0m	from	events	staged	at	the	Grand	Arena
                                                                 Table 3: Direct jobs in the Western Cape
•	 R3.5m	 from	 ongoing	 capital	 expenditure	 at	 the	 Table	
   Bay Hotel;                                                                                          FY 1997   FY 1998   FY 1999   FY 2000   FY 2001   FY 2002   FY 2003   FY 2008   FY 2009
•	 R46.6m	from	the	running	of	the	Hotel;                         GrandWest Capital Expenditure                                                  4,538       215        59       588        41
•	 R1.3m	from	the	concessionaires	operating	at	the	Hotel,	       GrandWest Operations                                                           1,802     2,138     2,177     2,727     2,517
   and                                                           Grand West Concessionaires                                                       493       720       732     1,010       679
•	 R200.2m	from	the	CTICC                                        Grand Arena Events                                                                                             106       192
                                                                 Table Bay Hotel Capital Expenditure    1,063       143         8        14         7         0         0        23        30
Between 1997 and 2009 SunWest made a cumulative                  Table Bay Hotel Operations               224       244       247       241       239       488       521       647       667
contribution to GGP of over R3.7 billion.                        Table Bay Hotel Concessionaires            0        23        23        23        23        23        23        37        29
                                                                 CTICC                                                                                                650       905       784
Job Creation                                                     Roggebaai Canal                                                                            113        15         0         0
                                                                 Total                                  1,287       410       278       278     7,102     3,697     4,177     6,043     4,938
SunWest	has	sustained	and	created	three	types	of	jobs.	The	
first	are	jobs	in	the	provincial	construction	industry	where	
the construction and ongoing maintenance of GrandWest,           time when the industry was in the doldrums. The second        third	are	the	so-called	indirect	jobs	which	are	the	result	of	
the Table Bay Hotel, the CTICC and the Canal have sustained      are those due to the ongoing operation of the range of        the multiplied spending on construction and operations.
jobs	in	the	industry.	The	initial	construction	occurred	at	a	    facilities to which SunWest has made a contribution. The      These	jobs	are	shown	in	Table	3.

                                                                                                                                                                                [sustainability report] p14
Economic Sustainability (continued)

In 1997 the construction and opening of the Table Bay                    Table 3a: Contribution to Direct, Indirect and Total Jobs – South Africa
Hotel	 is	 estimated	 to	 have	 created	 1,287	 direct	 jobs,	
                                                                                                               FY 1997   FY 1998    FY 1999   FY 2000   FY 2001   FY 2002   FY 2003   FY 2008   FY 2009
reducing	in	number	to	278	in	1999	and	2000.		Indirect	jobs	
totalled 1,271 in 1997, reducing to 439 in 1999 and 463 in               Direct Jobs                            1,287       410        278       278     7,102     3,697     4,177     6,043     4,938
2000.		Total	direct	and	indirect	jobs	for	the	corresponding	             Indirect Jobs                          1,271       559        439       463     7,455     2,705     2,966     5,340     3,947
years were 2,559, 716 and 741 respectively.                              Total Jobs                             2,559       969        716       741    14,558     6,402     7,143    11,383     8,884

In 2001, at the peak of the building of GrandWest,                       Table 4: Contribution to Direct and Indirect Taxes
SunWest	created	or	sustained	7,102	direct	jobs	and	7,455	
indirect	 jobs,	 resulting	 in	 a	 total	 number	 of	 jobs	 created	     Rand million, nominal prices

or sustained equalling 14,558. By 2009 SunWest activities                                                      FY 1997   FY 1998    FY 1999   FY 2000   FY 2001   FY 2002   FY 2003   FY 2008   FY 2009

sustained	 4	 938	 direct	 jobs	 and	 3	 947	 indirect	 jobs.	 	 This	   Direct Taxes
is	a	total	of	8	884	sustainable	jobs	due	to	the	activities	of	           Casino Levies & VAT                                                              92.1     155.2     198.7     429.1     397.8
SunWest.                                                                 Other Direct Taxes                       0.5         3.5      4.3       3.9      20.7      55.7      99.5     287.2     273.8
                                                                         Licence Fees                             0.0         0.0      0.2       0.3     131.4      12.5        6.2     24.4      13.7
Fiscal contributions                                                     Total Direct Taxes                       0.5         3.5      4.5       4.2     244.3     223.4     304.4     740.7     685.3
                                                                         Indirect Taxes
As	 illustrated	 in	 Table	 4,	 SunWest	 is	 a	 major	 contributor	      GrandWest Capital Expenditure                                                   185.1       9.6        1.9     35.4        2.7
to provincial taxes through licence fees and the provincial              GrandWest Operations                                                             61.3      78.5      82.2     149.2     128.3
gambling levy.                                                           Grand West Concessionaires                                                        6.5      10.4      11.1      13.6      15.0
                                                                         Grand Arena Events                                                                                               5.1     10.3
In 2009 SunWest paid R397.8 million in casino levies and                 Table Bay Hotel Capital Expenditure     33.8         4.8      0.3       0.5       0.3       0.0        0.0       1.4       1.9
VAT,	 R273.8	 million	 in	 other	 forms	 of	 direct	 taxes	 (such	       Table Bay Hotel Operations               1.5      12.2       14.1      15.2      13.5      14.9      19.6      25.3      26.3
as	income	and	corporate	tax)	and	R13.7	million	in	licence	               Table Bay Hotel Concessionaires          0.0         0.7      0.8       0.8       0.9       1.0        1.4       0.6       0.8
fees.   This resulted in a total of R685.3 million being                 CTICC                                                                                               161.2      60.4      52.1
paid in various forms of direct taxes, while an additional               Roggebaai Canal                                                                             4.7        0.6       0.0       0.0
R237.4 million in indirect taxes was also generated during               Total Indirect Taxes                    35.3      17.8       15.1      16.6     267.6     119.2     278.1     291.2     237.4
that year. There has been a cumulative direct and indirect               Cumulative Direct & Indirect Taxes      35.7      57.0       76.6      97.4     609.4     952.0    1,534.5   5,496.5   6,419.2
tax payment of over R6.4 billion for the years 1997 to 2009.

Indirect household income is generated through the                       in a total increase in indirect household income of            cumulative increase in indirect household income of nearly
multiplier effects. In 2009 the SunWest initiatives resulted             R1.21 billion. Between 1997 and 2009 there was a               R9.5 billion.

                                                                                                                                                                                         [sustainability report] p15
Economic Sustainability (continued)

ASSOCIATED INVESTMENTS                                         Table 5: Contribution to Indirect Household Income

This section examines the broader impact of SunWest’s          Rand million, nominal prices
investments on properties, property values and other forms                                           FY 1997   FY 1998   FY 1999   FY 2000   FY 2001   FY 2002   FY 2003   FY 2008   FY 2009

of investments. It starts by considering concessionaires       GrandWest Capital Expenditure                                                  950.1      49.1        9.9    181.6      13.6
and outsourced service providers before investigating          GrandWest Operations                                                           302.1     380.7     397.1     745.2     633.5
investments and property value changes due to the various      Grand West Concessionaires                                                      35.7      57.0      61.1      74.8      82.4
investment holdings of SunWest.                                Grand Arena Events                                                                                            27.6      56.9
                                                               Table Bay Hotel Capital Expenditure    172.6      24.8       1.5       2.7        1.5       0.0       0.0       7.3     10.0
Concessionaires and outsourced service providers               Table Bay Hotel Operations               7.4      60.4      69.4      75.5      65.9      72.7      94.8     123.6     128.8
                                                               Table Bay Hotel Concessionaires          0.0       2.9       3.3       3.6        4.0       4.4       6.1       2.8       3.4
There is a wide variety of concessionaires and outsourced      CTICC                                                                                              106.0     326.3     281.9
service providers at GrandWest, the Table Bay Hotel            Roggebaai Canal                                                                           22.4        2.9       0.0       0.0
and	 the	 CTICC.	 One	 of	 the	 major	 economic	 advantages	   Total                                  180.0      88.1      74.2      81.8    1,359.4    586.3     677.8    1,489.1   1,210.5
of allowing concessions and outsourcing services is the        Cumulative                             180.0     268.1     342.3     424.1    1,783.5   2,369.8   3,047.6   8,253.4   9,463.9
economic opportunities and empowerment that result
from this. Entrepreneurial opportunities would be far
more	limited	if	all	services	were	done	in-house	by	SunWest	
employees. It is also important to recognise that these
opportunities can then be developed further by the
emergent entrepreneurs.

GrandWest has 27 concessionaires that range from fast
food outlets and restaurants to entertainment and retail.
These	provide	jobs	for	679	people.	At	the	same	time	there	
are 14 outsourced service providers with the largest being
in catering, security and cleaning. In total, these service
providers employ 1 280 people. The Table Bay Hotel has
two concessionaires who employ a total of 29 people and
five service providers employing in excess of 450 people.
The CTICC currently has six concessionaires and 22 service

                                                                                                                                                                              [sustainability report] p16
Economic Sustainability (continued)

GrandWest and property values                                       Table 6: Property price premiums associated with GrandWest (2005 estimates)

                                                                    	                           	Number	of		     Average	value	    Total	values	of	   %	Premium	due	        Value	of	premium
GrandWest has significantly boosted property values in
                                                                    	                          units	affected	      of	units	      units	affected	    to	GrandWest	               (Rm)
surrounding suburbs, as has been confirmed by a survey
                                                                                                                                                      min.    max.      min.      max.       ave.
of nine estate agents operating in Goodwood, Thornton
                                                                     Thornton                      1,300           R 675,000             R 878         5%      10%     R 43.9    R 87.8    R 65.8
and Ruyterwacht.
                                                                        Ruyterwacht (west)           850           R 350,000             R 298         5%      10%     R 14.9    R 29.8    R 22.3
                                                                        Ruyterwacht (east)           850           R 300,000             R 255         2%       5%      R 5.1    R 12.8     R 8.9
Discussions with estate agents with experience in Thornton
                                                                        Goodwood                     600           R 250,000             R 150         2%       5%      R 3.0     R 7.5     R 5.3
revealed that GrandWest has had a positive impact on the
suburb, creating heightened awareness of an area which                  TOTAL                      3,600                                R 1,580                        R 66.9   R 137.8   R 102.3
was previously relatively unknown. The upgrading of
the property also had a positive impact on the image of             and Voortrekker Road in the lower end of the market,
Thornton, Ruyterwacht and to a lesser degree, Goodwood.             driven	by	demand	from	casino	workers.	A	premium	of	5%	
The development of GrandWest not only created certainty             for these units was suggested given that there were other
about the use of the showground site, but also improved             factors	 driving	 the	 demand	 for	 these	 units	 (notably	 the	
security in the area. One agent felt that the improvement           emerging market of government employees and others
in the image of Thornton made it a more attractive place            in	 the	 area).	 Agents	 felt	 that	 impacts	 to	 the	 north	 of	
for the establishment of new townhouse developments                 Voortrekker Road had been minimal and that there were
such as Viking Village and Poplars. Two agents with the             no discernable increases in values.
greatest level of experience in Thornton felt that the
development probably increased property values in the               The opinions of estate agents were used to generate
suburb	by	between	5%	and	10%.	                                      an indication of the possible magnitude of minimum,
                                                                    maximum and average impacts on property values.
Agents in Ruyterwacht were less certain of impacts, but             The results show that impacts were probably between
the consensus seemed to be that properties in Ruyterwacht           R67 million and R138 million, with an average of
within walking distance of GrandWest probably increased             R102 million in 2005 values. While it is unlikely that
by	 between	 5%	 and	 10%	 and	 those	 in	 the	 rest	 of	 the	      GrandWest would have contributed to the increased
suburb	 by	 up	 to	 5%.	 Impacts	 were	 thus	 similar	 to	 those	   property values above, these percentage increases in the
experienced in Thornton apart from a variation in                   2009 value is considerably greater. Simply by applying
premiums based on proximity to GrandWest.                           a	 consumer	 price	 index	 adjustment,	 this	 would	 be	 the	
                                                                    equivalent of between R90 million and R186 million with
Agents in Goodwood were of the opinion that there was               an average of R138 million.
a clear impact on the values of flats between GrandWest

                                                                                                                                                                                     [sustainability report] p17
Economic Sustainability (continued)

CTICC and Roggebaai Canal                                         and those located directly on the canal are synergistic         or Roggebaai canal amounts to R6 billion. Further smaller
                                                                  and can be directly attributable to SunWest’s foreshore         developments along the Canal precinct include ten
The Roggebaai Canal precinct was a key development                developments. However, perhaps the most profound                residential, business, retail, tourism and entertainment
trigger for Cape Town’s CBD by providing a link between           but more indirect impact has been a general increase in         projects.	 There	 are	 currently	 six	 buildings	 bordering	 or	
the Foreshore and the V&A Waterfront. The canal, in               residential and commercial property prices and a more           close to the Roggebaai Canal with a combined investment
conjunction	 with	 the	 CTICC,	 has	 pumped	 new	 economic	       sustainable	 broad-based,	 diversified	 economic	 and	 tax	     value of R1.68 billion.
life-blood	 into	 the	 spatially,	 economically	 and	 socially	   revenue base in the CBD which has lured back residents
degraded Foreshore. In return the canal has pumped                and,	as	a	result,	major	and	specialty	retailers.                The	 84-unit,	 R148-million	 Harbour	 Edge	 apartment	
more water into the Waterfront enhancing its waterside                                                                            building at the corner of Buitengracht and Western
appeal and linking it to the Foreshore. By creating a more        While much of the impact of the CTICC and the canal is of       Boulevard is the residential development closest to the
open-ended,	 navigable	 destination,	 in	 parts	 completely	      an indirect nature, there are certain new developments and      CTICC. Straddling the canal, Canal Quays, with 72 units
surrounded by water, the canal has created a sense of             conversions that are a direct result of these investments.      was launched in October 2006 at a cost of R120 million.
insular exclusivity and serenity.                                 Several	 major	 property	 developments	 are	 located	 within	
                                                                  400 metres of either the CTICC or the Roggebaai Canal;          The	 new	 One	 &	 Only	 130-key	 luxury	 hotel	 complex	
One of the main impacts on the economic sustainability of         their close proximity allows them to benefit directly from      which opened in April 2009 includes a Tower Marina
the CBD has been the unprecedented inflow of investment           the development impact of these two properties and can be       with 92 suites. It is linked by bridges to two landscaped
over the past nine years and the resulting diversification        assumed	to	have	been	a	major	investment	consideration.          islands housing 40 villas and a wellness spa. At a cost of
and appreciation of the real estate market. SunWest’s                                                                             R900 million, this development attests to the synergy
impact on the property market has been both direct and            The combined value of the significant property investments      between	the	Waterfront	and	the	Canal,	creating	a	world-
indirect. Properties in the immediate vicinity of the CTICC       since 2000 that are within 400 metres of either the CTICC       class tourism destination.

                                                                                                                                                                                    [sustainability report] p18
                  Social Sustainability
    One of the key underpinnings of sustainable             ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT                                              and retaining black management within the group,
                                                                                                                              in order to assist in sustaining black leadership in the
development is social sustainability. There are a           Broad	 based	 black	 economic	 empowerment	 is	 a	 major	         group.	The	SIBEMT	has	an	effective	0.42%	interest	in	Sun	

 variety of dimensions to this including economic           strategic focus for SunWest and initiatives to ensure             International Limited held through Dinokana.
                                                            alignment with its overall business plan are constantly

    empowerment, training, responsible gambling             monitored. Monitoring also ensures compliance with                The	 Sun	 International	 Employee	 Share	 Trust	 (SIEST)	
                                                                                                                              was established in 2003. Today, it holds – directly and
                                                            GrandWest’s casino licence conditions.
programmes, corporate social investment and the                                                                               indirectly	 –	 5.7%	 of	 Sun	 International’s	 shares	 and	 up	

 fight against HIV/AIDS, to mention a few.                  Shareholders                                                      to	 3.5%	 of	 a	 number	 of	 group	 subsidiaries,	 including	
                                                                                                                              GrandWest	 at	 3.5%.	 In	 December	 2005,	 the	 Share	
                                                            The Financial Mail Rating by Empowerdex in 2009 ranked            Trust was included as a beneficiary in the group’s
                                                            Sun International as the twentieth most empowered                 Dinokana	 BEE	 transaction,	 obtaining	 a	 43%	 interest	
                                                            of	 the	 Top	 200	 JSE-listed	 companies.	 The	 Sunwest	          and through this, increasing its effective interest in
                                                            BEE	 shareholding	 is	 at	 least	 38%	 and	 49%	 when	 Sun	       Sun	 International	 from	 2.2%	 to	 5.7%.	 At	 the	 same	
                                                            International’s own BEE credentials are taken into account.       time, the SIEST was extended to include the group’s
                                                            As	 a	 measure	 of	 its	 serious	 commitment	 to	 B-BBEE,	 Sun	   employees       in   Botswana,   Namibia,   Swaziland     and
                                                            International has set itself a target to attain a Level 4         Zambia. The SIEST now has over 7 000 employees as
                                                            rating by 2010, while SunWest’s 2012 target is a Level 3          beneficiaries.	 All	 permanent	 full-time	 and	 scheduled	
                                                            rating and its 2015 target is a Level 2 rating.                   employees with at least six months’ group service
                                                                                                                              are eligible.
                                                            The Sun International Black Executive Management Trust
                                                            (SIBEMT)	was	established	with	the	objective	of	attracting	
               52%	 Sun	International
               29%	 Grand	Parade	Investments
               15%	 Afrisun	Leisure	Investments
               3%	 Sun	International	Employee	Share	Trust
               1%		 Other

                                                                                                                                                                               [sustainability report] p19
Social Sustainability (continued)


  Grand      Parade   Investments,    which   was   launched
  in 1997 with the backing mainly of thousands of
  previously disadvantaged community investors, is a
  Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment enterprise
  with a substantial shareholder base drawn from the
  marginalised communities in the Western Cape’s
  historically disadvantaged areas.

  Originally the empowerment partner in the successful
  SunWest application for the Cape Metropole casino
  licence in 1999, it has since grown into a substantial
  player in the South African tourism, leisure and gaming
  industry, with assets worth billions of Rands, and a            owns the luxury Table Bay Hotel in the Victoria & Alfred            acquired	 50%	 of	 Akhona,	 a	 KwaZulu-Natal	 company	
  landmark listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange             Waterfront, and is a shareholder in the very successful             with	 interests	 that	 include	 20%	 of	 the	 LPM	 operator	
  in 2008.                                                        Cape Town International Convention Centre, which was                KingdomSlots	and	6%	of	Dolcoast,	which	in	turn	holds	
                                                                  conceived as part of the original SunWest casino licence            22%	in	Afrisun	KwaZulu-Natal.		
  A decade after its founding, GPI has achieved its dual          bid and firmly links the Waterfront with Cape Town’s
  aim of becoming a profitable and successful enterprise,         rejuvenated	Foreshore	area.                                         The concept of sustainability is central to GPI’s investment
  while at the same time rewarding its thousands of                                                                                   strategy, a key part of which is the channelling of resources
  shareholders. The company’s value has grown from its            By	 June	 2009,	 GPI	 had	 an	 effective	 33.5%	 stake	 in	         into entities where GPI is able to exercise significant
  original	 R28-million	 investment	 eleven	 years	 ago	 to	 a	   SunWest,     both    through     direct   shareholding     and      influence. From this position GPI is able to encourage its
  net asset value of R1.6 billion.                                through	 its	 acquisition	 of	 a	 30.6%	 stake	 in	 Real	 Africa	   underlying investments to grow in a sustainable manner,
                                                                  Holdings	(RAH)	in	2008.	It	has	also	expanded	its	interests	         mindful of the interests of all its stakeholders.
  GPI is SunWest’s biggest local stakeholder in so far as         into the Boardwalk Casino & Entertainment World
  shareholder empowerment is concerned and now has                in Port Elizabeth, the Sibaya Casino & Entertainment                GPI’s   most   significant   investment,    SunWest,     has
  6,500 direct shareholders and nearly 15,000 indirect            Kingdom north of Durban, and the Carnival City Casino               developed an enviable track record in terms of its focus
  shareholders through its founding consortia, most of            & Entertainment World outside Brakpan. GPI also has                 on sustainability, as has Thuo Gaming WC. Both entities
  whom are members of communities historically denied             a	 36.7%	 shareholding	 in	 the	 Golden	 Valley	 Casino	 in	        allocate a percentage of their profits to CSI and these
  access to the mainstream economy.                               Worcester	and	an	additional	2.3%	through	RAH.                       resources are dedicated to uplifting the communities
                                                                                                                                      within which they operate. GrandWest’s CSI has
  In addition to GrandWest Casino & Entertainment                 GPI also owns interests in limited payout machine                   become increasingly prominent in the social investment
  World	in	Goodwood,	which	is	today	the	top-performing	           operations in the Western Cape, the Free State and                  landscape of Cape Town and boasts numerous CSI
  casino complex in South Africa, SunWest also wholly             KwaZulu-Natal	 through	 Thuo	 Gaming.	 It	 recently	                projects	and	achievements	in	its	portfolio.

                                                                                                                                                                                          [sustainability report] p20
Social Sustainability (continued)

Employment Equity                                            SunWest’s employment equity and succession planning         While this is under the national average given GrandWest’s
                                                             strategies focus on the group’s core function. SunWest’s    operating environment, it is envisaged that this target is
Through its employment equity processes, SunWest is
                                                             new employment equity plan for 2010 reflects the plans      a realistic goal. In aligning the strategy with the overall
firmly committed to promoting equal opportunity and fair
                                                             in place to aid with recruitment and development. This      Sun International strategy, GrandWest has increased its
treatment through the elimination of the residual effects
                                                             doubles as a departmental measurement and guide             focus on the support areas by increasing the levels of
of past legislative discrimination. This process includes
                                                             towards ensuring that employment equity targets are         PDIs. Particular attention is placed on the finance and
the implementation of affirmative action measures to
                                                             attained.                                                   marketing functions.
redress the disadvantages in employment previously
experienced by many South Africans. In this way, equality
                                                             Among the strategies that are employed are the              Training and skills development
of opportunity in employment and working conditions
                                                             finalization of succession planning for incumbents and
in all occupational categories, groups and levels in the
                                                             deputies; assessments to determine competencies and         Employee training and development is the responsibility of
company will be achieved.
                                                             to identify candidates for development; drawing up          a training committee, which is responsible for determining
Employment equity is a critical component of SunWest’s       development plans for fast tracking of potential; and the   training interventions both internally or externally,
overall human capital management strategy and is one of      development of candidates through the supervisory and       identifying suitable service providers, and ensuring
its	major	company	transformation	drivers.	As	with	all	Sun	   management development programmes. In addition,             compliance with international training standards, relevant
International operations, GrandWest and the Table Bay        targets for the employment of people with disabilities      legislation and commitments.
operate Employment Equity Committees.                        have	been	increased	to	1%.	

                                                                                                                                                                       [sustainability report] p21
Social Sustainability (continued)

While employees are responsible for their own career                  Supervisory Development Programme. The development
development, Sun International, where appropriate,                    of	 supervisors	 takes	 two	 forms.	 A	 basic	 three-day	
provides the necessary resources. Departments develop a               programme focuses on the role of the supervisor and
career path development based on competence for each                  introduces newly promoted supervisors to their additional
position. Training programmes are therefore aligned with              responsibilities.	 To	 complement	 the	 initial	 three-day	
identified competencies.                                              programme 18 supplementary modules are available. To
                                                                      date more than 35 SunWest employees have participated
Project Vuka which was a three year group initiative has              in this programme. This programme is in the process of an
drawn to a close. The programme saw many individuals                  update and GrandWest currently has 23 candidates on a
utilise the programme. To ensure the ongoing availability             5-week	 programme	 that	 will	 culminate	 in	 individual	 and	
of	 an	 e-learning	 application,	 the	 property	 has	 available,	     group presentations.
through	 Learning	 Resources,	 basic	 PC	 packages	 (full	
MS	 Office)	 that	 allows	 for	 self-learning,	 as	 well	 as	 some	   Targeted procurement
customer service programmes that are also linked back to
actual “classroom “training. In this manner the consistency           SunWest‘s	 targeted	 access	 programme	 (TAP)	 sets	 out	 the	
in	end-user	computer	skills	remains	ongoing.                          company’s	 empowerment	 objectives	 by	 making	 specific,	
                                                                      detailed undertakings in respect of SunWest’s shareholders,
Management and leadership: The Sun International                      employees, suppliers and members of the community.
Business Leadership Programme is conducted at the
University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business                 From the outset, GrandWest set ambitious targets, starting
(GSB)	 and	 is	 aimed	 at	 growing	 management	 potential.	           at	20%	in	2001	and	ending	in	50%	by	2004	and	onwards.	
This programme encourages participants to develop:                    These targets have been overachieved in every year with
                                                                      actual	empowerment	procurement	being	46%	in	2001	and	
•	 A	strategic	plan	for	their	own	growth	and	development	             65%	in	2007.	This	declined	to	54%	in	2009	as	a	result	of	the	
   within the company;                                                replacement of slot machines, which have a high import
•	 Their	 communication	 skills	 and	 confidence	 to	 interact	       component	-	but	was	still	above	the	target	value	of	50%.	
   at an executive level;
•	 The	values	and	competencies	of	successful	leaders.                 Table 7: Empowerment procurement spend by GrandWest

SunWest employees have attended both the Gaming                                                               FY 2001    FY 2002    FY 2003   FY 2004   FY 2005   FY 2006   FY 2007   FY 2008   FY 2009
Management Development Programme, run from Sun                        	Target	                                  20%	       30%	        40%	     50%	      50%	      50%	      50%	      50%	      50%
International’s head office and the Slots Accelerated                 	Achieved	                                46%	       43%	        49%	     60%	      65%	      67%	      65%	      59%	      54%
Management Development Programme.

                                                                                                                                                                                         [sustainability report] p22
Social Sustainability (continued)

In the 2009 financial year, GrandWest spent over R130                      ABEs, women and other disadvantaged people, in the
million in purchasing goods and services in the local                      planning, development and operational phases of the
economy,	 and	 because	 54%	 of	 tracked	 procurement	                     gaming and related industries,
was placed with the BEE sector, we have substantially                   •	 The	setting	of	employment	targets,	
advanced the provincial government’s agenda in respect                  •	 Appointment	 of	 a	 Community	 Liaison	 Officer	 to	
of transformation in the Western Cape leisure industry.                    facilitate the involvement of the local community.

Sun International Group Procurement continues to take                   In respect of suppliers, the TAP Document commits
a stringent view of BEE compliance by assessing scores                  SunWest to:
on a narrow based weighting formula. BEE procurement
targets were originally set in the 2004 financial year, at              •	 The	setting	of	individual	targets	in	respect	of	affirmative	
25%	rising	each	year	to	an	ultimate	target	of	50%	in	2008.	                procurement,
The target for the procurement of goods and services                    •	 The	establishment	of	a	Procurement	and	Empowerment	
from BEE enterprises in respect of new developments and                    Committee     to   monitor    the    implementation      of
refurbishments	was	30%.	This	to	has	been	well	exceeded,	                   objectives.
with	a	score	of	41%.	
                                                                        The TAP Document also makes a number of concrete
In respect of employees, the TAP Document commits                       undertakings	in	to	broad-based	community	empowerment.	
SunWest to human resource policies in respect of:                       This is being achieved by:

•	 Job	creation	and	the	recruitment	of	PDIs	in	the	Western	             •	 The	performance	of	a	liaison	function	by	the	Community	
   Cape,                                                                   Liaison Officer,
•	 Training	 of	 staff.	 It	 specifies	 the	 type	 of	 training	 and	   •	 The	 implementation	 of	 the	 National	 Responsible	
   the number of participants, as well as development                      Gambling Programme, in respect of which an annual
   programmes to be put in place to accelerate the fast                    budget of R1 747 541 has been set; and
   tracking of PDIs,                                                    •	 Means	of	corporate	social	investment.	
•	 The	creation	of	the	TAP	Development	Centre	to	cater	
   for participation by business owned and controlled by

                                                                                                                                          [sustainability report] p23
Social Sustainability (continued)

RESPONSIBLE GAMBLING                                          problem gamblers to the following outpatient treatment            In 2002, GrandWest took responsible gambling education
                                                              centres in the Western Cape. These are located in Caledon,        to another level when it opened the Gaming Information
Condition 22 of the casino operator licence issued to         Cape	Town	(southern	and	northern	suburbs),	Kenilworth,	           Centre	 (GIC),	 the	 first	 dedicated	 gambling	 educational	
SunWest reads as follows: “The licence holder shall adhere    Bellville, Vasco, Somerset West, Strand, George and               facility of its kind in South Africa. The centre was
to the detailed programme submitted as part of its bid in     Saldanha Bay.                                                     established to encourage and promote an “informed”
respect of the measures to be adopted by it to address the                                                                      and responsible gambling culture with a trained team
                                                              GrandWest	has	also	been	the	focal	point	of	Africa’s	first-
issue of problem gambling.”                                                                                                     of GrandWest staffers on hand to assist patrons, and
                                                              ever initiative to educate young people about the risks
                                                                                                                                potential patrons, to become familiar with slots and
GrandWest acknowledges that it has a special responsibility   involved in gambling. This innovative public education
                                                                                                                                table	games.	The	main	objective	of	the	centre	is	to	assist	
to promote responsible gambling. It was the first casino      programme was implemented at schools in the suburbs
                                                                                                                                regular patrons to play more smartly and responsibly
in the Western Cape to embrace the National Responsible       surrounding the four Western Cape casinos.
                                                                                                                                and ensure that customers understand that gambling is
Gambling Programme. The company is an active participant                                                                        a recreational and entertainment activity. GIC staff are
                                                              •	 The	 programme	 is	 managed	 by	 the	 National	 Centre	
in the Western Cape Forum on Responsible Gambling. It                                                                           trained to inform visitors about the National Responsible
                                                                 for the Study of Gambling based at the University of
endorsed and signed the Western Cape Gambling and                                                                               Gambling Programme and to teach them about the many
                                                                 Cape	 Town,	 in	 conjunction	 with	 the	 Western	 Cape	
Racing Board’s code of conduct for responsible gambling.                                                                        forms of help which are available for problem gamblers
                                                                 Department of Education. Funding comes from the
The Responsible Gambling Forum meets on a monthly                                                                               and their families.    Responsible gambling literature is
                                                                 provincial Department of Social Services and Poverty
basis with quarterly audits being conducted by Sun                                                                              freely available at the centre. The number of visitors to
                                                                 Alleviation, and the NRGP, to which GrandWest makes
International’s group internal audit division.                                                                                  the GIC is testament to the fact that the centre is achieving
                                                                 a substantial financial contribution.
                                                                                                                                its	objective.	
In addition to its contractual arrangements with four         •	 To	support	lectures	by	a	team	of	facilitators,	a	variety	of	
residential facilities, the NRGP has the capacity to refer       pamphlets were printed in three languages.

                                                                                                                                                                                [sustainability report] p24
Social Sustainability (continued)

CORPORATE SOCIAL INVESTMENT AND                                      Table 5: Contribution to Corporate Social Investment

ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT                                               Rand million, nominal prices
                                                                                                                FY 2001   FY 2002        FY 2003   FY 2004   FY 2005   FY 2006   FY 2007   FY 2008    FY 2009
One	of	SunWest’s	policies	is	to	promote	the	socio-economic	
                                                                      Total CSI Contribution                        0.7          0.1        0.9       2.0        3.6       6.6       7.6      13.0        9.7
development of the communities in which it operates. This
                                                                     Cumulative                                     0.7          0.8        1.7       3.7        7.3      13.8      21.4      34.4      44.1
is achieved principally through the investment of financial
resources, skills and leadership in a variety of corporate
social	investment	(CSI)	programmes.	In	working	alongside	            come from the last four years. In the 2006 financial year               came into operation and the number of slot machines
communities, SunWest strives to achieve transparency                 SunWest	 increased	 their	 spending	 on	 CSI	 from	 1.5%	 of	           increased	to	2	500.	Two	projects	were	identified	in	terms	
and equitable distribution of funding to communities                 after	tax	profits	to	2.0%.                                              of this commitment, GrandWest CSI Bursary Fund and a
and	 to	 appropriate	 CSI	 projects.	 The	 involvement	 and	                                                                                 partnership with the University of Cape Town’s Student
participation of SunWest employees in the process                    GrandWest                                                               Health	and	Welfare	Organisation	(SHAWCO).	
enhances and adds impetus to all CSI related activities.
                                                                     The GrandWest CSI committee, consisting of elected                      The expansion at GrandWest increased CSI spending by an
As	 a	 group,	 Sun	 International	 allocates	 2%	 of	 its	 annual	   management         and    line   staff   representatives,     was       additional R1.7 million to a potential R14.7 million in 2015.
profit	after	tax	to	CSI	projects,	which	is	significantly	higher	     established in 2000 to promote social development in the                This equates to a cumulative increase of R9.1 million by
than the global and South African average. Strategically,            environment in which it operates. The committee offers                  2015.
the group intends increasing this commitment over the                financial assistance and provides skills and leadership
next	five	years	to	4%	of	profit	after	tax	by	2013,	but	will	be	      within its community, in the areas of health and welfare,               Since 2000, GrandWest CSI has invested over R25 million in
separating this contribution into Enterprise Development             education,	 and	 community	 development,	 job	 creation,	               local	community	projects	and	programmes,	concentrating	
with	 3%	 with	 the	 remaining	 1%	 allocated	 to	 Corporate	        sports, arts and culture.                                               on those that are viable and sustainable in the long term
Social	Investment	projects.                                                                                                                  and those that empower local communities.
                                                                     In terms of the Western Cape Gambling and Racing
Both GrandWest and the Table Bay Hotel make important                Board’s	 approval	 of	 the	 GrandWest	 expansion	 project,	             The allocation of CSI across different category types saw
corporate contributions to social responsibility. The table          GrandWest was required to spend an additional amount                    34%	 of	 funding	 going	 to	 special	 projects	 including	 the	
below shows the historic corporate social spending by                on	CSI-related	projects	amounting	to	R4.1	million	annually	             bursary	 fund	 and	 SHAWCO;	 38%	 to	 health	 and	 welfare	
SunWest. As can be seen, SunWest has already contributed             for five years. This additional CSI expenditure became                  projects;	 20%	 to	 education;	 and	 1%	 to	 enterprise	
R44.1 million in CSI, with the bulk of the spending having           effective from 1 July 2007, when the new smoking casino                 development.

                                                                                                                                                                                              [sustainability report] p25
Social Sustainability (continued)

Among	 the	 diverse	 projects	 in	 which	 GrandWest	 CSI	 is	   Ruyterwacht, Bramble Way, Athlone North and Zimasa
involved are:                                                   Primary	schools	enjoy	a	day	out	filled	with	activities	such	
                                                                as	 jumping	 castles,	 face	 painting,	 stilt	 walkers	 and	 gifts	
Health and Welfare – SOS Children’s Village, Tygerberg          from Santa.
Children’s Hospital, Home of Hope, Woodside Special Care
Centre, SA Red Cross Society, Community Women Action            The Table Bay Hotel

Education	 -	 Community	 Learning	 Centre	 -	 Ruyterwacht,	     The Table Bay Hotel supports a number of CSI initiatives in
Zeekoevlei Environmental Education programme, Western           five categories as shown in the following table.
Cape Primary Schools Science Programme, Noluthando
School	for	the	Deaf,	Share	Literacy	Project                     In the 2008 financial year, the Table Bay Hotel spent over
                                                                R164 000 on corporate social investment, increasing to
Other	-	Eziko	Cooking	School,	Children’s	Christmas	Party,	      R194 597 in the 2009 financial year. This amount was
Crèche and Sports Drives, Western Cape Firefighters             fairly	evenly	spread	between	health	and	welfare	projects,	
Association, National Sea Rescue Institute, Food and Trees      educational	 projects	 and	 community	 development.	
for Africa                                                      In many ways the spending on health and welfare at
                                                                Nazareth House actually understates the true value. The
In	 addition	 to	 these	 projects,	 GrandWest	 also	 runs	 a	   reason for this is that the Hotel regularly hosts a variety of
number of other CSI initiatives. The two most important         events for Nazareth House and the profit for these events
of these are:                                                   goes directly to Nazareth House. A good example of this is
                                                                the R100 000 that was generated from the Sun City / Table
GrandWest Cape Culture & Heritage Foundation. The               Bay Cycle Ride which went directly to Nazareth House and
GrandWest Cape Culture and Heritage Foundation was              is not reflected in the table.
established in 2002 with GrandWest agreeing to contribute
an	amount	of	R10	million	spread	over	ten	years	(R627	000	
                                                                Table 9: Table Bay Hotel CSI expenditure
escalating	at	10%	from	2002)	to	the	Foundation.	The	aims	
of the Foundation are to promote culture, arts, heritage                                                                              July 2007 to June 2008   July 2008 to April 2009
and	tourism	with	special	emphasis	on	job	creation	for	the	
                                                                 Health and Welfare                                                                R32 340                    R4 500
previously disadvantaged.
                                                                 Education                                                                         R45 219                   R52 331
                                                                 Community Development                                                             R34 047                   R39 553
CSI Childrens Christmas Party. GrandWest CSI hosts an
                                                                 Sports, Arts and Culture                                                          R40 153                   R22 605
annual Christmas party in the GrandWest Market Hall
                                                                 Other                                                                             R12 294                   R14 451
where in excess of 450 children from four schools within
                                                                 Total                                                                            R164 053                 R133 441
the GrandWest catchment area are invited. Children from

                                                                                                                                                                       [sustainability report] p26
Social Sustainability (continued)

The fight against HIV/AIDS                                            against the results of the previous impact assessment,             Several HIV/AIDS educational initiatives have been taken
                                                                      conducted in 2003. The new programme includes:                     by SunWest. These include:
Sun West has been closely involved in programmes to
minimise the effects of HIV/AIDS on its staff and the                 •	 Access	to	free	consultations	with	a	network	doctor	for	         •	 Briefing	 sessions	 have	 been	 held	 for	 executive	
communities in which the company operates. HIV/AIDS                      HIV/AIDS infected employees.                                       management.
education and awareness remains a strategic intervention              •	 Supply	 of	 anti-retroviral	 therapy	 to	 staff	 where	         •	 Specialised	 “Train	 the	 Trainer”	 education	 was	
and forms an integral part of all induction programmes.                  appropriate.                                                       conducted by the Department of Health for selected
Practical assistance is offered to employees. This includes           •	 Access	to	prophylaxis	for	the	prevention	of	mother	to	             staff members.
free testing, guidance on nutrition, the correct use                     child transmission.                                             •	 AIDS	 education	 is	 an	 integral	 part	 of	 the	 company’s	
of medication as well as counselling by trained peer                  •	 Access	to	prophylaxis	against	opportunistic	infections,	           induction programmes and covers topics such as
counsellors.                                                             vaccinations	and	multi-vitamin	supplements.	                       prevention,	precautions,	methods	of	transmission,	pre-	
                                                                      •	 Access	 to	 monitoring	 tests,	 additional	 education	             and	post-test	counselling.
The	 company	 has	 adopted	 a	 non-discriminatory	 and	                  programmes, and a nurse line for telephonic advice              •	 Dealing	with	AIDS	in	the	workplace	is	also	included	in	
compassionate	 approach	 and	 will	 not	 conduct	 pre-                   and patient support.                                               certain	in-house	supervisory	development	programmes	
employment testing or discriminate in any way on the basis            •	 Confidential	case	management.	                                     and industrial relations training programmes.
of HIV status. The group acknowledges that HIV/AIDS has               •	 Claims	processing.	
an impact on productivity, absenteeism and recruitment                •	 General	call	centre.	                                           Focus on Enterprise Development
costs and to this end it has various strategies in place to try       •	 Formulation	and	maintenance	of	clinical	guidelines.	
to limit such impacts.                                                                                                                   The	 BBBEE	 Strategy	 and	 Act	 (2003),	 recognises	 that	
                                                                      A detailed management programme comprising the                     small	 enterprises	 are	 a	 major	 lever	 for	 BBBEE,	 providing	
SunWest has recently commissioned a new impact                        supply	 of	 anti-retrovirals	 and	 prophylaxis	 for	 prevention	   opportunities to increase meaningful black participation
assessment.	 	 This	 will	 assist	 in	 re-determining	 the	 likely	   of mother to child transmission will supplement the                in economic activities. Our focus will thus be sustainable
HIV/AIDS	 prevalence	 rates	 and	 projected	 future	 costs	           initiatives that have been undertaken in the group during          enterprise development to ensure extended participation
associated with HIV/AIDS. These results will be correlated            the past years.                                                    in	the	economy	and	act	as	an	engine	of	job	creation.	

                                                                                                                                                                                            [sustainability report] p27
Social Sustainability (continued)


 SHAWCO-GrandWest CSI Community Health Project

  Through its extensive community work, GrandWest CSI became increasingly
  aware of local communities’ relatively limited access to health facilities in the
  Cape	Town	metropolitan	area.	Aware	of	the	good	work	SHAWCO	(The	University	
  of	Cape	Town	Student’s	Health	and	Welfare	Centres	Organisation)	was	doing	in	
  this field, GrandWest CSI approached the organisation with a view to possibly
  partnering	with	them	on	a	large-scale	community	health	project.

  The resultant partnership saw GrandWest funding infrastructure, as well as
  increased administrative and clinical capacity for SHAWCO. In March 2008, the
  SHAWCO-GrandWest	 CSI	 Community	 Health	 Project	 was	 launched,	 including	 a	
  mobile community health clinic, consisting of a new truck and trailer which was
  converted into a fully outfitted clinic, two upgraded existing clinic vehicles, as
  well as two new buses used to transport the student volunteers who man the

  By the end of the academic year, SHAWCO was able to treat over 4,200 patients
  at 160 clinics throughout the Cape Peninsula and more than 477 students were
  active in these clinics, due to the extra capacity provided by GrandWest’s funding.

  To quote from SHAWCO’s 2008 report: “The impact of having sustained funding
  cannot	 be	 over-emphasised.	 For	 the	 first	 time	 in	 SHAWCO’s	 history,	 we	 have	
  been able to dream big AND turn these dreams into reality. GrandWest CSI’s
  funding and support have allowed us to expand and extend our services, as well
  as to improve the quality of the volunteer student and doctor experience – all of
  which contribute to the overall sustainability of our services. This will mean that
  SHAWCO will be able to reach many more people in need in 2009.”

                                                                                           [sustainability report] p28
Social Sustainability (continued)



  Motivated by the shortage of skilled engineers and
  scientists in the Western Cape, the GrandWest CSI Bursary
  Fund was launched in August 2007 aimed at tertiary
  students studying mathematics, science or technology, as
  well	as	FET	(Further	Education	and	Training)	students	who	
  are bridging towards a university education. The Bursary
  Fund makes bursaries worth R5 million available over a
  five-year	period.

  The bursaries are awarded for studies at the following
  academic institutions: Cape Peninsula University of
  Technology, College of Cape Town, False Bay College,
  Northlink College, University of Cape Town, University of
  Stellenbosch and the University of the Western Cape.

  To date the GrandWest CSI Bursary Fund has awarded
  bursaries to 150 students and many of these early bursars
  are already achieving impressive academic results at their
  various institutions.

                                                               [sustainability report] p29
Social Sustainability (continued)


 Blisters for Bread

 Since 2006, GrandWest CSI has been the associate partner and title
 sponsor	of	the	Peninsula	Schools	Feeding	Association’s	(PSFA)	annual	
 “Blisters for Bread” charity family fun walk – a commitment which
 continues until 2010. Our involvement with PSFA and Blisters for Bread
 goes back over several years and is based on a shared concern that
 one cannot teach a child who is hungry. In recent years, GrandWest
 staff have taken part in the walk in large numbers.

 PSFA’s	aims	include	the	reduction	of	short-term	hunger,	the	provision	
 of school feeding to enhance children’s ability to learn and to increase
 learner attendance at school.

 Like	the	PSFA,	GrandWest	CSI	has	been	involved	with	projects	that	seek	
 to	address	the	long-term	effects	of	hunger	and	malnutrition	amongst	
 children in local communities. This need has been exacerbated by
 reductions in government funding of school feeding. The problem
 increases each year as more children enter the schools system.

 Due to this increasing demand, PSFA now feeds 220 526 learners at
 618 primary, secondary and special needs schools throughout the
 Western Cape. .

                                                                            [sustainability report] p30
Social Sustainability (continued)


 Soundtrack 4 Life

 In	 an	 effort	 to	 change	 the	 attitudes	 that	 underlie	 much	 of	 the	 high-risk	 behaviour	 of	
 South Africa’s youth with regard to HIV and Aids, GrandWest CSI was instrumental in the
 establishment	 in	 2004	 of	 Soundtrack	 4	 Life	 (ST4L)	 in	 partnership	 with	 Artscape	 Audience	
 Development and Education. ST4L aims to empower learners to make the correct behavioural
 decisions in order to prevent the spread of the HIV pandemic.

 Year-on-year,	ST4L	has	continued	to	grow.		The	enthusiasm	with	which	it	has	been	received	
 and	 the	 demand	 for	 the	 project	 to	 continue,	 is	 clear.	 Since	 it	 started	 in	 2004,	 ST4L	 has	
 reached over 105 000 learners in 142 schools. To quote Ms Sindi Shayi of the Western Cape
 Education Department: “Through its support of the innovative programme, GrandWest
 Corporate Social Investment is demonstrating that it is committed to the needs and survival
 of the youth in its local community.”

 An	 educator	 and	 HIV	 co-ordinator	 at	 John	 Ramsay	 Secondary	 school	 in	 Bishop	 Lavis	 has	
 said: “The staff members who accompanied the learners to the community hall were highly
 impressed by your Road Show. They only had positive praise reports. The learners and staff
 of our school really needed this blessing in disguise at this point in time. Apart from being
 informative, it lifted the spirits of educators and learners alike. Words would never and can
 never express that gratitude and thankfulness that I am feeling. It is through partnerships
 like these that the battle against HIV/Aids will eventually be won.”

 Soundtrack 4 Life has been an effective force in bringing valuable life skills competence to
 high school learners in the greater Cape Town metropolitan area.

                                                                                                             [sustainability report] p31
Environmental Sustainability
GRANDWEST                                                         from GrandWest’s top management, associates and guests.     •	 Broad-based	and	targeted	promotion	and	dissemination	
                                                                  Our environmental policy principles apply not only to our      of	objectives	and	environmental	principles
Introduction                                                      own property, but also to the bordering geographical        •	 Ongoing	 monitoring	 and	 reporting	 on	 environmental	
                                                                  areas of Goodwood, Thornton and Ruyterwacht.                  performance	 process	 and	 achievements	 and	 non-
GrandWest is committed to an Environmental Management
System	(EMS)	that:	
                                                                  GrandWest is committed to responsible and sustainable       •	 Regular	 reviews,	 audits	 and	 continual	 improvement	
•	 is	incorporated	into	the	complex’s	missions	of	education,	     environmental biodiversity and conservation. In order          strategies   demonstrating      improvement      of   the
   research and extension                                         to manage and measure our effectiveness in achieving           environmental	policy,	plan	and	objectives
•	 is	used	to	plan,	design	and	operate	facilities	                this	 objective,	 we	 have	 implemented	 the	 Heritage	     •	 Ongoing	 resourcing,	 training	 and	 support	 of	 our	
•	 provides	 a	 framework	 to	 monitor	 its	 progress	 and	       Environmental Management System since May 2006 when            organisational task teams, ensuring that GrandWest’s
   ensure continual improvement to meet environmental             the complex was awarded a Silver Rating and a Gold             operational activities are aligned with sustainable
   and safety regulations                                         Rating from Heritage in March 2009.                            environmental management goals
•	 is	 utilised	 to	 meet	 pollution	 prevention	 goals	 which	                                                               •	 Continued	measurement	of	the	complex’s	consumption	
   follow the hierarchy of: prevention, recycling/reuse,          Overview of Achievements                                       of	 non-renewable	 resources,	 energy,	 water	 and	 fossil	
   treatment and disposal                                                                                                        fuels, and the implementation of measures to reduce
•	 is	 documented,	 implemented,	 maintained,	 and	               GrandWest’s success in achieving its environmental             these
   communicated to its employees and the public                   objectives	may	be	attributed	to:                            •	 Dynamically	 developing	 and	 implementing	 effective	
                                                                                                                                 environmental management programmes that identify
The purpose of GrandWest’s environmental policy is to             •	 A	 dedicated	 and	 motivated	 Green	 Team	 and	 a	          and address adverse environmental risks and/or impacts
help ensure a shared vision, commitment and direction                committed senior management                                 resulting from business activities

                                                                                                                                                                               [sustainability report] p32
Environmental Sustainability (continued)

                                                                 water demand started increasing. The foot counts in on
Key Objectives                                                   the	complex	increased	from	just	over	4	million	visitors	to	
                                                                 just	over	4.9	million	visitors	in	2008.	
                                                                 After    the   expansion    water   usage    increased    from
Potable Water                                                    317	720kl	to	360	258kl	that	resulted	in	an	11.8%	increase,	
                                                                 yet	realized	a	2.4%	decrease	on	2006.	
GrandWest’s water demand is managed through a
programme of daily, weekly and monthly monitoring                Wetlands
of the property’s consumption. This has enabled the
development	 of	 historic,	 seasonal	 and	 business-level	       The	 existing	 surface-water	 ponds	 in	 and	 around	 the	
demand trends and to identify any incidents of abnormal          GrandWest property are classified as decorative closed
consumption which would indicate leaks, abuse and/or             water features and these are artificially filtered and are
over-use	of	irrigation	networks,	etc.	                           being converted from waterlogged retention ponds into
                                                                 a natural wetland system. This has improved the wetland
In addition:                                                     bird habitat and some 20 species of water birds have
                                                                 started nesting in these areas.
•	 Conventional	spray	irrigation	to	existing	and	additional	
   new gardens has been replaced with drip irrigation            In	 May	 2008	 a	 complete	 mechanical	 clean-up	 of	 all	 nine	
•	 The	3	000	litres	of	water	generated	daily	by	the	ice	rink	    Wetlands was done. The vegetation overgrowth had
   are recycled for use in the complex’s gardens. Over a         caused	restricted	water	flow.	During	the	clean-up	process,	
   period of 30 days, this means in excess of 90 000 litres      some vegetation was left in the ponds to facilitate bird
   of	water	will	have	been	saved,	equal	to	three	30-cubic	       nesting in these areas.                                            waste reduction system entitled Electroflow that targets
   metre swimming pools                                                                                                             the inefficiency problems associated with poor power
•	 GrandWest’s	 gardens	 are	 being	 transformed	 to	 be	        Energy                                                             quality such as fluctuations, imbalances and harmonics.
   largely indigenous. In 2007 the ratio of indigenous:                                                                             Through enhancing/correcting the power quality, the
   exotic stood at 50:50. By 2008 the ratio was 83:17 due        GrandWest has been committed to minimising its carbon              losses in usable electrical power relative to the loads are
   to the plants were bought throughout the year.                footprint and demand on energy resources since opening             reduced. The exact magnitude and nature of the savings
                                                                 in December 2000.                                                  will become apparent in the near future as the system is
Water usage                                                                                                                         monitored and information recorded.
                                                                 This process was accelerated in 2008 through the Iskhus
GrandWest      significantly   reduced   its   potable   water   initiative, in terms of which an harmonic suppression              Throughout 2008, the new Grand Arena hosted 34
demand	 in	 2007	 by	 14.2%	 but	 after	 the	 completion	 of	    system has been installed and connected to Grand West’s            shows attended by some 100 405 people. The impact on
the complex upgrades and extensions in August 2007, the          electrical reticulation network. This is an electrical energy      the electrical energy demand as a result of the shows is

                                                                                                                                                                                   [sustainability report] p33
Environmental Sustainability (continued)

demonstrated	by	increase	on	power	demand	of	6.6%.	                      precaution was needed to ensure every participants safety.
Waste                                                                   Three indigenous trees were planted on the banks of the
                                                                        river after the clean up.
In June 2006, GrandWest started recycling by delivering
most of its waste to external recycling services. Since                 The plan is to establish a committee known as the “Friends
then it has been recycled at source, beginning with                     of the Elsies River” which will, in future, oversee the
paper in August 2007. Wastepaper bins have been placed                  annual	clean-up	of	the	canal	and	hopefully	other	sections	
in	 all	 offices	 and	 the	 success	 of	 this	 project	 led	 to	 the	   of the river.
introduction of wet and dry waste recycling in May 2008.
The	 achievement	 thus	 far	 has	 realized	 a	 50%	 recycled	           The	City	of	Cape	Town	gave	hands-on	support	to	the	clean-
material available due to waste separation at source.                   up with three Councillors offering their time assisting
In August 2008 separate glass bins for glass recycling                  in the cleanup and arranging the removal of the litter
were introduced and to date 63,010kg of glass has been                  collected by their waste management division.
                                                                        By	 extension	 of	 the	 project,	 an	 indigenous	 tree-planting	
Elsieskraal River Clean-Up                                              took place at four schools in the area namely the Elsiesriver
                                                                        High School, Ruyterwacht Primary School, Eldene Primary
A decision was made to adopt the 2.8km stretch of the                   School and Norwood Primary School. A total of 150 trees
Elsieskraal River canal to the east of GrandWest Casino                 were distributed between the four schools.
& Entertainment World and create an on–going care
programme/project	 which	 was	 initiated	 by	 the	 first	 river	        Awareness
canal	clean-up	which	took	place	in	November	2008.
                                                                        GrandWest       holds   four    environmental       awareness
GrandWest staff and associates formed two teams; the                    celebrations at the complex every year. In 2008 the
first of which was involved in picking up litter from the               environmental awareness days were:
sides of the river bank. The second team was involved in
removing of alien vegetation on the banks of the river.                 •	 World	Wetlands	Day	
Currently, the river is heavily polluted with sewage run off,           •	 National	Water	Week	
heavy metals, chemical pollutants and the risk of infection             •	 World	Environment	Day	
from	 high	 e-coli	 count	 and	 as	 such	 careful	 planning	 and	       •	 Arbour	Week

                                                                                                                                           [sustainability report] p34
Environmental Sustainability (continued)

THE TABLE BAY HOTEL                                              and procedures that encourage the operation of a facility        representatives who, together with management, work
                                                                 in a holistic manner. Heritage awards Silver, Gold or            towards	 adhering	 to	 pre-established	 standards,	 resolve	
The Table Bay Hotel recognises that it has an important          Platinum status to a property based on its performance           health and safety issues which may arise        and ensure
role to play in protecting and enhancing the environment         across a variety of environmental categories.                    compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
for future generations. To this end the Table Bay                                                                                 Health and safety representatives receive appropriate
Hotel is committed to taking action to achieve sound             In October 2006, the Table Bay Hotel was again awarded           training as required by legislation and all employees receive
environmental practices and fully comply with all                a Gold rating by the National Heritage Programme in              awareness training. Methods of communicating company
environmental legislation.                                       recognition	 of	 its	 conservation	 efforts.	 In	 just	 under	   policies, procedures and the Act include a module in our
                                                                 two years of adhering to the stringent principles of the         induction programme, information booklets, posters, the
Among its most important conservation efforts are                programme, the hotel’s Silver status was upgraded to Gold.       intranet and workshops.
electricity,	 gas,	 water	 and	 waste	 saving.	 Energy-saving	   In its audit report on the hotel, the Heritage Programme
electric light bulbs have been fitted and water is saved         said that one of the most impressive aspects of the hotel’s      Internal auditors who have specialised experience in health
with the introduction of dual flushing toilet tanks and          conservation work was the degree to which suppliers were         and safety audits regularly audit SunWest properties. The
shower heads that mix the water with air.                        advised of the hotel’s environmental position.                   audits focus on adherence to policies and procedures and
                                                                                                                                  the results are communicated to management.
The	 National	 Heritage	 Programme	 -	 a	 South	 African	
environmental	 rating	 programme	 -	 incorporates	 the	          CORPORATE HEALTH AND SAFETY                                      The company uses the services of Corporate Investment
principles of responsible tourism and business practice.                                                                          and Risk Consultants, a consultancy, which liaises directly
It places a firm emphasis on communication, community            SunWest strives to provide a safe and healthy working            with the Compensation Commission and expedites claims
interaction, education and the social environment. The           environment for its workforce. Health and safety                 in	respect	of	injuries	on	duty.	One	of	the	important	items	
programme is designed to develop best practice systems           committees     comprise    trained    health    and    safety    recorded	is	the	number	of	disabling	injuries	that	occur.	

                                                                                                                                                                                  [sustainability report] p35
                                                           Message from the GrandWest General Manager

    Since GrandWest commenced operations at the            In doing so, we have readily acknowledged that we have a duty           and the communities we serve, as well as differentiating us from
                                                           to the diverse communities of the Western Cape to behave in a           other organisations. GrandWest’s core values underscore our
end of 2000, we have developed a record of diligent        way which contributes meaningfully to the economic, social and          corporate culture, guiding the way we interact with our physical

  compliance with the licence conditions imposed by the    environmental integrity and sustainability of the region within
                                                           which we operate.
                                                                                                                                   environment and recognising our commitment to the residents of
                                                                                                                                   the region. As this report shows, this is demonstrated in a variety
Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board and                                                                                         of ways, ranging from our promotion of responsible gambling to
                                                           As this report indicates, we have made considerable progress in         the provision of training opportunities to our valued employees.
 with the numerous legislative requirements that govern    the advancement of a wide range of national policy imperatives,
                                                           including	 black	 economic	 empowerment,	 job-creation,	 the	           GrandWest believes that by openly reporting our sustainability
   the conduct of a business of our size and complexity.   affirmative procurement of goods and services, and the                  performance, we simultaneously promote improved performance
                                                           development of human development programmes. At the                     against all our business indicators. It is through accountability
                                                           same time, we have been active participants in the promotion            and transparency that we will retain the confidence of both
                                                           of responsible gambling conduct, adopted the most stringent             regulators	 and	 the	 broader	 citizenry.	 Our	 values-driven	 culture	
                                                           standards of environmental management and undertaken an                 has already witnessed tangible results of this, as we continue to
                                                           impressive	array	of	Corporate	Social	Investment	projects.		             contribute significantly to the economic progress of the Western
                                                                                                                                   Cape, the welfare of our people and the prudent care of our
                                                           While the concept of sustainability may well run the risk of            natural resources.
                                                           becoming little more than a contemporary fashion elsewhere,
                                                           for GrandWest it means continued adherence to the core values           This report records considerable progress in meeting the
                                                           that have sustained us in the past and continue to grow our             standards and goals we have set ourselves, and I am proud to
                                                           reputation across the Western Cape, while at the same time              present this account of our corporate citizenship achievements as
                                                           guaranteeing that our business remains consistently profitable          GrandWest approaches its first decade of operations.
                                                           and corporately responsible.

                                                           But sustainability is not only about financial results; it relates to   Mike van Vuuren
                                                           the way we relate to our employees, business partners, customers        General Manager, GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World

                                                                                                                                                                                           [sustainability report] p36
                                                  Message from the Table Bay General Manager

      The Table Bay Hotel is set in one of        Because we play so central a role in the region’s tourism
                                                  industry, we are obliged to incorporate into our business
  the Mother City's most environmentally          practices all the elements of sustainable tourism, committed
                                                  to making a minimal impact on the built and natural
     sensitive precincts and thus has a special   environments.

     duty of care towards the unique qualities    In all that we do, sustainable tourism aims to ensure that
that have made the regenerated Victoria and       development is a positive experience for local people
                                                  and tourists alike, while helping to generate income and
Alfred Waterfront the most popular tourism        employment for local people. This we aim to achieve through
                                                  the thorough and public monitoring of our equitable human
                destination in South Africa.      resource policies, our adherence to the highest standards of
                                                  environmental conduct, and our compliance with affirmative
                                                  employment and procurement principles.

                                                  In all of these areas, the Table Bay has a proud record of
                                                  achievement and has succeeded in meeting and exceeding
                                                  the	policies,	objectives	and	targets	that	we	have	set	ourselves.	
                                                  This report thus represents our public accounting for our
                                                  social, economic and environmental obligations towards the
                                                  people of Cape Town and the visitors who make use of our

                                                  Phillip Couvaras
                                                  General Manager, The Table Bay Hotel

                                                                                                                      [sustainability report] p37