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									         SU                                        National
                                                    N e w s l e t t e r
                                                                                                             SEPTEMBER 2008

                                               Spectacular SU Mega Play Zone
                                               - Wild Coast
                          This year’s winter
                          was unforgiving                                                 The SU Mega Play Zone was a multi faceted

                 an      in some parts                                                    project aimed at imparting values to the youth
     Ton y    Nz       of South Africa.                                                   through games in the Wild Coast region.
                     A number of homes
                                                                                          The event activities included a 16km road
                 were flooded and
thousands of people were left destitute
                                                                                          race, indigenous family games, performing
without a roof over their heads. The                                                      arts and an official award ceremony. Young
disaster management team sprung                                                           people were very excited about the day and
into action by providing blankets, food                                                   took to the acivities with gusto. Nine hundred
and housing people in community halls
                                                                                          and sixty people attended the opening
and churches! This did not daunt the
spirits of children and young people
                                                                                          function on 21 June 2008 at Mthatha High
that attended our annual Holiday Club                                                     School Sports Stadium. Loud cheers roared
season. Holiday Clubs continue to be one       throughout the day and passer-bys were added to the number. The majority of people
of our most effective tools of reaching        attending were youth from different social backgrounds and cultures.
young people with the gospel of Jesus
Christ. The children do not pay and
hundreds of voluntary leaders take leave
                                               A Mthatha police officer assisting us with road and safety logistics could not hold back
or sacrifice their school break to assist in   his tears when he saw his own son dancing ‘pantsula’ (popular township dance) and
this venture. Clubs were run across the        exclaimed with pride: “That is my child! That is my child!”     it appears that he was
country in trendy suburbs to struggling        unaware that his son had such incredible talent.     This was a vivid reminder of the
townships. Clubs fit perfectly into our
                                               huge communication gap that exists between parents and children. Scripture Union is
mission statement as it allows us to
partner with a diverse group of churches
                                               delighted to have helped bidge this gap for this father and son. The father could not
around the country. Secondly, they assist      thank SU enough for allowing him to see his son dancing on stage with other young
churches in their children and young           people.
people evangelistic outreach. Thirdly, we
harness the collective strength of the
                                               This event was followed by seven Mini Play Zones that ran from Monday to Friday during
community as they assist in providing
food, soup and equipment to enable the
                                               the school holidays. These ran in the following areas: North Crest, Ngangelizwe, Mandela
clubs to run successful. Lastly, they make     Park, Sidwadwa and Southridge, Maydene Farm and Mbuqe. We saw an average of
it possible for Scripture Union to provide     200 to 260 young people attending these
much needed high quality training for          mini MegaPlay Zone activities and at the
Sunday school and youth leadership
                                               end of the holiday we saw over 300 young
training. They have become centres of
training for future staff members
                                               people making first time commitments! God
                                               gave us a breakthrough by allowing us to
Holiday Clubs are cost effective and           see such response and we are effectively
provide us with high ministry outreach as      following up all of them to make sure that
we are able to literally reach thousands
                                               they are plugged into a local church.
of young people in a short time. Although
the clubs run for a week they present
another creative opportunity for young         Zuko Gabela
people to be challenge about Jesus             Wild Coast Director
Christ. These same young people will
have attended either a camp, School
Christian group or Lifeskills camp run
by our staff and volunteers. This year
we saw over (number) young people
attending these clubs! Thank you for
your prayers and financial support that
frees us to reach this young generation
with the Gospel. God enables over 400
young people to begin a deeper walk
with him!

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        Xenophobic Attacks
        - Gauteng South

                                               “The news of the attacks on immigrants in our city did not dampen our calling to work with the
                                               young people that God has called us to serve.” These were the words from Gauteng South staff
                                               members who witnessed first hand some of these attacks. Gauteng was the province more
                                               affected by these attacks that left thousands of immigrants destitute. I was encouraged by
                                               the staff’s enthusiasm. Their intrinsic motivation spurred me on to greater heights. They were
                                               determined, more than ever to serve.

                                               On the day the violence erupted we cancelled our weekly staff meeting and went to serve at
ntre)                                          Primrose Methodist Church that served as a shelter for displaced black foreigners. Our mission
                                               is: “to support the Church in introducing young South Africans to Jesus, the Bible and the

                                                This was a practical outworking of our mission in a time of need. We served about 2500
        refugees by assisting with humanitarian logistics at the church, alongside the Red Cross Association and other community based
        organizations. Our initial plan was to keep the children occupied by teaching them memory verses, songs, Bible stories and games.
        Unfortunately this did not materialize due to the chaos that persisted. In Alexander, where the attacks started, ‘Themba’, a student at
        our computer training course was falsely arrested and we had to write a letter to the police. Through this intervention we were able
        to have him released and he is back in the training programme. It was a humbling and fulfilling
        time of ministry that will linger in our memories for years to come. God used us to bring hope
        in a hopeless situation and this gave more impetus to our staff to serve in a holistic manner.
        Most of the attacks were perpetuated by young people and as a youth organization we need to
        empower our youth with skill for tolerance and acceptance. Christ is the only answer and we
        will continue to be His witness.

        Please do continue to pray for the countless numbers of displaced families still stuck in these
        camps. Pray for the heart of forgiveness to grow amongst all peoples.

        Ashley Potts
        Gauteng South Regional Director

        National Office Team Building Day
        - Western Cape

        I was really excited when I found out that the National Office Team was going on a Team Building Day. For
        me personally, I had been involved in running team building activities for SU before, but had never been
        a participant myself. So I was definitely excited… and a bit nervous too.
        I made sure I was dressed in my comfortable sports clothes and brought my best attitude along for the
        day. And the Lord provided the most glorious weather to set the stage for a memorable day.

        Some of my highlights for the day were:
        • Grabbing Tony’s leg in a last ditch attempt to guide him in the right direction as we both crawled under
        a low cargo net as part of a trust walk exercise
        • Encouraging different team members as they confronted their own fears during the high ropes
        • Interacting with colleagues outside of the office environment and seeing them ‘come out of their
        • Many, many other funny moments!

        What did I take away from the day? I learned
        more about my own reaction to personal
        failure in the context of a team. I was reminded
        again that as we go about our different tasks
        in the office, it is easy to miss each other if
        we don’t know how to support one another
        intentionally. And, not to mention, a healthy
        dose of sore muscles!

        Wendy Joubert
        Bible Engagment Co-Ordinator

        SCRIPTURE UNION NATIONAL OFFICE - PO Box 291 Rondebosch 7701 South Africa
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Reach4Life Training
- Northern Cape

Scripture Union is passionate about Bible reading. Our vision is to see children, young
people and adults connecting with God through Bible reading. This Reach4Life training
took place 65kms outside Kimberley in the Freestate at Boshof High School. It was
encouraging to see 25 learners from the school hostel attending the training. These same
learners help run the School Christian Group on their own on a weekly basis. They
meet every Sunday for their SCG group in the school hall without the assistance of any

The training equipped them with skills to run their own Reach4Life group. Our aim is to
see some of them becoming Reach4Life small group leaders and thereby expand Christian
presence at the school. During question time some of them asked questions like: “How
did God come into existence; is the Bible true? Do all religions lead to the same God?”
and other tough questions. We spent a lot of time engaging these questions and allowing
the young people to also share their own understanding with each other. They left the
weekend with a lot of insights and our prayer is that they will continue to be shining lights to their peers who are far from God.

The school principal called us the following day to say that learners enjoyed the training and invited us to run similar programs at
the school next term. He is delighted and encouraged by what SU is doing in the school mostly because some of the learners do not
have these kinds of opportunities and long for this kind of interaction. One girl asked when we will be running the next camp as she
would love to attend. We are encouraged by this kind of response.

Bobby Brown
Northern Cape Regional Director

Leadership Camp
- Gauteng North

                                 DATES: 23 – 26 June 2008
                                 VENUE: Cornerstone College (Pretoria)
                                 LEADERS: 6
                                 LEARNERS: 34

                                 This camp was run in partnership with Cornerstone College, a very good school which has had a
                                 100% Matric pass rate for the past 10 years. They asked us to run a camp and choose the best 2
                                 students who would win a bursary to study with them for 5 years (Grade 8 – 12).

                                 We had 34 kids attending, each one of them excellent, selected by their teachers as the most
                                 promising students. They were all good, intelligent and gifted, all from disadvantaged families,
                                 from the townships and squatter camps. Sadly most of them will not be able to attend a good high

                                 Some of the children who attended had won the Best Student Award at their schools and one of
                                 them had won the BMW Award for Science and Technology. They were great young people and we
                                 felt that history was in the making.

The SU Team facilitated Life skills training, played games, and did teambuilding, including
psychological activities. We enjoyed it and had lots of fun as we learned together. 20 of these
children made commitments to Christ.

Thinking long-term, we calculated that if we have 2 learners winning bursaries a year, we will have
at least 10 possible SU volunteers, workers and even supporters in approximately 10 – 15 years.
Apart from this, the partnership with Cornerstone College would have helped underprivileged kids
to get a great education.

The plan going forward is to choose 10 learners and to walk a journey with them towards the end of
the year, building their confidence and helping them apply for bursaries at different schools. We are
hoping to get bursaries for all ten of these students, so please pray with us.

Hannes van der Westhuysen
Gauteng North Regional Director

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Ikemeleng Youth Centre                                                                           Prayer Items
- Gauteng South
                                                                                               • Pray for our annual staff conference;
                                                                                                 pray for a blessed time of sharing and
                                            Ikemeleng Youth Centre in Alexander has
                                                                                                 encouragement for all
                                            been a hive of activity during the last few
                                            months. One of their flagship programmes
                                                                                               • Pray for Garnet de la Hunt (SU
                                            is the computer training course that is run
                                                                                                National Chair) and Frank Shayi (SU
                                            throughout the year. Students are taught
                                                                                                President) as they support the ministry
                                            basic computer skills to prepare them for the
                                                                                                of Scripture Union
                                            job market.

                                           This year we have seen 66 students graduating
                                           from this course and a further 28 are enrolled
                                           at the moment. This training is backed by
                                           Microsoft South Africa. The computer trainer                       Reminder
builds relationships with these out of school young people attending to enable him to
share the gospel with them.                                                                                   SU National
In addition to this about 50 children come to the centre every afternoon to do their                        Week of Prayer
homework in a controlled environment. Most of their parents leave home very early and
come back late due to public transport logistics. The centre then fills this gap by not only
                                                                                                            2 - 9 November
providing intellectual support but they also give some spiritual input to the children. This
to me is the work of Christ.

A majority of South African young people come from dysfunctional homes and the Centre
                                                                                                  If you would like more information
has partnered with Heartlines to run a Family Fun Day in August. The event is part of
a national initiative by Heartlines to encourage                                                about Scripture Union visit our website
children to be active and adults to spend more                                            or visit any of our
time with their own children. Heartlines is an                                                    Regional offices. If you are in the
initiative which uses television, radio and print
                                                                                                   Western Cape visit our National
media to tell stories to get the nation talking,
thinking and acting on values. This year so                                                       office at 83 Camp Ground Road,
far we have seen over 40 children and young                                                                   Rondebosch.
people accepting Christ as Lord and Saviour!
                                                                                               Have you “got God?!”
Bobby Finn
Ikemeleng Centre Director
                                                                                                                 If the answer is YES,
                                                                                                                     would     you   consider
                                                                                                                     giving this opportunity
SU Carmel Valley Campsite                                                                                            to a child or teenager
                                                                                                                     who comes to know
- George
                                                                                                                      Jesus    on    an      SU
                                      We are camping and the Lord has given us favour.
                                      We’ve had almost 300 children camping with us
                                      since our Opening Day in May this year and still
                                      more camps have been booked. This is what                What opportunity?
                                      we’ve been called to do, to change and influence         To receive their own pocketsize youth-
                                      lives.                                                   friendly copy of the entire Bible ...PLUS...
                                                                                               An undated KHULA publication for teens/
                                    With financial blessing, we as a management team           children to get them growing in their
                                    have been fortunate to be part of the rebuilding           relationship   with     Jesus    ...PLUS...    A
                                    process of Carmel Valley Campsite. During our
                                                                                               bright green backpack, emblazoned with
first 5 months at Carmel Valley, the main focus has been to get the campsite ready.
                                                                                               the words “got God?!” to hold their new
We’ve made upgrades to all our facilities and we’ve added a
new low ropes course.

We’ve established a good relationship with our neighbours,                                     Contact your region and sponsor a pack
which makes our job easier when we have to contact the right                                   for as little as R25 each. Or contact Wendy
people to assist at the campsite. Our Committee has been                                       Joubert with queries or donations for bible
established and now it’s full steam ahead.                                                     engagement projects – 021 6868595(o) or
Yolanda and Michael van Rensburg
Carmel Valley Campsite

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