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									                                                                                    April 2009

 Message from the president

Dental Hygiene     On occasion the CRDHA In Touch newsletter features an article written by a CRDHA
                   member. We appreciate that Richelle Beesley so graciously agreed to write this

at iRSM
                   article about the Institute for Reconstructive Sciences in Medicine (iRSM) and her
                   role with iRSM.

                   Richelle is employed in a newly created, dental hygiene position with iRSM as part of
                   the unit’s interdisciplinary team. The iRSM program is world renowned and CRDHA is
                   proud that one of our members is adding her special touch to such a well respected
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       In T ou c H        A p R I l   2009

                                                           It’s notto                                    APRIL 30 - MAY 2, 2009

                                                          too late r!
                                                                                                           RIVER CREE RESORT

                                                                                                         EDMONTON, ALBERTA
publisher:         College of Registered
                   Dental Hygienists of Alberta
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Message from the president

                                   National Dental Hygienists Week™                 that you could improve. For example:
                                   (NDHW™) is an annual event                       Enhance your knowledge of oral
                                   dedicated to heightened awareness                cancer by researching reliable,
                                   about preventive oral health care,               evidence-based internet sites for
                                   to help Canadians understand the                 cancer information. When you
                                   role and importance of the dental                conduct a head and neck examination
                                   hygiene profession. The CRDHA                    and an oral cancer screening on each
                                   acknowledges the contribution of                 of your clients, inform the client
                                   the Canadian Dental Hygienists                   what you are doing and why. Show
                                   Association (CDHA) in promoting the              your clients how to do an oral cancer
                                   dental hygienists profession from                screening at home. Introduce Ask,
                                   a national perspective. Since its                Advise and Refer tobacco protocol
                                   inception many CRDHA members                     to the care you provide to your
Brenda Murray, RDH                 have volunteered and continue to                 clients. If you are doing all of these
                                   volunteer with the CDHA.                         things already - congratulations. The
                                                                                    next step is identifying how you can
April is a significant month       National Volunteer Week is a special             share your knowledge and practices
                                   time set aside each spring to honour             with co-workers to help ensure that
for the dental hygienists
                                   the people who donate their time                 all team members have a common
profession. An internet
                                   and energy to their fellow citizens.             understanding of the importance of
search shows that:                 It is also meant to raise awareness              oral cancer screening.
• April 19-25, 2009 is National    of the vital contribution volunteers
  Dental Hygienists Week           make to our communities and to the               The CRDHA office receives calls of
                                   identity and values of our country. I            appreciation regarding successful
• April 19-25, 2009 is National
                                   would also like to acknowledge the               outcome of treatment from clients
  Volunteer Week
                                   contribution that CRDHA members                  of dental hygienists. Typically a client
• April is Oral Health Month       make in a volunteer capacity in their            reports that the dental hygienist
                                   home communities, in dental hygiene              providing care identified a suspicious
• April is Daffodil Month
                                   endeavors and on the CRDHA                       lesion and referred the client to an
  (recognizing Cancer Awareness)
                                   Council and committees. Thanks to                oral pathologist for diagnosis and
                                   each of you.                                     treatment. The client is grateful for
                                                                                    the dental hygienist’s astuteness and
Watch for the April 8th
                                   Oral Health Month, the Canadian                  diligence of practice.
edition of the Edmonton            Cancer Foundation’s Daffodil Month
Journal and Calgary Herald         and National Dental Hygienists Week
for Oral Health Month              can all be considered opportunities
information from CRDHA.            to promote head & neck and oral
                                   cancer awareness. I encourage you
                                   to make April a time to evaluate
                                   the care you provide to your clients
                                   regarding head & neck and oral
                                   cancer prevention and screening.
                                   You might find one or more areas

                                     The college of Registered Dental Hygienists of Alberta (cRDHA) exists so that Albertans will
                                   receive safe, high quality dental hygiene care and the profession of dental hygiene is advanced.

                                                                                          C R D H A   i n t o u C H   a p r i l   2 0 0 9   1
    Front & centre

    The Institute for Reconstructive
    Sciences in Medicine (iRSM)

    coMpRu’s                                           Dr. Gordon Wilkes) has provided           iRSM has developed an innovative
    Transformation To iRSM                             complex and specialized care              patient-centered model of care
                                                       throughout the province of Alberta,       delivery, with an interdisciplinary
    In 2008, a new and unique strategic
                                                       and across the nation, to patients        team matrix, and functions within
    collaboration between Covenant
                                                       with head and neck defects resulting      an operational framework of quality
    Health, Alberta Health Services, and
                                                       from cancer, trauma, or congenital        management (ISO 9000 quality
    the University of Alberta formalized
                                                       defects. A core aspect of this care       management system). This model
    the transformation of the Craniofacial
                                                       involves the use of osseointegrated       is unique in a healthcare setting.
    Osseointegration and Maxillofacial
                                                       biotechnologies. Through the              iRSM team members modify and
    Prosthetic Rehabilitation Unit
                                                       work of an interdisciplinary team         improve patient care and outcomes
    (COMPRU) into the Institute for
                                                       of professionals, with expertise          by providing data-driven, quality
    Reconstructive Sciences in Medicine
                                                       in surgery, medicine, dentistry,          and evidence based standards of
    (iRSM). This collaboration is intended
                                                       rehabilitation medicine, engineering,     practice. This approach has had a
    to solidify and build upon iRSM’s
                                                       and computing science, iRSM has           positive impact on improving patient
    international reputation as a clinical
                                                       created a fully integrated environment    outcomes and clinical productivity,
    and research institute and centre
                                                       for clinical care, research, education    and is also resulting in sustained
    for excellence in head and neck
                                                       and training in reconstructive medicine   levels of high patient satisfaction in
    reconstruction and rehabilitation.
                                                       and technology. This has earned           treatment outcomes.
    From its inception in 1993, iRSM                   iRSM an international reputation for
    (founded by Dr. John Wolfaardt and                 innovation and advances in patient
                                                       care and research.
                                                                                                 iRSM Interdisciplinary Team

2    C R D H A   i n t o u C H   a p r i l   2 0 0 9
iRSM – A Dental Hygienist’s
by Richelle Beesley, BSc.

Background Information                    increased, it became more difficult to    patient population that receive
                                          meet the needs of this patient group      their dentition after reconstructive
In 2004, I became aware of
                                          in a timely fashion.                      surgery and/or radiation therapy.
the Institute while taking the
                                                                                    These patients will be seen for an
Implantology Module as part of the        Knowing the importance of ongoing
                                                                                    intraoral assessment, including dental
U of A’s Bachelor of Science Dental       care for this diverse and complex
                                                                                    and radiographic assessment and
Hygiene Specialization program            patient population, Dr. Wolfaardt
                                                                                    evaluation. Due to many anatomical
directed by Dr. S. Compton. This          and the management team at iRSM
                                                                                    and physiological changes (such
module was an invaluable experience       strongly advocated for the addition of
                                                                                    as severe xerostomia, trismus,
that increased my knowledge and           a dental hygienist to contribute to the
                                                                                    decreased tongue/ jaw mobility)
clinical competence dealing with          Institute’s interdisciplinary team.
                                                                                    from surgery and/or radiation therapy
intraoral osseointegrated implants. I
                                                                                    these patients may experience
attribute my decision to pursue my        Role of the Dental
                                                                                    catastrophic effects on their oral
career path as a dental hygienist to      Hygienist at iRSM
one lecture in particular.                The primary role for the dental
                                                                                    Treating such devastating cases of
Dr. Wolfaardrt, Director of Clinics,      hygienist at iRSM is the management
                                                                                    failing dentition and oral sequela is
and Prosthodontist at iRSM, spoke         of the intraoral osseointegration
                                                                                    clinically challenging. However, these
one evening about iRSM and use            continuing care program for patients
                                                                                    cases are also an opportunity for
of osseointegrated implants for the       who have received prosthetic
                                                                                    research to develop an understanding
prosthetic replacement of craniofacial    rehabilitation (implant retained
                                                                                    about the cause of these effects that
defects. I left the lecture inspired,     prosthesis) post head and neck
                                                                                    will enable better management and
excited and optimistic about one          reconstruction. Typically this regime
                                                                                    treatment of these cases. The role
day being a part of this unique and       includes a maintenance appointment
                                                                                    of the dental hygienist at the iRSM
challenging Institute where I could       scheduled at set intervals (2 weeks, 1,
                                                                                    is constantly evolving and dynamic
build on my implantology experience.      3, 6, 12 month, annually) after implant
                                                                                    as there are many opportunities and
                                          installation and abutment connection.
                                                                                    areas for development in this clinical
creation of the Dental                    These appointments include the            and research institute.
Hygiene position at iRSM                  collection of detailed medical
There were many operational and           history and drug profile; extra and       visions and projects
clinical reasons that contributed to      intra oral examination including oral
                                                                                    As the inaugural dental hygienist
the creation of the dental hygienist      cancer screening; index (indices)
                                                                                    at iRSM the experience has been
position at iRSM. iRSM’s jaw              assessment; implant stability testing;
                                                                                    exciting, rewarding and challenging in
reconstruction implant patients           digital and radiographic examination
                                                                                    many regards. I have been provided
are very complex and require a            and reporting; implant and
                                                                                    with many exciting opportunities and
high level of on-going care. This         superstructure debridement; and oral
                                                                                    receive tremendous support from the
care had originally been provided         hygiene education and instruction.
                                                                                    iRSM team and directors to create
by Dr. Wolfaardt. However, as the         In addition to the continuing care        and build the intraoral continuing care
Institute grew and the patient activity   program, there is a non-implant           program.

                                                                                        C R D H A   i n t o u C H   a p r i l   2 0 0 9   3
    Front & centre

    iRSM is more recognized                            changes that iRSM’s patients             improve my clinical and profession
    internationally than locally for its work          experience after head and neck           competence.
    in head and neck reconstruction. As a              reconstruction and/or chemo/
    result, one of the visions of iRSM for             radiation therapy for the removal and    patient challenges And
    2008 was to increase the awareness                 treatment of disease. Implementing       Access To care
    in the local dental community.                     a model such as the Dental Hygiene
                                                                                                As a provincial, national, and
                                                       Process of Care (from the CRDHA
    Didactic and clinical rotations were                                                        international referral centre, iRSM
                                                       Practice Standards) has been an
    introduced at iRSM for Implantology                                                         provides complex specialized care to
                                                       instrumental adjunct in assisting with
    students to gain experience,                                                                patients with head and neck defects
                                                       the development of the continuing
    knowledge and clinical confidence                                                           resulting from cancer, trauma and
                                                       care processes and procedures for
    working with osseointegrated dental                                                         congenital acquired defects. As
                                                       the iRSM intraoral osseointegration
    implants and oral prosthetics. This                                                         health care is continually challenged
    rotation provides the students                                                              by increasing demands and costs,
    with the opportunity to manage                     Incorporating a head and neck            and resource shortages, timeframes
    patients who have undergone radical                examination including an oral cancer     for prosthetic rehabilitation have
    head and neck reconstruction and                   screening; educating and participating   often been long and challenging
    prosthetic rehabilitation due to                   in the Tobacco Prevention and            for both iRSM’s patients and the
    trauma or disease.                                 Control Program (Ask, Advise and         interdisciplinary team involved in their
                                                       Refer program); and performing a         care.
    The dental hygienist plays a vital role
                                                       comprehensive medical history and
    in the overall care and wellness of                                                         Use of the ISO 9000 model is
                                                       drug profile are a few examples of
    their clients, encountering first hand                                                      supporting development of a
                                                       how I apply this process to assist and
    the challenges and pathophysiological                                                       comprehensive system of outcome
                                                                                                measures for the management of
                                                                                                treatment processes and is focused
                                                                                                on quality and continual improvement
                                                                                                in patient outcomes and satisfaction.
                                                                                                The Institute is also looking forward
                                                                                                to the addition of two full-time
                                                                                                maxillofacial prosthodontists in 2009.
                                                                                                This will help iRSM enhance access
                                                                                                to its services for paitents across
                                                                                                Alberta and Western Canada and to
                                                                                                ensure that care is provided within an
                                                                                                ideal time-frame

4    C R D H A   i n t o u C H   a p r i l   2 0 0 9
Message from the president
Specialized And unique                  iRSM at cRDHA
Services                                Acc event
Services provided by the dental         CRDHA is pleased to welcome
hygienist at iRSM require specialized   Dr. Hadi Seikaly as an esteemed
training, knowledge and experience      presenter at the CRDHA Annual
dealing with patients’ post head and    Continuing Competence Event. Dr.
neck reconstruction/rehabilitation.     Seikaly’s presentation “Advances
Here are some examples of unique        in the Surgical Management of
clinical procedures:                    Head and Neck Cancer” will be
                                        of professional interest to dental
• Clinical knowledge and experience
                                        hygienists in any practice setting.
  with maxillofacial prosthodontic
                                        Dr. Seikaly is both a Clinical and
• Clinical knowledge and experience     Research Fellow in the Institute for
  with maxillofacial osseointegrated    Reconstructive Science in Medicine
  implants                              (iRSM), Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
• Dealing with medically                                                        Department of Surgery in 1996
                                        Dr. Seikaly has received the Top
  compromised, facially disfigured,                                             where he has been active in
                                        10 Teacher Award in the Faculty of
  cancer and trauma patients who                                                teaching, patient care, and research.
                                        Medicine and Dentistry, University
  have undergone extensive head and
                                        of Alberta for the past seven years.
  neck reconstructive surgery and                                               Dr. Seikaly presently serves as
                                        Dr. Seikaly continues to have a
  prosthetic rehabilitation                                                     Divisional Chief and Regional
                                        large practice dedicated to head,
                                                                                Section Head for Otolaryngology
• Clinical knowledge and experience     neck and skull base oncology
                                                                                Head and Neck Surgery and also
  dealing with and managing patients    and reconstruction. His research
                                                                                serves on several local, national,
  who have undergone chemo/             interests include microvascular head
                                                                                and international committees of
  radiation therapy, Hyperbaric         and neck reconstruction, functional
                                                                                Otolaryngology organizations.
  Oxygen Therapy (HBO)                  surgical reconstructive outcomes,
                                                                                Dr. Seikaly served as Residency
• Writing, revising and implementing    submandibular gland transfer and
                                                                                Program and Divisional Research
  operational procedures using the      medical modeling as it applies to
                                                                                Director for Otolaryngology Head
  ISO 9000 quality management           the head and neck region.
                                                                                and Neck Surgery, is President of
  system                                                                        the University of Alberta Hospital
                                        Dr. Hadi Seikaly graduated from
                                                                                Medical Staff Society, has published
iRSM has played a significant role      the University of Toronto medical
                                                                                over 50 papers in peer reviewed
in the development of international     school and completed his residency
                                                                                Journals and has contributed to a
standards for evaluation of treatment   training at the University of Alberta
                                                                                number of texts on Otolaryngology.
outcomes, quality of practice, and      in Otolaryngology Head and
                                                                                He is presently the Co-editor of the
innovations in patient care and         Neck Surgery. He then obtained
                                                                                Journal of Otolaryngology.
research, and as such, it is a great    fellowship training at the University
pleasure and privilege to be a key      of Texas Medical Branch in
part of the interdisciplinary team at   advanced head & neck oncology,
iRSM.                                   microvascular reconstruction and
                                        facial cosmetic surgery. Dr.Seikaly
                                        returned to the University of
                                        Alberta as an attending surgeon
                                        in the Division of Otolaryngology,

                                                                                   C R D H A   i n t o u C H   a p r i l   2 0 0 9   5
      Message from registrar
    Message from thethe president

                                                        Call for Members for Hearing              hygiene practice: general practice,
                                                        Tribunals and Review                      specialty practice, independent
                                                        Committees                                practice, community health and
                                                                                                  education. We would like to increase
                                                        In accordance with the Health             the number of members on the list
                                                        Professions Act (the Act), College        to provide more flexibility in selecting
                                                        Councils are required to establish        dates for hearings or reviews.
                                                        and maintain a list of members who
                                                        will be available to be selected by the   We are seeking members with good
                                                        College’s Hearings Director to form a     knowledge of the profession and
                                                        hearing tribunal or a complaint review    CRDHA’s professional standards and
                                                        committee. Any hearing tribunal or        who exhibit the following qualities:
                                                        complaint review committee must
        Brenda Walker, RDH                              include 25% public representation.        • Fair
                                                        Public members are provided from a        • Good listener
                                                        list maintained by the Government.        • Non-biased
                                                                                                  • Respect confidentiality
    Reporting Blood Borne                               Pursuant to the Act, the hearing          • Confident
    Infections to the CRDHA                             tribunal is responsible for conducting    • Mature judgment

    All health care workers                             a full and fair hearing regarding
                                                        allegations of unprofessional conduct     Applicants must have 5 or more years
    with a history of human
                                                        of a member. The job of the hearing       of experience as a dental hygienist. If
    immunodeficiency virus (HIV),
                                                        tribunal is to determine, on the basis    you are interested in submitting your
    hepatitis B virus (HBV) or hepatitis
                                                        of the evidence introduced, whether       name as a nominee for appointment
    C virus (HCV) positivity have an
                                                        the conduct of the dental hygienist       to the list of members available to
    ethical obligation to report to their
                                                        constitutes unprofessional conduct.       be selected for hearing tribunals or
    professional regulatory authority
                                                                                                  reviews, please send your resume
    for referral to the Provincial Expert
                                                        A complaint review committee’s            and a brief letter describing why
    Review Panel if they perform
                                                        powers and duties include reviewing       such an appointment appeals to you.
    any exposure-prone procedures.
                                                        and ratifying alternative complaint       Submissions should be directed to:
    Exposure-prone procedures
    performed by dental hygienists                      resolution settlements and
                                                        conducting reviews of dismissals of       CRDHA Hearings Director
    include scaling, root planing and
                                                        complaints. The complaint review          206, 8657 – 51 Ave. NW
    injection of local anaesthesia.
                                                        committee’s decision making powers        Edmonton, AB T6E 6A8
    Access to the Provincial Expert                     are set out in the Act.                   by May 15, 2009
    Review Panel is through referral
    from a health care worker’s                         Hearing tribunals and complaint           Interviews will be conducted as part
    regulatory authority.                               review committees are established         of the selection process.
    Registered dental hygienists                        on an “as needed” basis. Orientation
    who have tested positively to                       sessions are conducted by CRDHA
    HIV, HBV or HCV should contact                      legal counsel prior to a hearing or
    the CRDHA Registrar, Brenda                         complaint review committee meeting.
    Walker, in person or by telephone
    at 1-877-465-1756 for further                       The list of available members is
    information and referral to the                     comprised of dental hygienists with
    Expert Review Panel.                                experience in all spectrums of dental

6     C R D H A   i n t o u C H   a p r i l   2 0 0 9
General Notice
Practicing in Alberta when registration is cancelled is unprofessional conduct under the Health Professions Act. Such
conduct is subject to sanctions by the hearing tribunal. The Crown can also prosecute for breaches of the Act and impose
fines for violation of the Act.

Notice of Cancellation of Registration                        Richard, Andrea Marie                    Manitouwadge, ON
and Practice Permit on Request                                Richards, Deborah Colleen                Sault Ste Marie, ON
                                                              Robbins, Sharon L.                       Fountain Valley, CA
In accordance with section 43(5) of the Health Professions    Rosychuk, Gloria A.                      Switzerland,
Act, the registration and practice permits of the following   Ruck, Pauline J.                         Dunnville, ON
                                                              Schiazza, Marisa Lynn                    Penticton, BC
individuals have been cancelled at their own request.
                                                              Schissel, Jacqueline                     Calgary, AB
These individuals are no longer authorized to practice        Shaw, Rhonda Allison                     Kingston, ON
dental hygiene in the Province of Alberta.                    Silvester, Beverly Diane                 Grande Prairie, AB
Abel, Francine                       Orleans, ON              Smith, Whitney A.                        Edmonton, AB
Alimchandani, Sylvie G.              Red Deer, AB             Somal, Tarandeep Kaur                    Brampton, ON
Bartel, Sharlene D.                  Calgary, AB              Stooshnoff, Tiffany Rita Lee             Calgary, AB
Bertin, Danielle                     Dieppe, NB               Thomas, Diana Marie                      Moncton, NB
Boulanger, Marnie J.                 Okotoks, AB              Tilley, Dana Helen                       Calgary, AB
Bourque, Susan L.                    Fort McMurray, AB        Vanderstelt, Debbie Lynn                 Thunder Bay, ON
Caouette, Joyce May                  Edmonton, AB             Webb, Jeanine Fennell                    Winnipeg, MB
Chahal, Sandeep Kaur                 Surrey, BC               Wessell, Sonya Mae                       Amherst, NS
Clendenning, Dianne K.               Carcross, YT             White, Catherine A.                      Belleville, ON
Crompton, Stephanie K.               Stony Plain, AB          Willet, Sammi-Jo Anne                    Eganville, ON
Domski, Melanie Andrea               Calgary, AB              Wilson, Margaret P E                     Edmonton, AB
Dousett, Heather Mae                 Toronto, ON
Ghesquiere, Deana Lynn               Calgary, AB
Goddard, Barbara Elizabeth           Vancouver, BC
                                                              Notice of Cancellation of Registration and
Grant, Connie H.                     Lethbridge, AB           Practice Permit
Gulka, Lorena Lynne                  Calgary, AB
                                                              The registration and practice permits of the following
Hansed, Louise Elizabeth             High Level, AB
Hart, Brenda                         De Winton, AB            individuals have been cancelled in accordance with section
Hasselquist, Ann                     Calgary, AB              43(1) of the Health Professions Act for failure to apply for
Hendry, Sharon                       Edmonton, AB             a practice permit and default in payment of any applicable
Hewitt, Tara C.                      St. Paul, AB             fees or assessments under the Act. These individuals
Honce, Alexis Amber                  Toronto, ON              are no longer authorized to practice dental hygiene in the
Jackson, Andrea Beth                 Edmonton, AB
                                                              Province of Alberta.
Joy, Maria G.                        Edmonton, AB
Kerr, Carol L.                       Salmon Arm, BC           Agranovitch, Lioubov Luba                North York, ON
Knapton, Diana Jean                  Red Deer, AB             Chitaliya, Tasleem                       Calgary, AB
Larose, Laura Erin                   Grande Prairie, AB       Delhommeau, Dion V.                      Edmonton, AB
Lindsay, Chelsie LaRene              Lethbridge, AB           Dhir, Devi                               Brampton, ON
Lopez, Fema M.                       Toronto, ON              Gaudet, Marc Douglas                     Edmonton, AB
Maciejewski, Angela Dawn             Kingston, ON             Hok, Shirley                             Grand Prairie, AB
McCullagh, Lisa                      Lloydminster, AB         Honce, Alexis Amber                      Toronto, ON
McDougall, Susan V.                  Calgary, AB              Hover, Billie J.                         Lethbridge, AB
McKellar, Ilse                       Edmonton, AB             McDougall, Nicolette                     Okotoks, AB
McLean, Lois R.                      Charlottetown, PE        Paul, Kristine Michelle                  Saskatoon, SK
Michelsen, Audrey J.                 Edmonton, AB             Shams, Rebecca Lynn                      Kemptville, ON
Omotani, Linda Elizabeth             Calgary, AB              Spencer, Roslyn                          Angus, ON
Prys-Jones, Irene A.                 Vernon, BC               Stirton, Carol D.                        Grande Prairie, AB
Puryk, Shannon Crystal               Saskatoon, SK            Wayslow, Geraldine D.                    McBride, BC
Redhead, Kristine Margaret           Sparwood, BC

                                                                                        C R D H A   i n t o u C H   a p r i l   2 0 0 9   7
      Message from registrar
    Message from thethe president

    Information on the CRDHA Complaint Process
    Anyone who has concerns about the professional conduct of a dental hygienist can make a complaint to the CRDHA.
    What follows is a summary of the complaint process set out in the Health Professions Act.

    How can I avoid having a                           writing, to the CRDHA Complaints        Complaints Director may proceed by
    complaint filed against me?                        Director. Complaints may be made        using any of the following options,
                                                       by clients, other dental hygiene        depending on the circumstances of
    Although there is no way to
                                                       practitioners, employers, or anyone     the complaint:
    guarantee that you will never have
    a complaint filed against you, the                                                         (a) encourage the complainant
    best way to minimize your risk is to               A complaint may relate to the               and the investigated person to
    ensure that you are using the highest              professional conduct of a regulated         communicate with each other and
    possible standards of practice at                  member of the CRDHA, which                  resolve the complaint,
    all times. This includes meeting or                includes members on the General
                                                                                               (b) attempt to resolve the complaint,
    exceeding practice standards and                   Member Register and members on
                                                                                                   with the consent of the
    guidelines, following all applicable               the Courtesy Member Register.
                                                                                                   complainant and the investigated
    treatment protocols, following the                 A complaint may also be made about          person,
    Code of Ethics and using the highest               a former regulated member, provided
    standards of client care.                                                                  (c) refer the complaint to an
                                                       the complaint is made within two
                                                                                                   alternative complaint resolution
    In addition, one of the most important             years of the date on which the
    elements in your relationship                      individual ceased to be a regulated
    with your clients is effective                     member.                                 (d) ask an expert to assess the
    communication. Listen carefully so                                                             subject matter of the complaint
                                                       Under the Health Professions Act,
    you understand what your clients                                                               and provide a written report,
                                                       employers are required to report
    hope to gain from their treatment.                 to the CRDHA Complaints Director        (e) conduct, or appoint an
    Ensure that your clients understand                any terminations, suspensions               investigator to conduct, an
    their treatment plan, including the                or resignations resulting from a            investigation,
    treatment you are proposing, what                  regulated member’s unprofessional
    results can be reasonably expected,                                                        (f) dismiss the complaint, and/or
                                                       conduct. If the Complaints Director
    potential risks or complications and               receives such a report from an          (g) direct the investigated person
    the fees that will be charged.                     employer, the Complaints Director           to undergo certain physical or
    If a client raises a concern, deal with            must treat the matter like a formal         mental examinations, if the
    it immediately. A formal complaint                 complaint.                                  Complaints Director believes
    may be avoided if the client feels                                                             the investigated person may be
    that his or her concern has been                   What happens after a                        incapacitated.
    dealt with respectfully and honestly.              complaint has been laid?                If the Complaints Director
    In some cases, however, a formal                   After a written complaint has been      encourages you to communicate with
    complaint may still result, so it is               received, the person submitting the     the complainant to reach a resolution,
    prudent to keep careful notes of any               complaint is generally referred to      do so respectfully. Encourage the
    concerns that are raised.                          as the complainant and the dental       complainant to explain his or her
                                                       hygienist is generally referred to as   concerns and, if possible, respond
    How is a complaint filed?                          the investigated person.                to those concerns carefully and
    Formal complaints are submitted, in                                                        considerately.
                                                       After receiving a complaint, the

8    C R D H A   i n t o u C H   a p r i l   2 0 0 9
What is the alternative                      Director has the following options:       What happens if the complaint
complaint resolution process?                (a) refer the complaint to the Hearings   is referred for a hearing?
In the alternative complaint resolution          Director for a hearing, or            If a complaint is referred for a hearing,
process, a neutral third party will act      (b) dismiss the complaint, if in the      the Hearings Director will set a hearing
as a mediator between the parties. The           opinion of the Complaints Director    date and provide the complainant and
mediator will try to assist the parties in                                             the investigated person with notice
reaching a successful resolution of the          (i) the complaint is trivial or       of the date, time and location of the
complaint. More detailed information                 vexatious, or                     hearing. Hearings are open to the
about the alternative complaint                  (ii) there is insufficient or no      public unless the Hearing Tribunal
resolution process can be obtained                    evidence of unprofessional       orders otherwise.
from the CRDHA.                                       conduct.                         The purpose of the hearing is to
                                             The Complaints Director will notify       ensure that the Hearing Tribunal has
What happens during an
                                             the complainant and the investigated      enough information to decide if the
                                             person in writing of the action taken.    investigated person’s conduct does
The Complaints Director may                                                            or does not constitute unprofessional
either conduct the investigation or          If the complaint is dismissed, the        conduct. If you are the subject of a
appoint an investigator. The Health          Complaints Director will give reasons     complaint, you are required to attend
Professions Act gives the investigator       and advise the complainant in writing     the hearing. You may bring a lawyer
certain powers to ensure that he or          of the right to apply to the Hearings     if you wish to do so and you are
she is able to conduct an effective          Director for a review.                    entitled to provide evidence and call
investigation, including the power                                                     witnesses.
to conduct interviews, request               Can the complainant appeal
documents and examine your                   the Complaints Director’s                 If the Hearing Tribunal finds that there

workplace.                                   decision to dismiss the                   has been unprofessional conduct, it may:
                                             complaint?                                (a) caution or reprimand you;
During the investigation, you will
be given an opportunity to tell your         Yes. If a complaint has been dismissed,   (b) impose conditions on your practice
side of the story. You can provide the       the complainant has 30 days to apply to       permit,
investigator with documents that             the Hearings Director for a review. The
                                             CRDHA’s Complaint Review Committee        (c) require you to satisfy the
may be relevant and identify other
                                             will then review the investigator’s           Hearing Tribunal that you are not
people the investigator may want
                                             report and the Complaints Director’s          incapacitated,
to contact. The investigator is not
restricted to investigating only matters     decision to dismiss the complaint. Both   (d) require counselling or a treatment
relevant to the complaint. If, during        the complainant and the investigated          program,
the investigation, other matters arise,      person will be given an opportunity to
                                             make submissions to the Complaint         (e) require a course of study,
the investigator can investigate those
matters as well. It is helpful to give the   Review Committee, either orally or in     (f) suspend or cancel your practice
investigator as complete a picture as        writing.                                      permit,
possible, and provide all information        The Complaint Review Committee            (g) impose fines, or
and documents requested as quickly           may:
as possible.                                                                           (h) make any other appropriate order.
                                             (a) refer the complaint for a hearing,
After the investigation is complete, the
                                             (b) direct a further investigation, or
investigator will make a report.
                                             (c) confirm that the complaint is
The Complaints Director then decides
what will happen next. The Complaints

                                                                                            C R D H A   i n t o u C H   a p r i l   2 0 0 9   9

     professional Responsibility
     A professional is a professional 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and not just during business hours.

     Occasionally a regulatory authority                protection of the public is involved.      (iv) representing or holding out
     such as the CRDHA will receive a                   Courts have also acknowledged the               that a person was a regulated
     complaint regarding the conduct                    right of a regulatory authority to              member and in good standing
     of a member that has occurred                      discipline its members for dishonest            while the person’s registration or
     outside of the member’s workplace.                 or immoral conduct outside of the               practice permit was suspended or
     The question that arises is whether                workplace.                                      cancelled;
     members can be disciplined for
                                                                                                   (v) representing or holding out that
     conduct that may be unrelated                      Although a member of a profession
                                                                                                       a person’s registration or practice
     to their professional knowledge                    has both a private and a professional
                                                                                                       permit is not subject to conditions
     and skills or the usual provision                  life, when a professional‘s conduct
                                                                                                       when it is or misrepresenting the
     of services in their workplace.                    in their private life is detrimental to
     The answer to the question is an                   the best interests of the public or
     unequivocal “yes” A professional
                        .                               is conduct which harms or tends to         (vi) failure or refusal
     can be held accountable for their                  harm the standing of the profession,
                                                                                                       (A) to comply with the
     conduct outside of business hours                  then that conduct may properly
                                                                                                           requirements of the
     and outside their workplace. In other              become the subject matter of a
                                                                                                           continuing competence
     words, a professional is a professional            professional complaint and discipline
                                                                                                           program, or
     24 hours a day, 7 days a week and                  hearing.
     not just during business hours.                                                                   (B) to co-operate with a
                                                        The Health Professions Act defines                 competence committee or
     Many individuals have challenged                   “unprofessional conduct” to mean                   a person appointed under
     a regulatory authority’s right to                  one or more of the following,                      section 11 undertaking a
     discipline them for their conduct                  whether or not it is disgraceful or                practice visit;
     away from the workplace by having                  dishonourable:
                                                                                                   (vii) failure or refusal
     the courts review the issue. These
                                                        (i) displaying a lack of knowledge of
     individuals have argued that even                                                                 (A) to comply with an agreement
                                                            or lack of skill or judgment in the
     though their conduct may have been                                                                    that is part of a ratified
                                                            provision of professional services;
     reprehensible, it was not connected                                                                   settlement,
     to their professional practice and                 (ii) contravention of this Act, a code
                                                                                                       (B) to comply with a request
     therefore, their responsibility                         of ethics or standards of practice;
                                                                                                           of or co-operate with an
     should be restricted to the civil or               (iii) contravention of another                     investigator,
     criminal court system, but not to the                    enactment that applies to the
     professional disciplinary process.                                                                (C) to undergo an examination
     There are numerous examples where                                                                     under section 118, or
     the courts have upheld the regulatory                                                             (D) to comply with a notice to
     authority’s right to discipline its                                                                   attend or a notice to produce
     members where their conduct has                                                                       under Part 4;
     seriously reflected upon the integrity
     of the profession or where the

10    C R D H A   i n t o u C H   a p r i l   2 0 0 9
(viii) contravening an order under         (x) carrying on the practice of           (xi) carrying on the practice of
       Part 4, conditions imposed on           the regulated profession of                the regulated profession of
       a practice permit or a direction        physicians, surgeons, osteopaths,          physical therapists on behalf of
       under section 118(4);                   dentists, chiropractors or                 a corporation that does not meet
                                               optometrists on behalf of a                the requirements of Schedule 20;
(ix) carrying on the practice of the
                                               corporation that does not meet
     regulated profession with a                                                     (xii) conduct that harms the integrity
                                               the requirements of sections
     person who is contravening                                                            of the regulated profession;
                                               104 to 115 or as a partner of a
     section 8 or an order under Part
                                               partnership that does not meet
     4 or conditions imposed on a
                                               the requirements of section 98(3);
     practice permit or a direction
     under section 118(4);

    Social Networking                                             • Do not “bad mouth” people on your site.

                                                                  • If you would not want to see it on the front page of
    Social networking through sites such as Facebook, My            the newspaper, do not include it in your posting.
    Space, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., is becoming increasingly
    common amongst people of all ages and professions.            • Be selective about the personal information you share.
                                                                    Maintain an adequate privacy setting on the site so
    CRDHA has received comments from members about                  that people cannot acquire personal information.
    the inappropriate use of these sites by some dental           • Remember, you too could become a victim of bullying
    hygienists. CRDHA recommends caution for dental                 or harassment.
    hygienists who use these sites.

    Some examples of conduct that contravene the                  My space: http://social-networking
    cRDHA code of ethics or harm the integrity of       
    the regulated profession is a dental hygienist’s              myspace_etiquette_tips
    use of social networking sites to bully, name call,
    make derogatory comments about other health
    professionals or to display personal photos that are
    in poor taste.

    Here are a few points to keep in mind about using social
    networking or forum sites.

    • Some blogs or forums are not moderated and can be
      used for spreading rumors and slander. If you find a
      site to be offensive, do not engage in it or support it
      with visits or comments.

                                                                                         C R D H A   i n t o u C H   a p r i l   2 0 0 9   11

     How long Should I Keep This?
     A Practical Approach to Managing the Retention and Disposal of Business Records

     by Debbie Dresen, B.Comm., LLB

     How long you must keep business records (whether hard          onus to prove your claim is on you, and unsupported
     copies or stored electronically) depends on the information    claims may be denied.
     in the record. Your business will have records that contain
     personal information of employees or patients, financial       The Income Tax Act and Excise Tax Act require that tax
     or other business records, such as tax returns, leases         and GST-related records be kept for a minimum of six
     and supply contracts, or documentation that contain            years from the end of the last tax year to which they
     both personal and business information, such as certain        relate. Records must be complete and reliable and stored
     employment records.                                            in a format that ensures readability.

     Records Containing Personal Information                        Early loss, destruction or damage of electronic records
                                                                    must be reported to Revenue Canada and the records
     The Alberta Personal Information Privacy Act (PIPA),           must be recreated within a reasonable time. It is
     governs the collection, use and disclosure of personal         recommended back-ups be retained both on- and off-site.
     information, including information relating to patients and
     employees.                                                     Other Business Records

     PIPA requires businesses to retain personal information        Certain records such as fixed asset depreciation records
     only as long as is reasonably necessary for the purpose        are required to be kept indefinitely under the Income Tax
     for which it was collected. For example, you may
     conduct reference checks to help in hiring an employee,
     but after the employee is hired, this information is no
     longer needed. How long you retain patient information
     depends on what is reasonable in your practice. It may
     be reasonable to keep patient information for three years
     after the last appointment, but perhaps not seven or eight.
     You should advise patients of your policy on retaining their
     records (usually in a policy).

     PIPA imposes legal obligations to protect personal
     information. Therefore, you don’t want to keep personal
     information for longer than is necessary. The longer you
     keep personal information, the greater the cost to properly
     protect and store the information and the greater the risk
     of inadvertent or improper disclosure.

     Records Containing Tax-Related Information

     Records used in determining your tax liabilities must be
     kept to support your claims in the event of an audit. The

12    C R D H A   i n t o u C H   a p r i l   2 0 0 9
Act or other specific statutes.           the personal information. If you            Health Information Act
However, most records and                 reasonably believe other records are        (HIA) Amendments
documents that are not tax records        not needed for any legal purpose you
or supporting documents need              need not retain those.                      Proposed amendments to
only be kept for so long as they are                                                  the HIA will impact dental
needed, or believed they would be         STEP 3 – Proper disposal. How               hygienists who are custodians
needed. They would be needed              do I dispose of sensitive and               or affiliates under the HIA.
while the record is current. For          personal information?                       CRDHA will notify members of
example, a lease is kept for at least                                                 new requirements or provisions
as long as the lease is in effect.        Sensitive and personal information          related to collection, use and
Records that may be needed for            should be destroyed in a secure             disclosure of health information
a potential legal action or dispute,      manner by removing all personal             once the amendments
should be kept for at least two years.    identifiers from the information.           have been approved in the
Where there is a potential claim          All records should be properly and          Legislature.
for breach of contract or wrongful        securely destroyed by shredding of
dismissal, as an example, the             paper records or other permanent
claimant has two years to commence        destruction.
an action or make a claim.
                                          STEP 4 – Review your
STEP 1 - Identify the type of             documents periodically.
information. What is it?
                                          Secure storage and back-up costs,
Does the document contain business        secure business protocols and
or financial information, personal        administration, potential legal liability
information such as employment            for improper retention or disposal
records or patient charts, or a           of personal information are all good
combination?                              reasons to regularly review your files
                                          to ensure that you only keep that
STEP 2 – Identify the purpose             which is necessary. Your records
of the information. Why do you            management system should take
need it?                                  into account:

                                          • the six year Revenue Canada
In the case of personal information in
particular, the reason the information
was collected in the first place will     • the reasonableness of retaining
determine how long it should be             personal information;
kept. If that original purpose no
                                          • two year limitation periods for
longer exists you should not retain
                                            potential disputes.

                     Debbie Dresen, B.Comm., LLB
                     Partner, Davis LLP

                     Debbie will present “Privacy in Practice” at the CRDHA
                     Annual Continuing Competence Event, Practice Makes
                     Perfect seminar.

                                                                                      C R D H A   i n t o u C H   a p r i l   2 0 0 9   13
     Canada Vigilance                                                                              All suspected adverse reactions             Canada Vigilance National Office at:
     Program                                                                                       should be reported, however, Health
                                                                                                   Canada is especially interested in
     by Lisa Walzak                                                                                                                            By filing a report with the Canadian
                                                                                                   reactions that are unexpected, serious
                                                                                                                                               Vigilance Program (formerly known
     Registered dental hygienists are                                                              or related to recently marketed health
                                                                                                                                               as the Canadian Adverse Reaction
     actively involved with many thera-                                                            products (on the market for less than
                                                                                                                                               Monitoring Program), reporters are
     peutic products and as a result are                                                           five years). Information gathered via
                                                                                                                                               indicating that there is a suspected
     in a unique and important position to                                                         adverse reaction reports is combined
                                                                                                                                               association between the health
     contribute to adverse reaction report-                                                        with information from other sources
                                                                                                                                               product and the adverse reaction.
     ing. Reporting of adverse reactions to                                                        to identify potential health product
                                                                                                                                               Proof or certainty that the product
     health products such as prescription                                                          safety issues. Once an assessment
                                                                                                                                               caused the adverse reaction is not
     and nonprescription drugs, natural                                                            is made and a problem is identified,
                                                                                                                                               required to file a report. Adverse
     health products, biologics (including                                                         health professionals and consumers
                                                                                                                                               reactions can be reported by calling
     fractionated blood products, as well                                                          are informed through several means,
                                                                                                                                               toll free1-866-234-2345. Alternatively,
     as therapeutic and diagnostic vac-                                                            including:
                                                                                                                                               a completed Canada Vigilance
     cines) and radiopharmaceuticals can                                                           1. Advisories, warnings or recalls          reporting form can be faxed toll-free
     contribute to:                                                                                                                            to 1-866-678-6789.
                                                                                                   2. The Canadian Adverse Reaction
     1. The identification of previously                                                              Newsletter (CARN)                        Adverse reaction reporting forms are
        unrecognized, rare or serious                                                                                                          available on the MedEffectTM Canada
        adverse reactions                                                                          Both methods of communication
                                                                                                                                               website at
                                                                                                   listed above can be accessed via
     2. Changes in product safety                                                                                                              medeffect. Any information related
                                                                                                   the MedEffectTM Canada Web site at
        information                                                                                                                            to an identifiable patient and/or
                                                                                                                                               reporter of the adverse reaction will
     3. New information regarding                                                                  In March 2008, a new Adverse                be protected as per the Access to
        benefits, risks or effectiveness of                                                        Reaction (AR) database, the Canada          Information Act and the Privacy Act
        health products                                                                            Vigilance System, was implemented
                                                                                                                                               Please join Health Canada’s
     4. Increased safety knowledge that                                                            at Health Canada. As a result,
                                                                                                                                               MedEffect e-Notice mailing list
                                                                                                   the process to update the online
               Health   Santé        Your health and         Votre santé et votre

        benefits all Canadians
               Canada   Canada       safety… our priority.   sécurité… notre priorité.

                                                                                                                                               to receive the Canadian Adverse
                                                                                                   database with refreshed quarterly AR
                                                                                                                                               Reaction Newsletter (CARN) and
                                                                                                   information is also being re-designed.
                                                                                                                                               health product advisories by e-mail.
                                                                                                   This re-design will include enhanced
                                                                                                                                               To subscribe, please visit: http://
                                                                                                   search capabilities including the ability
                                                                                                   to search and report, patient, active
                                                                                                   ingredient, trade name, and reaction-
      Canada                                                                                       related information. The current            To receive more information about

      Vigilance                                                                                    on-line database contains adverse
                                                                                                   reaction information only up to the
                                                                                                                                               the Canada Vigilance Program or
                                                                                                                                               to arrange an information session
      Adverse Reaction Monitoring Program and Database
                                                                                                   end of December 2007     .                  for your group, please call toll-free
      Suspect an adverse reaction?                                                                 Health Canada anticipates launching
        Report it...                                                                               the re-designed online database
                                                                                                                                               Join Lisa Walzak at the CRDHA
      Phone:   1-866-234-2345                                                                      including 2008 data, by mid 2009.
      Fax:     1-866-678-6789                                                                                                                  Annual Continuing Competence
                                                                                                   Until then, users seeking standard
                                                                                                                                               Event to hear more about the Canada
      Postage Paid Mail                                                                            line listings of adverse reaction
                                                                                                                                               Viligance Program
      A Program of
                                                                                                   information on marketed health
      MedEffect Canada
      Together we can improve health product safety                                                products are invited to write to the

14    C R D H A              i n t o u C H                       a p r i l               2 0 0 9
notice Board

The Fund For Dentistry                   First Nations and Inuit Health
General Information                      The Alberta First Nations and Inuit      Scaling/Root Planing
                                         Health (FNIH) Regional Office            • For clients under the age of 12; one
A major role of THE FUND FOR
                                         frequently receives calls from dental      (1) unit of scaling in a twelve (12)
DENTISTRY is to stimulate and
                                         hygienists requesting information          month period; and
support research by the profession
                                         regarding dental benefits and claiming
at large. All dental and related                                                  • For clients 12 and older; four (4)
                                         processes under the Non-Insured
personnel involved in oral health                                                   units of scaling/root planing in a
                                         Health Benefit (NIHB) Program. At
services or education are eligible                                                  twelve (12) month period.
                                         this time, dental hygienists cannot
to apply for research funding. The
                                         enrol as dental providers with the
intent is to support research in                                                  *If additional units of scaling/root
                                         NIHB Dental Program.
Alberta, whether in private practice,                                             planing are required, the dental office
the universities or other appropriate                                             must submit a predetermination
                                         To assist and clarify the most
centers. Research proposals may                                                   request to Health Canada FNIH
                                         commonly asked questions please
be basic or applied in nature and will                                            Regional Dental Office in Edmonton
                                         refer to the brief summary below:
be evaluated by the Allocations and                                               along with client’s periodontal
Management Subcommittee of                                                        charting, supporting radiographs and
                                         Preventive and periodontal dental
THE FUND FOR DENTISTRY.                                                           a written rationale.
                                         services are benefits that are
                                         frequency based and only require
For more information on applying                                                  Client eligibility can be verified by
                                         predetermination for those units of
for research funding in connection                                                calling First Canadian Health Canada
                                         scaling and root planning beyond the
with THE FUND FOR DENTISTRY,                                                      toll-free at 1-888-471-1111.
                                         following maximums.
contact Ms. Pat LaPointe,
Department of Dentistry, University                                               For more information regarding the
                                         Topical Fluoride
of Alberta, Edmonton, AB T6G 2N8;                                                 NIHB Dental Program, please contact
                                         • For clients under the age of 17;
phone 492-8041; or                                                                the Health Canada FNIH Alberta
                                           twice in a twelve (12) month period.
Email                                                        Regional Dental Office directly at:
                                         • Topical fluoride is not an eligible
The deadline for application is            benefit for clients 17 and older.      Health Canada FNIH
October 15, 2009.                                                                 Alberta Regional Dental Office
                                         Polishing                                #730, 9700 Jasper Avenue
                                         • For clients under the age of 17; two   Edmonton, Alberta
                                           (2) in a twelve (12) month period      T5J 4C3
                                           paid at one half unit each time; and   Fax: (780) 420-1219
                                         • For client 17 and older; once (1) in   Toll Free: 1-888-495-2516
                                           a twelve (12) month period paid at
                                           one half unit.

                                                                                      C R D H A   i n t o u C H   a p r i l   2 0 0 9   15
     continuing Competence

     In Person Learning                                 April 30, May 1 & 2, 2009                           ,
                                                                                                June 15 – 17 2009
                                                        eDMonTon                                BeTHeSDA, MARYlAnD
     April 15 & 16, 2009                                CRDHA Annual Continuing                 North American Dental Hygiene
                                                        Competence Event                        Research Conference –
     cAlGARY (ApRIl 15)                                 Presentations and workshops relating    Opportunities for Advancing
     eDMonTon (ApRIl 16)                                specifically to dental hygiene          Dental Hygiene (see page 17)
     Behind the Scenes: Medical                         Contact: CRDHA                
     Laboratory Technology                              Phone: (780) 465-1756 or                conferences/opportunities.asp
     Speaker: Lydia Hodgson                             Toll Free: 1-877-465-1756 or register
     Contact: CRDHA                                     at                 Various Dates 2009
     Phone: (780) 465-1756 or
     Toll Free: 1-877-465-1756                          May 20 & 21, 2009                       eDMonTon, u of A
                                                                                                Clinical Orthodontic Procedures
     April 17 2009
             ,                                          eDMonTon (MAY 20)                       A Clinical Course for RDA & RDH
                                                        cAlGARY (MAY 21)
                                                                                                Theory Examinations
     cAlGARY                                            Implications of Herbal Drugs to
                                                                                                August 12/09 (Deadline May 1/09)
     CDDS Mini Lectures                                 Dental Hygiene Practice
                                                                                                December 02/09 (Deadline Aug 26/09)
     and Exhibitor Show                                 Speaker: Tracy Marsden
     Speaker: Various                                   Contact: CRDHA                          Clinical Course
     Contact: CDDS                                      Phone: (780) 465-1756 or                May 8-10/09 (Deadline April 15/09)
     Phone: (403) 239-1465                              Toll Free: 1-877-465-1756               September 25-27/09 (Deadline Aug 26/09)
     Email:                                                                      Contact: Tara West
                                                        May 21 – 24, 2009                       Phone: (780) 492-5391
     April 24, 2009                                     JASpeR                                  Email:
                                                        ADA&C: Jasper Dental Conference
     cAlGARY, u of c                                    Contact: ADA&C                          Local Anaesthetic Continuing
     Achieving and Maintaining Oral                     Phone: (780) 432-1012                   Education for Registered Dental
     Health for People with Disabilities:                               Hygienists
     Young and Old                                                                              Sept 17-20/09 (Deadline June 15/09)
     Contact: Joan Sweeney                              June 8 – June 11, 2009                  Contact: Tara West
     Phone: (403) 220 8458                                                                      Phone: (780) 492-5391
     Email: or                          eDMonTon, u of A                        Email:                                Dental Hygiene Refresher Course
                                                        (see page 17)                           Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen; Sedation/
     April 30, 2009                                     Contact CRDHA                           Analgesia in Dental Practice
                                                        Phone: (780) 465-1756 or                June 13/09
     eDMonTon                                           Toll Free: 1-877-465-1756               December 5/09
     Practice Makes Perfect Pre-event
                                                                                                Contact: Tara West
     CRDHA Annual Continuing                            June 7 – 10, 2009                       Phone: 780-492-5391
     Competence Event
     A day for those interested in setting              WInnIpeG
     up an independent dental hygiene                   Canadian Public Health Association
                                                                                                Business in Dentistry
     practice.                                          2009 Annual Conference
                                                                                                Certificate Program
     Contact: CRDHA                                     Public Health in Canada:
     Phone: (780) 465-1756 or                           Strengthening Connections
     Toll Free: 1-877-465-1756 or             
                                                                                                Contact: Tara West
     register at                   conf2009.aspx
                                                                                                Phone: 780-492-5391

16    C R D H A   i n t o u C H   a p r i l   2 0 0 9
University of Alberta Dental             North American Dental                    On-Line Continuing
Hygiene Program Refresher                Hygiene Research                         Competence Opportunities
Course                                   Conference – Opportunities
                                         for Advancing Dental Hygiene             canadian Dental
This course is appropriate for dental    Research                                 Hygienists Association
hygienists who:                                                         
• want to upgrade their skills;          The Canadian Dental Hygienists
                                                                                  Membership in the Canadian
                                         Association, the National Centre for
• require continuing competence                                                   Dental Hygienists Association
                                         Dental Hygiene Research (NCDHR,
  program credits and/or program                                                  (CDHA) entitles you to access the
                                         U.S.) and the American Dental
  hours for registration renewal or                                               Members Only area of the CDHA
                                         Hygienists’ Association are pleased to
  to transfer from Non-practicing to                                              website. From there you can access
                                         announce the North American Dental
  General Member status; or                                                       CDHA sponsored online continuing
                                         Hygiene Research conference. The
                                                                                  education opportunities.
• who are required to complete a         conference will take place from June
  refresher course.                             ,
                                         15 - 17 2009 in Bethesda, MD, and
                                                                                  In addition, go to “Resources and
                                         will bring together dental hygiene
The Dental Hygiene Refresher Course                                               Tools > Probing the Net” for links to
                                         researchers, students, educators, and
includes four days on-site. The first                                             continuing education sites offered by
day will be comprehensive didactic       academics.
                                                                                  other institutions or organizations.
and pre-clinic review on the process     The conference will focus on topics      Fees may apply for these learning
of dental hygiene care. The remaining    such as strategic planning for future    opportunities. Many of the courses
three days will include clinical         research, translating research into      are eligible for CRDHA Continuing
practice with hands-on instruction on    practice, cultural considerations        Competence Program (CCP) credit.
progressively challenging patients.      for practice, linking dental hygiene     Contact CRDHA if you have questions
The U of A Dental Hygiene Program        and systemic health, assessing the       about the eligibility of a specific
will supply the patients and the         efficacy of alternative dental hygiene   learning opportunity for CCP credit.
instruments.                             models of care delivery in meeting
                                         community needs, preparing quality/      Maximum Allowable
Registrants will be required to
                                         competitive grants, grant programs       credits per course
present proof of current CPR
                                         and training opportunities.              The CRDHA Continuing Competence
certification; the name of the dental
hygiene program they attended and                                                                 .4
                                                                                  Program Rule 7 states “In the event
                                         While being called a research
year of graduation. This course may                                               that a learning activity continues into
                                         conference, this conference is not
not be sufficient for individuals who                                             the evening hours, a maximum of
                                         just for researchers. It is for any
have been out of practice for longer                                              ten (10) credits per twenty-four hour
                                         dental hygienist wanting to learn from
than five years. Arrangements can                                                 period may be claimed”   .
                                         dental hygiene experts.
be made for extended refresher
education if required.          con-         Please keep this rule in mind when
                                         ferences/opportunities.asp               taking on-line courses for credit.
The Dental Hygiene Refresher Course
                                                                                  Requests for credit exceeding 10 (ten)
will be offered by Dental Continuing
                                                                                  credits in a twenty-four hour period
Education at the University of Alberta
                                                                                  will be denied.
on June 8 – June 11, 2009. For details
of this Refresher Course contact:
Brenda Walker, CRDHA Registrar
(780) 465-1756 or
Toll Free: 1-877-465-1756

                                                                                      C R D H A   i n t o u C H   a p r i l   2 0 0 9   17
     continuing Competence

       Dr Paul Glassman BA DDS MA MBA                                                               APRIL 24, 2009
       Professor of Community Dentistry,                                                            Friday 8am-4pm
       University of the Pacific School of Dentistry
       Chair of the American Dental Association Elder Care Advisory
       Consultant in Hospital Dentistry for the Council on Dental                                   Liben Lecture Theatre
       Research and Developments, California Dental Association                                     Health Sciences Centre
                                                                                                    University of Calgary
       This course provides an overview of oral health and people with disabilities.                3330 Hospital Drive NW
       Topics covered in this overview will include presentations on system organization,           Calgary, AB
       architectural accessibility and oral health resources in dealing with community and
       social considerations. In addition, an overview of people with disabilities, including
       intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, seizure disorders and autism spectrum disorders     Contact: Joan Sweeney
       will be discussed in developing a dental treatment plan for these dental patients. Special   Phone: (403) 220 8458
       equipment, tips and tricks, wheel chair transfer and developing a treatment philosophy       Email or
       will be presented in working with people with disabilities in the dental office. This
       course will be of interest to all members of the dental team.

18   C R D H A   i n t o u C H   a p r i l   2 0 0 9
Websites to Visit

Head and Neck Cancer                         Academy of oral Stomatology and          Social Networking Etiquette
                                            pc World Facebook etiquette: Five
Institute for Reconstructive
                                             x?url=1470%2fPDF%2fOralCancerUp          Dos and Don’ts
Sciences in Medicine (iRSM)
                                             Oral Cancer: Update for the Oral         facebook_etiquette.html?tk=rss_
iRSM is dedicated to the creation                                                     news
                                             Healthcare Provider
and sharing of new knowledge by                                                       article/154374/facebook_etiquette.
                                             Review some key concepts of a
educating, training, developing,                                                      html?tk=rss_news
                                             process that can take fewer than
recruiting and retaining the best
                                             five minutes and could save a life.      Balancing your work and personal life
intellectual capital in the world. IRSM
                                             It involves risk factor assessment,      on social networking tools such as
is a clinical and research facility in the
                                             physical examination, and preventive     Facebook has become more complex
Misericordia Community Hospital.
                                             counseling. In addition to visualizing   than ever -- and the dangers go
                                             oral abnormalities, screening exams      beyond the well-publicized examples
canadian cancer Society
                                             can be used as an opportunity            of posting party pictures to your
                                             to educate patients about the            profile.
The Canadian Cancer Society                  symptoms of oral cancer and help
is a national, community-based               them understand the factors that put
organization of volunteers whose             them at risk.
mission is the eradication of cancer
and the enhancement of the quality           Six Steps to oral cancer Screening
of life of people living with cancer.
oral cancer Foundation                       campaign-puts-oral-cancer-on-the-ag.                aspx and                  ADA + C
                                             webstore.php                                Jasper Dental Congress
The Oral Cancer Foundation is a
national (USA) public service, non-          The Sextet Screening programme is
profit entity designed to reduce             designed to create awareness among
suffering and save lives through             the patient community, encouraging
prevention, education, research,             them to request a thorough screening
advocacy, and support activities.            from their dental practices. It also
                                             features a six-step demonstration
                                             with photos of a thorough oral cancer
                                             screening test as performed by an             May 21 - 24, 2009
                                             oral healthcare practitioner.
                                                                                       Come and experience four days
                                             Volunteerism                                of professional development
                                                                                        sessions and a wide variety of
                                             vitalize conference                       social and recreational activities.
                                                                                        Watch the ADA+C website for
                                                                                            updated information
                                             This is an engaging province-wide                 and registration
                                             conference to promote and support

                                                                                          C R D H A   i n t o u C H   a p r i l   2 0 0 9   19
     CRDHA is pleased to provide two resources for purchase: The Informed Entrepreneur: A Primer for the Business of Dental
     Hygiene and The Employment Handbook for Dental Hygienists.

                    The Informed Entrepreneur:                                                 Employment Handbook for Dental Hygienists
             A Primer for the Business of Dental Hygiene
                                                                                            Have you wondered about overtime pay, general or statutory holidays,
                                                                                            vacation entitlements, or pre-employment interview representations?
        CRDHA members have asked for a resource about planning for and
                                                                                            The Employment Handbook for Dental Hygienists will walk you through
        operating an independent dental hygiene practice. Do you have questions
                                                                                            employment issues, contract and self-employment facts, and legal
        such as:
                                                                                            workplace requirements. The Handbook is available at the cost recovery
        •   What do I need to know about the business?                                      price of $20.00.
        •   How should I structure my practice?
        •   How do I address some day-to-day operational issues?                            To receive a copy of the Employment Handbook for Dental Hygienists
        •   How do I finance this business?                                                 mail a cheque or money order for $20.00 and the completed form below
        •   What other resources are out there?                                             to the CRDHA office.
        It is our pleasure to make this manual: The Informed Entrepreneur: A
        Primer for the Business of Dental Hygiene available for purchase for                CRDHA
        CRDHA members on a cost recovery basis.                                             #206, 8657-51 Avenue
                                                                                            Edmonton AB T6E 6A8
        Please send me ___________ copy(s) of the manual which is priced at
        $40.00 (forty dollars) per copy.                                                    Please send me ___________ copy(s) of the manual which is priced at
                                                                                            $20.00 (twenty dollars) per copy.
        My cheque or money order in the amount of $____________ is enclosed.
                                                                                            My cheque or money order in the amount of $____________ is enclosed.
        (please print)
                                                                                            (please print)
        CRDHA ID #
                                                                                            CRDHA ID #
        Mailing Address
                                                                                            Mailing Address
        Phone (H):                                   Phone (W):
                                                                                            Phone (H):                        Phone (W):

     Moving? change of name and Address notification
     The Dental Hygienists Profession Regulation requires that members of the College of Registered Dental Hygienists of
     Alberta (CRDHA) ensure that their mailing address is always current. Incorrect or out of date addresses can lead to missed
     mailings which may include important notices and documents. Name changes must be submitted in writing. Address
     changes are best submitted in writing and should include the following information:

     Name (in full)                                                                                                   CRDHA ID Number

     New Name (in full)                                                       Old Address

     New Address                                                              Home Phone                              Email

     Effective Date                                               Signature

     Registrants are welcome to copy or cut out this name/address change card and use it to submit a name change or address
     change. Please contact the College of Registered Dental Hygienists of Alberta if you require further information.

     Telephone: Toll Free (Alberta) 1-877-465-1756 Fax: (780) 440-0544 or email:

20     C R D H A         i n t o u C H   a p r i l    2 0 0 9
   Have you considered tHe

   of a personally owned
   disability insurance program?
                                                                                                       New dates for 2009
                                                                                          continuing competency opportunities in perio:
A personal disability insurance       We can explain the differences
policy will protect you from          between the CDHA & CDSPI
the financial hazards from an         (group employee plan) and an
                                      individual policy. We will design
                                                                                      Instrument Sharpening
accident or illness with no
risk to you of...                     a program specific to your                      Apr 18, 2009        2 hour lecture/clinical session-
                                      individual needs.                                                   maximum 10 participants per
• the contract being cancelled                                                                            session
  by the insurer:
• any provision of the contract                                                       Advanced Instrumentation Workshop – Furcations
  being altered;                      Nancy McKenzie, rHu                             May 9, 2009        2 hour clinical session max 8
• the premiums being increased.       Suite 102, 718 - 12 Avenue SW                                      participants per session
                                      Calgary, AB T2R 0H7
                                      Tel 403.265.5681
                                      Cel 403.612.8772                                        Watch for upcoming evening lecture
                                                                                                   series starting fall 2009.
                                                                                            For more information or to register please call
                                                                                        Bonnie Hoath at (403) 710-8435 (day), (403) 254-9421 (eve)
 yellow raincoat                                                                                 or visit

   Faculty Position, Dental Hygiene Program
      The Dental Hygiene Program at the University of Alberta                      The position will be available July 1, 2009. Applicants are
   is seeking applications for a full-time academic position.                    asked to forward their curriculum vitae and the names and
   Responsibilities will include a combination of clinical and                   addresses of three referees by May 31, 2009.
   didactic teaching, research, continuing education and                           Interested applicants may apply to:
   associated administrative duties. There is an expectation for
   the development of an active research program.                                Dr. Sharon Compton, Director
      Academic rank and salary will be based on the applicant’s                  Dental Hygiene Program
   qualifications, experience, and achievements. It is expected                  Department of Dentistry
   that the applicant will be a dental hygienist with a Master’s                 Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry
   degree or equivalent; however, preference will be given                       Room 2032 Dentistry/Pharmacy Center
   to applicants with a PhD or EdD. The successful applicant                     University of Alberta
   will also have demonstrated experience in clinical practice,                  Edmonton AB Canada T6G 2N8
   undergraduate teaching and research, and must be eligible for                 Email:
   dental hygiene licensure in Alberta. Private practice privilege is
   integrated with the appointment.

   All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority. If suitable
   Canadian citizens and permanent residents cannot be found, other individuals will be considered. The University of Alberta hires on the
   basis of merit. We are committed to the principle of equity in employment. We welcome diversity and encourage applications from all
   qualified women and men, including persons with disabilities, members of visible minorities, and Aboriginal persons.
Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to:

College of Registered Dental Hygienists of Alberta
206, 8657 51 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB T6E 6A8

Canadian Publications Agreement #40012431

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