St Patrick s Parish Benoni – Holy Week Easter Celebrations 2010 (PDF) by sdsdfqw21


									                     St Patrick's Parish, Benoni – Holy Week & Easter Celebrations 2010

          Date                       Celebration                  St Patrick's Church          Crystal Park                Carmel Sisters' Chapel
Sunday 28 March                   Mass & Procession                     07h30                Palm Sunday                   Mass with Procession
                                                                                          Mass with procession                   at 07h30
                                         Mass                           10h00
Palm Sunday                                                                                    at 09h30
                                         Mass                           18h00
Monday 29 March                  Communion Service                      06h30                                                 Mass at 07h30
Tuesday 30 March            Mass followed by Confessions                09h30                                                 Mass at 07h30
                          Confessions for Easter                        19h00
                           (5 Priests available)
Wednesday 31 March                       Mass                           06h30                                                 Mass at 07h30
                                Stations of the Cross                   18h30
Thursday 1 April                                                        19h00           Mass for the Lord's Supper   Mass of the Lord's Supper at 18h00
Holy Thursday            MASS OF THE LORD'S SUPPER                                               at 18h00             followed by Adoration until 22h00
Friday 2 April                  Stations of the Cross                   10h00             Stations of the Cross             Passion of the Lord
                        Confessions after Stations of the Cross                                  at 14h00                        at 15h00
Good Friday
                     CELEBRATION OF THE LORD'S PASSION                  15h00              Passion of the Lord
                           Confessions after the Service                                        at 15h00
Saturday 3 April                Altar Servers' Practice                 09h30                                                   Easter Vigil
                                                                                               Easter Vigil                      at 20h00
                           VIGIL MASS FOR EASTER                        19h00
Holy Saturday                                                                                   at 18h00
                          No Confessions on Holy Saturday
Sunday 4 April                    EASTER MASS                           07h30            Mass for Easter Sunday            Easter Sunday Mass
                                                                                                 09h30                           at 07h30
Easter Sunday                     EASTER MASS                           10h00
                                  No Evening Mass
Monday 5 April                                                          08h00                                                 Mass at 07h30
Easter Monday

                         There is secure parking during Holy Week and Easter at St Columba's School,
                                                      entrance from Howard Avenue.

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