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					                                               The Vine
                                       Newsletter of the Australian Lay Carmelites

                                                               Vol: 11, No: 3, September, 1999

                             Dear sisters and brothers in Carmel,
                             Today is the first day of spring, and time for a new ‘shoot’ on
                           the Vine – winter has come and almost gone. if we dare to say
                           that in Melbourne! These last three months have gone very
The official Jubilee       quickly, and in many ways have been a very Carmelite time for
logo created by a young    me.
Italian art student was      I would like to share with you some of my travels where I have
                           had the pleasure to meet many Lay Carmelites for some time
selected by Pope John
                           together. In June I had some brief visits with isolated Lay
Paul II
                           Carmelites in Albury, Wagga Wagga and Canberra, as well as a
                           nice visit to the Carmelite nuns in Wagga.
In the circular field,
which indicates the
universe, a cross is en-
twined which sustains
and upholds human-
ity gathered in the five
continents repre-
sented by five doves.
The doves are en-
twined with the cross,
signifying that Christ
assumes our human
condition and redeems
it through the mystery
of the Incarnation.         Fr Bruce Clark presenting the New Testament book to Carmel Critchley
                                            after her Final Profession at Wall Flat.
The light, which
                             Another experience of Carmelite and country hospitality,
comes from the cen-
                           was when Anita Renehan and Elizabeth Edwards of the LCNC
tre, stands for Christ
                           and I went to South Australia, stopping first at the dairy farm
who is the light of the    of Carmel Critchley (Isolated Lay Carm), which she runs with
world.                     her husband Terry and son Vince, at Wall Flat on the banks of
                           the Murray River, in South Australia. It was wonderful to share
The circular form in       in the busy life of the farm for the day; feeding calves and
which the doves are        watching the cows come in and be milked. It was a great
represented underlines     highlight to celebrate the Eucharist when Carmel made her
the spirit of solidarity   Profession for Life on the banks of the Murray River in what
which emanates from        Carmel calls her ‘cathedral’ of stately Red River Gums. We
the Great Jubilee.         joined our prayer with the prayer of praise that the
Page 2 • The Vine, September, 1999
                                                                                nuns across the road for
                                                                                the celebration of the
                                                                                Eucharist along with their
                                                                                friends and supporters. It
                                                                                was a real celebration of
                                                                                our combined Carmelite
                                                                                   As we left Adelaide on
                                                                                our return home we
                                                                                stopped briefly at Mt Barker
                                                                                to visit Bonnie Towns, a Lay
                                                                                Carmelite, who was very sick
                                                                                in hospital, I anointed
  Carmel Crtichley, Anita Renehan and Elizabeth Edwards ready for Mass on Bonnie and we commended
                        the banks of the Murray River.                         her into the Lord’s care.
                                                                               Bonnie has since died. She
river, the trees, the birds, the cows, the had first become a Lay Carmelite in Mel-
sunshine, the breeze and the clouds were bourne, then was part of the community in
making to their Creator, and thought too Bribie Island before her move to Mt Barker.
of our indigenous Australians who for May the Lord reward her generously for
countless generations had in their own way her faithfulness to Him expressed so
been giving their own praise to the Crea- strongly in her Carmelite way of life.
tor.                                                          Also during this time we, the Australian
  From that oasis we moved onto Adelaide Carmelites, had our Provincial Assembly, a
where we enjoyed more hospitality with time of reflection, discussion, questioning,
Anna Vnuk, the leader of our Adelaide Lay planning, sharing, being together and cel-
Carmelite                                                                                      ebrating as we
community.                                                                                     face who we
We celebrated                                                                                  are and where
the feast of                                                                                   we are as
Our Lady of                                                                                    Carmelites
M o u n t                                                                                      and how we
Carmel with a                                                                                  may face the
morning of                                                                                     future. We
reflection                                                                                     shaped       a
and prayer at                                                                                  commitment
the Passionist                                                                                 around three
Retreat Cen-                                                                                   key     aims:
tre, of which                                                                                  Building up
highlights                                                                                     prayerful and
were the Pro-                                                                                  fraternal
                          Fr Bruce Clark and the calves at Carmel Critchley's dairy farm.
fessions for                                                                                  communities,
Life of Anna Vnuk and Nan McInerney developing strategies to attract people to
and the Receptions of Annie Barry and Jim these communities, and actively sharing
Brewster in our Lay Carmelite community. our spirituality with others. Please con-
We continued our Carmelite celebrations tinue to support us with your prayer, and
by joining with the Discalced Carmelite your faithfulness to, and your enthusiasm
                                                             Page 3 • The Vine, September, 1999
for Carmelite life.
   Also in July I was fortunate
to be able to visit the Broken
Hill Lay Carmelite commu-
nity, and to share a day of
reflection and prayer with
them. Fr Wayne Stanhope
O.Carm. also shared in this
time, where we both enjoyed
the hospitality we received
from the Lay Carmelites and
the two resident priests in
the Bishop’s House there. It
was too brief a time to fully
                                   Anita Renehan, Elizabeth Edwards, Fr Bruce Clark and Anna Vnuk at Our
savor the riches of the vast-                         Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Gawler.
ness of the outback. The Lay
Carmelite community there also celebrated of ‘Vacare Deo’, of making space for God in
a Profession for Life, Patricia Paine, and a our lives. Not just to make some space, but
Reception, Eileen Higgins.                               to strive to make that space for God central
   I was also pleased to join the Donvale in our lives. It’s not just an empty space but
community when we celebrated the First a space where we feel more deeply the
Profession of Maria Goral and to share in stirrings of our desire for God. It is the
their Lectio time reflecting on the Carmelite silence and space that allows us to listen for
constitutions. Recently too I shared a the sound of the gentle breeze of God’s
day of reflection with a large group of voice, which never ceases to whisper to us
Lay Carmelites at Wentworthville. The God’s boundless love.
Central Coast,                                                                          This is the con-
Wollongong,                                                                          templation we are
Maroubra and                                                                         called to, a daily
Wentworthville                                                                       process of allow-
communities were                                                                     ing God to love
represented, as                                                                      us, so that we are
well as several Iso-                                                                 transformed not
lated members. Fr                                                                    by our efforts or
Bernard Shah                                                                         successes but by
O.Carm also con-                                                                     God’s love and
tributed to the day.                                                                 grace        which
It was great to have                                                                 breaks through
that time together.                                                                  our defenses.
   In these times                      Day of Reflection at Broken Hill                The Rule of St
spent with Lay                     Back Row: Fr Bruce Clark, Alice Reynolds          Albert also calls us
                           Middle Row: Irene Higgins, Addie Fitzsimmons, Pat Paine,
Carmelites I have               Nonie Forrest, Eileen Borchard, Marie O'Brien        to ‘Vacare Deo’, to
been sharing some               Front Row: Vonnie Victory, Melva McMahon.            always have space
of Fr Joseph                                                                         for God central in
Chalmers’ talks, one especially on the our daily lives, we strive to do this by follow-
Prayer of Silence. The Prior General re- ing the way of Jesus, the way, the truth and
minds us of the traditional Carmelite value the life. I have been touched and
Page 4 • The Vine, September, 1999
inspired by the com-                                                         winter is past, the
mitment I have en-                                                           rains are over and
countered in so many                                                         gone.....” (Song of
Lay Carmelites, to                                                           Songs 2: 10)
this spirit of ‘Vacare                                                         Let us pray for
Deo’, to making                                                              each other and for
space in their lives                                                         our Carmelite fam-
for God. I pray in                                                           ily, that we may al-
thankfulness for it                                                          ways find the time
and pray that we may                                                         and space to hear
continue to faith-                                                           the voice of the Be-
fully offer this very     Edna and Jack O'Brien and Leonore Hardy, Canberra  loved who also calls
Carmelite gift to our                         Community                     each of us beloved,
world, be it in the                                                         and calls us more
busyness of our suburban lives or in the and more into life.
quietness of the Murray River farm, or the            May Mary, Mother and Beauty of Carmel,
vastness of the surrounds of Broken Hill.           and Elijah, Prophet of Carmel, always be
  In the silent space of our lives let us listen our model and inspiration.
for the gentle voice of God, “My love lifts                                     Yours in Carmel,
up his voice, he says to me, ‘Come then my                                  Bruce Clark O. Carm.
beloved, my lovely one, come. For see,                                         National Chaplain
 Some good Carmelite books I have recently read or seen:

                      The Carmelite Way: An Ancient Path for Today’s Pilgrim by Fr. John
                     Welch O.Carm.(available from Carmelite Centre, Middle Park).

                        At The Fountain of Elijah by Fr. Wilfred McGreal
                       O. Carm. (also Carmelite Centre).

                     In Allegiance to Jesus Christ: Ten Conferences on
    Carmelite Life by the Prior General, Fr.Joseph Chalmers
O . C a r m .       (Carmelite Centre).

                           Profiles in Holiness (Volumes I and 2): Some
                         saintly members of the Carmelite Family by
                          Fr. Redemptus Valabek O.Carm. (Carmelite
                          Centre or order through Carmel In the World).

                             The Impact of God: Soundings from St John
                            of the Cross by Fr. lain Matthew OCD.
                            (St Paul’s Book Centres, etc.).
                                                  Page 5 • The Vine, September, 1999


  To date, there has been a wonderful response to the web of prayer for vocations
from many Lay Carmelites around Australia. I would like to encourage anyone
else who may still be considering their involvement to join the web of prayer. It is
so gratifying to read your letters of appreciation and enthusiasm for this impor-
tant dimension of our vocations ministry.

  While many of you are praying individually for vocations to the Carmelite Family
at certain times during the day, you will be pleased to know that there are others
who are doing so at the same time. Eventually, I hope to send a list of the times that
people have committed themselves to pray for vocations as a way of connecting
you to other Lay Carmelites.

  Please keep in your prayers three young men who are reaching a very important
stage in their discernment process to join the Order and another who has recently
begun his discernment.

 You can involve as many people as you like in praying for vocations. If you require
more prayer cards, please don’t hesitate to contact the Lay Carmelite National
Council or myself.

  Let us continue to pray for the spirit of wisdom and discernment in our lives that
we may grow ever-deeper in our calling to be followers of Jesus Christ in the
protection of Mary, Mother and Beauty of Carmel and that others may be drawn

Br Daryl Moresco, O.Carm.

         Since our June issue of the Vine many of our members have become ill.
          We ask that you remember in your prayers:

            Dot Miles & Eileen Daly (Donvale), Joan Supple, Phil Belton, Anna
          Vnuk’s brother John (Adelaide), John Robertson - husband of Joanna
           (Sydney), Rita Nolan (Warwick), Rose White, Doris Zerafa - mother
           of Carmen Degura (Central Coast), Joan Brady’s husband
           (Bundaberg), Alice McReynolds (Broken Hill), Audrey Waterson,
          Zena Price (Proserpine), Monica Boyce, Mollie Connolly, Kath,
         McCarthy, Mary Fittler, Sheelah Mills & Kath Fallon (Toowoomba)
Mavis Crane (Rockhampton), Monica Mooney & Carmel Brown (Coorparoo).
George, husband of Monica Clark (Nelson Bay).
Page 6 • The Vine, September, 1999

  We warmly welcome into the Order of Carmel
as Third Order Carmelites: Margaret Clancy
(Donvale), Irene Higgins (Broken Hill.) Annie
Barry & Jim Brewster (Adelaide)

  We congratulate Maria Goral who made her
First Profession at the Donvale Community
meeting in July.
                                                                      Maria Goral makes her First Profession to
                                                                 Fr Ken Petersen O.Carm. at the Donvale Community

 Margaret Clancy (Donvale) being Received by Fr Ken Petersen O.Carm.

 Congratulations to the following who made their Profession for Life during Fr
Bruce Clark’s recent visitations: Carmel Critchley (Wall Flat SA); Anna Vnuk and
Nan McInerney (Adelaide); Patricia Paine (Broken Hill).

 We pray that Our Lady of Mount Carmel will guide and protect you all as you
continue your journey to the Father in Carmel
                                                   Page 7 • The Vine, September, 1999

              SUBSCRIPTIONS TO                The Vine IN 2000.
   The Lay Carmelite National Coun-            The Vine is a means of keeping in
 cil tries very hard to serve nearly 500     touch with our Lay Carmelite family.
 members throughout Australia.               Many of our members are unable to
                                             be part of a Community due to dis-
   The Vine is our primary means      of
                                             tance or ill health and we try to fill the
 distributing news to our members and
                                             newsletter with news of Lay Carmelites
 is also a means of collecting subscrip-
                                             and our wider Carmelite family so
 tions and donations towards the costs
                                             that we are brought together as one
 of providing this service – and much
                                             family in Carmel. We try to include
                                             articles to nourish our Carmelite vo-
   For many years now, we have kept          cation. News of our isolated mem-
 the subscription rate to a low $15 per      bers are always particularly welcome
 year but ever increasing costs force us     as we are continually searching for
 to raise the annual subscription for        ways to help our isolated members to
 next year to $20.                           be more aware of their important part
                                             in the Family of Carmel.
   By paying the annual subscription of
 $20, members are entitled to receive          Communication has to be a two-way
 much more than just The Vine. Sub-          process to be effective – we need to
 scribers also receive any other mail-outs   hear from our members too and
 by the National Council – such as the       especially our isolated members so
 recent beautiful Maria La Bruna card        that we may respond accordingly.
 for the Web of Prayer for Vocations.

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                            The June 1999 issue of The Vine has been published on
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Page 8 • The Vine, September, 1999


  The Adelaide community was
delighted to welcome Fr Bruce
Clark O.Carm, Anita Renehan
and Elizabeth Edwards (two
members of the National Coun-
cil) who visited the community
to celebrate the Feastday of Our
Lady of Mt. Carmel. Fr Bruce
led a morning of prayer and
reflection at the Passionist Cen-
tre, Glen Osmond where Anna
                                   Fr Bruce Clark and the Adelaide Community at the Carmelite Monastery,
Vnuk and Nan McInerney                                         Glen Osmond.
made their Profession for Life
and Annie Barry and Jim Brewster were
Received into the Family of Carmel.
After lunch we walked over the road to            Val O’Brien of the Bribie Island com-
the Carmelite Monastery where Fr munity reports that some of their mem-
Bruce celebrated the Mass for the bers were able to visit the Coorparoo
Feastday. It was happy and appropriate community meeting where they were
way of celebrating the Feastday and very warmly welcomed. Val says Fr
enjoying the friendly hospitality of the Michael Brundell gave an inspiring talk
Carmelite Nuns.                                on Carmelite Spirituality and she hoped
                                               to be able to remember as much as
                                                                      possible to relate it to
                                                                      the Bribie members at
                                                                      their next meeting. Val
                                                                      was delighted to inform
                                                                      us that she has had quite
                                                                      a number of people in-
                                                                      quiring about joining
                                                                      the community.
                                                                        Val is very grateful to a
                                                                      Religious Sister friend
                                                                      who has given her a
                                                                      number of Liturgy of the
                                                                      Hours books which will
                                                                      be a great help to new-
                                                                      comers to the commu-
             Left: Fr Bruce with the Bribie Island Community.
                                                          Page 9 • The Vine, September, 1999
nity. Val is hoping to instruct these new          tor of the community) advised that “ Fr
people in praying the Office.                      Bernard Shah is very happy to come
                                                   from Wentworthville to Maureen and
                                                   John’s home to celebrate the Mass for
  Anna Goulevitch writes that Sr                   the Professions on 1st October”.
Kathleen Munce and Sr Celia O’Brien                  We were saddened to learn of the
joined in the last meeting. They were              tragic drowning death of Fr. Gerry Pierse
delighted to welcome Val O’Brien visit-            a few days after giving the Seminar.
ing from Bribie Island. Fr Michael
Brundell gave a most interesting talk
on Carmelite Spirituality centering on           Members of the Donvale Community
the writings of Carmelite Philip Ribot. are saddened to learn that their Prior,
  The community had received a letter Judy Mason, is soon to leave Melbourne
from Sr Katherine O.C.D. Prioress of to live in Queensland at Old Burleigh
the Carmelite Monas-
tery at Ormiston, in-
viting the Coorparoo
Lay Carm members
to meet with the
O.C.D. secular mem-
bers and Carmelite sis-
ters for the Feast of
Our Lady of Mt
Carmel. Anna also
advised that Ann
O’Donoghue cel-
ebrated her 93rd birth-
day earlier this year.  The Coorparoo Community and members of the Bribie Island Community at one of
                                                        their gatherings.

                                                   Town. Judy’s husband, Paul, is retiring
  Zelda Bickerstaff is the scribe for the          from work and we wish them all the best
Central Coast Community and she sends              in their new and well-earned relaxing
the National Council very comprehen-               lifestyle. Judy was really ‘thrown in at
sive reports on the activities of the com-         the deep end’ when she became Prior
munity. Four members attended a                    as many once-in-a-blue-moon events
Meditation Seminar in July on “A tradi-            took place and she organised and man-
tion Lost & Found” given by Fr Gerry               aged them all with typical efficiency
Pierse CSSR. “It was very informative in           and gracious manner. She has been a
that he went back through history to               great Prior to the Donvale Community
show how we had lost a way of praying              and will be lovingly missed. Judy has
that the early Christians had treasured."          been very active in her own parish at
Maureen Flanagan, (Formation Direc-                Our Lady of the Pines, Donvale,
Page 10 • The Vine, September, 1999
                                                                      ful weekends he con-
                                                                      ducted at Whitefriars
                                                                      Monastery, Donvale,
                                                                      some years ago.

                                                                               Paul Andersen is the
                                                                             scribe      for      the
                                                                             Rockhampton commu-
                                                                             nity and he writes “Col-
                                                                             leen Graham’s Reception
                                                                             went very well (over a
 Six members of the Wentworthville Community made their Profession for Life
                          with Fr Bernard Shah.
                                                                            hundred people attended
                                                                            - one person had to travel
                                                        4 hours just to get to the reception)”.
and her leaving will be a great loss The Reception Ceremony was held in
there, too. Elizabeth Edwards will take Yeppoon where Colleen lives.
over the position as Prior until the end                  Some of the community members are
of Judy’s elected term. Our much in ill health and quite frail and Paul has
loved member, Eileen Daly suffered a requested prayers for them.
stroke in July and while not severely
affected, has now moved into the St
Vincent de Paul Nursing Home in South
                                                          Gloria Collins reports that their num-
Box Hill.
                                                        bers at meetings were down due to

  Rosemarie Parke of the
Perth Community reports that
Oenone Weinman has made
a remarkable recovery from
the very serious operation she
had a few months ago. Portia
Curtin and her husband have
gone North for 6 weeks in
their caravan. The commu-
nity meets regularly but was      Mary O'Keefe, Fr Bernard Shah and Fr Paul Gurr witnessing
                                          Profession Certificates at Wentworthville
saddened that their Chaplain
Fr Martin McMahon was unable to con-
tinue due to poor health but Fr Marius winter ailments and other commit-
Dawson has agreed to be their Chap- ments. Gloria says “we were so happy to
lain. Fr Marius will be well known to have Fr Bruce Clark visit us and say Mass
many Lay Carms through the wonder- for our Community”.
                                                               Page 11 • The Vine, September, 1999
                                                         during which six members made Pro-
  Mary Jacobsen, scribe for the War- fession for Life. We were very blessed to
wick community, writes that the com- have 5 members of the Central Coast
munity was delighted to have National with us, together with Fr Paul Gurr,
Chaplain,                                                O.Carm and our friend from Kiama,
Fr Bruce                                                                                          G a y e
Clark visit                                                                                       Fogarty who
their com-                                                                                        is an aspir-
munity.                                                                                           ing     Lay
Mary re-                                                                                          Carmelite.
ports “most                                                                                         After Mass
of      our                                                                                       we had a cel-
members                                                                                           ebration
continue in                                                                                       lunch at our
fair health                                                                                       home which
with the                                                                                          was enjoyed
usual sprin-                                                                                      by everyone.
kling     of The six Wentworthville members who made their Final Profession cutting the beautiful All in all it
colds and flu                   cake which was made to celebrate the occasion.                    was a very
              L-R. Ray Garrett, Mary Gardner (seated), Phyl Woods, Ken Woods, Carolyn Garrett. memorable
at this time
of the year”.                                                                                     day”.

  Carolyn Garrett writes, "Our BIG day                     The Wollongong community contin-
has been and gone. We had a beautiful                    ues to meet regularly but often travel to
ceremony in our Church of Our Lady                       Wentworthville to join in their celebra-
of Mt. Carmel, consisting of Mass, cel-                  tions. Although their numbers are small
ebrated by Fr Bernard Shah, O.Carm                       they are still a very vibrant group.

      Please remember in your prayers the recently deceased:
      Margaret Ryan – sister of Mary Bourke and Jack McMahon
    – brother of Rita Nolan (Warwick), John – son of Connie
    Russo (Donvale), Nancy Fisher – cousin of Eleanor
    Matthews (Central Coast), Nell Watson & Jacques
    Norlander – relatives of Joan Brady (Bundaberg), Vera
    Webster (Proserpine), Patrick, brother of Anna Vnuk
    (Adelaide.) Bonnie Towns (Mt Barker) Ivy Small (Cen-
    tral Coast)
      We also pray that our God of all Consolation will be with the loved ones of
    those who have died and who mourn their loss.
Page 12 • The Vine, September, 1999

                    (PLEASE       NOTE CHANGE OF DATE!)
  We are delighted to inform you that we        port brings Air passengers right to the door.
have been able to book Corpus Christi             We sent out 235 copies of the Vine which
College, Clayton, for our National Con-         included the “Expression of Interest” ques-
vention November 3-5, 2000. At present          tionnaire. To date we have received only
this is the seminary for student priests in     28 replies, only 20 saying they hope to
the Melbourne Archdiocese. It is expected       come. This is a very disappointing response
that either at the end of this year or early    and we ask that you send in your reply,
next year, the seminarians will transfer to a   either Yes or No as soon as possible.
new seminary being built in Carlton. The          There is much work entailed in prepar-
Clayton building will then be known as the      ing for a Convention, not to mention the
Melbourne Archdiocesan Conference Cen-          deposit, a minimum of $500, which has to
tre. This is a particularly beautiful venue     be paid very soon. We understand that
with very contemporary accommodation            November 2000 is more than 12 months
and magnificent gardens.                        away and we are not always in a position to
  The weekend of November 3-5 is imme-          say what we will be doing in 12 months
diately before Melbourne Cup Day on             time, but if you know for sure you are NOT
Tuesday November 7th. Lay Carmelites            ABLE TO COME please let us know as this
may like to take advantage of the conven-       will be a great help in our planning. Like-
ient location and stay on at Corpus Christi     wise, if you think there is a reasonable
for The Cup for a very reasonable Bed &         chance that you will be able to come, please
Breakfast fee.                                  let us know. If there is insufficient response,
  Another plus for the Centre at Clayton is     we may have to cancel the whole event!
that the Airport Bus from Melbourne Air-

   A World Congress of Lay Carmelites is to be held in Sassone, Rome during Holy
 Week of the Jubilee Year 2000. The Pope has declared this to be a Holy Year.
   It is hoped that the National Council can send two Lay Carmelite delegates to take
 part in this Congress.
    Important issues such as the revision of the Third Order Rule and Ritual will be part
 of the program. The last revision of the Rule took place during the early 1970’s and,
 therefore, there is a real need for input by Australian representation.
   NOW…… we come to the question of money, or should we say “lack of money”. We
 estimate that the total cost (plane fares, Congress fees and accommodation) will be
 approximately $5,000 each. This is an enormous amount of money which the National
 Council cannot cover. We appeal to our Lay Carmelite Brothers and Sisters to help us
 raise the money necessary to send two delegates to Sassone. The Congress is only six
 months away and it is necessary for bookings to be made immediately for air travel and
   The RAFFLE is one way of helping to raise the necessary funds.
    By now you will have received your Raffle books and we urge you to do your best to
 sell as many tickets as possible. Perhaps you can help with additional ideas such as
 running cake stalls etc. This is an opportunity for our Lay Carmelites to exercise their
 ‘fund-raising’ skills. Every effort, great and small, will be gratefully accepted.

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