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									                  The Kings Arms in Cookham

                             High Street, Cookham, Maidenhead, SL6 9SJ
                                           Telephone: 01628 530667


The Kings Arms in Cookham is a traditional village pub & restaurant serving tasty, freshly
cooked food and top-drawer drinks, with a log-fire when it's chilly and a great beer garden for
the warmer weather.

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        Short & warming
        Fancy a wee nip of something to warm you through?
        Why not try one of our favourite single malts...
                                             Talisker 10-year-old
                                             An Isle of Skye malt with a peppery
                                             finish & comforting, smooth afterglow.

                                             Singleton of Dufftown 12-year-old
                                             A Speyside scotch that’s perfectly
                                             balanced. A rather smooth character.             £3.30
                                             A Highland whisky treat of soft heather,
                                             smoke and peat.

                                             The Lowlands in a glass - slightly
                                             sweet grass and a spice-filled finish.

        Soft & refreshing
        Who said soft can’t be delicious? We’ve found some
        great drinks to quench your thirst...

            Why not try:
                            inger Beer
             - Fever-Tree G
                             inger Ale
             - Fever-Tree G
                              tter Lemon
              - Fever-Tree Bi
                               nic Water
              - Fever-Tree To
                                             St Clements.
                               us Fever-Tree
               Or our delicio

        Naturally tasty bubbles
        We love Fever-Tree drinks because               What’s a Cinchona tree?
        they’re made without any artificial              The Cinchona tree is a native
                                                        tree of south-eastern Africa.
        flavours, sweeteners or preservatives.
                                                        The bark contains quinine.
        They’re filled with natural things instead -     Not only does quinine give tonic
        like botanical flavours (marigold extracts and   water its unique taste, it’s also
        bitter orange from Tanzania), natural fruit     used as a natural treatment for malaria.
        juices, soft spring water and cane sugar.       Which is why the Cinchona tree is also        Go on, warm yourself up
        And for the tonic waters and bitter lemon
        they only use quinine from the Cinchona Tree.
                                                        known as the ‘Fever Tree’.
                                                                                                         with a wee nip...
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       Winter warmer?                                                         Mahccino
                                                                                                     Hot Toddies
          e Grand Delight                                                     A shot of Mahiki Rum   Russian Winter
                                                                              (all the way from                                £4.95
       Rich and smooth                                                        Barbados) and a shot   A splash of Smirnoff
       hot chocolate, laced                                                   of Kahlua, mixed       Black vodka, a shot
       with a shot of Grand                                                   with a shot of fresh   of port, made long
       Marnier, topped off                                                    espresso and topped    with hot water and a
       with whipped cream                                                     with hot milk.         squeeze of lemon -
       and finished with
                                                                                                     and topped off with
       chocolate shavings.                                                               £4.95       cloves, a cinnamon
                                                                                                     stick and a fresh
                     £5.95                                                                           black cherry.
                                                                                                     Huge furry hat
                                                                                                     not essential!

                                  e Hot Ketel
                                                                                                     Glenmorangie Toddy
                                Hot green tea, mixed
                                with hot pressed-apple                                               A shot of Glenmorangie,
                                juice, a shot of Ketel   Baileys Latte                               a teaspoon of honey
                                Citroen vodka and                                                    and a dash of lemon
                                                         All the comforts of                         juice, all topped up
                                a little squeeze         a classic latte with a
                                of lemon.                                                            with warm cranberry
                                                         helping of Baileys.                         juice and served with
                                                         Simply lovely.                              a lime wedge and
                                   £4.95                                                             cinnamon stick.
                                                                      £3.95                          Practically Doctor’s

       Keep it cool...                                                                               orders...


                                                             Smirnoff Black Bloody Mary
       Whitley Neill Gin & Tonic
                                                             The perfect Bloody                      Morgan’s Cranberry
       The African inspired Whitley                          Mary with Smirnoff
       Neill gin & Fever-Tree tonic                          Black vodka. Brunch                     A shot of Morgan’s
       served with ice and Cape                              in a glass!                             spiced rum, topped
       gooseberries. Classic with                                                                    with warm cranberry
       a juicy twist.                                                  £4.95                         juice and served with
                                                                                                     a lime wedge and
                              £4.95                                                                  cinnamon stick.
                                                                                                     That’ll sort
                                                                                                     your cockles!
                      Dutch Snowball
                      A shot of Smirnoff Black vodka,
                      a shot of advocaat, all topped
                      up with lemonade in a sugar-
                      frosted glass. Go retro!

                                             £4.95                         e Grand Ginger            Pimm’s Winter
                                                                        A shot of Grand Marnier      Hot apple juice poured
       Ginger Spice                                                     over ice, topped up with     over a shot of Pimm’s
       A shot of Morgan’s                                               Fever-Tree ginger ale and    Winter, garnished with
       Spiced rum, topped up                                            served with a slice of       a slice of apple and
       with Fever-Tree ginger                                           lime and mint leaves.        orange and served
       beer. That’ll warm you                                           Go on, pretend it’s          in a fabulous
       through...                                                       summer again!                Pimm’s latte glass
                                                                                                     Winter decadence.

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