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					                     CHart smart                                              Compiled by Jill Hoffman

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Company info                        Carestream Health Inc.                                  Hologic Inc.                                              iCAD Inc.
                                    rochester, ny                                           Bedford, ma                                               nashua, nh
                                                                                            See ad on p. 47
Product name                        KodaK mammography cad system                            r2 imagechecker cad                                       secondlook digital
Available for digital mammo?        yes; in Europe (u.s. release planned)                   yes                                                       yes
Purchasing/licensing                purchase server (comes with first input                 1 server supports 4 cad ports (each sold separately)      charge per server; surcharge for subsequent
methodology                         connection); additional fee for each additional input                                                             nodes
Vendors approved for your           (u.s.) carestream cr; (Europe) carestream cr            hologic, gE healthcare and siemens healthcare             (u.s.) Fujifilm, gE healthcare, hologic inc.,
digital iteration                   and siemens                                                                                                       siemens healthcare; (outside u.s.) agfa,
                                                                                                                                                      Fujifilm, gE healthcare, giotto image,
                                                                                                                                                      hologic inc., sectra, siemens healthcare
Same algorithm version              yes                                                     yes                                                       no
available for all vendors?
Meets DICOM conformance             yes                                                     yes                                                       yes
Structured report? Other type       yes; also stand-alone overlay, presentation state       yes; also secondary capture image, radiotherapy           yes; also radiotherapy structure set, dicom
of DICOM report?                    overlay, grayscale softcopy                             structure set, digital mammo image for presentation       6000, gsps, secondary capture, hardcopy print
                                                                                            with dicom 6000 overlay
PACS integration                    software gets data directly from mammo unit;            server handles routings directly from mammo unit and      receives images from pacs but typically via
(i.e., software gets info through   output goes directly to pacs                            through pacs (as long as images are for-processing)       mammo unit
PACS or it acquires info directly
from mammo unit)
How many units will server          4                                                       4                                                         4
Which image required                For-processing                                          For-processing                                            For-processing
(e.g., processed image,
“for-processing” image, other)?
Which views analyzed?               rcc, lcc, rmlo, lmlo                                    all screening and diagnostic views except for spot        all standard views
                                                                                            compression and magnifcation
How are regions of interest         markers placed at centroid of lesions                   triangles (calcifications), asterisks (masses)            rectangles (microcalcification clusters)
(ROI) portrayed?                                                                            and compass points (masses with calcifications)           and elipses (densities)
Overall sensitivity and             89% with 0.63 false positives per image                 88, 91, 93% overall sensitivity at 0, 1 and 2 operating   up to 96% sensitivity
specificity for most recently                                                               points
released algorithm?
Algorithm sensitivity               96% for microcalcifications with 0.26 Fpi; 87%          48, 35, 24% specificity; 95, 96, 97% calcification        n/a
and specificity for                 for masses with 0.37 Fpi                                sensitivity (operating point-dependent); 83, 88, 90%
microcalcification detection?                                                               mass sensitivity (operating point-dependent)
For mass detection?
Algorithm’s definition of           at least 3 calcifications (between 0.2 and 0.6 mm)      at least 3 calcifications within 3 mm of each another     3 microcalcifications within 4 mm2
calcification cluster               within 6 mm of each other
Maximum mass size                   5 cm                                                    no maximum                                                no maximum
algorithm will mark
Does algorithm mark ROI found       markers in each view where lesion detected              yes                                                       marks in multiple views if present
only in one view?
Is number of marks limited?         10 per case                                             3 calcification marks, 2 mass marks, 2 “malc” marks       no limit
What is limit?                                                                              (all per image)
User control of algorithm           2 operating points                                      9 operating points                                        2 operating points
Presentation options                no options                                              anatomic outlines, lesion metrics and variable mark       paper printout of cad report
(e.g., histograms)?                                                                         sizes
Is company developing CAD           yes; n/a (under development)                            yes; n/a                                                  yes; breast/prostate mri, colon/lung ct
for other modalities? Which

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